She Who Stole His Heart

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Chapter 10

“It was fun, right?” Kholwa asked, grinning at August as they drove to the nearest café. Kholwa directed him, saying she was used to the road and knew where they sold the best coffee. He didn’t complain, just glad that he was able to spend more time with her.

“It was, but I won’t be doing it again.” He answered.

She laughed, her sweet voice making his stomach flutter and his heartbeat quicken. He wanted to hold her hand, but he also knew that that would get him in trouble. He’d be patient with her and take things slowly. She’ll come around and then he’ll hold her hand whenever he wanted to. He’d hug her from the back, and give her small kisses...

“Today was my fifth time. I started skydiving last year. At first I was so scared, I went with Mzamo. He said that he’d always come with me, but I’m glad I came with you today.”

“You are?”

She nodded. “I know that you didn’t like it, and you probably won’t do it again, but I wanted to do it with you at least once.”

“I didn’t hate it,” he liked looking at her for the last few minutes of their fall from the sky. She never stopped talking, and she didn’t seem to get tired of doing it either.

“It was fun, right?”

“Mmm,” he nodded. He looked up at the coffee shop in the distance, driving into the parking, “there it is. It looks cute.”

She turned to it, her smile brightening.

“Ah! Coffee. Have I told you how much I like coffee?” He shook his head. “But not caffeinated. I like the smell of the caffeinated kind, but I drink a lot of decaf.” She giggled. “My friends once said it makes me too hyper, and I realised that it does actually.”

Back at his flat, August threw himself onto his bed only to jump back up again when his name was called.

“Yes, yes?” He dragged, feeling like he deserved at least five more minutes.

Rob raised his brows when he saw him, “You okay?”

“Yeah. Of course. I’m lovely.” August rubbed his eyes, yawning as he tried to pay attention to his roommate.

“Cool.” Rob pushed that aside, and sat on his bed. “You were not here all day, and something big happened.”


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