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21 - "Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right"


Titus had carried me bridal style all the way to our room. My body was getting hotter and hotter, and I knew Titus could smell my arousal by how dark his viridian eyes were. I wanted Titus in every way possible. I needed Titus to cool this... heat, if that was what it was. I did not think about the fact that I was not marked, nor a wolf, nor that Anna Beth was in actual heat. No, my body was in control, and it wanted relief.

He closed the door behind him, locking it in the process. My lips feverishly met his, wanting him to feel everything I was feeling. Needing him to be consumed by the throes of passion which had already enveloped me. My hands were on either side of his stubbled face as I nibbled on his lower lip. A growl escaped his chest causing my body to ache for him.

Titus slowly stood me on my feet. “Ellie. Are you feeling okay?” He asked as he observed my flushed cheeks.

“Yes.” I paused, taking in the sudden emotion of worry before pushing it aside. “I just want you.” I threw my arms around his neck and captured his lips again. I poured everything I felt into it, hoping to transfer my passion and need for him. Within seconds he lifted me up by my thighs and carried me into the bathroom. He placed me on the vanity, ripping my bathing suit away and leaving me bare. He took my breast into his mouth while kneading the other. I threw my head back against the mirror as my fingers tangled into his sandy curls. He switched breasts, focusing his attention on the other and moved his free hand down to my entrance.

“Goddess Ellie.” He groaned as his finger slid up and down my wet slit. A moan escaped from my lips when his finger began to rub against my clit. The sparks were going haywire as he continued to pleasure me. His finger sank into my core, slowly moving in and out. He let go of my breast and trailed his back up to my neck nibbling slightly as he added a second finger and picked up his pace. My body was on fire, an inferno. My moans became more scream-like. My body was searching for a release, and I felt myself shuddering the moment I found it. Titus’ name left my lips, and I was rewarded with a crooked smile, one of satisfaction and seduction. My God this man took my breath away every time.

My hands went to his belt and worked on getting his pants off. He watched me as I focused on my task while he took my hair out of its wet ponytail. Once I managed to get his pants undone, I pulled down both his jeans and boxer briefs, releasing his erection from its confinements. It was large and I found myself questioning whether I could take it all in. I wrapped my hand around it, wanting to reciprocate the pleasure he had provided me with. I maneuvered my hand up and down his length. His growl echoed within the bathroom, vibrating off the porcelain tiles, encouraging me to continue. His breathing became labored and with my free hand I wrapped my arm around his neck and brought his lips back to mine.

I inched my way closer to the edge of the counter, wanting to feel him closer, and placed the tip against my wet clit. I continued to rub my hand on his manhood, moving my hand faster, letting the tip hit my clit just right and making myself moan. I took his bottom lip between my teeth as our bodies reacted to the unforgiving sensuality. He was close. I smiled at the thought of pleasing him until he found his release when he stopped my hand.

“Not yet. There’s still so much more I want to do with you.” He grunted into my ear. In a quick second he lifted me off the vanity and led me to the shower.

The water was cold against my hot skin, and I could not help the chill that set in. Titus watched me for a moment, tilting his head and questioning my reaction. He tested the water and only shrugged his shoulders before twisting the nozzle to make it warmer. It was only slightly better, but it was him who I needed to cool me down. I curled my forefinger, beckoning him to come closer to me. He travelled the distance and I reached for his lips only for him to place his on my neck.

Everywhere his lips touched elicited a sound from my mouth as heat and sparks radiated from their place. His tongue tasted my skin, trailing kisses down my collar bone, chest, down my stomach and navel until he reached that part that made me very much a woman.

I watched in pure fascination as his eyes stared up at me. He lifted my leg over his shoulder while keeping me standing; his hold on me kept me from falling. I watched as he stuck his tongue out, opening his mouth in the process, and began to devour my essence

His tongue ran up and down my slit, a moan escaped from my lips at the feel of it. This was a new experience for me. My one time was nothing like this. His tongue flicked while his teeth lightly pulled on my clit. He inserted his finger into my core as he continued to use his mouth to pleasure me.

“Oh, God!” I screamed as I succumbed to my orgasm. He continued his pleasurable assault, sending me on another ride. I felt him add a second finger, stretching me, preparing me to take him. I reached for anything I could hold on to, afraid to lose my footing. I gripped the top of shower frame with one hand while the other settled on Titus’ sandy curls. I felt myself cum and as I slowly rode the waves of pleasure, he removed his fingers from my center, tasting all I had to offer.

He stood to his feet, his beautiful green eyes meeting my brown ones. I read the question on his face, one asking whether I was ready. My lips aimed for his, crushing them as I pulled him towards me. My body was still absorbed by this heat that I had somehow consumed. I needed him inside me, to make me his; to mark me so everyone knew I belonged to him, the Alpha.

