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Who says love can't be a fairytale all you need is the right person, is the famous Braden James the right person. Will he be Ophelia's perfect prince or will he be the complete opposite

Romance / Drama
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California bound chapter 1

People say that when you meet the one you'll know, It will be love at first sight, but unfortunately for me I only experience that kind of love in the books I read. The conclusion is always the same they got lucky, they found their soulmate, their other half. Me I will probably never have that, I can barely talk to boys let alone find the love of my life. So for now the books will do.
"Hi Ophelia pleasure to see you today."
"Hi Gwen, pleasure to see you too, I'll have four chocolate filled croissants please."
"Not a problem,sweets coming right up."
My whole life I grew up in summer hills,Georgia. It's a small town so there isn't much to really do and everyone knows everyone. Gwen the owner of the summer cafe, the towns crown jewel,went to high school with my mom and is always checking up on me and Charlie. She's as sweet as candy and after mamma died she really stuck her neck out for us. Us meaning my little sister Charlotte but she prefers to be called Charlie. Me, my sister and aunt live here in Summer hills together. When mama died aunt Cass moved us out here to take care of us. Like most girls I've got daddy issues. My dad, yeah never even met him. My mom got pregnant with me at 18 and apparently my dad wanted nothing to do with summer hills and decided to skip town the first chance he got. Mamma and aunt Cass said he knew, Mom was pregnant and he just picked up and left anyway.
"Morning Eden, Addy, bella."
"Morning lia."Eden said as she continued to the back room.
"Good morning, how has your morning been so far." Arabella said as she greeted me with a smile and took the box of croissants from me.
"Mornin."Adelaide said as she continued to put up mannequins.
Silver creek boutique where I work with my 3 best friends Eden, Adelaide and Arabella. I've known Bella and Addy since we were 5 and we met Eden 4 years ago when she moved here. The boutique is owned by Mrs Everest or Bella and Addy's mom. I've been working here since I was 14 with Arabella and addy. It's known for its beautiful gowns Mrs Everest hand designs.
"Chocolate filled croissants for everyone!"
Thanks lia you're the best.. I was in major need of food." Bella said as she opened the box.
"Bella you had a muffin 20 minutes ago." Adelaide said getting up from her work station.
"Your point?" Bella said rolling her eyes.
"You want one Eden."I said.
"No thanks, Elijah and I are going for brunch."she said with a smile.
Elijah, Eden's Boyfriend and our best friend. He is like a brother to Bella,addy and I. He also happens to be my cousin. He's a great guy and Eden and him are the cutest. Even though I occasionally find myself wishing that I could find a love like theirs. They have been together for 2 years now and are the absolute cutest.
"So how's the new song coming along." Eden asks me as she hangs up some new inventory.
"Not well, you'd think summer break would give me some inspiration,but nothing." I rolled my eyes and plopped onto a stool behind the cashier.
"Well you've still have a few months to think about it. I'm sure you'll find some inspiration."Arabella said a mouth full of croissant.
"Uhh close your mouth Bella." Addy said as she gagged.
"Oh shut up it's not that big of a deal." Bella said rolling her eyes.
"As a matter fact want some sis.. all that goey chocolate." Arabella said mocking Adelaide.
In case you wondering what Eden was talking about she was referring to the fact that I not only read romance novels, but write songs. Most of them love songs, but a few about life. Writing is my get away from the problems I currently face just like my romance novels. My friend's are incredibly supportive of me writing and are my biggest fans, but that doesn't mean it's hard for me to actually sing for them and share my songs.
"Stop you two, you are so childish." I said.
"Not my fault my sister is gross."Adelaide said.
"Am not."Bella said.
Later that day
"Thanks for closing up the shop with me girls."Laura said with a smile.
"Not a problem Mrs. Everest, It's the least we could do since we've been busy with college and haven't been able to work here since we started." Eden said with a smile.
"My dears I can't believe how big you all are now. How is Berkeley Eden?"
"It's been incredible but I most definitely missed home."
"It's not the same without Elijah and the girls."
"Awww look who missed us." Arabella said mockingly.
"Yeah of course I did Bella, We all live so far now." Eden said with a sad expression.
Eden's right, Bella goes to parsons all the way in New York City. Eden is in California and Addy, decided she wanted to do college all the way in England. Elijah actually decided to go to NYU. But I decided I wanted to be close to home for the first year so I decided to go to Georgia university. But I have already applied to a few schools for a transfer. I knew I wanted to be there for Charlie while she transitioned into high school and ease her into the idea that I won't be around much. It's taken a toll on our friendship slightly that we all are so far from each other but we made a deal that every holiday, we would spend together in one place. Spring break we chose New York. Before that we chose England. And for summer we chose Georgia. I know they were all just doing it for me though, Arabella, Eden, Adelaide and Elijah practically all made a vow that they never wanted to stay in this town. They think it's small and boring and would much prefer we chose California this time. It's not that I don't love the city it just feels so lonely, but then again that could be just because I am lonely.But I love my friends with my whole heart and decided that I wanted to surprise them, with tickets to California today when they come over for dinner. We leave in three days and I really hope they love the surprise. Laura helped me plan it out and helped me pay for all the tickets. Elijah had already been down to visit Eden but we hadn't yet and I know they all desperately wanted too.
at my house
"Hi Cassie." Eden said as she put her bag on the island chair.
"Hi Eden, girl's. Where is my son."Cassie said as she finished dicing onions.
