Catching the Wind: Book 2

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It was mid-afternoon, and the sun was creating sweat droplets down my spin. It wasn’t a cold sweat; no, I haven’t had that since Camira came into my life. She relaxed the turmoil inside me. Just watching her ahead of me, running with the wolves through the trees, made my heart swell, because I knew with a soul wrenching awareness that she was mine.

As I thought of the past month or two, I realized that I could do this with her. I could have a life with a woman that made me see the happiness of existence. Looking back on the dark way I saw life before Camira made me cringe.

And right then, as if she knew I was thinking unnecessary thoughts, she looked over her shoulder to smile with a vibrant happiness and an ounce of reassurance.


I knew what he was thinking and I gave him the time and space to do so, but when I felt a sad darkness consume him I thought it was enough. Dagon has gone too far. He needs to learn how to enjoy life. And I’m the perfect person to show him what life could be like.

Turning and trotting back between the trees to catch Dagon’s hand and intertwine my fingers with his, I smiled. I didn’t have to say anything to know, and neither did he. Dagon wanted me to show him a new way of life.

Kissing me across each knuckle, his lips finding the sensitive groove between each one, Dagon let me show him the world through my eyes.

My eyes found the wolves first; their playfulness always displayed the love of a family. I watched as the omegas played with a knowledge and curiosity of the dominants. I watched as a younger pack mate sniffed and then sneezed after taking in the pollen of a flower. A faint smile splayed across Dagon’s lips, when he watched the pup go after the flower with a fierce determination. It was hard to look away when he heard the sound of his mother and went to rub against her. But I watched, too, as Amir showed his dominance with a snarl or show of dagger, sharp teeth. Derray, his loyal and strong mate, showed her acceptance that in ways Amir was always going to be the dominant leader, but in return of her wary affection Amir nipped at her ears with a playful love that I adored.

Tarak was never far and always kept the pack together, something the beta was very good at.

My eyes moved away from the wolves, alert and happy, to watch nature and its beauty. I pointed out many things and Dagon soon began to see it through my eyes. The birds were singing when they watched as I walked through the forest with a man I am starting to understand on a deeper level. I began to hum along with them, harmonizing, and I never failed to notice when Dagon’s attention was torn, listening to me with upturned ears but never taking his eyes away from the forest.

It was noon and the wolves have slowed down their play, now tracking the many smells that littered the earth’s floor. I still held Dagon in my hand, but he no longer needed my help to look at the world. He never attempted to let go either, and there was still a tenseness to the way he held on. When I looked toward him to find his essence, it surrounded him with a relaxed contentment but there was still a touch of this golden-orange that had me stop.

A response to his aura coming up my throat. “We’ll walk this road together, through the storm. Whatever weather. I’m here with you.” It sounded really cheesy in the way my response had come out. But I could no longer hide my love for this man. The way I spoke my words evident that I wasn’t going to let him fall.

And right then in the dark part of my mind, I was nagged once again about the fate that easily consumed my every thought. A fate I despised and won’t ever let happen. I would rather turn the sword to my own heart than pierce his.

Dagon, for a moment, looked innocent and breakable saying, “And I you. Promise?” Then a hard determination over-shadowing the breakable heart that he allowed me to see through his dark chocolate eyes. A heart I knew I held in my hands. A heart I knew if I squeezed just enough would shatter and no longer beat for my soul alone.

In response, I sealed the promise with a slow sensual kiss. The promise took root in my soul moments later, the wind blowing through my hair and down Dagon’s spine.

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