Catching the Wind: Book 2

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"Camira." When I said her name on a whispered breath, the shower turned off and there was a frozen moment.

Camira rushed out, barely covered, and she practically stopped in her tracks. She quickly breathed out, "Dagon?"

I couldn't respond. Saying her name took everything out of me. I struggled. I wanted her next to me I wanted her finger's grazing my lips, brushing through my hair. I needed her touch as much as she needed mine.

She rushed forward as she read my facial expression. "Shhh, take it slow." Her hand was placed on my cheek and I closed my eyes, taking in her soft warmth, breathing.

For a long time I could only swallow, as my mind went over the many things I wanted to tell her.

Camira shook her head. "Later, you need to rest."

My eyebrows pulled down in irritation. I wanted to talk.

"Dagon, just -"

She cut herself off and sighed like it was the first time she could take a full breath. Bringing her lips to mine she kissed me, and it was full of passion and promises and love. I kissed her back and our tongues found each other as we learned each otherís taste again.

As Camira pulled away and licked my lower lip, for a last taste, she had tears in her eyes. My eyes felt heavy and wet as well. For the first time in a long time a tear escaped and ran down my cheek.

Her breath shook, as she responded and wiped the tear away. "I know." And she did. I knew she understood the overwhelming fear and desire that ran through both of us.

That night she talked and I listened. We fell asleep together. Her body covering part of my chest and her hand clenched my shirt. That same hand held all the fear that we've avoided all night. Fear of what came next. Shifting a few times during the night had caused Camira's towel fall away, and she scooted closer to keep warm.

It took me longer to fall asleep than Camira, because I could feel the stiffness of my bones, and it wasn't very comfortable. It was painful and the only comfort was my mate in my arms and the smell of her damp hair.


I woke the next morning, and it took me a few moments to remember that Dagon was awake and I was in his arms. My body was pressed close to his.

Waking slowly, I felt his chest rise and fall below my clinched hand. Unclenching it, I rubbed my palm over his heart, letting the muscles in my fingers relax. Dagon breathed out a sigh. I could almost feel the air, warm, with his exhaled breath. He was here with me.

As my conscious woke up as well, sweet, and comforting against Dagon's body, I felt the need for Dagon scrape against the inside of my stomach. The towel, which was now around my waist, slid off as I heaved my leg over his waist. My knees hovering over Dagon's, my hips lifted above his, supported me. His eyes flittered open and became aware very quickly. My elbows made sharp dents in the cushion of the bed on either side of his head.

As my lips lowered, closer to his, my breath hitched and my eyes dampened, I confessed, "I hate feeling so emotional when it comes to you. Why do you make me so emotional and unlike myself, Dagon?”

He was only aloud so much room to shake his head once. He didn’t know.

“I think its because I love you.”

Dagon’s breath hitched too, and I felt the absence of his newly found life. When he spoke again, his breath warmly caressed my lips. “What?”

It only took one breath to say, but the one word gave me shivers. I wasn’t afraid to say it again. “I love you.”

“You do.” He said it like he was stating it.

“You know?”

“Yes,” then there was a pause, “I love you, too.”

Mashing my lips to Dagon’s made warmth pool in my stomach. The confession we both gave each other opened another door neither of us knew was there. We loved each other that night differently somehow, but also in the same way. It was exciting, like the first time, but familiar all the same. At first we were hesitant, then confident. He touched me; I touched him.


It was a morning of ecstasy. For a long time we caressed each other in all the right places. We built each other up and held on as the other came down from the high. And then when our eyes connected, and our bodies fit like pieces to a puzzle that were long lost, everything was right in that moment.

Rolling Camira over so that she lay on the bed, I kissed between her breasts and down her stomach. I paused for a moment when I saw the artistic slash of a tattoo coming across her stomach and around her left hip. Following the mark around to her right shoulder and bicep, I was amazed at the intricate detail. I kissed it delicately knowing it was a sign of our mated bond.

Resuming what I had planned to do in the first place, I got to the delicate V of her body. I stopped -- she waited. But I wasn't going to give her what she expected unless she asked.

"Dagon." It was a whispered plea, and I saw her face as the sun hit it in the most stunning way. Beautiful wasnít even the right word any more. Camira was alluring, elegant, and exquisite. The list could go on forever, but as she pleaded with me again I was thrown off track.

"Dagon." This time her voice was filled with a deep urge that I wasnít giving her.

"What do you want, baby?" my mouth was right above her delicate sex and she shivered because she could feel my warm breath.

"Touch me."


She almost sounded like she growled, and a deep rumbling laugh came from my lips.

"Like this?" I used my finger. "Or like this?" I used my tongue.

Camira shook her head already lost in the haze of desire.

In the end, I chose for her.

Walking up the mountain where Kenna supposedly lived took some time and courage. For one, it was a long walk, and secondly it was hard to detach myself from Camira. It was even harder to leave, knowing my woman was hesitant to let me out of her arms. This was something I needed to do though.

Now I was here, at the mouth of the cave, and I had no idea why I froze in place. Moments later I had my answer.

"Come on in," came a voice from inside the cave. It was bored but yet amused at the same time.

Taking a step forward, I saw through the darkness. A woman with light mocha colored skin and a head of brunette colored hair.

"Who are you?" I asked this as I took in the sight of her. To be honest I kind of wanted to back away. She seemed cold and detached.

"Kaia." As she spoke she sounded even colder, harder than any of the other sisters. "What, no one told you about me?" She almost mumbled, and I wasnít sure if that question was for me.

