Catching the Wind: Book 2

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It was raining very heavily and I could hardly see anything in front of me. In my gut I knew I was searching for someone, but I couldn’t pinpoint whom yet. All I knew was that I had to get there, and fast.

As I rounded a tree trunk, I saw the pack of wolves I’ve been protected by watching my struggle. My struggle to get somewhere and find that one person. They watched with calculating eyes, and I wasn’t sure if they were following me or if I was following them. All I knew is that they were spread out evenly in front of me.

As I started to speed up I looked down at my feet and they weren’t moving. It was like I was being forced forward. I looked up again to catch the eye of Amir and then watched as Derray, his mate, came up behind him. Soon enough I watched as she vanished.

When I walked into a clearing of trees I saw a familiar silhouette and rushed forward. Instantly I raised a sword I didn’t know I had and shoved it through his sternum, puncturing a lung and collapsing it.

Dagon dropped to his knees with watery eyes and heaved, trying to get oxygen to a lung that wouldn’t work correctly. I looked down horrified at what I had just done, and stumbled backwards.

Dagon tried to speak, but I could only read his lips. “Camira.” And then he dropped to the ground and blood started to gush out.

I dropped to my knees, shock moving in, and tried to pull him into my lap. “No, No, no!” Tears fell from my eyes as I choked out, “No, Dagon, this can’t happen.”

Dagon’s hand shakily reached up for my cheek and I helped him hold it there.

"It’s okay,” he whispered.

“No. No, it’s not,” I cried.

Dagon soon took his last breath, and as he did the rain became thicker and poured harder. As I looked up towards the crying sky, the rain stung my flushed cheeks. I cried for a long time with the sky, and as my eyes turned puffy and red, so did the rain.

My eyes shot wide open, and I sat up to find my mouth wide open ready to scream. And I did. As my senses woke up I saw the full branches above me, and heavy drops of morning dew fell on my forehead and ran down my nose turning onto my cheek. Before it could drip from my jaw, I whipped it away with my first two fingers.

I looked over to see Tarak, the beta I’ve named, watching me with a measured amount of concern. His ears flicked in my direction and his head tilted to see me easier. I took in a shaky breath, knowing it was just a dream and I was in no immediate danger.

Looking up over the trees, I saw the sun peak over the tree line and realized I should probably get up. All the wolves were resting with there eyes closed, but I knew they were still aware of everything. Standing up to stretch, twigs snapped under my feet, and I froze in place to watch all the wolves open their eyes, lazily but on alert.

Tarak stood up and extended his back legs, arching his back to stretch. Then he did the same for his front legs and as he did so I stretched, arching my back as well.

Last night as we walked through the woods, Tarak caught me a rabbit and I cooked it over a fire. After that one though, it was like I got hungrier. Tarak must have sensed my hunger, or heard my stomach rumble, like thunder in the sky, because he went out without me and came back five minutes later with two more in his mouth.

As we formed a mutual trust I gave him his name, and he responded to it as well as any other dog would. It took all night to get him used to the sound of his name, but soon enough both he and I learned each other. Tarak learned the pitches and tremors to my soft voice, and I learned to listen to him through his eyes and body language.

As we fell asleep that night, it felt good to feel the wind on my back. But when I woke up this morning, besides having the nightmare, I had to study my surroundings all over again. I had forgotten where I was for no more than a few minutes. It helped that I wasn’t alone and I had Amir’s pack to understand my unease. The uneasiness vanished quite quickly though, and I started to walk away from our temporary camping grounds.

When the pack saw that I had walked away they all started to follow, some slower than others. Amir came and sniffed me good morning with his mate close by. Then I felt Tarak nudge my thigh, and bump his damp nose with my palm, letting me know he was there. His touch chased away the rest of the nightmare.

As we walked, no one was more of a leader than any one else. As I walked where I wanted to, Amir led his pack and me around certain areas he knew and didn’t like. Sometimes I watched as a higher up put an omega on his back, showing his teeth, and then it was over and we moved on.

Soon enough we came to a river. I felt blessed or something, like I had to thank the gods. Instantly I stripped and waded deep into the chilly river. Then I realized what I had done and looked around, expecting someone to come out of the trees and just stare.

All that kept me company were the wolves and smaller predators of the forest. Relaxing once again I sunk to my shoulders and crouched down in the water, only my head above water. For the first time in... forever – I have no idea how long it has been – I could hear the songs the birds crooned to the world that no longer listened. As soon as I rubbed the grime off my pallid skin, I let the water hold me afloat while my front side felt the heat of the sun and my backside kept me cool.

Paying more attention to the sun, my mind soon drifted to the thought of my sisters and then to Kenna. I missed them so much that tears came to my eyes, and I had to choke back a sob. I drifted off for a while, as Amir’s pack paced back and forth on the shore of the blissful river. Some coming up to take a drink. The omegas more hesitant of course.

We stayed there for more than half the day.

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