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Romance Novel? Chapter 2

All I have to say is in every romance novel I have ever read they describe the moment they meet their love Interest in the most tender and beautiful way possible. And this felt like what I imagine my characters to feel, but also nothing alike. I will admit he was sexy as hell and his icy blue eyes were stunning, and though he gave off that rugged fuck boy look, I could see a certain tenderness in his eyes. But I was half drunk so that speaks for itself.
"Whoah, are u okay."
"I'm perfectly fine Mr. Rockstar, do you mind getting your grimy hands off of me."
"Relax..." He said looking me up and down as he thought for a moment.
"What's your name." He asked
"None of your business."I said with an attitude.
"Okay Fine starlight have it your way. Just wanted to make sure you sat down without bumping into a wall or something."
"Well I don't need your help." I said sitting in the seat next to him.
That's all I could remember about the handsome stranger, if I'm being honest I was more drunk than I thought and practically everything was a big blur last night including talking to Braden, we only spoke for a moment but I can only remember his ice eyes looking at me with concern. But couldn't worry about that now especially not with the headache I have. I got up to get dressed and get a coffee with the twins to only find Addy sleeping in the bed beside mine. I expected to see Arabella up and ready with a smile, but to my surprise addy was alone curled up peacefully. I decided not to wake her and just texted her that I was going for breakfast and headed over to Eden and Elijah's room.
"Morning,Eden."I waved and greeted her with a smile.
"Shut up cousin it's too early, Eden come back to bed!" Elijah yelled out.
"Well the hangover is certainly biting you in the ass!" I yelled to aggravate him more.
"SHUTUP!"He said.
"Will you both shut up I might not have drank, but getting you all back to the hotel in one piece was literally impossible." Eden said rolling her eyes.
"And you still failed, I didn't see Arabella this morning." I said giggling.
"We're you really that drunk?"Eden questioned me.
"Arabella left with mason, she refused to come with us. That girl might not have been drunk but she was definitely on something because she practically begged him to take her home with him."

"Really, I don't remember." I said trying to think about it.

"Anyway I was wondering if you wanted to get breakfast and coffee with me." I said.

"Um yes please, Elijah smells of beer breath and tequila."

"Cool let's get out of here." I said laughing and walking out the door.
Later in the day
After breakfast Eden and I went with Naomi to go shopping and then met up with Addy for lunch. The girls reminded me a little of the night before, which by the way I feel like a complete idiot for. And then we went back to the hotel.
"Hey guys."Bella said sitting on the bed.

"Seriously, you can't just, "hey guys" us when you were out all night with the drummer of your favorite band."Eden said practically mocking her.

"She's right you didn't even call."Addy said disappointed.

"Okay I'm all fo reprimanding bells, but can we please have the details."

"Duh, sit down already." Arabella said smiling and gesturing us to sit next to her.

A week has passed of blissful LA, time and it's been amazing from going shopping, to sightseeing and the amazing clubs. We have been having a blast. Tonight's the concert and I have to admit I'm excited to hear Braden play Arabella always mentioned how good he and the band were, so I'm intrigued at how good they actually are. But now I have a feeling Bella might just be biased considering how much time she's been spending with mason, but every-time we ask her about it she says they've just been hanging out on a chill level and nothing serious is happening. Which has me worried that this is going to really hurt her at the end of summer.
"We look hot." I said as we all stood in the mirror.

"I have to agree." Eden said checking herself out.

"Alright, Alright we look good now can we please go." Addy said heading to the door.

"Of course grumpy." I said sarcastically sashaying behind her.

"Talk about the grinch who stole fun." Arabella said laughing out the door.

An hour later we were at the arena where the band was performing and it was huge and well loud fans yelling Braden and the bands name glitter all over there faces loud music pumping, girls screaming it was crazy. Lucky for us we were in V.I.P and had the best seats so it was easy to navigate through the crowd. About 20 minutes into waiting the announcer came on stage to introduce the band and has soon as they stepped on stage the girls were only louder, tons screaming crazy stuff like will you marry me, I want you, rail me right here right now. Me and the girls were giggling and laughing at them but still popping to the background music playing. Then Braden spoke.
"Alright Cali you ready!!!?"

"Tons of fans screaming yes!!!"

"Okay let's get it This Is CUPIDS CHOKE HOLD!!" Braden yelled out to the crowd.