"I just -"

Her shockingly deep brown eyes locked with mine, and they would have been pretty if they were softer. Kaia quickly snapped, "Don't answer that."

My mouth shut immediately.

We stood there for long moments, Kaia staring at me with an unreadable face, and I was unsure about what to say in her presence. For the first time she made me uncomfortable around a woman.

Finally Kaia spoke, and it wasn't as harsh as before, but she still had an edge to her voice. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to see Kenna," still nervous I tried to continue, "to thank her."

Her face softened with understanding, but I thought I saw a flash of jealousy. I was unsure though, because her hard, straight-faced expression was back quickly.

Kaia's reply was, "She went to the underworld," with a swipe of her braid over her shoulder. To get rid of the emotion she let slip? It almost looked like a nervous habit.

"Excuse me?"

She sighed, and muttered something about understanding. "Kenna will be back before you know she was ever gone."

And with that Kaia, turned and left me with a cold smile to remember for next time.

I stood where I had come in for a while, unsure whether I should step deeper into her territory. I almost would have expected her to come back and snap at me if I took a step. In the end, I leaned against the rock wall and waited. For a while I was tense but slowly relaxed.

It didn't take long -- or I didn't think so -- when Kenna showed, and it was a shock. "Oh holy -"

"Yes, I know. I'm beautiful, gorgeous, hot...actually literally with coming back from the underworld and all that, and what ever else you can come up to describe my beautiful self. But hands off big guy," it took seconds for her to scan me from head to toe, then she continued with a proud voice, "I have a mate of my own. You can't have me."

I just stood there for a moment, shocked and feeling like I got punched in the surprise. It took me a few more seconds than usual to take in Kenna. She was just so honest about herself that it was a shocker. In my coma state I remember hearing her voice and her persona just matched so perfectly. Tall, confident, with her shoulders pulled back, a red, thick mane of hair that almost reached the curve in her back, and eyes that dug out the secrets that were kept in your soul. Looking at her skin was a whole other thing. It radiated with energy.

After a long look, and with my attention unable to waver, Kenna cleared her voice with a raised eyebrow and delicately pursed lips.

My eye’s snapped to her's and she was giving me a quick once-over as well.

“Well? What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be doing the,” Kenna whispered the next part, with her hand curved to one side of her mouth with a sparkle in her eye, “you-know-what?”

I almost chocked on nothing. Gods she was so direct! My jaw definitely dropped, and I was hit full force by this woman. Kenna just couldn’t hold back.

“Kenna.” We both turned to see her mate.

“Oh, hey babe.” Their hands intertwined, and Calder gave her a sound kiss on the mouth. One that showed he missed her.

Then he continued, “Give the guy some room.”

Kenna had a wicked smile splayed across her face, and Calder gave her a look. “I felt that Kenna, and I promise you I will stop you from doing or saying any such thing.”

“but it’d be fun if -”

Calder stopped her by grabbing her chin and giving a quick kiss – unphased that I was standing right there.

Pulling back, Kenna replied, “Fine, you win...this time.” She had a promising smile on her lips.

With that promising smile they both shared a look between each other. It was quick but there. The look was one a long relationship would make, and I longed for that between Camira and I.

After the exchange amid the couple, Kenna gave me a soul-searching gaze and said, “Okay, what’s up.” It was like the whole exchange I experienced right in front of me was forgotten.

But the truth was in the little details. Calder and Kenna were still paying attention to each other. They couldn’t let go of one another for that matter. I considered that a good sign, because I also felt that Camira and I couldn’t stop touching each other or reacting when we felt the pull -- the mated bond. I was already feeling the pull to go back to her, too.

“I wanted to thank you.”

When I finally said it, and Kenna took it in, it almost seemed like she wanted to take a step back. For a moment she looked vulnerable; something very unlike herself I noticed.

"Why is that?"

"Well, for taking care of Camira while I was -"

"Being stubborn and not waking up?" There was the Kenna I knew.

"Um, yeah." I saw Calder smile, and I looked to him for help.

Calder saw the look, and addressed me for the first time. "It's alright. I felt the same way months ago. Welcome to the family."

When Calder finished, Kenna made a face and he smiled wider.

"What was that for?"

At this point I had no idea what was going on. Maybe they could understand each other through the mate bond?

"I win...again."

"Hmph...well, you can win now, but when it comes to the bed-" and then everything else Kenna wanted to say came out as a rambling blur, because Calder had quickly slapped his hand over her moving lips, and turned to smile at me.

When Kenna was finished Calder slowly removed his hand.

"And-I-touch-you-in-all-the-right-places-I-win." The line came out in one long word, Kenna afraid she would get his hand over her mouth again. But when we both heard it our eyes grew wide.

"Okay," Calder spoke sharply, and quickly. "The apology is accepted. I'm gonna go now...with my mate," pulling Kenna along, "and go scold her."

They disappeared quickly, and as they went I could hear both of their voices shoot back and forth at each other -- bouncing off the cave walls.

“Hey! I’m not a little girl.”

“Sometimes -”


A sigh.

“I’m not!”

“Hmph, sure.”






An amused chuckle.

Then there was a long pause.

“What are you thinking?”

“I’m thinking that you’re going to show me what you meant, when you said you were better in bed than I was.”

Another pause.

“Are you challenging me?”

Okay, at this point I think I’ve heard enough. Too much actually.

I left as quickly as they disappeared down the cave, ready to get back to Camira.

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