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This is a book about Thor, Hammer, Chris, Stigz, and a whole lot of other MC members struggling to get free of their captive pasts and their stories will not always end happily ever after. The Series Includes: Thor and Sabine. (Ongoing) Book 1 Hammer and Pixie. (Coming Soon) Book 2 Chris and Paige. (Coming Soon) Book 3 Sabine Lacey DeAngelo led a normal life until she met and married Victor DeAngelo. Victor is President of the Son's of Death MC. Sabine has been planning her escape from the abuse of Victor and the Son's of Death MC for months. The time has finally come when she gets to execute her plans. This is her struggle to recapture the person she believes she once was. Has so much happened to her that, that person no longer exists? Will Sabine escape her past and redefine herself and start a new life? Thor is stoic cold, and very calculated. Son of the Mafia Boss Michael Everhardt. Thor escaped the clutches of a criminal upbringing and went in the opposite direction of what his father wanted. He has promised to help Chris' cousin out of a jam, he never wanted any details until the dark-haired beauty walked into the compound one fateful day. He almost swallowed his tongue when she opened her mouth to ask for him. His whole world came crashing in around him. Will he be able to fight off the immense attraction he already feel

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Chapter 1

Sons of Death

Sabine looked around the club, taking in the teeming amounts of half-naked women, hanging over some of the brothers of the Sons of Death, while the others are gyrating what their mama’s gave them on the dance floor. And the men. Well most of them are wearing leather and in some stage of undress. Some having heads bobbing between their thighs, they have free reign to do as they please.

Victor and his VP Tyler, fit right in. “So are you finally going to do this brother?” Ty asks Victor, while taking in the fine specimen that is Victor’s wife. Victor glances across all the gyrating bodies on the dance floor, seeking out his blonde wife, finding her sitting at the bar, talking to Skylar, the bar lady. Sabine’s eyes briefly meet with Victor’s icy cold glare. Hound has just walked over to Sabine and nonchalantly placed his hand on the small of Sabine’s back, sending a cold shiver up her spine, making her flinch at the contact. Or was it just the look, or warning that Victor sent her way. Not that Victor would have noticed the flinch because his eyes are trained on the hand on the small of her back.

Victor slowly tears his gaze away from Sabine and continues talking to Ty. “Yeah brother, I finally am.” He says, Ty bringing his bottle of beer up to his lips and in two large gulps, swallows some of the alcohol then smiles grimly. “You’re crazy Pres, you know that?” Victor’s face morph’s into one of annoyance at the pure disrespect of his VP. “FFS what is it with you and all the men, with my wife?” he asks, peeved at the thought that his men couldn’t wait to get her in the sack. They are all like pining puppies, sitting in front of the hole.

Ty raised his bottle to his lips once more, emptying the remaining of the already warm liquid down his throat. “Sorry Pres., may I speak candidly?” he asks raising his eyebrow in question. “As if I could stop you from speaking your mind” Victor responds. “I can’t believe you want to trade that sweet ass ol’ lady of yours, for that skank Josie, who has probably bedded the whole club and half the nation by now” “Watch your tone Ty, you might be my VP but you are replaceable,” he says leaning over the table, spittle flying in Ty’s face. “That skank, as you call her, is pregnant with my child, so she will be my new ol’ lady. And Sabine, well.” He sat down again, looking pleased with himself.

Ty almost choked on the shot he just downed. “Seriously, so the rumors are true then?” Ty saw the truth radiating off of Victor’s face. “To all that is holy!” Ty exclaimed, looking over at Sabine, with a wicked gleam in his eyes. A sinister plan formed in his deprived mind.

“Can I have a taste of her before you wipe that sweet ass of hers, right off this planet, Pres?” Victor raises an eyebrow at the audacity of the suggestion. Then slowly starts to contemplate the request, none the less, before he bursts out laughing. “Your dicks funeral brother besides, I think you will walk away rather unsatisfied”. Ty just shakes his head and chuckles at Victor’s response. Knowing full well that his dick has never been more satisfied than when it was buried balls deep into Sabine. Some things Victor will just never know the truth about.

Ty raises his hand, calling over one of the waitresses. Danny is wearing short hot pants that barely covers her ass cheeks, with fishnet stockings and thigh high leather boots, she saunters towards them seductively, almost dislocating her hip bones to hopefully grab one or both of their attention. “Refill, Pres?” she asks in that sweet tone of hers. Victor will pass on this particular delicacy, and no, not because of his ol’ lady, that is sitting on the other side of the bar.

He couldn’t give a shit what Sabine thought or said, But Josie on the other hand would have his nuts if he even just looked, or thought of screwing anyone other than her. Josie is possessive and rightly so. She has fucked the Pres. And now she is the mother of his unborn child. The one thing that Sabine has never given Victor. Ty on the other hand, he will be all about eating Danny out tonight.

