She Who Stole His Heart

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Chapter 27

The buzzer caused her to lift her head up from her prepping her ingredients. She looked around, unfamiliar with the sound and where it could have come from. The buzzing sounded again, and this time, she heard a door open. She turned towards the passage to see a yawning man walk out as he scratched his bare back. He only wore sleeping shorts, and he seemed to be scratching lower into his trousers the more he walked. That is, until his eyes met Kholwa’s wide ones.

He froze and stared at her.

“You’re awake?” He said.

“Hi,” Kholwa awkwardly smiled.

“Um…” He removed his hand from his back and held it into a fist by his side. “Good morning. Sorry,” he awkwardly chuckled as he looked away from her. The buzzer sounded again and he continued walking to the door. “I’ll get the door, and then become more decent.”

He pressed the button to see who was downstairs, and as soon as he saw the annoyed-looking man frowned.

“Hello?” He cautiously said.

“Is this August’s place?” The man asked.


“Zamo!” Kholwa said, scaring Sonke after she appeared right by his side.

“You know him?” Sonke asked and she nodded.

“I’m here for Kholwa.”

August jumped awake when the car he was in stopped. He looked around him, only for his eyes to land on his manager. She was looking at him pitifully.

“You sure you don’t want to go to the hospital?” Veronica asked.

August shook his head, “I have someone waiting for me inside.”

“Your girlfriend?” She gasped.

He softly smiled, “My girlfriend. Yeah.” He chuckled at her inquisitive look. “She needed somewhere to sleep last night, and my place was closer. It just turned out that way.”

“You’re making no sense,” Veronica chuckled.

“Well, this relationship makes no sense. I can’t even explain how happy she makes me.” He looked outside the window at the building. “She makes me so happy.”

“You haven’t known her that long though.”

“It doesn’t matter,” he turned to Veronica, “no moment I’ve spent with her ever felt like a waste. I’ll see you later, Vero. I’m sure she’s awake by now.”

Veronica scoffed, “You’re always so quick to leave me. She unlocked the car. “Go now. Go see your girlfriend.”

August grinned, jumping out of the car. Veronica waved her hand and then turned her car and left.

The first person August saw when he waled in was Mzamo, and he was standing right in the middle of the flat, inspecting it. He gasped, contemplating going back to his agent. Mzamo turned his hard stared towards him, as always not wasting a smile on him.

“Good morning,” he slowly closed the door.

“August,” Mzamo promptly greeted back. Kholwa turned from her spot in the kitchen and grinned widely when she saw him. He still couldn’t smile, though, especially with Mzamo eyeing him like tonight’s dinner.

“August!” She rushed to in front of him and wrapped her arms around him. He was reluctant, but when Mzamo turned away and walked to the kitchen, he smiled, wrapping his arms around his girlfriend.

She looked up at him, her grin wide, “I thought you would take longer.”

“I couldn’t stay away from you for too long.”

But her smile fell and she stared at his neck, “What—what’s this?”

August put his hand over his neck, knowing that it was probably red from his near death moment at the police station.

“It’s nothing.”

She removed her arms from around him, took a step back and frowned at him. “August,” she softly said, “did I do that? Your friend told me that you caried me home last night, did I hold on too tight?”

“No, no, of course not,” he quickly said when he noticed her teary eyes. “It was… it was just an allergic reaction to something I touched.”

“On your neck?”

He nodded, being the one to wrap his arms around her that time. She snuggled into his hold. One little lie was okay. It wasn’t going to harm anyone. She’s be even more devastated if she found out that he was nearly strangled to death by his old college mate.

She looked up at him, softly smiling, “I’m preparing breakfast.”


She nodded. “Let’s make it together.”

He grinned, nodding at her suggestion.

“You sure you can’t stay?” Kholwa pouted as she looked up at Mzamo. “August made us breakfast.”

“Not today,” Mzamo smiled, “my dad sent me an SMS just now. I have to go see what he has to say.”

Kholwa looked at him silently. She bit her bottom lip, “I think it’s time you go back now. You’ve been taking a break for way too long.”

Mzamo’s smile fell, but he didn’t frown. Instead, he looked at Kholwa like a loving older brother.

“I like my job at the bar. It gives me enough time to be with you.”

Kholwa frowned, wrapping her arms around him.

August stared at the two from the other side of the room, his two friends both staring at the two at the door. The scene made him slightly, not too much, just slightly, jealous.

He didn’t say anything. What could he say? They had been friends since they were born, literally. Kholwa had told him how their mothers were also friends, so by default they also became friends. How could he fight with that?

“You sure they’re just friends?” Sonke asked, glancing towards him as he softly spoke.

He sighed, but didn’t answer Sonke.

“She’s nice though,” Rob said. He bumped August’s shoulder with his own, “I approve.”

August scoffed, “let’s go to the kitchen. She’ll come when she’s done saying goodbye to Mzamo.”

His roommates left first, but August stayed to stare at his girlfriend and her best friend. Mzamo softly laughed at something that she said. He could hear her laugh, even though Mzamo’s was barely audible.

Mzamo, when with her, he was gentle and caring. He laughed and he joked around. A side that was never directed towards August. Instead, August only got to see his scary and intimidating side. He really liked Kholwa, so much so that he didn’t mind that Mzamo was an added extra to their relationship.

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