Dandelion Garden

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Make a wish chapter 3

This field of dandelions has always meant so much to me especially since my mom died but over the last week I have shared it with Braden in the beginning I never got much out of him, but he finally put everything on the table and I never thought I would relate to a rockstar so much, I mean he talked about his mom bailing on him when he was a kid which made him feel like he wasn't ever good enough, but he's never said anything so he doesn't worry his sister or the band. He's also listened to me about my mom stuff, how I felt about moving to a small town.
"So how long have you been coming here?"Braden asked me one day.
"Since I was a little kid...I remember coming up here with my mom and aunt picking dandelions, having picnics, most of the photos I have of me and my mom are actually here in the field."
"Wow... that's a long time, you visited your aunt here often."
"Literally all the time this field was our girl time away from Eli."
"must've been great my mom never really enjoyed stuff like that, she was too- never mind."
Braden always did that, he would start talking about his mom or his past and just drop it. The only thing I ever learned was that it's just him and his dad and it's been that way for awhile now. I wanted to know more but it felt impossible, he would brush me off anytime I brought it up.
"You know you can talk to me about her I get what it's like to loose your parents."
"Thanks .... so listen to this." He said Changing the subject.
* this is not my song "can I be him." By James Arthur.
"You walked into the room and now my heart has been stolen
You took me back in time to when I was unbroken
Now you're all I want
And I knew it from the very first moment
'Cause a light came on when I heard that song and I want you to sing it again."
"Even though he completely ignored me his song sounded beautiful."
"Okay I'm officially obsessed.... is that your new single for the band."
"Uhh, no not really just something I was working on recently, Just I'm not really good at sweet love songs so I'm not sure how to go on."
"Well it sounds amazing... so different than your usual stuff."
"Are you saying "my usual stuff "isn't good."
"No.. I mean of course not, you know I like your music, plus I have heard it a million times. Bella loves playing it on full blast."I joked.
"So you really are a crazed fan." Braden said giving me a light push.
"Oh please you wish."I said rolling my eyes at him.
"So who's it about." I looked up at him searching his eyes for an answer.
"A song doesn't have to be about someone to be good starlight."
"Uhh yes it does that's how you get the raw emotion."
"Well this one isn't like that."
"Fine I'll believe you for now."I said mocking him a bit.
"It's getting late, you should get going starlight."
"Yeah, your right I'll see you later Braden."

Talking with Braden about everything, was hard I barely tell the girls about, how I felt after my mom died, but with him its so simple he gets it and that is cliche, but the truth is no one will truly understand the pain of my mom, my best friend, the person that understood me better than anyone just being gone and moving to a new town at such a young age. Not unless their situation was the exact same as mine. But at the same time even though I know it's hard to open up to people, first hand. I wish Braden would give me a little more than just vague little ideas I want to understand him better and though that sounds strange, because I have known him for less than three months but yet our connection feels like we're, well in a never ending love story, and I hate myself for thinking about going out with a guy who sleeps with tons of girls and someone I barely know. Not to mention my sister is supposed to come first. But something felt so right about that, the fact that it felt wrong to like him but I still did because It also felt good. The way he calls me a "starlight." His dark hair fitting with my light hair. The way my head fit perfectly in his lap as he played his new song,it felt wrong to be there but I didn't want to leave. That maybe should have been the reason I ran and never looked back, but his natural ebony hair and light baby blue eyes mixed with his tattoos and fresh, cool breeze smell I don't think I ever had a chance. So I continued to spend time with him in the where we talked, played more music, wrote songs and sometimes sat in silence. When we sat in silence it was calming we could read each other with our eyes and the song's we wrote as he played the guitar and I wrote words,we just got it.
The next day
"Morning auntie cass."
"Good morning lia, are you going to be home today or will you be off with mystery man."
"Hilarious aunt Cassie, I'm dying of laughter."I said sarcastically.
"Well your never home anymore and Charlotte and I miss you."
"Um, you mean you miss her the last two weeks have been awesome, I get to go everywhere without her freaking out plus she's finally having normal human interaction."Charlotte said walking into the kitchen.
"I don't know wether to say thank you or to hit you."
"I vote thank you." Charlotte said smiling at me.
"For your information, "mystery man"is nothing more than a friend and I haven't changed one bit since we became friends." I said rolling my eyes.
"Please don't lie to your sister it's not a good example Ophelia." Aunt Cass said.
"Yeah lia lying is bad." Charlotte said snickering.
"Shut up Charlie. Nothing is going on."
"Really then why did you show him our special spot."
"I didn't, it was more of an accident."
"Anyways, I don't have time for this, I'm heading to the shop."
"Okay have fun lia, stay safe."
"Bye Aunty, Bye Charlie." I waved goodbye.
If I'm being honest it all felt too soon to say, I like Braden and I did but how could I it's been less than three months. So today I decided to head to the boutique instead and help Laura. Now that the girls and Elijah are getting ready to go back to school it's just me here. And summer is almost over and with luck I will getaway from, Braden and go to a new university. Plus he should be going back to California soon. So my mix matched feelings will hopefully not matter anymore. So for the rest of the day I ignored Braden's texts and worked the boutique. After I went back home to open a bunch of my college emails, I was waiting for them to all come in so I wouldn't be dying from anticipation each time. I sat at my desk and opened the email to find out I was waitlisted for 2 schools, rejected from 3 and accepted to 2. I was overjoyed, I was accepted to "cal Arts."just like I had hoped and I was officially going to be moving to California. Which brings me full circle back to my Braden problem, but who am I kidding, how can I stay away.
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