"He'll be here in 10 minutes." I said.
"Where is Charlie?"Arabella asked.
"She's in the basement." Cassie said pointing to the basement door.
"Cool thanks, you coming lia."Arabella said walking towards the door.
"Yeah." I said.
"So Eden tell me how my son has been treating you love."
"Perfect as always you raised Elijah so well as you know."
"Are you guys coming or what." I yelled from upstairs.
"Yeah, thanks for dinner Cassie." Adelaide said.
"Yeah thanks Cassie." Arabella and Eden said at once.
"Thanks mom." Elijah said.
Upstairs in mine and Charlie's room.
"So what's up cousin."Elijah said jumping on my bed.
"I have a huge surprise for you all."
"Ooooo I love surprises." Bella said with a smile.
So I told them my big surprise, they were all so excited even more excited that we were leaving soon. Eden couldn't stop talking about taking us sight seeing. And Arabella was talking about her favorite band that was playing a show there in a week. Adelaide kept going on about how much inspiration I will get from California and finding new places to go, All the restaurants we will try and clubs. Addy then went and turned on my speaker and played our favorite song. "Americas sweetheart." (Play it and imagine the scene πŸ˜‰). We jumped up and down on the floor from my bed to Charlie's. Laughing and singing out loud, holding hands and smiling. Charlie even came in and started dancing with us. Elijah ignored us until Eden and I grabbed his hand and put an old crown on his head and twirled him around. We were having a blast and played the song on repeat for like an hour. Giggling and jumping from side to side, talking about our Cali shopping trips. Arabella then went up to the speaker and changed the song to "California gurls by Katy perry."
"We need a more fitting song." She said giggling.
And we spent the night talking about Thursday and our trip to California, I'm glad they liked the surprise, it was almost impossible to hide our excitement throughout the rest of the week though.
Thursday night
"We're finally here, thank the heavens." Addy said sitting on her suitcase.
"This is going to be a blast. I have to pick up the concert tickets by 3 so let's hurry and get to the hotel." Bella said with excitement.
"Okay, but we have to stop for food on the way got it." Elijah said.
"Agreed." Addy said.
So we all crammed in and Uber and got to the hotel. Ordered a pizza and watched some movies. At a round 2:00 Arabella convinced me to come and pick up the concert tickets, so we left our hotel and headed there.
"Luckily my friend Brandon was in town this week." Bella said to me as she walked up to the arena, Brandon asked to meet at.
"Yeah, how do you know this guy again."I said.
"We met in New York, when I went to visit Elijah at NYU."
"I met him and his sister, and we've spoken here and there since then."
"And how did you manage to get the concert tic-".
"Hey watch where your going dude."I yelled to the stranger I bumped into.
Arabella didn't even noticed I had been bounced, she was still going on about meeting Brandon and his sister Naomi, I think she said something about Naomi living in California. But then again it seemed that mister icy over there didn't notice me either because when I yelled to him he completely ignored me and kept running out. A part of me wondered who he was he seemed so familiar, but I just couldn't put my finger on it. His icy blue eyes and dark hair combined with his sexy scent of the beach and the ocean felt heavenly as whipped past me all the way out of the arena.
"Earth to lia..lia....Ophelia!"Arabella said yelling my name.
"Seriously you full named me." I said rolling my eyes.
"Sorry, you weren't answering you were like in another world."
"Just got distracted."
"Well okay, this is Brandon, Naomi and Axel."
"Axel is the base player in "out of line."Arabella said with excitement.
"Cool, nice to meet you all."
"When Bella told me we were picking up concert tickets I wasn't expecting to meet the actual band."I said.
"Well, we're pretty close with band, so we managed to score the last tickets." Naomi said smiling and handing the tickets to Bella.
"Cool, how do you know each other."
"Axel's my boyfriend." She said smiling and giving him a hug.
"And my best friend." Brandon said rolling his eyes and hugging the two mockingly.
Me and Arabella both giggled they seemed super close, so I can only imagine how close the rest of band was. And the three of them seemed super sweet as well, not to mention they got us V.I.P passes too and they seem genuine and that made me feel a lot more comfortable talking with them. We talked a little about how Naomi and Axel met in college and have been seeing each other for three years now. Axel was 22, Naomi was also 22 and Brandon was 24. After a brief conversation,Bella and I headed back to the hotel and got dressed to go out clubbing with everyone else, We even invited Brandon, Naomi and Axel. Brandon decided not to come as he needed to catch an early flight back to NY tomorrow. So it was just the seven of us. Plus the three other band members. Who Arabella freaked when she found out. Naomi told us about Jax there guitarist, Mason the drummer and Braden the lead singer. When we got to the club the band was already there.
"Well who are all these sexy foxes we have here." Jax said with a wink.
"Ewww gross Jax your going to scare away my new friends." Naomi said rolling her eyes.
"Ignore him, hey I'm mason nice to met you all." Mason said smiling.
That's when I caught it, Arabella might have liked the band, but she clearly loved there drummer more. We all spoke and laughed practically all night, I had a few drinks, Addy had more than a few, Eden was as sober as they come. Elijah was tipsy and Arabella had seemed even more sober than Eden. I had a lot of fun with the band and my friends but I still hadn't gotten a chance to meet Braden. According to the band and Naomi, he was here but just probably in a corner by himself or something. Eventually I got tired and went to find my own corner only to find mystery lead singer or I guess you could call him ......
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