Catching the Wind: Book 2

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I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. There was something about her; Camira. There always was of course, but it was a different something that I couldn’t put my finger on. For the past couple of nights neither of us could get enough of one another. One look or move and our bodies intertwined, loving each other deep into the night.

But as I stared at Camira through the fire’s smoke, as it lifted into the sky, she felt distant in a way that made my skin crawl. For a long while now, I’ve watched her poke and prod at the crackling wood underneath a fire that made you sweat.

Listening to her hum away through the silence that threatened to break, I could no longer take it. “Camira,” I spoke roughly, with an unintended firm edge to my voice.

She flinched ever so slightly, which I could have missed if I wasn’t regarding her with so much heat in my eyes. Camira stopped humming a song, sounding all too familiar, and looked up to meet my gaze. Her cheeks heated with a pink hue to them.

I wanted to think it was from the blazing fire, but when she answered, they turned a rosy red. “Yes, Dagon.” It wasn’t a question but an acknowledgement.

“What’s going on?” I asked, calculatingly, knowing something was keeping her from opening a closed door, hidden inside her mind. Camira no longer let off any emotion that I could read clearly across the fire.

When Camira didn’t answer immediately, I went to ask her again, but a wolf decided to growl, cutting off my vocal cords. I wanted to growl back, but hearing the warning in its throat I backed off.

When the tension in the air eased between the wolves, and Camira stopped making thoughtful faces at the alpha, she started humming again, completely ignoring what I had asked.

“Camira” I spoke once again with softness, this time aware of the pack of wolves behind her back. Their eyes holding a glow in the dark.

When no response came I shifted, attempting to get up. The beta made a sound in the back of his throat this time. I realized it was just aware, still half asleep but ears always on alert. Damn wolves, I thought, couldn’t do anything predatory around them. I gave them a glare, probably not the best thing I could have done, but that shut them up for a little while.

Sitting down next to Camira, I sighed, trying to seem relaxed. Camira, on the other hand, was nothing but tense. Taking a risk, I scooted closer so that my thigh rubbed against hers. She shifted away. A frustrated noise wanted to rip out of my throat, but I held it in.

This was getting completely ridiculous. “Camira,” I said, just to get her attention.

Finally, she brought her eyes away from the glowing fire, the reflection of yellow heat no longer there, and twisted so her body faced me. We no longer touched.

“What do you want, Dagon?” Camira was trying to hide it, but enough emotion wheezed out I knew she was in conflict. With herself.

My voice became rough at the start, “I want you to talk to me,” but halfway through it softened when I watched her eyes melt. A cool breeze harshly pushed between our bodies and it felt like a wall was being formed.

“No, Camira,” I spoke firmly, placing a hand on her exposed thigh. “Don’t do this to yourself.”

I felt her muscles ripple as I glued my hand in place, blocking the invisible wall she was constructing. “I’m not doing this.”

It was brokenly said, even as she tried to hide it.

“Who’s doing this, Camira?” Possessiveness began to crack through my voice.

“It’s not me.”

“Who?” I couldn’t take it any longer. I wanted to protect her, but there was nothing I could do if she didn’t open up.

A single tear fell from her clouded, dove-colored eyes, dark and swirling with emotion. I forgot in the next instant what I wanted from Camira, and pulled her to my chest, knowing the shirt I placed on her before the sky went dark was a huge hindrance to the skin contact she really needed. “Oh babe, come ‘ere.”

She hesitated, but I didn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. I pulled her taut body into my chest, and rocked her as she cried silently; the worst type of crying, if you ask me. I soon positioned her so that she sat in my lap, and as soon as I did so she wrapped her arms around my neck and dug her forearms deep into the back of my jacket, using that skin contact to comfort her broken soul.

I listened for a long time as she mumbled incoherent sentences. I couldn’t figure out what more I could give her than the soothing words my mother used to offer me.

Soon enough, Camira became tired of crying in silence, and just rested her head on my soaked shoulder, breathing deeply. Camira was tired. I’m not sure how I knew, but I could feel it in my own bones. Even so she pulled away by inches and kissed me where my pulse pounded in my neck, thanking me in another silence I wanted to break.

“Do you sing?” I whispered into the night.

Camira pulled away so fast I thought she had fallen asleep and I had startled her.

“What?” She was shocked. Maybe by the subject change, but I wasn’t sure. The night air became cool later and later into the night, because of the absence of sun, shimmied its way between us. I wanted to pull her closer again, but instead I opted to rest my hands in the curve of her hips. In response she sat up straighter.