After five years of being Victor’s old lady, Sabine is yet to conceive and if Josie never told Victor of Sabine’s big secret and betrayal, he would never have known the reason why Sabine has still not given him an heir. Things could’ve been so different for her if she had only given him a baby.

With hours having passed, the shots finished, as well as the beers, Ty raises his hand and immediately got the attention of Sky, who is already sending over their refills. Victor looked up and saw that Hound has returned back to the bar, now placing his hand on Sabine’s shoulder. Victor’s face scrunches up in anger, frustration taking front and center stage. This was just not sitting right with Victor. Sabine was not a free agent to be touched by anyone but him. Sabine knows the rules as do the brothers. Victor might be screwing Josie, but that did not mean that Sabine was a free agent, for her to be pawed upon by the men. Her lessons should have proven that to her by now, but as usual Sabine is stubborn and refuses to learn, which will only result in another beating. I mean after five years, you think she would learn. But no, she is still as stubborn as the day we met. She hasn’t broken or cracked under her treatment, yet she has remained as strong as ever.

Sabine knew in her heart, she felt the prickling of her skin, how tonight would end. As always she would have done something wrong and she would pay for it later. She had already spent hours earlier in front of the mirror, covering up the bruises that Victor left behind on her face and neck.

Sabine had deep-seated hate for Victor, and hell, after everything he has done to her, why shouldn’t she? After years of being manhandled, abused, and beaten, it would be expected that she would cower in the presence of this man or any man, or even have a subdued personality, be scared of her own shadow. Well to hell with that analogy. He will never have the privilege of breaking her. He could break her body physically, which he has done countless times, but mentally, she was stronger than ever before. Short of killing her, she would never bend, to Victor, to the Sons of Death, or any man, ever.

Sabine has spent years envisioning Victor’s demise, over and over again in her mind. The only thing that would make her freedom worthwhile, would be Victor’s demise at her own hands. She could imagine his life force draining out of his eyes as his light goes out, and he can no longer, take another breath.

Sabine has spent years envisioning Victor’s demise, over and over again in her mind. The only thing that would make her freedom worthwhile, would be Victor’s demise at her own hands. She could imagine his life force draining out of his eyes as his light goes out, and he can no longer, take another breath.

No, that was a dark path that Sabine refused to go down. Leaving free and clear and running to her family is the best thing and the safest thing that she could think of doing. “Look hun, you are running out of time. Your things are already safe and secure at the motel, all you have to do is leave” Sky says quietly so that there could be no flapping ears, that can overhear our conversation.

Before Sabine could answer a big hand wrapped around her neck and her long blonde hair and brought her roughly and unceremoniously crashing to the floor. Victor had finally snapped. He reached his hand around her throat, squeezing tightly. Sabine could barely breathe. Her eyes bulge and her lungs burn while she tries to gasp for air. “You bitch, how dare you” Victor screams, his tall frame looming over Sabine’s dainty frame. The whole room falls eerily silent. Fear crept up Sabine’s spine, leaving her paralyzed and cowering in fear. No matter how strong you want to be, in that instant, you have no control over your actions.

Victor throws Sabine on the sticky, alcohol-infused floor before a steel-tipped leather boot connects with Sabine’s midsection, leaving her heaving and panting while trying to suck in more oxygen. Sabine is lying huddled into a small ball, defenseless, trying to protect herself from the kicks and punches that Victor is launching mercilessly in her direction. A solid fist connects with Sabine’s right cheek, the pain almost instantaneous and excruciating as it connects, sending stars and tears in her eyes as the numbness starts to spread. Her vision blurs as she fights to stay conscious.

“You pathetic wench, with Hound, Hound of all people, is that why you are using birth control. So that you can lay it out there for all my brothers?” To say that Sabine is shocked at the assumption Victor made or the fact that he finally found out about the pills. She had no idea what scared her the most. “You disgust me” he spits at Sabine as spittle goes flying in her direction, before he sends a large punishing backhand through her face once more, rendering her completely speechless as the blood trickles down her face.

The bar is in utter silence, all you can hear is Victor’s heavy panting, as he tries to reign himself in, and the sniveling tears from Sabine, that are running endlessly down her face. “This is what happens to anybody who disrespects me, in any way” his eyes landed on Hound and Ty. “I don’t care who you are, or the station you hold. Disrespect and betrayal, will not be tolerated. Loyalty at all cost” he booms out in anger.

With Victor’s boot print clearly visible on the skin around Sabine’s ribcage, from where Victor kicked her again, just minutes ago. Her waist-length blonde hair was tinted red, and matted in blood. Her eyes were swollen shut, and two large engorged lips were swollen and split. Sabine lay there motionless, knocked out cold. “Get this whore, out of my sight” Victor yells out, and when Hound makes to move, Victor glared and then jumped all over Hound. Leaving him lifeless and unmoving next to Sabine.

When Sabine finally started regaining consciousness she looked over at Victor who was busy kissing Josie, with his hand resting on her abdomen. So the rumors are true she thinks to herself as she is being moved by Sky, who had tears streaming down her face.

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