She Who Stole His Heart

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Chapter 32

Mzamo put the flowers on the grave and then stood back. He looked at it, sadly smiling.

Kholwa Dludla

12 June 1995 – 29 April 2019

“Hi, Beautiful. Can’t believe it’s been a year already. Are you happy?” He looked at the grave as if he was listening to its reply. He took in a deep breath. “Remember I told you that I finally went back to my father’s company? I just got promoted to Team Leader. People keep on saying it’s because I am the CEO’s son,” he chuckled. “It is though. I don’t care what they say anyways, I’m still in a higher position than them.” He started laughing. He laughed so much that he ended up kneeling in front of the grave. He looked at the stone again and closed his eyes, knowing that tears were going to follow.

“Kholwa,” he allowed the tears to fall as he fisted his hands. So much happened to her, and she couldn’t even love properly. Why was Fate so cruel? “I’m so sorry you had to go like that. I couldn’t protect you until the very end. Dammit,” he angrily wiped his tears away and then stood up, “I promised I wouldn’t cry like I did at your funeral again.

“I just want you by my side again, is that too much to ask?”


He turned to the source of the voice. August was walking towards him. “I see you’re doing better.”

Mzamo scoffed. He looked away from the designer, “You gained a bit of weight.”

“I’m two dress sizes bigger,” August put the flowers next to the ones that Mzamo brought, “everyone is saying I should go on a diet now. Hi Kholwa,” he smiled.

“You should.”

August chuckled. Mzamo looked at him, he also ended up laughing. It felt better to be there together instead of alone. At least he could finally laugh.

“I saw you on the news,” Mzamo said after a moment of silence, “you even named it after her.”

August nodded, “Yeah.”

“It’s nice. I’m sure she’d love it.”

Another round of silence.

“I think that’s enough for me,” Mzamo stared at the sky. It was clear. Kholwa must have been happy to see them getting along. “It was not the worst seeing you again. I’ll take my leave then.”

August watched him leave. The leaves started falling around him as the wind blew. “Wait, Mzamo,” Mzamo stopped and turned around, “can you wait a bit? We can go for coffee later.”

Mzamo thoughtfully looked at him and then nodded. “Sure,” he smiled, although it was not big, “and you can call me Zamo.”

“Okay,” August grinned, “wait for me…Zamo.”

Mzamo chuckled and then turned around to leave.

What a cute kid.


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