Leaning in I kissed her on the seam of her lips, teasing, and she relaxed instantly responding with a firm kiss of her own. I smiled into the kiss, but then became serious once again. I wanted to know.


“So, what?” Camira asked, teasing me right back and ignoring my question.

I still wanted to know, and she wasn’t getting away this time. “Do you sing?”

“Maybe,” She responded between a nip from her teeth along my chin, soothing the sting with a flick of her tongue.

I wanted to shudder as a tingling sensation ran across my spin. Camira was beginning to get bold. Something I never expected so fast from a woman locked in Nedra only three and a half weeks ago.

Forcing myself to remember what I was saying I asked, “Will you sing for me?”

Her seduction over me stopped, and she looked me straight in my eyes. She then realized I was serious.

“Maybe later,” she responded, almost completely dismissing the conversation.

I began to sneak my hand up towards one of her breasts as I asked; “Why not now?”

She caught my hand and kissed my palm. Something so unexpected my breath hitched for only a moment. How was this woman doing this to me? Granted, she was a nymph, but satyrs like myself were immune to such a creature as her. Or are we?

I watched her facial expression as she tried to come up with an answer and threaded my fingers through her bleach blonde hair, fisting it. What I would give to play with this hair of hers. I could run my fingers through it all night long.

Oh Gods, I sound like a little girl!

Momentarily she closed her eyes in surrender, and it spoke to my soul. Then she spoke, and I shouldn’t have considered it an answer. I didn’t. “Because.”

My fist tightened around her mane of hair, hair I wanted to brush against my cheek, and Camira gasped with pleasure in response. I let go only to come back and rub her soft hair against my cheek. Camira watched me with eyes that spoke of unfinished pleasure.

“That’s not an answer,” huskiness rubbing against my throat. Camira shivered visibly. My insides quivered in response. “Give me one reason why you won’t do it now,” I commanded.

She gave me a hard look, not liking my tone, but I couldn’t help it. I wanted to hear this woman’s voice vibrate with notes I’ve never heard. When her eyes softened with sadness so deep it cut, I stroked her spine. “What’s wrong?”

“How did you know something was wrong?” she asked, surprised that I could even guess.

“Because I can feel it in here,” pointing with my first two fingers at her heart, “and here,” and then slid my fingers between her frustratingly covered breasts and stopped at her firm stomach. It shook with need in response. I smiled knowingly.

I could see the way she gave in as her eyes closed to half-mast when I made light circles around her bellybutton. Then she spoke with such softness, like the first time we met, that I had to lean in closer.

“No one ever listened to me.” Then she opened her eyes to lean in closer as well. Our lips brushed as she finished. “No one ever gave me that pleasure,” she whispered, uncertain whether she should have spoken the truth.

I kissed her then and rubbed my thumb along her cheek as I leaned far enough away to study her. Camira was waiting for a reply she needed ever since she understood the bone-deep rejection of the people around her.

“I’ll listen,” I replied with a confidence I knew she could feel in her gut.

Camira’s face split into the biggest smile. Something so startling I almost leaned back. Stopping myself, I saw the hope spark to life in her damp eyes.

“Would you?” She was so excited it broke my heart.

Bringing one of Camira’s hands off my shoulder, I kissed the hills of her knuckles.

“There is nothing else in the world that would make me happier.”

She literally almost squealed at my response. A smile of my own broke out, and something like a laugh hummed from my chest. The surprise that shot through my veins was so intense I froze and stopped breathing for a moment. Did that really come out of me?

Catching my strong reaction, Camira whispered, “Dagon?”

“I haven’t done something like that in a long time.” I spoke the truth, and deep down in my gut I knew something was completely right about this woman in my arms.

I nuzzled her neck and breathed in the scent of clean air and maple trees. “Hmmmm,” I breathed out. My chest rumbled as I took the presence of my woman in. Camira ran her delicate but strong fingers through my hair, dodging my horns, and that added even more pleasure of having her in my arms.

My woman. That’s what she was. Mine. No one would take her from me, and no one would even dare try. I kissed her deeply then, that fact in my mind.

Camira pulled away first, breathless. “Are you sure about this?”

“Yes.” I replied, confidence running through my voice.

Camira pulled away to get ready, but I pulled her closer. The skin contact was something of a drug by now, and I couldn’t stay away from her lush, creamy skin. Braiding my fingers through her hair, I slid them through until I could reach the nape of her neck, and started massaging, confident and firm.