For a fraction of a second I could swear Baden looked directly at me and I, felt my face heat up and butterflies in my stomach like never before. And the butterflies didn't stop there as Braden continued to sing, I got more and more butterflies. Watching Braden sing was like the first taste of summer his dark black hair as dark as ebony framing his face, all the sweat was clinging to his forehead, but peaking out was his icy blue eyes as beautiful as a single snowflake, who could have known that one person could be that perfect covered in sweat. I could alSo see Arabella rocking back and forth having the time of her life and Eden and Elijah singing to each other. Addy seemed to not be very impressed, and kind of just stood there and watched. But she still moved to the music and danced a bit. About 30 minutes into the show Naomi came over to us and took us backstage where we watched the rest of the show from the wings it was amazing and Braden really did have an incredible voice.
After the concert
"You sounded Amazing out there boys." Naomi said leaping into axels arms and giving him a hug.
"No fair I want someone to leap into my arms."Jax said winking at me.
"Yeah not a chance." I said.
"Once you get a taste of me you'll be singing a different tale beautiful." And with that Jax gave me another wink and walked off.
"Is he always like that." I said questioning the band.
"No, Usually he is worst." Braden said rolling his beautiful icy eyes.
"Yeah he must be sick or something." Naomi laughed.
Naomi and Axel walked us over to the bands private dressing room where we toasted to there last show of their tour.
"So what are you going to do now." Eden asked.
"Well relax hopefully, but typically we do some interviews, record and write more songs."Axel answered.
"We also party a ton and you beauties are always invited." Jax said winking to us.
"I have bad news your going to need to find some new "beauties" to invite." Addy said rolling her eyes.
"So are you guys going to stay in LA or head back to your home towns." I asked.
"Well we all live in California now but I think Braden is heading back to His Georgia house to write some more songs." Axel said turning around to Braden.
"I didn't know you had a house in Georgia."I questioned.
"Yeah it's where my older sister lives so I'll be there for awhile."
"Maybe we'll run into each other then." I said.

The month flew by fast and before you know it all of us were back at the airport saying our goodbyes. Eden dropped us off and said goodbye to all of us. Addy headed for her international flight, while Arabella and Elijah headed to there flight to New York. As I walked toward my gate number to Georgia. I would be lying if I said California wasn't a dream it was so great to spend it just chilling with my best friends everyday it has been incredible and more than fun. But it was time to get back to normal unfortunately normal isn't always great for me. Now that I'm back home I have been waiting for my letter to any of the schools I applied to and I hope I get a scholarship to at least one, because if not I will just stay in Georgia. Which is not a bad thing it's just not what I want. So to take my mind off of everything I headed into town to do a little shopping.
An hour later
Somebody pumps into her..
"OMG, I'm so sorry I'm just trying to find my brother he was supposed to be visiting me and we got into this fight and.."the stranger rambled on.
"No your fine don't worry, I can help you find him if you want." I said.
"How old is he?"
The stranger giggled awkwardly and replied.
"Actually he's 24 and I'm now hearing how silly I sound."
"Like I said it's cool, I get it hope you find him anyway though."
"Oh and just a reminder portable cellphones are a thing." I joked.
"Right, thanks again."The stranger said as she awkwardly fumbled around.
I turned the corner and headed to the old book store me and my mom used to go and bought a new book. I then hiked up the path of yellow and white lilies up the small mountain. To the DANDELION GARDEN. Or that's what me and my mom use to call it she always said that only dandelions grew in the field to make every little girls wish come true but what happens when your only wish is to have your mom back. As I was about to spread our old picnic blanket and sit down to read my new book, I saw him sitting on the side of the hill picking the dandelions and blowing them out.
"Wow you must really want your wish to come true." I said sitting next him, trying to only sit on my dress.
"Yeah something like that." Braden said barely lifting his head.
"Well are you going to tell me what it is, I mean....... OMG was it me,did you wish to see me again that bad." I said laughing.
But nothing dead silence is all I received.
"Oookay message received." I said about to get up and walk away.
"What are you reading..." he said turning towards me.
"Romance novel, they're my favorite." I said sitting back down.
"Why there only fake reemissions of what will never be our reality." He said as a singular tear left his face.
"What was her name?"I asked.
"Can we not ... Sorry wha-."Braden said.
"Ophelia, but please call me lia."I said smiling and shaking his hand.
And I guess you can say that's how we started, but I can't say it was love at first sight because it wasn't it was a spark that just felt kind of weird and unreal.
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