Catching the Wind: Book 2

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Walking out without looking back at Camira made my stomach twist. Twist like I had done something wrong leaving her like that.

All the way to the stairs I was debating whether I should turn back and just tell her the truth. The truth about how I feel. Couldn’t she have felt my emotions if they were strong enough though? By the time I actually got to the stairs it was too late anyway.

I had a plan and it was forming rather quickly in my mind as I stormed up those familiar steps. I had no time to look back.

“When? When can she get out of here?” I demanded Donavan, feeling desperate as he watched my struggling emotions.

“Man, you should calm down.” Donavan warned. “If you don’t tell me when this whole plan is going to happen, there won’t be any more reason to tell me to calm down,” I practically seethed.

“Okay, okay,” Donavan responded, backing away a step and putting his hands up in surrender. “Trenton says he thinks he can make some sort of distraction go down in the control room, so then you and I can get her out.”

Taking in deep breaths and backing down I responded, “Okay.”

“But Dagon, you should know her execution is set up for tomorrow around noon.”

Then I got angry again, and grabbed the collar of his uniform. “You better not be giving me any crap about this,” I spat, glaring at him. If we are to save Camira everything has to go right.

Donavan leveled with my glare and looked me right in the eye, “Now why in the hell would I be shitting you, the son of our leader?” Then he grabbed my wrists and squeezed, “Now get your disgusting big-ass hands off me.”

In that instant we both heard rushed footsteps around the corner, and I dropped him from my grasp. I rushed to the doorway and peered around the corner to see Zane’s silhouette round the bend at the end of the hallway. Then I realized in the next instant that he was headed towards the dungeon.


“It seems you’ve got a problem, Dagon.” Donavan spoke with an air of ease.

I turned on my heel instantly and took one giant step towards him, entering his bubble of personal space. “You’re coming with me.”

“The hell I’m -”then he saw the threatening look in my eyes and swallowed hard. “Okay, after you” Donavan finished, motioning down the hall.

I swung around again and rushed ahead, knowing Donavan would keep up...or else. Before we rounded the same corner that Zane had moments ago, I understood just how pissy I’d become when it came to Camira’s safety. No one is going to have enough time to even think about killing her.


“Hello, Honey Bun,” I heard a voice I feared rasp through the darkness. Immediately everyone around me became quiet, some even gasped before holding their breath. So I guess I wasn’t the only one who dreaded him.

I looked up, sitting against the wall, where Dagon had been only minutes earlier ñ I thought I would be able to feel his warmth ñ and saw Zane’s cold eyes staring down at me. Having my newfound strength I sat up a little straighter. “What do you want?”

In seconds the protection of bars that the cell provided was on the other side of Zane, and we were only five feet away from each other.

“I want to free you.” He responded, as if it was that simple. But ever since I’ve been shoved into this cell nothing had been simple.

“Why?” I forced out.

Zane shrugged and turned around, making himself comfortable in the corner of the cell. The corner embraced him as if it was a long time friend.

ìIím just nice like that.î Then he smirked knowing he was the exact opposite. He seemed to change his mind, ìActually, a little bird told me that you have no use any more and theyíre going to ñ î then he made a tearing sound and slid his index finger across his neck.

You could say I shook in my boots...if I had any on.

Even though he rested up against the wall for no more than a minute, he put his weight on his own two legs and stalked towards me. I watched him turn into the monster he truly was. His face became a mask of pure darkness, evil inside and out.

I soon became uncomfortable as I saw his aura exude a sickly green hue, truly showing his nefarious state of mind.

“Why are you doing this?”

“I told you, I’m being nice for a change. Don’t you want me to be nice? Nice like Dagon? Your mate.” Zane nearly spat those words out, as he came too close for comfort. “You don’t want to get killed do you?”

Once again I pushed away the fear that had a choking hold on my heart and looked into Zane’s mind. It was like he had built a mental wall. A wall that I had to push through. But when I did finally get through, I started to tell him to get away, to leave and never come back. I even tried telling him to go find Dagon and tell him I needed him. None of it worked. If it had, he wouldn’t be leering with pure evil in my face. I wouldn’t feel the need to shut my eyes and wish that this was all just a terrible dream.

“You see?” Zane said in a hushed, cold tone, his foul breath brushing along my cheek. “Some satyrs are resistant to a nymph's persuasion. Do you know why?”

I didn't answer, and Zane continued his speech while I sat with pure fear in my eyes.

“No, of course you don’t,” Zane continued and planted a hand against the wall next to my head, making his body shift closer. I could feel his skin hovering above mine, his nose almost brushing my lowered forehead.

“Look at me!” He spat and jerked my face up with his cold fingers.

“As I was saying, satyrs can not be persuaded as easily because we are the exact opposite of a nymph. As you have already realized, there are more females in the nymph population and more males in the satyr populace. So,” Then he paused, maybe for dramatic effect. I didn’t know and didn’t care. I was too absorbed in fear, like a sponge ready to explode. “Satyrs are as strong mentally as nymphs are said to be. Do you get where I’m going with this darlin’?”

My eyes enlarged, and Zane’s smile was filled with an evil kind of joy.

“Are you ready?” I could feel his evilness now. Oh gods. Then Zane continued, and his hold on my jaw tightened. I had nowhere to look but into his cold swirling eyes.

“I’m going to release you, and you are going to like the wind.” Zane not so much as let out a breathy laugh and then continued, never breaking eye contact.

“You will not go looking for Dagon, because he will come after you, this I promise. He will have weapons with him.” Zane paused, choosing his words wisely. “When the time is right, you will kill him. Camira, you will kill your mate and live a life of a deep sorrow that you could never have imagined.”

As my name was spoken, the demand was sealed.


“What did you do?” I almost demanded Zane as we ran into him when he came up the steps.

“You might want to go get the right equipment for your journey ahead my friend.” Then Zane walked away, and all I could do was stare until he was out of sight.

The one thing that unnerved me the most was when he called me ‘his friend’. I looked to Donavan and he had a ‘what the hell’ look plastered to his face.

I turned towards the stairs and just stood there, frozen for a moment in time. What has he done? Then my heart started to pound, and I rushed down the steps with adrenaline racing through my blood.

I should have never left Camira alone.

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