Catching the Wind: Book 2

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“Kallan, can you fix Camira and Dagon?” I spoke quickly, looking down at my sister as Kallan took my position and I stood over her.

“You know him?” Kallan said flinging her hair as she spun her neck to look at me.

“Yes. Long story. Can. You. Heal. Her?” I didn’t want to share the story about running from some Horned Ones at a club, and then one of their own saving our butts.

Back on the topic I wanted to talk about, Kallan stated, “She’s barely breathing at all.”

Oh gods! I know she’s barely breathing! But can you fix her? Great I was beginning to get a little nuts. I’m already talking to myself. “Oh gods.” This time I said it out loud as I grabbed my red mane of hair and held it like it was an anchor. Maybe by the time this was over I’d lose a few strands. I wonder what Calder would think about that.

“Can you fix her, Kallan? Is she going to survive?” I was asking this with quickened breaths, this wasn’t looking good, for Camira or me. Yes, I know that sounded a little selfish.

For a moment Kallan placed her hands, palms flat, on the ground. Sensing if there was water? She muttered under her breath then, and it didn’t sound good.

“There’s no water source close enough,” Kallan stated, almost dryly, again. She was beginning to detach herself.

My feet began to burn, and the only way to get rid of the itch was to pace. So of course that’s what I did. I could feel Calder’s eyes on me the whole time. In a way his cool gaze kept me grounded. Otherwise I’m pretty sure this whole area of trees would be up in a blaze.


I’ve never seen her this worked up, Kenna. I've never seen her worked up to the point of burning everything around her. She’s cursed the gods so many times it was hard to count.

At this point I truly didn’t know what I could do for her.

Then my name was called, and I had to pull my eyes away from my flustered mate.

“I need you to help me carry both of them to a horse. I can sense a river a few miles out in that direction,” Kallan said, pointing over her shoulder. By the way she spoke, I could tell she was in a hurry without trying to look out of control.

In the past couple of months I realized Kallan was good at that. Looking very controlled. It seems like she grew into that role. A role I looked up to her for.

Nodding my head, I delicately removed Camira from the so called Dagon, and Kallan placed Camira’s head in her lap. Heaving the big creature-like man over my shoulder, I hunched my shoulders as I walked him to the strongest horse. Coming up to the horse that would soon hold a dead man, it eyed me.

Mumbling under my breath, “Yeah, I know,” to the horse, I not so gently shoved the man onto its back.

In response to the dead weight of Dagon, my steed shifted sideways. I was there immediately in case the man were to slide off. The horse huffed its complaint, and I patted his neck understandingly.

When I turned to ask what was next, I saw the two sisters somehow putting Camira on Kallan’s mare. Kallan looked to me then, and I gave her a nod of my head.

“Okay, lets go.”


It took us twenty minutes to travel two and a half miles, and every minute spent was another I could feel myself quicken, like my every move and thought was on hyper drive. I knew I was worried and angry, and I knew Calder could feel everything. I needed him to sense it because otherwise I would feel alone in this.

As we came upon the river Kallan had felt, I had a sense of urgency ñ I wanted to start pulling the horses to get them there faster. When we came to a stop and Kallan quickly jumped off her mare, I looked over the horse’s neck at Camira. Then the ‘what ifs’ began to play like a constant stream of scenes from a movie. What if we didn’t get them to the river on time? What if it was too late even before we got to them? What if Kallan couldn’t find a way to heal either of them? What if she wasn’t strong enough?

The list went on and on and on. I saw Calder wince out of the corner of my eyes, and for a moment tried to stop the raging terror that seemed to be swallowing me.

I haven’t cried yet and I don’t plan to. I’m supposed to be the badass sister who looks like she doesn’t give a damn. It’s the people I love most that could hurt me, though. I’m not going to cry. Period. I just can’t.

Kallan plunged her hands into the water.

Breathed in deeply.

And then placed her hands – dripping wet – on the pale skin of both Camira and Dagon. Everyone held his or her breath...even the forest. No birds sang, the trees never swayed, and even the wolves stood still, silently panting.

Calder had wrapped his arm around me awhile ago and I stood, my shoulders slowly scrunching forward, as the minutes ticked by and the sun rose. It was too long by now to hold our breaths with anticipation, but my throat was beginning to grow tight as Kallan began to sweat. She no longer knew what to do.

It was some time much later in the day ñ the sun half way across the sky - and both Camira and Dagon were moved into the protection of the trees. Camira’s breath changed. At first it was raspy but soon she took in big gulps. The beta wolf was the first to notice and stepped forward to sniff the air. Quickly after, I crept forward with hope that was still afraid to fully show itself.

Camira took another gulp of refreshing air and that’s all it took for me to rush forward. Kallan was frozen in her spot. Probably trying to figure out how it had worked. Or why. But it was working, and I was hovering over my waking sister.

Calder told me from a few feet away that I should probably give her some space. Afraid something bad would happen I shook my head.

At this point the hope that I kept hidden away fought to be let out. It screamed and tore through me. I knew Calder was the only one who could feel it. I wanted to hope, but her eyes were still closed tightly. It was like the time I was weak and needed Calder. Something inside me sealed my eyes shut. Maybe she could hear me.

Leaning forward and gently moving a tendril of silky blond hair out of her long heart shaped face, I whispered so only she could hear.

“Camira, if you’re in there; if you can hear me, we’re all waiting for you.” All of the sudden her face changed expression, and the hope weld inside me came rushing out. “Yes, that’s right. Come on sis. If you wake up there’s a better chance Dagon will come with you.”

And when she heard his name, Camira’s eyes shot open.

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