No Such Luck

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Chapter 10 - It good


Working at Bolthouse definitely had its perks.

There was an immaculate coffee bar that was free to all employees. It caused me to have to pay visits to my favorite barista on the weekends to add to his backpacking fund because I couldn't beat free weekday coffee.

There were also the catered lunches and not to mention the pay was outstanding.

But not one of them compared to the way Brady always found a reason to be in the same room as me. He managed to follow me to the empty copy room and corner me there so we could make out as he fingered me. Then the next week he pushed me down under his desk so I could give him a blow job before the Monday meeting. I think he found it exciting to be surrounded by people who could catch us at any time. I know I did.

"Eliza, helllloooo."
Ali waved her hand in front of my face and I directed my attention back to her. I had spaced out too many times thinking about all the things Brady and I had done.

I told her as I cleared my throat and continued putting the groceries away in our kitchen.

"You were thinking about your boss weren't you?"


She laughed and I decided that conversation was better left alone. Ali knew a little but I just couldn't tell her all of it. I was trying to be less reckless which ended up causing me to become more reckless than ever. It wasn't that we were breaking any rules per se. But I knew deep down that we were playing with fire, and I had no desire to be burned again.

"What time is your date?"
I asked, crossing my fingers that she would ignore my obvious subject change.

"I'm meeting him at 7, so about thirty minutes before you go to bed."

We both laughed but I was looking forward to turning in early. All I wanted to do was curl up on the couch with a big bowl of cereal, watch Netflix then go to bed.

"You got the rest of this? I should probably go get ready."

"Of course, go ahead."

Ali headed to her room and I finished putting everything away. I was just closing the refrigerator when my cell phone vibrated on the counter.


"E, I'm coming over."
Brady had three tones. A playful one, one that I couldn't and didn't want to argue with, and a bossy one. The boss tone is what I called it in my head.


"I'm coming over."
He repeated, the boss tone in full effect.

"You don't know where I live."

"Yes, I do."

I looked down at my sweatpants and tank top. I had no desire to change so I wasn't going to.

"I don't really want to go anywhere tonight."

"I don't either."

That was his playful tone and I couldn't help but laugh.

"See you in a few."
He said before hanging up.

Ali emerged from her room and I tried to act as naturally as possible. I didn't want to tell her that my boss was on his way over. Not because I was scared to know what she thought about it but I was scared to admit how I felt about it myself.

"You look great."
I told her and she grabbed her purse off of the entryway table.

"Thanks, don't have too much fun."
She winked before shoving her keys into her bag and heading out the door.

Did she know?

No, she couldn't have.

I shook my head and caught my reflection in the mirror above the couch.

My hair was in a massive bun on top of my head, little strands of hair have fallen out throughout the day. I had no makeup on and was practically wearing pajamas meanwhile the most attractive man that id ever seen was about to walk into my apartment.

Just when I was seriously considering at least brushing my hair, he knocked on the door. I smoothed my palms over my tank top and walked to answer it.

I took a deep breath and opened the door as I reminded myself that it was no big deal.

Brady stood on the other side holding a pizza box and wearing black joggers, a white t-shirt, and that damn hat that he loved to turn backward. It was like he knew that a backward hat made his hotness spike off of the charts.

I told him after I cleared my throat and stepped to the side to let him in.

"Hey. All alone?"
He asked as he looked around.

Brady knew that I had a roommate but he'd never been in my apartment and I was suddenly very self-conscious about that. It was a nice place but id bet wherever he lived was immaculate and I felt like my modest two-bedroom was closing in on me.

He walked right through the living room and into the kitchen as if he'd done it a thousand times before.

"Have you eaten?"
He asked and I shook my head.

"I was just going to have a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch."

"How about a Margarita Pizza instead?"
He arched a brow. He knew that was my favorite pizza, it was the one that I always reached for at lunch at the office when we'd have pizza and I pushed away from the thought that maybe that's why he picked it up.

"It'll do."
I teased as I reached up to the top cabinet to grab two plates.

I felt his body heat right behind me the second my heels hit the floor. I set the plates down on the counter and his big hands wrapped around my hips.

"Those pants make your ass look better than usual. And that's really saying something."

I giggled as he rubbed his scuff on the back of my neck before pushing him away.

"Focus, Brady."

Calling him Brady felt weird. But if I called him anything else while we were alone, I knew exactly what would happen. And while I was more than okay with that happening, I was always hungry.

He smiled and turned around, placing two slices of pizza on a plate and handing it to me before doing the same with his own.

I asked and he nodded.

We settled in on the couch and I turned on Bridgerton as Brady groaned.

But two more slices of pizza each and three episodes later, he was hooked.

"Damn, I'm glad I didn't live back then."
He said as he stretched his long body out on the couch. He tried to tug me down beside him but I sat still.

"Why is that?"

"It all just seems so boring."
He shrugged, not giving me much but I had a pretty good idea of what he was getting at.

"I don't know, I think I would've liked it. People actually had to talk to one another. You couldn't just like a photo or send a snarky text. People had to put in an effort and communicate with each other and usually in writing. It seems so much more. . . Genuine, in some way."

Brady raised his eyebrows and sighed heavily.

"You're right, E. But you're leaving out one very important detail."

"Which one is that?"
I asked as he successfully pulled me down to lay next to him.

He buried his face in my hair and took a deep breath before answering.

"They hardly ever showered. I like you this way, genuine as hell and you smell amazing."

I laughed. Brady was sweet in an odd way that I hadn't expected.

"That's true."

I turned over and he wrapped one long arm around my stomach and pulled my back as close to his front as it could get. I wanted to ask him what in the hell we were doing. We goofed around a lot and fooled around even more. Just as I had almost worked up the courage to turn my thoughts into a sentence I felt his lips press against my neck and his hands wander.

"Where's your bedroom, Eliza?"

His tone had changed from playful into one that I had grown to truly appreciate. The one that I couldn't and didn't want to argue with.

"Down the hall, second door on the left."

Brady wrapped his arms around me again and lifted me off of the couch effortlessly. Once we were standing he bent down and lifted me over his shoulder then proceeded to carry me down the hall and I giggled until he threw me on my bed.

This tone had a look that matched it. His gray eyes felt like they were burning straight through me and I wanted to let them.

So I did the only thing that I could.

I let myself go up in flames.
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