Catching the Wind: Book 2

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“Dagon,” I spoke with a raw throat, and brought my hands to his face. As I held onto his face, as if it were an anchor, I felt it.

Our bond was forming. The bond that only two mates could share. A bond that makes us both attuned to every feeling, every emotion. Something I’ve always dreamed about, and now it's here. My bond has formed with a satyr that would do anything to protect me. Anything to get me out of a bad situation.

Again I spoke, “Dagon, you’re -”

“Shhh,” He responded, but his eyes gave away what he knew. “You need to rest. You’ve been out for about a day.”

“How do you know?”

Dagon glanced away, all of the sudden to shy to speak. When he did speak it was with the loss of confidence. “I-I heard you,” then he looked me in the eyes again, “Camira, I heard you hum through the vents as they patched up my back.” Dagon spoke it so softly, I had to watch his lips move, listening to the deep rumble of his declaration.

I took another breath into my weak lungs, and watched Dagon as he ever so tenderly brushed a piece of hair off my cheek. As the back of his fingers stroked my cheekbone gently, another wave of energy washed through me. My eyes became wide with more awareness.

“I need -” I cut myself off from asking Dagon for what I needed him to do, and he gave me a questioning look.

“What do you need, Camira.” He shifted his weight and my sore back rubbed against the hay.

I softly moaned, trying to hide my discomfort, feeling stiff.

All of the sudden Dagon became oversensitive, “What? What’s wrong?” He looked me over as if he could see the injury, but he couldn’t. “Camira, tell my what I can do.”

I took in another couple breaths to make my muscles in my back relax. “I need you.” Then my voice cut off again. My larynx was becoming too weak to keep talking. I licked my lips, and I guess Dagon got my hint. Not that it was a hint in the first place; I was just trying to voice my need again.

“Oh,” Dagon responded, looking down at my moistened lips.

Then I found my voice again, “Yeah,” I didn’t know how to respond to his surprise. Was it surprise though? I couldn’t tell, because he knew I was his mate and I think he knew what that meant.

“Do you ñ do you know -”I was trying to ask if he knew what it meant. Being my mate, and what it entitled, but Dagon just kept inching closer. His lips now hovered over mine.

“Yes, I know what that means.” He finished with a smirk before his lips came crashing down onto mine. His soft, sexy lips that glided along mine with a curiosity that captivated the deepest part of my soul. Soon after the shock of Dagon knowing what I needed passed, I kissed him back and a warm tingly feeling spread across my back. I was beginning to heal.

Dagon pulled his hands away long enough to find the warm area under my crop top next to my breast. His hands shifted ever so slightly, and my eyes closed as I felt energy. An energy I’ve longed for, ever since they put me in here.

“So beautiful,” I heard his deep voice whisper along my collarbone, and he kissed me where I felt it most. As he kissed quickly and softly above my pulse, it was like he knew all the right ways to arouse me.

I began to get that flutter like feeling in the pit of my stomach and Dagon’s name slipped out on a breathless whisper. He pulled back to look into my eyes. As the seconds passed, I pulled him into another kiss, wrapping my legs around his abdomen. As my strength increased we were able to explore our likes and dislikes. I loved it when he kissed my fast pulse, and he groaned when I nipped at his chin.

Soon Dagon moaned in pain and discomfort, pulling away. He was breathing hard, and I became aware all of the sudden that I might have done something.

As if feeling my emotions Dagon answered with a shake of his head, “It’s not you.” He kissed me gently on the lips and sat up, pulling me with him.

“What’s wrong then?” I asked, straddling his lap as he pushed himself against the wall for support.

As he answered I rested my hands softly on his shoulders. “It’s my back, I’m sorry.”

Kissing him on the jaw I responded, “It’s okay.”

Dagon rested his head against the wall and closed his eyes. “No, its not,” he breathed out.

Knowing where this was going, I responded softly but with confidence that Dagon somehow lacked, “it wasn’t your fault, Dagon.”

He opened his eyes, and I could feel his indecision. “Camira,” then he took in a deep breath that seemed to hold all the worry in the world.

“Dagon, what’s wrong?”

“You,” Dagon responded, and smiled almost sadly.

I pulled back from him and looked him in the eye. “Me?” I asked, my voice cracking. Then I started to feel this heavy weight settle on my heart.

I’ve heard that once a nymph found her mate, but he never fell in love with her. She was alone for the rest of her life. Was this happening to me? That one nymph out of a million that finds her mate, but it never works out? All of the sudden my eyes began to water.

“Whoa, whao, whao. What did I say? Camira, what happened?” Dagon’s eyes melted and he wiped at my damp eyelashes.

“Me, what’s wrong with me?”

“Nothing’s wrong with you,” his voice got high with concern. “I haven’t even said anything, and it's like I’ve already broken your heart.” Dagon’s broken, worried expression searched my face.

I took in deep breaths and finally saw Dagon. Finally saw what his expression was saying.

“You, Camira are the one who brought me out of a dark place.” Dagon spoke like he was cut off, and was unable to finish what he started to say in the first place.

“What do you mean?” I asked, now taking uneven breaths after my unnecessary weeping.

“Well,” Dagon started, and then looked over my shoulder. “I’ve been living with these negative thoughts running through my head for many years.” Then he looked back at me as if to emphasize what came next. “Negative thoughts about life.”

Oh no, no I could never believe this. My eyes became watery again from the thought of losing my mate before I got to know him – or losing him at all. I placed a hand around his neck and one on his cheek, feeling the need to know he was right here with me.

“I lost two brothers when they were young, only forty.” Dagon’s eyes glossed over with the reminisce of his brothers.

And yes, satyrs age differently than other species. Every species ages differently for that matter. Vampires living the longest. Next the weres, then the nymphs and satyrs, witches, and lastly fae – beings that can read your thoughts and emotions.

Dagon continued, “It’s never been the same of course. Two brothers never strong enough to live the life of a satyr. My father was never a help to my pain, so it stayed and my thoughts became dark.” Then he finally found my eyes again, “It’s only when I found you that I started to think differently. I know it sounds bad, but I started to depend on your existence.” Dagon looked apologetic then.

“Dagon, its not your fault.” I told him with all sincerity, and I meant it. I meant what happened to his back and what happened to his poor brothers.

I saw the look in his eyes and knew he didn’t quite believe me. I rested my forehead on his and closed my eyes. “Dagon, okay? It wasn’t your fault.”

He nodded against my head, and I felt my blonde hair tickle his cheek. Dagon pulled away and started to gently set me aside to get up. “I should go,” He said without making eye contact.

“What? No, stay please.” My voice cracked a little, afraid I had done something. I didn’t scare him off, right? Oh gods!

Dagon turned around to face me one last time, and reassured me, “It's not you,” and then left without another word. The dreadful sound of the lock clicked into place after him.

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