She Who Stole His Heart

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Chapter 23

Kholwa watched the night sky as she walked. The streets were empty, but luckily there were a few patrol cars around. She felt a bit safer at least.

She did not mind her way and did not pay much attention to her surroundings. She did that a lot. Zoning out as her mind went anywhere and everywhere it wanted. She allowed herself to enjoy her walk. It was the only time she felt at ease. As if she was not even in her body anymore.

She sat down when she found a random bus stop. She looked up at a big TV on a building where ads were playing in sequence. She saw August’s smiling face and she also smiled. It was an advertisement for his debut showcase. She knew that the plagiarism case was still ongoing, but she was glad that at least those adverts were still playing.

She found her mind wandering to their earlier conversation. Was he really embarrassed by her?

She was a bit embarrassing, though. She was an adult, but she did not have a job. She did once, but she was fired because she kept on asking for sick days. She still got support from her parents and Mzamo too sometimes. Yes. She was embarrassing. She sighed. Why was she even dating when she knew her predicament?

Her selfishness knew no bounds.

Someone sat next to her and she looked at them. Her eyes widened when she instantly realised who it was.

“August?” She softly called his name.

He looked at her and his eyes widened in shock. “Kholwa? What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to ask you the same question.”

She moved closer to him and embraced him unexpectedly. His eyes widened, but still, he hugged her back.

“I missed you.” She said, taking in his scent. “I missed you so damn much.”

“Are you okay?” He asked, tightening his hold around her.

She nodded, but she did not move away from him. She looked up at him, her hands secured around his body.

“I was sleeping.”

“Mmm?” He was confused.

“That’s why I didn’t answer your calls. I was sleeping.”

He nodded. “It’s okay.” He was relieved. She hadn’t been angry after all.

They sat together at the bus stop. Not talking. Just enjoying each other’s presence. August liked how secure he felt around her. She made him feel a way he had never felt before. He wanted her in his arms for a very long time to come.

Her phone rang, but she was not answering. August looked and she was sleeping. She was so adorable. How could she fall asleep at a bus stop?

He took the phone and was about to silence it when he saw that it was Mzamo. He answered, thinking that he could be worried.

“Where are you?” Mzamo worriedly asked.

August first took in a deep breath before he answered. “She’s with me. You don’t have to worry.”

“Why are you answering?”

August looked down at her. She was still peacefully asleep. “She fell asleep.”

“At your place?”

“Um,” if only, “no. We’re at a bus stop at,” August looked around for the exact location and told Mzamo when he saw it.

“How quickly will you be here then?”

“I don’t have money with me,” August said. He looked around Kholwa and she only had her cellphone with her, “and she also doesn’t seem to have any with her.”

“If you wake her up now, she might not be very cooperative.” Mzamo hummed thoughtfully. “How far do you live from there?”

“It’s just a five-minute walk.” Why was he asking?

“Great. Take her there for now.” Mzamo sighed. “I told her to stop sleeping wherever.”

“I—I should take her where?”

August could feel Mzamo’s annoyance on the other end. “You’re dating, aren’t you? Just take her to your house for the night. Don’t wake her up.”

August was silent for a while.

“Don’t do any strange things to her, or else I will skin you.” Mzamo carried on with the threat.


And that is how Kholwa spent yet another night with August, but that time, she spent it at his place.

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