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6 - "Wanna Be That Song"


Ellie, Joseph, Hendrick, Anna Beth, Lucas, and I all stayed up late sitting around the living room reminiscing and catching up. Anna Beth had given Ellie Mae a pair of shorts that barely covered her phenomenal ass. However, she was not a fan of the small shirt given to her by my sister and instead opted to wear one mine. Goddess, she looked good. I was loving the way it fit her. The hem landed on her mid-thigh leaving those toned legs bare. Damn, my girl was all muscle.

She had chosen to sit next to Anna Beth on the couch, which hurt a bit. ‘Why won’t she sit next to us?’ Atticus whined in my head.

‘I don’t know.’ I responded, while I laid back on the love seat.

We had plenty of space and seating, therefore we all got comfortable by laying or lounging around while we drank and talked. I learned that Ellie had played sports, loved to cook, and was studying history at the university. She had a roommate named Selena who had moved here with her from San Antonio. I learned about her favorite television series, movies, and books. Considering I did not have time for television, movies, or books, I made a make note to look into them. I was more than impressed, I was utterly infatuated with her.

She was upset that her phone had been left in her car. She still thought her keys were lost somewhere in the yard, and not hidden in my desk. She had used Anna Beth’s phone to call Selena and let her know she would be staying the night here.

She had fallen asleep with her arm underneath her head, on the armrest, and her legs tucked in under her. Although she looked comfortable, I thought about the pain in the neck she will have when she wakes up. Anna Beth had fallen asleep first and was stretched out on the couch leaving Ellie with that small section of the couch. I laid watching her, studying every curve and color of her heart shaped face. She was perfect. Her nose was straight and slightly pointed up. Her cheek bones were not overly defined and fit well with her jaw. My eyes drifted over her body as they fixated on her colorful tattoo on her thigh. From what I could see, there were a mixture of flowers with half of a wolf’s face including a green eye. As though the wolf was hiding in the foliage while it hunted its prey. What had me intrigued was that the wolf was grey and had a patch of white over its visible eye, just like Atticus.

Atticus was howling in my head as he saw that his likeness was on our mate’s body. The tattoo continued up her thigh and could no longer see more of it. I recalled seeing some tattoos on the side of her stomach and on her spine through her wet white tank top. My memory of what I could see through the fabric had me aching at how perfect she was.

I watched her stir in her sleep and her long eyelashes fluttered as though she was having an uncomfortable dream. As she adjusted, she kicked Anna Beth who kicked back, causing Ellie Mae to wake up. She looked around the room until her eyes landed on mine. I reached my hand out to her, in hope that she would come lay with me. Luckily for me, Anna Beth kicked her once more as she stretched out again. Ellie got up from her seat and came to me. She curled herself into my body, fitting perfectly, like a puzzle piece. With her back against my chest, I breathed in her wonderful tea tree and floral scent, loving the feel of her in my arms. She fell fast to sleep, and it didn’t take long for me to do the same.

I awoke to the smell of food cooking and coffee. The warm, beautiful, and sexy body belonging to my mate was no longer next to me. I sat up in order to find her, but she was not in the living room with the rest of us who remained sleeping. I followed the smell of food and found her in the kitchen rolling out dough with a rolling pin. On the stove there was beans and a pot of boiling water with tomatoes, peppers, and garlic. She had eggs cracked into a bowl and another held diced potatoes in water.

“Whatcha doing darlin’?” I asked her as I came up behind her, placing my hands on either side of her. Her scent wafted around me and I could not contain my need to place my lips on her skin. I managed a kiss on her cheek before she tried to escape the cage I created around her.

“Breakfast tacos.” She answered as she turn to face me, at the same time she pushed against my chest in keep distance between us. I took the hint and obliged.

“Potato and egg?” I asked not wanting to push her to into doing anything she did not want.

“And bacon.” She said as she pulled a plate of already cooked bacon from behind me.

“Sounds delicious. Just so y’know, we have a cook and her staff to make our meals. You’re gonna be the Luna. You don’t need to cook.” I said looking around the kitchen trying to find the time.

“I know, but I wanted to do it. Also, it’s Sunday. I went ahead and gave them the morning off.”

“What?” I asked confused.

“Mrs. Hernandez came in this mornin’ and I told her I’ll take care of breakfast.” She said to me, I was in awe at how quickly she took on the role of Luna. It was something small, giving the staff a free morning, but her doing so was a small step towards her accepting me. “I was hoping that you can get someone to drive me to my apartment after breakfast. If you don’t mind?”

“Of course. I have David and the ranch hands takin’ care of the ranch duties today. So, I can take you myself.” I replied.

“Thank you.” She said with a smile on her face and gave me a hug.

Her bacon, potato, and egg with a smear of refried beans, were amazing. Her homemade tortillas were so soft and tasty. The fresh salsa was better than Mrs. Hernandez’s. We were all so impressed with Ellie’s cooking, that we all mostly ate in silence.

