Catching the Wind: Book 2

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It took us about an hour to get back to Nedra, an underground prison....everybodies enemy. I really didn’t want to go back to a poorly kept prison to torture the inmates, after a day in the fresh open air. It just didn’t feel right. Or maybe it didn’t feel right to bring back a woman such as Camira.

We stopped the horse, General, that pulled the prison cubical and hopped down to go around the back. Although General stood tall and mighty, he knew where his place stood between the two of us and never thought about moving. Ever. So we didn’t have to tie him up.

Zane had the key, and I watched our surroundings for any intruders. He pulled the door open with no more than a simple pull. That just showed how strong we satyrs really are. That door, the whole box, is pure metal so it should have been impossible. As Zane opened it wider letting in more sun than the one tiny, tiny window did, I couldn’t help myself from turning and peaking at the sensual woman held captive.

Why did we have to capture her again? Oh, that’s right. We didn’t damn well know! Half the time we weren’t even told why we do our job. All we are is the scary looking mountain of muscle. I hate it. I hate this job with a passion. But of course I was born into it, being the species I was and all.

Camira didn’t so much as moan weakly to tell us she was alive. Zane reached in to grab her, jerking her hard. Because of the shocking movement, Camira yelled, waking up and instinctively putting up a fight. A weak one, but still. She tensed her muscles and tried to kick Zane in the crotch, but Zane, being the skilled satyr that he is, subdued her with a slap to the face and she was out. Limp.

I never liked the way he did things, but it got the job done. Usually I’m able to ignore these actions, but today it made my gut twist and my cheek burn.

“Zane.” I warned, having no idea why my cheek burned.

Dragging the limp Camira out of the huge metal box, he turned to me with a glare, “What?”

Once again I hesitated, like I do with everything else in life, and answered, “Nothing.”

He gave me a nasty look, and as annoyed as he was, Zane didn’t even care to pick

Camira’s wilted body up so it didn’t drag like a ragdoll. I could feel my skin rub on my back. That stung too. I’m getting more and more confused by the minute.

As we neared the gates to the doorway, Zane banged on a hidden button and barked, “Let us in you bastards!”

I paid no heed to his remark. This was normal. The gates clicked, and Zane pushed through with his empty hand. He didn’t even watch as its heavy weight closed rapidly and Camira’s leg got caught. He never tried to hold the gate for me. She woke up, instantly crying out in pain. I strangely cried out at the exact moment, and my knee twisted as my right leg collapsed from underneath me.

Camira whimpered, and Zane looked behind him, very indifferent about what he saw.

”Oh sorry, honey. Did your leg get caught?” Then he bent down and grabbed ahold of her better, “Here let me help you,” and yanked her towards him so forcefully that I felt my own shin tear open.

I gnashed my teeth together, and held back a bellow of anger and pain. The gate was closed shut now, and I had to tap the button again.

“Let me in, please.” The gate clicked and I pushed forward with a major limp going on.

“What the hell’s wrong with you?” Zane asked, collecting Camira again. She was awake and had a cold look to her eyes, but she and I both knew that she could do nothing but get dragged. She looked at me pleadingly, and I realized I had to change the situation before it got worse.

Making up the fastest, and stupidest excuse ever, I reached out for Camira.

“Tripped on a rock. Let me have her before you kill her.”

Zane scolded at me. Yeah, he thought I was a dumb ass, but who cared. Well, I do, a little. Zane has a huge reputation. Zane looked down and smirked at Camira as she cowered. “What, I can’t have a little fun with our new toy?”

I’ve had enough.

“Zane, we weren’t ordered to kill her. Now hand her over.”

His face became a dark mask and his frown looked like an upside down horseshoe.


Dropping her, he continued, “You deal with her. I don’t want to go down there anyway.”

Then he walked through the heavily guarded, steel door without holding it for me.

The last thing I heard was, “I’ll go tell him how it went.”

Zane meant Baron, our master and leader of Nedra.

I didn’t really care or expect that he would want to deal with her, but would rather talk with Baron, because he’s that much of an ass, to everyone.

Turning my attention to Camira, I saw that she was hunched lying on the ground in pain. I neared her and she tensed up, pain dancing across her face.

“No, its okay. I won’t hurt you.” I tried to say soothingly, but I had to admit, I was nervous approaching this woman. Not because of what she was or what she’s done – whatever that may be – but because I’ve been attracted to her ever since day one tracking her.

She relaxed ever so much, and I took that as an indication to come closer. Camira took in a breath and looked away. In a quiet voice I spoke again, “Hey, look at me.” Then holding my hands out to show her, “I’m not going to hurt you.”

She flinched as she watched my hands from the corner of her eye.


That got her attention. She snapped her neck in my direction and her eyes widened.

“H-how do you know my name?” she asked softly but with a weak sense of determination.

I’ve seen her determination in action before and it seems like Zane has frightened it off.

“I was assigned to you, as well as Zane.” I responded, never liking the spotlight only on me.

She flinched again at the sound of my ass-of-a-partner’s name, and started to let out short breaths like she was waiting for him. Like I had summoned him just by saying his name.

“He’s not coming.” I assured her and then reached to pick her up.

“No!” She yelled on a sharp breath in surprise and warning. She tried to scoot away, but instantly moaned when her leg moved.

I took my hands away quickly and looked down at her leg. It was cut and bleeding. By now she had lost a lot of blood and crimson lay in a puddle around her shin. I looked back into her fearful eyes. She had no idea what I wanted to do.

I didn’t want to do anything. Well, besides carry her inside. I know my shin was throbbing, but there was no other way, and I would hate if she had to put weight on that leg.

“I was going to carry you inside.” I spoke honestly.

There was a long pause as she contemplated this and looked around me. Wait a second. Was she a nymph of the wind? We were never sure what kind of nymph she was exactly. All I knew was that these kinds of nymphs could mold the wind to do what ever they pleased and see someone's emotions. Could she tell I wasn’t lying? I had to know.

As she nodded slowly, I reached for her and gently cradled her in my arms. I stood up as smoothly as possible, using my left leg to bear my weight. Well, not as smoothly as I'd hoped. Camira cried out as her leg swung, and she grabbed onto my uniform shirt. She had her eyes shut tight and her teeth cut into her lower lip.


Camira shook her head as if to say she was okay. Clearly she wasn’t and I hated that I hurt her. I realize I shouldn’t be feeling this, but I had no way to block it out. When pain subsided from her pinched face, and it smoothed out, I started to make the slow, unsteady journey to the door. It was really rocky for Camira and I winced myself when she sucked in multiple breaths. Not because I was in pain because of her, but because I just felt for her. I didn’t like her pain so much.

We were half way to the door and she started to relax, so I figured I could ask. “Are you a Sylphs?” In other words, nymphs with the power to control wind.

I felt her body tense up again with unease, and I became fearful. Fearful of whether I crossed the boundary. I realized she probably wouldn’t tell me even if she were tempted.

Camira looked up at me. Well, more like around me, and a light breeze rustled my hair. I looked down at her eyes and they were shining with a hidden smile. Then she reached up, and lifted a finger to my lips, “Shhh.”

A shiver ran down my spine when she touched me there, and I immediately became aware of her, and I smiled. She wasn’t so frightened after all.

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