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Stolen Love: Lucia's Story (Unedited)

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Stolen Love is Book 2 in the Love series. Book 1 is Unforgettable Love: Sebastian and Ximena. Recommend reading in order. >Falling in love is easy. Falling in love with your best friend is complicated. Sacrificing your love can twist and distort who you are. What can you do when your choice will end a life? Choosing life is the only real option, or is it? Can Lucia survive in a world without the only person she has ever loved? ! Warning! This book has mature content, which includes explicit language, Sex, abuse, and violence. I will not be putting warnings on every chapter. I will try to put warnings on chapters with extreme scenes.

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 The Story of Lucia.

Luciana Maria Savellini was born with a predetermined fate. A fate that she would not have chosen for herself. Luciana was not born of love, no she was born out of deceit and jealousy. The circumstance of her birth had cursed her. The sins of her mother were to one day severely alter her. Luciana was going to one-day repeat history. Just as her mother had taken love from others out of her jealousy, she too would try to steal the love that she couldn’t have. Luciana was not born corrupt but the circumstances that her family forced on her would one day break her and she would become the person she swore to never be.

Luciana’s story begins with her discovery of love. In her entire life, she had never experienced love at least that’s what she thought. Her mother was killed at the hands of her father when she was too young to remember the events. She never knew the love of her mother and she also never knew the love of her father. Her father did love her in his way, but it wasn’t quite how a father should love their child. He loved her as a future asset. He made sure that she never wanted or needed anything. You could say he spoiled her, but all that he gave came with conditions. He made sure that she had the best education because he would use her mind to his advantage later and he made sure that she was trained many skills all with the future in mind. Luciana knew what her father’s intentions were for her at a young age. She was to be used as a bargaining chip, as a means to infiltrate and take over another family.

Knowing her fate she distanced herself from others. She lived in isolation not wanting to get attached to anything or anyone. But there was one person that no matter how hard she tried she could never get rid of. You could say he was a childhood friend of sorts. No, they didn’t get to laugh and play and grow up together as usual friends would. They were raised in the same household. They both had their issues. Hers being her motherless existence and a father that treated her like an object. His is that he was a fatherless boy being raised by a servant, or you might even say, slave. His mother was sold to the Savellini family at a young age by her family to pay a debt to the Savellini’s.

Luciana and Sebastian grew up sharing the same teachers and instructors. While Luciana had the advantage of earning credit and certification for the classes and training, Sebastian did not. Sebastian was born on the Savellini property, other than a mysterious certificate of birth, he didn't exist. When Sebastian turned 15 his homeschooling with Luciana ended and his training as a soldier to the family began, he was one of many boys that lived on the property and were beginning their service to the Savellini’s. At the time Luciana was 11 years old when Sebastian stopped attending their homeschooling sessions. Sebastian was the only other child that lived in the main house, besides Luciana. Neither Sebastian nor Luciana ever found that fact odd or cause for questioning. They were simply grateful not to be completely alone. Neither of them was ever able to express their feelings. Sebastian was silent and stoic while Luciana was shy. The feelings they had for one another were purely platonic.

When Sebastian began his service, he moved out of the main house and into the Dorms on the property. Luciana was left to roam the house alone until the day came for her to be sent to private school. Luciana was 15 years old when her father sent her to private school. By this time Sebastian had surpassed all his fellow soldiers and had moved up the ranks earning him the job of being Luciana’s bodyguard. Once again Luciana and Sebastian were companions. While Luciana shed her shyness as she was finally able to interact with her peers, Sebastian became more closed off. They had an unspoken understanding of one another, and she relied on him and he protected her not because it was his duty but because to him it was the only noble job that Luciana’s father had given him. In the past 4 years while Luciana continued her homeschooling Sebastian was singled out by Luciano (Luciana’s father) to do all the toughest jobs. These jobs made him realize that he had been groomed his whole life to be a murderer. Sebastian did not understand what his decision to live in service to the Savellini family meant, but now he did. Sebastian kept himself from becoming a monster with the simple interactions he had with Luciana. Luciana was like the sibling that he never had and he wanted to be able to still feel like he was worthy of her so he did his job but he never indulged in the violence like his peers did he never participated in the brutal acts that the others forced on women. Luciana was his moral compass. When he was unsure of whether he was falling in too deep he would ask himself would he be okay if Luciana saw him doing it or would he want Luciana to experience what they wanted him to do to women.

As Luciana neared her graduation from high school she wished more and more for a normal life. A life that had nothing to do with the Mafia Family she was raised in. She thought to herself if she didn’t get the chance to experience normal now then she never would. So, with this thought in mind, she made a deal with her father. Most of their interactions had been negotiations. She was a stubborn girl and on occasion, she would defy her father and there were consequences every time. Her father began to think that she wouldn’t bend to his will for very much longer and this would not do. He took advantage of her desire to live a normal life. He made a deal with her. A deal that she would have four years of college to be whomever she wanted to be but when her four years were up, she would return and she would be grateful to him for letting her go. She would repay him by doing as he desired without any defiance. So Luciana made a deal with the devil unaware of what the consequences of that deal would be. She had thought to herself that these four years would sustain her when she was living a life of his choosing. That the four years of normal would be enough for her to maintain her sanity when she finally fulfilled her duty as a Savellini. The only condition that her father had made was that while she was away Sebastian would remain her body guard.

So begins Luciana and Sebastian’s discovery of love.

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