“Dagon,” She responded, with a satisfied moan, “I can’t sing for you if you don’t give me room.”

Although she was telling me to let go, at the same time she was pushing closer into the heat of my body. Smiling inwardly, I let go, and Camira’s face became lost and confused.

Placing my palms back around the curve of her hips, with a possessive grip, I lifted her just enough off my lap to let a cool nightly breeze blow through our bodies. Camira shivered in response, and my muscles burned to pull her closer once again. “Better?” I asked, even though it was nowhere near where I wanted her to be.

Camira nodded hesitantly like she thought the same thing; we were not close enough. Then she took a deep breath and held it for a moment, realizing fully how aware I was of her. And when Camira sang her first notes, my heart skipped a beat. Something I would never admit to anyone.

When Camira started, she hummed the first two verses and then began to sing, her confidence building.

I dream of rain

I dream of gardens in the desert sand

I wake in vain

I dream of love as time runs through my hand

I dream of fire

Those dreams are tied to a horse that will never tire

And in the flames

Her shadows play in the shape of a man's desire

As I listened, I heard the breathless catches that she could not control, and it made my chest burn to know she reacted that way in my presence. Some were just naturally there, too. At this point I realized Camira was sharing something that came from her heart. Something very dear that I planned to never steal from her. This was who she was, and I intended to make this part of her shine for me. Camira needed this; I could tell just by the way a tiny light began to form within her eyes.

This desert rose

Each of her veils, a secret promise

This desert flower

No sweet perfume ever tortured me more than this

And as she turns

This way she moves in the logic of all my dreams

This fire burns

I realize that nothing's as it seems

I began to listen with a new ear, hearing her heart in the hitches of her voice, and the way she couldn’t stop from the crescendo when a line that spoke to her came up.

I dream of rain

I dream of gardens in the desert sand

I wake in vain

I dream of love as time runs through my hand

I wanted to pull her close into my arms, my body, once again, but I knew she had one more verse. In that moment I watched as her look became glazed and far into another world. A world only she knew about and one I wanted to be invited into.

I dream of rain

I lift my gaze to empty skies above

I close my eyes

This rare perfume is the sweet intoxication of her love

As she finished there was a difference in the atmosphere around us. We could feel the wakefulness of the animals that woke just to hear Camira sing, and when I realized this, a sort of pride burned my soul. The forest was sleepy still as they waited for another possible song.

As Camira slowly came back, her muscles shook when she felt my warm embrace. Her stomach quivered against mine, and I hummed in satisfaction. I could feel the uneasy awareness that she now held, and I pulled her close enough that you could no longer distinguished two people sitting with each other.

Then Camira’s vocal cords trembled as she tried to explain. “Benjamin used to sing that to his mate before my sisters and I left the village.” Finishing in a soft voice, Camira held so much emotion, I thought she was about to cry. “He was like a true father to me. The one I never had.”

Hearing the wobbly emotion, my throat constricted and I wondered what her life was like before. Starting to imagine things, a harsh protectiveness spiked through my veins, and I pulled her impossibly closer without realizing it. Hearing a forced breath from the woman in my arms, I strained my muscles to relax.

Sighing, I let Camira go, but only so far to see each other’s faces, and still breathe each others air. I brushed my nose against hers in a kind of intimate reassurance that felt natural. In response, Camira sighed, understanding the touch.

For a long time we just touched each other sweetly. Camira her hands through my hair, kissing me on my cloth covered shoulder – which was more arousing than I thought with just simply a skin-to-skin kiss – or just merely placing her ear against my beating heart. Camira just needed to know my presence was one she could count on. I on the other hand, just held her affectionately and kissed her anywhere I could. On her hair line, her nose, Camira’s jaw, slipping my hands between my oversized shirt I had placed over her, purely for protection from the wind.

When Camira’s emotions quieted, and in response my throat stopped clinching towards a painful level, I spoke. Raspy I said, “Camira, never hide this gift again. From me or anyone.” Taking her chin, and seeing a moment of innocence and delicacy in her eyes, I commanded softly, “Understand? Never hide your gift. Especially from me.” Then just to say it, I finished, ìor I will pull it out of you in bed,” giving her a knowing look.

Camira nodded with a humorous smile in her eyes, cheekbones raised. And that night I slept with her in the curve of my body, her softness brushing against the hard and sharpness of mine. Before completely falling asleep that night, I was comforted a degree more, when she nuzzled herself closer.

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