After breakfast and a change of clothes we went into my garage to hop in my truck. It was my personal vehicle, not ranch hands use. However, I do use it to transport the cattle trailer to auctions or supplies to our partnered ranches.

“Wow! That’s one sexy truck.” I heard Ellie Mae comment as she approached my Black Ford Super Duty F350 Crew Cab with upgraded matt black grill, black rims, cattle guard, and I had it lifted.

“What do you know about trucks?” My curiosity was piqued.

“Enough to know that, that truck is sexy. I don’t care about what’s under the hood or what size the wheels are.” She answered as she walked to the passenger side door. I sped up in front of her to open the door for her and offer my hand to help her up the sidestep. Once, we were in, she buckled her seat belt and ran her hand across the dashboard and studied the stereo system. I set my phone on the mount and asked for her address to type into the map, then started the music through the Bluetooth.

She remained quiet for the first part of the drive, although I noticed her foot tapping to the music playing. It wasn’t until we got onto Highway 59 that I heard her humming to Brett Eldredge’s “Wanna Be That Song”. Once the chorus started, I heard her mumble;

“I wanna be that song that gets you high

Makes you dance, makes you fall

That melody rewinds years, once disappeared

Makes time stall

I wanna be those words

That fill you up, roll your windows down

And keeps you young

Makes you believe you’re right where you belong

I wanna be that song”

I joined in halfway through the chorus. She turned to face me with a huge smile on her face. She continued to sing along with me, and I enjoyed hearing her voice signing enthusiastically to the song.

“I love that song. In case you haven’t noticed.” She said to me once the song was over.

“I don’t blame you. It’s a good song. Very fittin’.” I acknowledged.

“How so?”

“Well, I hope to make you feel every bit of those words. High. Make you dance. Make time stall. Keep you young. Make you fall, for me. And most importantly, I want you to feel like your right where you belong. Because you do all of that, and so much more, to me.” I answered her, reaching for her hand, and bringing the back of it to my lips.

“Titus Alexander, I don’t think you’ll be waitin’ very long.” She said to me and if it wasn’t for the sudden bumper to bumper traffic one usually comes to heading into the city, I would not have been able to turn to see her beautifully radiant smile that made my heart race.

“Tell me about these dates you mentioned last night?” I attempted to keep the conversation going.

“What? You don’t know what dates are? Have you never watched a movie or tv show?” She asked me shocked.

“Of course I know what they are.” I laughed a little longer than I meant to. “I just haven’t taken anyone on a date before. So, other than dinner and a movie, somethin’ tells me you want more than that.”

“Well, you’re not wrong.”

“So… are you gonna give me ideas?”

“I ain’t got any.” She laughed when she answered. “I suppose as long as it somethin’ that you and I can do together, without anyone else or a group of people around, it can be considered a date.” She advised, which only gave me ammunition to give her a hard time.

“So, us drivin’ to your apartment and back to the pack. That could be considered a date?”

“No.” She answered after she thought about it for a moment.

“According to your logic, this is a date.” I argued. We continued the rest of the drive figuring out what constitutes as a date and singing along to music. We had determined that food would be involved, which I offered to stop by Whataburger and buying us lunch. This apparently was not an acceptable choice of food for this to be a date, because we needed to be seated in a restaurant to eat and not in the truck. Then, of course, I countered with us going inside to eat versus drive thru. In the end, we decided, and by we I mean she, that this was not a date because there would have to be a set time and day, reservations, and an activity planed for our first date.

However, the best thing that came from our drive was; She never once let go of my hand.

When we arrived at her apartment building, I noticed an owl sitting on the balcony on the second story. The sliding door was open, and the owl appeared to stare straight at me. It was noon, seeing an owl out in the open like that in daylight was odd. Ellie noticed it too and commented on two things; One, in Mexican folklore owls were bad omens. Two, that was her apartment’s balcony. She led us to the stairs that went up to her apartment floor. She dropped the key in her hand when we found the door ajar and the handle broken off. I stepped in front of her, ready to protect her in the case that whoever did this was still inside.

“Selena!” She called out when I walked in with her on my heel. I used my wolf hearing and sense of smell in order to determine whether someone was in the apartment, which there was. I looked out on the balcony and the bird of prey was not longer perched on the railing. I walked to the closed door I came across.

“That’s Selena’s room. I can smell her in there.” Ellie whispered to me.

Ellie knocked on the door, but there was not answer. She forced the door open and found it wrecked. Ellie rushed in when we heard a moan. There on the other side of the bed, laying on the floor, was a naked woman with bruises and a cut on her lip and check.

“Selena!” Ellie yelled as her kneeled on the floor next to her roommate.


"Wanna Be That Song" By Brett Eldredge

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