She Who Stole His Heart

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Chapter 28

Breakfast was served. Everyone seemed to be fixated on Kholwa. Even though she had no make-up on, she still looked beautiful. Not only August thought that, but everyone. She spoke animatedly with everyone as if they had all been friends for a long time.

They were supposed to be going to her house, but since she was already there, plans had changed.

His roommates noticed how he kept on looking at her. Watching her when she spoke. Fixing her out-of-place hair. Smiling at her as she looked at him. She was so happy, and he was happier with her. It was hard to dislike her, really.

After breakfast, she was ready to wash the dishes, but August was quick to tell her that he’d do it. She wanted to help. No one declined. Let the love birds be.

“I like your friends.” She said as she washed. “They’re very nice.”

“They are.”

“Then why didn’t you want me to meet them?”

August’s eyes widened. For a second, he halted drying the dishes. “I didn’t,” he looked at her, “expect today.” He smiled at her, seeing her curious eyes. “You’re important to me, and so are they. I couldn’t take the meeting going wrong and risking either relationship.”

“You’re adorable.” She said.

He frowned. Adorable?

“Everyone likes me.” She added. It was a fact.

He scoffed.

“What?” She asked. “You think I’m full of myself, don’t you?”

“Well...” He shrugged.

She took the suds from the water and threw them at him. He was quick and moved out of the way. Kholwa’s hand went to her mouth as she suppressed laughing when she realised that she hit Sonke in the face. August also turned, but couldn’t conceal his laughter like her.

Sonke slowly wiped the suds from his face, giving the couple a disapproving look. Kholwa looked at him apologetically. Sonke just left the kitchen without saying anything., disappearing from the couple’s sight

“You’re so rude.” She giggled.

“That was funny.” August was still laughing. “He’ll be fine.”

“Let’s go on a date after this,” she said. It was finally time for him to know. Waiting longer would only break his heart more. He deserved better. If anything, it would be better if this was their last date, so that he could move on and meet someone better.

August grinned, “Will you be wearing that?”

She raised her brows. August knew that meant, “Not a chance.”

“Please. You don’t know how good my clothes look on you.”

She scoffed. “Mzamo brought me clothes. Can’t let those go to waste, now can we?” She turned, about to finish washing the dishes, but August’s secure arms wrapped around her tiny frame. She smiled, hoping that he couldn’t hear her crazy fast heartbeat.

“Ah, Khokho. It’s just for today.”

“Why do you have to be so big?” She felt secure in his embrace. She wanted it to last. “Will I keep it if I wear it?”

“Losing my t-shirt to you doesn’t sound like a bad idea.” Losing anything to her didn’t sound like a bad idea.

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