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|Spin off - Amaris/Caleb/Torn - can be read as a stand-alone| Addison Knight felt like she lived her life in the shadow of her brother. She was treated equally by her parents and her pack, the feelings started when a broken boy turned up at her pack. She wanted him to notice her but he only had eyes for her brother. So, she put her feelings aside and became what he needed... He was her anchor and she was his best friend. She always thought meeting your mate was magical. She had grown up watching her parents fall in love every day and she wanted that. She was looking forward to meeting her mate. When she meets him she didn't expect to have to choose between her pack and his. He was insecure and jealous... Jealous of her bond with Caleb. Stuck between her head and her heart, Addison puts her mate first and leaves. But at what cost? Her wolf is dangerous and without Caleb, she was a threat.

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

|double trouble|

Do you know what the worst part of being a twin is?

Having to share everything. It’s not so bad now we’re older, but the one thing I thought my mum wouldn't make us share was our party. I turn sixteen in a few weeks. I wanted to have a big party with my friends. My mum and dad are expecting me to share it with Dominic, my brother.

“Why do we have to have a joint birthday party?” I snapped.

“Because you do.” Mum rolled her eyes. She was edging towards her bedroom; she was trying to get out of this conversation.

I huffed, resting my hand on my hip. “Why can’t we have the parties on different days?” I questioned. We have different friends, and we like different things. A party together doesn’t sound that entertaining at all.

“Addison, that’s enough.” My dad scolded as he exited the bathroom. I saw mum stare at him; I swear I saw some drool coming from her mouth, and I wanted to vomit.

“But Dad,” I whined. I can normally wrap my dad around my little finger. Give him the puppy eyes, and he caves every time... Just, not this time. He shook his head and went into their room. I groaned and rolled my eyes.

“Mum, I’m going over to Uncle Alex’s house tomorrow... Is that ok?” Dom asked, poking his head around his bedroom door. Mum looked over her shoulder, “Yeah, sure.” She answered.

Why isn’t he bothered about having to share his party? I bet he’s excited for all the girls that will be there... Although he’s never actually shown any interest in anyone, I know he likes the attention. He laps it up like a little lap dog; I chuckled to myself.

I love him, really. He’s definitely my best friend; I like having some space away from him sometimes. I spent 6 months cooped up in a small space with him when mum was pregnant with us... I deserve this space and party apart.

“Mum, can we-?” She cut me off by glaring at me. Mum’s glare is terrifying.

She’s a Dark Wolf, so she’s got a menacing glare when she wants to. A Dark Wolf is special... There is only her and my Uncle Alex that are Dark Wolves. Dad doesn’t count because he wasn’t originally a Dark Wolf, but he does look pretty awesome when his eyes go red.

Mum is impressive... She has special abilities because of her wolf. She can bring up a protective barrier around herself and whoever is next to her; Uncle Alex can do that too, but he only has one. She has healing power, and she can scream and destroy things that are close to her. I’ve never seen her use that power, and I don’t think she does very often, if not at all.

Dark Wolves were created by our Moon Goddess because there was a great threat that needed to be stopped. Mum hasn’t said much about what happened, but I do know she had a rough life. She and my Uncle Alex defeated the bad guy, and we have nothing to worry about anymore.

Dominic and I could be Dark Wolves because of mum, or there’s a chance we could transform into one if there is another threat. I don’t understand it much, but I guess if it happened, mum would explain more.

“You and your brother will be having a joint birthday party. I don’t want to hear anything more on the matter.” She deadpanned before trudging off to her bedroom. I huffed and slammed my bedroom door... I’ll try again tomorrow.

I flopped down on my bed, groaning. I’m not giving up on the separate parties... I should be allowed to do this. I gathered the things for my school bag. We have a few more days at school, and then we break off. My bedroom door swung open as I reached for my bag.

I moved towards the door and peered into the hallway. “You two, stay in the house. Don’t leave... Cory will be here any minute.” Dad ordered before sprinting off down the stairs.

I stood there, rooted to the spot. Nothing ever happens in this pack that causes my parents to dash out of the house on a night. It doesn’t make sense...

“We’ll be ok, kids. If you need either of us-” I ran towards her with Dom close behind me. We wrapped our arms around her and squeezed. “We’ll link you,” we replied. She sighed and rested her head between ours. “Stay safe; we love you.” We added.

Mum kissed each of our heads before she darted down the stairs. We followed and stood at the bottom of the stairs watching as mum was greeted dad’s wolf. Dad's wolf has grey fur with crimson patches over his body. His eyes are fiery red.

