She Who Stole His Heart

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Chapter 9

A trip to the amusement park, the zoo, the botanical gardens. Going to a restaurant. Watching a movie. Going to an art museum. Watching animals give birth. Anything sounded better than what Kholwa had in mind.

August was shaking in his seat as he watched the ground get higher and higher. The instructor behind him was too calm as he kept on repeating words of encouragement. Kholwa was still awestruck by everything that the instructors had told them before they boarded the plane.

“August,” that cute voice again. He looked up and stared at her excited eyes. “Thank you for coming with me.” She smiled, not realising what that did to his heart. That beautiful smile of hers. She took his hand and he felt her warmth calm him down. “You’re okay, right?”

“Of course.” He wasn’t. He wanted to take a nap.

“Great. It’s almost time for us to jump.”

August’s eyes widened as he turned to the window. He watched as Kholwa went to the now open door with her instructor. She looked at him, grinned, and then they disappeared, her excited screams following.

It was his turn. He took in a deep breath and then allowed his instructor to guide him. He would be fine. He would be...and then they were dropping. He screamed like he was about to lose all of his life’s work. He screamed, forgetting about his dignity and how much of a macho man he was supposed to be.

He just wanted to survive.

But then, a tight hold on his hands caused him to stop and open his eyes. He stared into her bright eyes, smiling at him and instantly making him calm down.

She said something, but it was hard for him to hear.

She squeezed his hands one more time and then let go, leaving him wishing he would have held on tighter. Their parachute was out and they were peacefully falling. Almost a second later, his instructor also released their parachute and they started floating to the bottom.

When he looked for Kholwa, he saw her animatedly talking with her instructor. She seemed so happy.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” The instructor asked, talking about the view from the top.

“She is.” He smiled, staring at the beautiful girl who stole his heart.

He then stared at the growing ground, smiling at the view.

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