No Such Luck

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Chapter 13 - Please don’t

Warning: Mature chapter


I watched the clock as it changed. I stood up from my chair, buttoned up one button on my jacket, and walked out of my office as calmly as I could manage.

But on the inside?

On the inside, I was on fire. Molten lava coated my veins and I needed it out. I needed to slide into Eliza and elevate this heat she created.

And a part of me, a large part, wanted to punish her. She was deliberately avoiding me and feeling guilty about something as dumb as drunk dialing me. And both things pissed me off. Eliza had so much pure goodness inside of her that it begged to be dirtied up a bit. I needed it, she needed it, and we were both going to get it.

I entered the conference room, fully expecting to see an overly obedient Eliza ready and waiting. But I was greeted by no one. I pulled a chair out and sat down after adjusting my jacket. Five minutes passed by before the door flew up. Eliza's eyes landed on mine and the fire inside of me felt like it doubled in intensity from her face alone.

"Sorry, I was finishing up a call."
She stood by the door and I watched her chest rise and fall. After all that I had done to her, she was still nervous. The thought flipped something inside my chest. I wanted to deny it and grab onto it all at once.

"Lock the door."
I tried to keep my tone neutral but damn, it was hard.

She didn't even hesitate, her slim fingers moved around the lock, it clicked, and I felt like I was able to breathe for the first time in a week. Something about the world spun a little smoother when I knew she was going to let me touch her.

"Come here, Eliza."
I pushed myself away from the table but stayed seated in the chair. She walked toward me, her fists in tight balls at her sides, her flowy dress mesmerizing me with every step.

She stopped when she got next to me and I slid my hand up the back of her thigh until I made it to her bare ass cheeks. Eliza was a thong girl. She always wore them and I let my hand explore as I watched her facial expressions carefully. I rubbed her hip where the small scrap of material normally sat and groaned when I was met with more bare skin.

No underwear, just like I told her.

"You're such a good listener."
I told her as I slid two fingers between her legs from behind. She whimpered and I opened my eyes. I hadn't even realized I'd closed them. Eliza's we're closed too and she rested one hand on my shoulder.

"What if someone needs this room? What if they knock?"
She breathed.

"Mmmm yes. What if?"
I loved that she was thinking about that. And I loved that I knew it was a game to her. The thrill turned her on and that turned me inside out.

"It wouldn't be hard to put together, you and I alone in a locked room."
She sucked in a breath as I eased two fingers inside of her.

"That doesn't matter. I'm the boss, baby. Remember?"

She nodded but we both knew that wasn't the right answer.

I pulled my fingers out of her and smacked her bare ass hard enough to leave a mark but not nearly as hard as I wanted to.

Eliza's eyes flew open and met mine.


"I-I don't even remember what the question was."
Her cheeks were flushed, I used the same two fingers that were just inside of her to stroke the color, leaving a wet sheen across her face.

"Think, Eliza."
I suggested but she only shook her head.

She really couldn't recall.

I pushed her body down across my lap and gave her ass another slap. This time on the other cheek and twice as hard as the first.

Her gasp filled the room and spoke straight to my dick. I had been hard since she first walked into my office exactly sixty-eight minutes ago but having her body lying over my lap and seeing how red her skin was turning for me took everything to another level.

I kneaded each cheek, taking some of the sting away as I waited for her answer.

"Yes, Mr. Bolthouse."
She whispered but it might as well have been a scream. I groaned as I slid one finger down her seam. I moved my fingers in a circular motion, Eliza wiggled her ass trying to gain friction from anywhere she could but she had to wait. Her legs were spread wide so I now had access to every part. I pulled away only to slap her center this time instead of her ass.

On another gasp, Eliza's head jerked backward. I caught her neck in my hand and squeezed.

A perfect example of why I believed that what we were doing was designed for us. I knew what she needed, I knew how to give it to her and she wanted to give in to me to get herself there.

I pushed two fingers back inside of her and she came instantly. Her choked moans barely passed through her constricted throat and based on the way her body clamped down around my fingers, she came harder than I'd ever felt her come before.

I slowly removed my fingers and pushed her back onto her knees with the hand that was still around her neck. She opened her eyes and I brought my fingers up to her mouth, tracing her lips before pushing further.

It felt a little like torture to me as I watched Eliza lick herself off of my fingers. I was prolonging what I was dying for to fulfill something else inside of me and inside of her. The second she released my fingers, I released her throat and pressed my mouth to hers.

The entire past week I'd been irritated and distracted. I thought it was because I needed to get laid, I needed to get off and I'd be fine. But as I slid my tongue across Eliza's bottom lip and tasted her there, I knew that wasn't necessarily true.

I needed Eliza.

I needed to touch her.

To kiss her.

To make her come.

I had only managed to leak some precum and even though I was far from satisfied I felt normal again. I didn't want to punch anyone or yell. I only wanted to bury myself inside this woman that was kneeling in front of me and I wanted it immediately.

I reached for my belt as I deepened the kiss. Eliza stood and by the time she was lifting one leg to straddle me, I had my pants down enough to practically impale her.

I said as she adjusted herself on top of me.

"Are not."
She smiled and I rested my head on the back of the chair.

"No more avoiding me, E. I'll end up firing half of this building."
I joked, mostly.

I expected her to laugh a little at least but she only gave a half-assed smile.

I didn't want to make her agree. That part of the show was over. In this part, we were just us so it worried me that she hadn't exactly responded.

"Do you think it's okay? That we're like that, I mean?"

"Like what?"
I asked as massaged her thighs that I knew had to be burning.

"Well, that we're. . . Affected by each other absences."

Affected by each other's absences, huh?

"I think we write the rules. If we draw a line, neither of us cross it. And if either of us is uncomfortable, we stop."
I shrugged because to me, it really was that simple.

Eliza bit her bottom lip so I tugged it from between her teeth.

I grabbed her hips and bucked my body into hers.

"Are you uncomfortable now? You can tell me."
I teased and she let her head fall forward.

"No, I'm not uncomfortable."
Her words brushed against my neck and I would be been lying if I said I didn't have to stop myself from coming right then.


I held her up a little and within seconds we were both close.

"Gotta be quiet."
I panted against her mouth.

"You know I can't."

I knew she couldn't.

She smiled and it was so far on the right side of bliss that it should've caught me off guard.

But I didn't have time for that. I covered her mouth with mine and caught every moan that she had for me then I gave her some of my own.

There was only one way to describe what I felt but I knew the description wasn't the problem. It was the line. The one that technically neither of us had drawn but it was somehow still very clear.

And I had both of my toes up to, waiting for her to shove me back.
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