She Who Stole His Heart

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Chapter 4

August was an idiot.

That much he was sure of. Sonke told him to stop looking for Kholwa. His other roommate, Rob, even intervened, telling him that she did not deserve him. Even his agent knew that he had a crush on the pretty girl who had rejected him so cruelly. Yet, as much as he knew how bad she was for him, he still couldn’t get her out of his mind.

Her smile.

Her laugh.

Her kisses…

Maybe he was just horny. Why else would he be thinking of a girl all the time? A girl that he only met twice too.

By the time he realised how much of an idiot he was, he was already inside the bar again. He knew that he should have turned back. He should have erased whatever hope he had to see her and just skip back to his apartment and go cry in his corner once more. But he kept on walking. He walked until he was sitting at the bar again.

He was glad when he did not see her friend. That meant that at least there was one less problem for him to worry about.

He started to notice whispers. Whispers that he was too familiar with. He sighed. Maybe he shouldn’t have gone to the bar that day. He tried to ignore them, but when he felt the excited tap on his shoulder, he forced a smile.

“It is you! You’re August, right? The fashion designer,” a girl squealed, causing the noise to grow in the bar. He could hear the whispers about him. “Oh my gosh! Can I take a picture with you?”

He couldn’t say no, but if he said yes, everyone would want a picture.

“Yeah. Sure.” Why the freaking hell not?

The girl squealed and so did her friend. The one girl walked to stand beside him and smiled as the other girl took the picture. The dreadful line of fans started to form behind the girls and he mentally groaned. He should have just…

He saw her, Kholwa. She had her handbag clutched in her hands as she rushed out.

He apologised to his fans before rushing to chase after her. He was sure that he had seen her.

When he got outside, he was instead greeted by Mzamo, her mighty friend.

“Why are you here again?” Mzamo asked, his tone note as threatening as he had expected.

“That’s none of your business.”

Mzamo glared, “It is if it involves Kholwa. I’m saying this for the last time. Leave her be or we will file a restraining order. See how much your fans will continue loving you when they find out that you’re busy stalking an innocent woman.”

“I’m not stalking her,” August defended.

“I didn’t ask for the details.”

It’s been another few days. August went to the bar a few more times, but she never returned. Mzamo always saw him, but he never said anything, as if he knew that she wouldn’t coming back.

He was out taking a walk after being depressed for the last few days. He scoffed, kicking the air along the way. Why was he so needy?

Why did the girl fascinate him so much? He looked up again and softly smiled when he saw a cute coffee shop. He decided to go in. He needed a cup of coffee after the non-existent sleep he was getting for the past few days.

He ordered a medium latte and then went to sit at the table that was the most hidden from the eyes of the people. He really needed to re-evaluate his life choices seeing that a girl was making him stray so much from his responsibilities. He had to remember why he started designing in the first place, and stop thinking about a girl who was not even considerate enough to give him her number.

He looked up and was shocked to see Kholwa, sitting on the other side of the coffee shop, right by the window. She was smiling, staring at the streets. He watched her for a while, forgetting his life evaluation.

She had cut her hair and dyed it a dark blonde. The colour looked beautiful on her. If anything, it reminded him of his own blonde locs, though his roots were starting to be noticeably overgrown. The sun shone on her melanated skin, highlighting all of her beautiful features.

He wanted her in his life.

So without much thought, he stood up and took his latte with him.

He put it down first and then sat on the table next to hers. He did not say anything. He did not know what to say.

She sipped her drink, closing her eyes as the warm liquid slid down her tongue.

His eyes stayed on the light freckles which were highlighted by the bright rays of the sun. He’s never seen them before. He liked them. He liked her.

“August,” she calmly said as she turned towards him, opening her eyes to softly smile at him. She giggled at his shock. “I could smell your cologne.”

“I…thought you didn’t like me,” he said.

“I never said that.” She softly said, holding the drink between her hands, loving the warmth it provided her.

“I’m not stalking you by the way!” He quickly said, remembering how her friend had threatened him the last time.

She smiled. “I know.”

August was not one to believe in fate, but seeing how even when she ran away he managed to find her, maybe they were destined for each other. Maybe they were supposed to be in each other’s lives.

He smiled, happy that he finally got the chance to meet her again and calm his aching heart. She was by his side once more, and that time he was going to make sure that he stayed by her side.

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