No Such Luck

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Chapter 9 - Just make

*Warning - Mature Chapter*


There had been a few moments in my life when I felt like I had the potential to rule the world. Maybe it was my ego or just wishful thinking. But either way, adding to that list always caused a certain high to run through my veins.

As I eased my body into Eliza's I wondered if anything had ever felt better. My mind went blank and I couldn't think of anything except for the woman that was bound and begging for me.

Please, Mr. Bolthouse

I had every intention to commit the entire day to my memory but those three words could never leave my brain. And the way her voice sounded when she begged for me was almost too sinful. Almost.

She had perfectly milky skin that felt so soft underneath the palm of my hand as I navigated my way over every inch of her. I didn't say a word before slapping her ass. She tensed and when I slapped the other side, she threw her head back.

Eliza reacted to me exactly how I had hoped she would. She didn't seem shocked by any of it, if anything her eyes grew more interested the more it went on. I kneaded the soft flesh of her ass, which was sheer perfection by the way. Everything about Eliza's body was perfect, even her belly button was cute.

I had a horrible habit of picking apart every woman that I'd ever been close with. I hated that I did it, but I couldn't seem to stop. The fact that I couldn't find one thing about Eliza to dislike wasn't lost on me. She was intriguing as hell and I constantly found myself wanting to know more.

"Oh, God."
She moaned and snaked my hand between her legs. Even her voice was attractive to me.

I looked up and noticed that her hands were turning red. I had no desire for her to be uncomfortable. The kind of pain I wanted her to have was the kind that came along with pleasure. I reluctantly let go of her body and untied my shirt from around her thin wrists and rubbed the marks slowly.

"I'm sorry, I didn't realize it was hurting you."
I bent down and whispered in her ear.

"I didn't even realize that it was."
She said as she turned her head slightly. She looked into my eyes and smiled. I didn't know if any woman had ever smiled at me while I'd been inside of them. It somehow made sex more intimate. It made it feel pure if that were even possible. I flipped her body over without breaking eye contact and she wrapped her arms around my back as I eased into her. She closed her eyes for just a second, a little longer than a blink and I watched her pupils as they dilated.

Once again, I was enamored with her. And I didn't think it was because she was consciously doing things to attract me. She was just being her true self and I was sort of hooked.

Her lips parted and my eyes zeroed in on her mouth. I couldn't stop myself from kissing her. She moaned into the kiss and I felt her body pulsate around mine.

Kissing did it for her?


I could kiss the hell out of her if that was what she wanted. Her legs wrapped around my back, forcing me deeper and I felt myself moan.

I bit her lips and she moaned more so I kept going. I kept pressing my luck and she seemed to like all of it. I rolled her right nipple between my fingers while I kissed her hard and I felt her legs begin to shake. Her body throbbed around mine, she arched toward me and stopped kissing me back all at the same time. I took it as an opportunity to watch her as she came and I was not disappointed.

Her head was turned to the side and I admired her profile for a second before focusing on her mouth again. Then I noticed the way she was clinging to the couch cushions, her knuckles were white from the strain she was putting on them. She stopped trembling and I grabbed both of her hands in mine and brushed my lips across them. She looked up at me, smiled again and for possibly the first time in my life some type of warmth trickled into my heart.

It wasn't that I was a cold-hearted person. I was just especially good at compartmentalizing things.

That's how I preferred it.

I had too many things going on in my life to add something else. I couldn't let any new feelings interfere with what we were doing. Because quite frankly, I didn't have time for things like feelings.

I wrapped my hand tightly around both of Eliza's wrists and yanked her body toward mine as I sat on the couch. I slapped my palms against her ass cheeks as she straddled me, her head fell forward and she exhaled.

"I knew you'd like it."
I told her as I carefully studied her face. God, she was beautiful. Why the hell was she single?

Didn't matter.

I grabbed her hips and lifted her enough to line up our bodies before pulled her down hard.

She gasped, her head fell back and her long hair tickled the part of my legs that it touched and it felt so good.

I shook my head. I needed a change it up, it was headed in a different direction than I anticipated.

I stopped moving and Eliza lifted her head.

"What's wrong?"

Nothing was wrong. Not one thing. And I needed at least one thing to be wrong.

"It's your turn. Show me what you've got, E."
I gave her my best devious smile and she returned it with her shy one.

She ran her small hand up my forearm and settled onto my bicep. She squeezed it as she arched her back which practically put her boobs in my face. Not that I was complaining. I closed my eyes when I felt her other hand thread through my hair. She massaged and scratched my scalp and just when I was putty in her hands she yanked my head back with more strength than I thought she had. I opened my eyes to find her grinning at me and I couldn't help but grin back.

Even though it was one more interesting thing to add to the list of all things Eliza, it was something that I could work with. I could use her wild side as a buffer to the rest of her. If I could focus on that and only that this could work.

She moved her hips back and forth while I wrapped my hands around her waist and squeezed her tight.

There might've been a list a mile long of things that I liked about her.

But my number one reason had just changed.

Eliza liked to have fun.

And her and I together?

We were going to have a lot of fucking fun.
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