No Such Luck

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Chapter 8 - Hurt me

Hello, and welcome to the shit show. This is the first mature chapter of many and I sometimes forget to put a disclaimer ;)

Love y'all!


With Brady's hand gripped around my neck everything suddenly intensified. His tongue dipped into my mouth and I tried to inhale. He loosened his hold on me and tugged me onto his lap.

His hands instantly slipped under my sundress and the thin shorts that I was wearing.

"No underwear?"
He asked as he pulled back.

I shook my head and he smirked before he slid his fingers back up my body and through my hair, tugging at the roots again.

God, it felt good.

My skin was covered in goosebumps and before I could form another clear thought he flipped us over, he laid me flat on my back and I opened my legs to make room for him. He stared down at my body as he ran his big hands over the inside of my thighs and I tried not to squirm.

"Sit up."
He instructed and I automatically did what he said.

Brady's hands wrapped around the hem of my dress and I half expect him to rip it right off of my body. But instead, he hesitated.

"Is this okay?"
He asked as he twisted the material in his fists. He looked as if he was about to lose it and I couldn't help but what him to.

I breathed. My dress was over my head and on the floor the second the word left my mouth.

I laid flat on my back again and tried to keep still as Brady's hands explored my upper body. He slipped his hand behind my back and I arched a little to help him out. He unhooked my bra and I slid the straps off of my shoulders before he grabbed it and threw it next to my dress.

I sighed at the feeling of being free of that torture device and Brady grinned down at me.

"Feel good?"
He asked as he lightly ran his fingertips over my skin and I nodded.

"Want to feel even better?"
He slid his fingers from my belly button up to the base of my neck before wrapping his hand around me there again.

Other than some tame hair tugging no one had ever done anything that felt like what Brady had done to me. And he'd barely touched me. But I wanted more and I wanted him to want to do more.

"Yes, please."
I whispered and I watched his Adam's apple as he swallowed hard.

"I want to do things to you, Eliza. And I think you're going to like them. Do you want that?"

I didn't need to consider. I already knew that I would like those things. I'd always known that about myself I just never felt comfortable asking that of someone else who didn't have the same interests. But Brady was offering and I was going to take him up on it and fully participate.

"Yes, Mr. Bolthouse."
My voice came out a lot more sure than I expected and if my choice of words shocked him, he played it off well.

He squeezed his hand around my neck and pulled my body up to meet his. His mouth crashed into mine and he kissed me with an amount of force that was bruising. My head was already spinning and it had nothing to do with lack of oxygen. It was all him. Everything about him overwhelmed me in the best possible way. He loosened his grip just as I needed to take a deep breath as if he already knew my body. I shimmied out of my shorts which left me naked while he was still fully clothed. I ran my hand under his shirt and tugged at the material. He took the hint and disconnected from the kiss and quickly took his clothes off. I barely had time to look at his body which really was a crime. I could see the ridges in his abdomen and the thickness of the muscles in his thighs before he climbed back on top of me. His erection pressed into my stomach and I tried to scoot up to get closer.

"Be still, Eliza."
He said and my body instantly stopped moving.

He kissed my face and my neck before making his way to my chest. He spent so much time on each nipple that my body felt like a live wire. Just when I thought he was done I felt both of his hands leave my rib cage and roughly grab my right breast, he squeezed it the same way he squeezed my throat, and my back arched at the sensation. He stayed that way for a while, squeezing and releasing but each squeeze was harder than the last then he moved onto my nipples. He tweaked them, pinched them between his fingers, then finally when I thought that I couldn't take anymore he lapped them with his tongue over and over until I was withering underneath him. None of it was too much, it was just enough for me and I didn't understand how he knew my limits better than I did. After he was done he kissed each breast and continued his way down my stomach. When I felt his tongue in my belly button, it tickled and my hands flew to his head.

"I said be still."
He said as he sat up.

He searched the floor until he found his shirt and I watched as he picked it up.

Brady silently grabbed my wrists and held them above my head. I tilted my head back to see exactly what he was doing. He twisted his shirt until it was skinny enough to loop around the leg of the end table then he tied the ends of it around my wrists tightly.

"If at any point you want me to stop, just tell me and I will."
He searched my eyes and I nodded.

"Now, be a good girl."
He whispered into my ear and my initial reaction was to squirm but I fought against it. Instead, I nodded again and closed my eyes.

He licked my belly button once more before settling between my legs. It couldn't have been a comfortable position for him with our body's on one couch but I wasn't in a position to question him.

He put his hands on my knees and pushed down, opening my body up. I'd never been more exposed in my life and I was suddenly aware of the well-lit room we were in.

Brady groaned and slid both of his big hands under my butt, effectively lifting my bottom half off of the couch. His head disappeared between my legs and I let myself go. I'd never, not once wanted someone in the ways that I wanted him. And if he wanted me too then why the hell not?

I'd messed up many times. I'd tried to make myself into someone that I wasn't but I was done with that. This was who I was and who I wanted to be.

I tightened my legs around Brady's head and he groaned as he pushed them apart again.

I liked the fight over control but I liked being controlled even more.

And My God, Brady was great a being in control.

He pressed his big hands onto my inner thighs and held me down. With my hands tied above my head and my bottom half being pushed into the couch, I was immobile.

"You're going to come for me, Eliza."
His voice was so gravely that I probably could've come from that alone, but when he shoved two fingers deep inside of me as he worked my body with his tongue, I exploded. Spontaneously combusted into what felt like a million tiny pieces. My vision went all spotty and my toes tingled in a way that I'd never felt.

I opened my eyes and Brady stuck his fingers into his mouth. The same fingers that were inside me only seconds ago.

Oh, My God.

"You taste just as sweet as I expected."
He said shamelessly as he kept his eyes on mine.

"Can you untie me now?"
I wanted to touch him. My fingers ached to feel his broad chest and shoulders.

He bent down so that his face was level with mine as he brought his hands up to where mine were tied.

He smiled, a second passed before I felt his big hands grip my hips and he effortlessly flipped me over. He pulled me up on my knees and tugged me closer to the edge of the couch. I looked down and could see that he hand one foot securely on the ground and the other one propped up on the couch.

He held onto me with one hand while he grabbed his pants with the other. I could hear him ripping into the condom wrapper with his teeth and that's when reality hit me.

I was about to have sex with my boss.

My boss that just had his entire face buried between my legs.

I knew it was unethical but the problem was that I couldn't bring myself to care.

"I want to hear you say it, Eliza."

He ground out and I wondered if he was thinking the same things that I was.

And if he was, I wanted him to know that I was fine. That we would be fine.

"I want you, Mr. Bolthouse. Please."

I whispered the words that would be my downfall to the man that would beg me to bring him with me and I couldn't lie.

I felt damn good doing it.
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