She Who Stole His Heart

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Chapter 13

Kholwa seldom did any bad deeds while growing up. She listened to her parents, and she smiled at the people that she passed on the streets. She helped those in need, even though sometimes she forgot to do her homework.

She rebelled a bit in high school, but who didn’t? Who had not done regrettable things in high school?

She grew up good, but then why did she have to be punished? What had she done that was so wrong? She did not understand, and neither did her family. She was being punished for something she was not aware of. If Mzamo hadn’t been her best friend, she wouldn’t have allowed him into her life. She shouldn’t have allowed August in as well, but she did. She felt bad about it, but, for once, she wanted to be selfish. All she did was try to be good for the world, but all she got was the worst punishment.

Kholwa and August were sitting in her apartment, watching the movie as they had planned, but they seemed to be speaking more than watching the movie. She laughed, Kholwa, more than she had laughed in the past three years. She kept on stealing glances, and although regretful, she was glad that she had met him.

“Gus?” she did not look at him, but kept her eyes glued on the screen.


“Is it okay for us to do this?”

August looked down at her. He raised his brows in confusion. “Of course. Why wouldn’t it be?”

“You know,” she started, her voice getting lower as she spoke, “you’re going through something right now, and I don’t want you to lose focus just because of me. Designing is everything to you, is it not?”

He laughed, wrapping his arms around her waist. She snuggled into his hold.

"It used to be. Now you’re part of my everything." He smiled when she looked up at him. “We’re sorting the problem out. Seeing you for one day won’t make everything go slower. Seeing you, if anything, made me a little less stressed.”

“You shouldn’t go around saying that.” She hid her face in his chest. “That’s so cheesy.”

August chuckled. Cheesy or not, that’s how he felt. He was happier just by being by her side as they were. He didn’t need anything else, he didn’t need anyone else.

He stared at the screen again. The movie was over.

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