Catching the Wind: Book 2

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It was bright. And there were people hovering above me. I think they were my sisters. I could hear Kallan tell everyone to give me space, because I was in shock and needed air. But of course Kenna paid no attention to her and came in for a soul crushing hug. I was so tense as her soft, tight hug crushed me, I though I was going to break.

My throat was very sore but I let out a whisper. “Kenna.” I was trying to warn her. I was going to break. I didn’t know how, but I knew I was.

“Shhh, I’m here.”

Then tears rushed up my throat and down my face. I started to sob as I whimpered her name. For the first time I let my sister hold me and see me cry.

In a matter of seconds she was hugging me even tighter. “We’re all here. It’s okay.” Kenna’s voice was tight as well, feeling another sister’s pain. “There you go. Let it out. It’s okay, we’re not going anywhere.”

Oh gods. I loved her so much. She knew exactly what to say so I wouldn’t start choking myself with emotions. Kenna wasn’t one to tell you to quiet down. She let you soak her shoulder.

I was just so overwhelmed. Memories came back in flashes. Of the ones I don’t remember that is. The Horned Ones captured me for a reason I don’t know. I was kept at Nedra for a number of weeks I couldn’t comprehend either. Zane bullied me, the same Satyr who persuaded me.

Remembering the persuasion a rush of tears and harsh breath came out, and I began to feel my chest burn. The memory of what I’d done.

Kenna realized what I was beginning to do as I hiccupped, and she untangled her arms from my waist.

“Camira, look at me.”

Making eye contact with my best friend and sister, she continued. “I’m here. Kallan’s here,” she leaned away so I could see my oldest sister around her. Kallan smiled with heartfelt emotion, and a measure of calm swept over me. “And even Calder’s here.”

I turned back to Kenna and took in her face for the first time.

I saw in her usually strong face, the hardship I’ve caused her. I took her hand, still needing her comfort. “I’m sorry -”

Kenna cut me off with a sharp shake of her head. “You’re okay, it’s not your fault, and soon Dagon will be okay as well.”

Kenna held so much confidence that I

didn’t want to ruin it but, “But it’s all my fault, I killed Dagon,” my voice caught on his name but I continued, “I couldn’t contain what he did to me.”

“Wait.” Kenna leaned back and put a hand up for me to stop. Kallan shuffled closer. “Who did what to you?”

I swallowed knowing that voice, she wanted to know, no excuses. I swallowed again looking away at a still Dagon, on a shuffling horse.

“Camira.” It was Kallan, who was now standing over Kenna’s shoulder.

Looking at both of them in turn I stuttered, “I-it was Zane.”

“Zane.” That’s all Kenna got out before heat shot off of her body and I felt like I was inches away from a burning fire.

“Kenna?” I dropped her hand in shock and surprise. I didn’t realize how on edge she truly was.

A deep voice spoke up behind me. Calder. “Kenna.” It was harshly said, and meant to get her attention.

Her eyes snapped up over my shoulder, and I couldn’t quiet understand what was happening. They were communicating. “Calder.” It wasn’t hard to understand the plea that vibrated through her vocal cords.

Calder was there, and lifted her effortlessly away from me. He had her in his embrace, and as Kallan and I watched for only moments before looking away ñ giving them privacy ñ we saw her relax into his arms.

As we left them alone, I stood shakily walking towards Dagon. I choked suddenly and my shaky fingers reached for his lips. The pad of my thumb brushed over lips that were no longer warm with waiting passion. I took two tight breaths.

“We believe your mate will be okay.”

I jumped when I heard Kallan’s voice over my shoulder. “And why is that?”

“Because you came back,” Kallan responded softly but matter-of-factly.


I saw Kallan shake her head out of the corner of my eye. “I’m not sure.”

An hour later with nothing happening, Kenna spoke up. “We should start heading back. By the time we arrive it’ll probably be dark.” Then as a second thought, “Kaia will be waiting.”

I turned away from Dagon then, hearing the nastiness she spat as she spoke my absent sister’s name.

“Why didn’t she come?” I was almost afraid to ask as I saw Kenna’s face harden again. Calder was holding her from behind, his hands around her waist, and his thumbs began to make slow circles on her bare stomach.

Kenna took a relaxed breath, and with an edge to her voice she responded, “because your sister is a selfish -”

“Kenna.” This time it was Kallan who spoke up sharp enough to understand what she wanted. Kenna looked at Kallan innocently “What? I was only going to say bitch.”

Kallan sighed like a tired mother. “Come on, let’s get going.” Then motioned to Dagon, draped over the stallion.

“Yeah, I got him,” Calder responded, kissing Kenna one last time on the temple.

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