Catching the Wind: Book 2

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I was practically passed out when I heard the door open at the top of the stairwell. I instinctively thought of Dagon. Was it him? Or was it Zane? Fear shimmied its way to my heart again, and I was fully awake. If it was Zane, I needed to be aware. Aware of every thing. If it was Dagon on the other hand, I didn’t want to look dead. I mean I could already smell myself, but there was nothing I could do in that department.

As the silhouette of the satyr came closer I started to see the way he slouched. He was so tall that the concrete ceiling forced him to become smaller. Smaller than the magnificent size that showed his beauty. I couldn’t help myself, “Dagon.” His name just slipped out on a shaky breath.

The silhouette paused. Yes, it was Dagon. Excitement blossomed in my chest. He came to see me knowing the danger it could cause us both. I studied him again and watched as he shifted his weight.

“What’s wrong?” Something was off; how I could tell I didn’t know.

He started to slowly walk forward again, and the closer he got the more upset and confused he seemed. I didn’t like him like this. It almost scared me. Why would a strong man like Dagon look so defeated? As I looked at his aura it was a muted brown-tan color. Yes, he was unsure. Dagon was trying to decide on a life changing decision, and it looked like he needed me to help.

I wanted to help. I wanted to reassure myself that this decision was not life threatening. Dagon was closer now and I wanted to reach out. Instead I opted for speaking. “Dagon, what is it?”

He stopped in front of my stall and looked at me quizzically. “Why?”

I was confused, not understanding. I shook my head. “Why?”

He came so close to the cell door that his nose almost poked through. But I wasn’t afraid. I found myself thinking, I could never be afraid of a man like him.

“Why am I so attracted to you?” Dagon whispered and reached out to caress my cheek. We were at arms length and his touch brought me closer to the cell door.

I took in a breath as his warm hand found my cheek again, closer this time. I shook my head, “Are you -” I couldn’t say it. I couldn’t say what I wanted him to be. It was still to early. Plus Dagon may have no idea what it all meant.

“Am I...your mate?” Dagon finished, and I gasped feeling light headed all of the sudden. “Could I be?”

I had tears in my eyes again realizing what this all might mean. Just how much does Dagon really know about my race though?

“How do you know?” I asked, putting my hand over his that rested on my cheek.

ìI like to read about what kind of prisoners we have. I’ve seen a nymph in here before so...î He answered, still staring and talking in a hushed tone.

I took in a sharp breath trying to hold back the tears that just won’t stop coming today. Dagon noticed, and he rubbed his thumb along my cheekbone even though there were no tears. “You’ve been crying.”

No, I haven’t. I lifted my chin and warded off the unwanted tears. “No. I just -”

“Don’t lie. I can feel it.” He took my hand, and pushed it flat against his warm chest, “In here.” My fingers curled, not expecting the action.

I had to catch my breath all over again. It was still too soon to tell. Itís too early; we couldn’t be showing the signs of possible mates already. And then his warmth seeped through my fingers and a fuzzy warm feeling journeyed its way to my heart.

“My chest feels tight, and I haven’t cried that hard.” He looked down at my hand, “Does your chest feel tight, Camira?” his deep tone reaching my ears.

I started to shake my head, but Dagon gave me a look, and instead I started to nod ‘yes’. Yes, I’ve been crying, and I have no idea why he would care. Then I remembered; that’s another sign of potential mates. Why is this happening so soon though? That was probably the million dollar question right there.

Dagon looked down at my leg. “How is it?”

I looked down too, as if seeing it could give me the answer I needed. I had bent it at the knee and put most of my weight on my other leg. It still hurt like heck, but I didn’t want him to worry. Looking back up I saw concern fill his chocolate brown eyes. It made them shine when he was worried.

“It’s fine,” I lied.

He looked at me hard.

“No, you're in pain and should be sitting down right now. You’re lying again,” Dagon looked me straight in the eye, “I know you’re lying because my leg is throbbing right now, and it hurts like hell.”

I pulled away from him, stumbling. Because I couldn’t bear any weight on my broken leg, I fell down and cried out in pain. Dagon immediately grabbed for the key, but I stopped him.

“No, I’m okay.” I winced out.

“No, you're not.” Dagon grunted, and I met his eyes to see my pain reflecting in his.

“You can’t come in here. It was a mistake coming down. You’ll get in trouble.” I looked up again, away from my leg, and it felt like pins and needles had just entered and come out the other side of the bone. Tears brimmed my eyelashes.

I tried everything, but nothing worked. Dagon still reached for the keys that hung by the door at my end of the hallway. “I don’t care, you need my help.”

“No, Dagon.” Nothing was working and I needed my space. I didn’t want him to hear or see me scream in pain the way I wanted to right now. But he still came in.

“I’m here,” He said, kneeling down next to me.

Without even thinking I used him as a wall and grabbed onto his shirt tightly, releasing the pain through my grip instead of screaming. A loud whimper came from my lips, and Dagon gently pulled me against him.

“Shhh.” He soothed me as he started to sway and my upper body rocked with him back and forth.

“It hurts.” I cry into his shirt, still clutching on tight.

“I know, shhh...shhh.” Dagon continued to sooth me as I cried as silently as I could. A few times I let out a sob, but brought it back in with a sharp breath. I tensed up every few times that happened, because it echoed down here, and I thought someone would come running.

Soon enough I was able to calm my wild heartbeat, and gently pulled away from the support Dagon gave. I looked down at his stiff button up uniform, not ready to look into his eyes, and saw a very big wet spot. I took in another breath, “I’m so sorry.” Then I looked up into his eyes, and saw compassion. Ignoring that for the moment, I reached out for his shirt and wiped my hands across it, as if I could get rid of the wet splotch. I only rubbed it in more.

I laughed nervously and tears started to fill my eyes again. Oh my gods! Why could I not stop crying? It’s driving me crazy and probably annoying Dagon.

“Hey,” Dagon spoke softly, and lifted my chin so I could see his eyes. “No more tears. Its okay, I like being cried on every once in a while. It doesn’t make me feel so helpless.” He smiled, kind of, and it was cute the way he just tried to make a joke.

I smiled brokenly back at him, and he wiped away the standing tears that never rolled down my jawbone. All of the sudden a sense of weakness swept me up, and I fell against him again. I almost started hating this feeling of helplessness. I groaned under my breath in frustration.

Dagon laughed and I realized he probably heard me, or at least felt the vibration of my groan against his chest.

“Let me help you.” He said, and started to cradle me in his arms to move me. “You need rest.”

My eyes started to droop down, “No, I’m fine.” Even though I knew I had just spent the last of my energy crying, I didn’t want to seem weak.

Dagon stopped moving and looked me in the eyes, making me stare at him too.

“Let me help you, Camira.” He repeated with all seriousness in his tone, and the way he said my name, deep and promising, I couldn’t tell him ‘no’ again.

Seeing the resolve in my gaze, he started to softly move, and he set me down on the rough cushion of hay. He didn’t treat me like an animal though, like the hay suggested, but instead apologized.

“I’m sorry for the uncomfortable bed. It’s not much of one.” He even sounded upset that this was all I had.

That was the last breath I felt him brush against my cheek, before I passed out in exhaustion.

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