He pushed me back against the glass wall of the shower and I felt his member poking at my center. We were soaked in water and sweat. He lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his hips. He held on to my thigh with a tight grip as I reached for support along the shower frame. I felt his hand on my cheek, thump tracing my bottom lip.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” He asked me, with so much emotion in those beautiful green eyes.

“Yes.” I found my voice and managed to answer him. “I love you.” I said those words I’ve only recently spoken to him. I loved him more than I could ever express to him.

“I love you, too.” He repeated the words to me before meeting my lips tenderly. After a moment of passionate kissing, he slowly entered me. My breath caught the slight pain of it. He eyed me, placing his forehead on mine, giving me a moment to adjust to him. “Breathe baby.” He encouraged me with a kiss replacing his head.

He moved in and out of me at a slow pace, keeping his eyes on me. When the pleasure increased, I reached for his lips, kissing them passionately. He picked up speed, pummeling into me. Our breathing became deep and fast. I held on for dear life as he slid in and out of me making me scream in pleasure. His head was at the crook of my neck taking deep breaths.

“God damn, you’re so tight baby.” He groaned as he thrusted into me. I rode my orgasm, placing kisses on whatever skin I had access to.

Titus’ mouth sucked and nibbled on my neck tenderly, still thrusting into me. I wanted more of him. I grabbed his face and brought it to mine, kissing him hungrily. He pulled out of me torturously slowly and put me back on my feet.

“Turn around.” I did as he ordered me to and he pulled my arms back, holding them behind me, bending my body over slightly as he entered me from behind. The angle he had me in hit me just right and it did not take long for me to cum again as my orgasm consumed my being. He kept his pace, his breathing was labored, determined to give me another orgasm. I was loving every minute of Titus’ lovemaking. He let go of my arms and wrapped his arms around my waist until he found my breast. I could feel his hot breath down my neck, enjoying his lips on my ear as he pulled me against his chest.

“You are so beautiful. I will never get enough of you.” He growled into my ear.

“Oh fuck! Titus.” I moaned as I felt his words spread throughout my body. He was bringing me over the edge again. “I won’t get enough of you either.” I finally managed to pant the words out. His lips met the corner of mine as he turned my face to meet his. He let go of one of my breasts, his hand traveling down my torso stopping when he found my clit. His finger worked on my sensitive bud, eliciting unnatural sounds from my lips. My walls clenched, wrapping around his member as my body convulsed with another orgasm.

“Shall we continue this on the bed?” He seductively spoke against my ear. I hummed in agreement. We barely dried ourselves off before landing on the bed. Titus was still very hard and sat up in the middle of the bed, begging me to straddle him. In this position it felt like he was deeper inside me. I bounced up and down his length, not knowing what exactly I was doing.

Everything with Titus was new to me. There had only been one other person, and it was one time; there was no comparison. Titus was everything and more.

Titus’ hands landed on my hips, stopping my movements and guided my hips in a more natural and more comfortable way; more satisfying. I did as he taught me and moved faster, giving me more control over my pleasure. He let out a loud groan as I started to add my own rhythm, circling my hips a bit too. When he laid back against the headboard it gave me more room, and actually allowed me to watch as our bodies connected in such an intimate way.

I rubbed my hands up his sculpted wet torso, digging my nails slightly into his pecs. I could feel his chest vibrate with a loud growl. I leaned into him, grazing my teeth at his neck. How I longed to mark him as my own? If only I could.

His arms wrapped around me, keeping me there as he pulled us in an upward position as I rode him. I pulled away for a moment so I could devour his lips. I managed a glimpse of those dark forest green of his eyes and I knew he was close to losing control. Nearly as close to the edge as I.

“Mark me. I wanna be yours forever.” I had let go of his lips and whispered into his ear.

Without hesitation, I watched as his teeth elongated and found the sensitive spot on my neck. He kissed and sucked on it for a few seconds, evoking a pulse of pleasure before I felt his canines break my skin. I felt pain for a moment before the most intense orgasm claimed my body. It was euphoric and addicting. I knew he was feeling something similar. I felt him release his seed, groaning, growling, and moaning into that bite he still held on to. When he finally let go, he licked my wound, sealing it so it would heal and settle on my skin.

His breath was heavy as he pressed his head to my forehead; his eyes studying my face for any signs of regret. That heat that had consumed me was gone and left me with a new sensation, one that had me confused and excited because I was now marked.

“You’re mine.” Titus whispered after a moment.

“I’m yours.” I confirmed with a smile, hoping to hide the concern and confusion about my newfound ability. How is it I could feel Anna Beth’s heat and act upon it?


"Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right" By Billy Currington

Author's Note

There's been a lot of changes going on this month, but I have not forgotten you all. Thank you for being patient with me and I hope you continue to enjoy the story.

XOXO Valeria Amanda

AKA Tex-Mex InkSlinger

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