Dark Wolves have red eyes... Dad’s speed and strength increased, and his eyes changed to red when he marked mum. Mum’s wolf has black fur with red on each ear tip and her tail. She also had red eyes. Uncle Alex’s wolf is exactly like mum’s, same size and colour. They think Dom and I are also going to share that too... The same colour wolf.

Dom stepped towards the door and closed it. “What do you think has happened?” I whispered, “do you think they’ll be in danger?” I muttered.

Dom turned to me, shaking his head. “Mum has her abilities, remember?” He sighed. “They will be fine,” he reassured me.

He came back towards me and wrapped his arms around me. I sighed, leaning into his embrace. “I’ll make you a hot chocolate while we wait for Cory.” He mumbled as he led me into the kitchen.

Cory is our older brother. Mum and dad adopted him when he was sixteen. I wouldn’t have known any different if some stupid kid at school told me he couldn’t be my brother because he doesn’t look like any of us. I was heartbroken all day at school; I was only ten. After school, they sat us down and told us. It doesn’t make any difference to me. Blood or not... He’s my brother.

“Addi! Dom!” Cory shouted.

“In the kitchen, Cory,” Dominic shouted.

He rushed into the kitchen and sighed. “I’m sorry it took so long,” he groaned. I chuckled as he tried to catch his breath. “For a warrior... You are pretty unfit,” I smirked, holding my mug to my face.

“Rude, Addison.” He glared playfully. I chuckled and grinned at him.

“Any news yet?” Dom asked as he sat at the table. Cory shook his head and sat down. “No, but if it was anything serious... All the warriors would have been called. Uncle Alex only wanted your mum and dad.” He explained.

I breathed out in relief. Dad is Uncle Alex’s anchor; he can calm his wolf down. They think because they are twins, they share a connection with one wolf... Dad is mum’s mate and Uncle Alex’s anchor. So, if Dom and I were Dark Wolves, we could share a connection with one wolf.

Cory’s eyes went glassy. I watched him until he’d finished his mindlink. “Right, everything is fine. Lucas just linked me, and they’re on their way back to the pack.” He smiled. “Are you going to meet them?” I questioned.

His brows furrowed, and he shook his head. He knows what’s coming... “No, you can’t come,” he deadpanned. I whined and shook my head. “I just need to see if they’re ok.” I whimpered.

"You ready?" I linked Dominic.

He glanced at me from the corner of his eye and nodded. ”Please, Cory.” We both whined. He groaned, standing up, making his chair scratch across the floor. “Fine, but if dad is angry... It’s on you.” He shot.

“Deal,” we both accepted as we stood up.

We headed west and caught up with Lucas, who was heading there. “You brought the twins?” He raised his brows and shook his head.

“Luc, they used their annoying twin speech thing... You know, the double trouble. There’s only so much I can take from one of them... Not both at the same time,” he rolled his eyes.

Lucas is mum’s cousin. He lost his dad a few years ago, and he’s never been the same again... Well, that’s what mum says when she gets upset about it. His mum is a nurse at the pack hospital; mum also says that job saved her life.

I should really stop listening to private conversations...

We arrived at the border. I saw mum and dad walking towards us. As we got closer, I could see a boy hiding behind them. Dom and I ran towards them. I flung my arms around mum while Dom went to dad.

“What are you doing here?” Dad scolded. “We told you to wait at the house,” Mum sighed.

“You linked Lucas that nothing was wrong, so we begged Cory to bring us to the border to meet you,” Dom explained. “We were worried,” I whined.

They started walking, leading us back into the pack. Now, I was nearer I could see the boy. He looked hurt, and I felt sorry for him. He had a deep scratch on his face, but I could see his eyes clearly. They were a beautiful, unique silver.

“Whose that?” I whispered, leaning into mum.

“He needs some help, so you and Dom go back with Cory to the house, and I’ll be home shortly,” Mum answered.

I looked at Dom, and he was staring at the boy with a strange expression on his face. At first, I thought he was staring at the mark on his face, but he was scanning his eyes over his body. He caught me looking and looked straight ahead.

“Everything ok, dad?” Cory asked. Dad sighed, shaking his head. “I’ll explain later, Cory. Take your brother and sister home.” He answered. He glanced between Dom and me, daring us to object. I looked ahead and walked off as they stopped.

I glanced at Dom. He was looking at the boy again. I coughed, clearing my throat, and his head snapped forward, but he didn’t say anything.

I turned around and looked at him; I could see him clearly now. Despite the mark on his face... He was really good looking. I smiled at him before turning forward and jogging to catch up to my brothers.

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