The Follow-Up (The Act Duology, Book 2)

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It's been a year since Avery struck a deal with Seattle's most eligible bachelor. It's been a year since he uttered the words she was nowhere near ready to hear. It's also been a year since he asked her a question she didn't expect to be asked. Finally feeling as though she's in a safe and happy situation, what happens when that comes to a screeching halt as the pretty doctor's past catches up to her? Will Damien and Avery survive their first year as a married couple or will everything come crashing down?

Romance / Erotica
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I let out a hum of satisfaction as I stepped into the shower. Tilting my head back, I allowed the warm water to flow through my shoulder length curls and down my back. Turning around, I placed my hands under the water–allowing it to fall through my fingertips before running my hands over my face and allowing the water to sooth the muscles in my face.

Images of the past week pop into my mind–memories of nerves floating around in my stomach until the point of nausea, dancing and laughter fill my thoughts. I gnaw at the inside of my cheek as I hold my hand out in front of me, studying the shimmering cushion cut engagement ring that sat on my left ring finger. More importantly, I studied the wedding band that now accompanied it. I studied the ring so intently–afraid if I blinked it would disappear–that I didn’t hear the shower door opening. I let out a gasp as a pair of strong arms wrapped around my waist.

“It’s not going to disappear, you know,” A smooth tenor voice purred, pressing a kiss to the space just below my ear.

“I know,” I state, melting into the embrace. “Every now and then, I have to look at it–make sure it’s real.”

“Trust me, Love,” Damien purred in my ear once again, activating the all too familiar tug in my core. “It’s real.”

Turning around in his arms, I rolled onto the balls of my feet and press my lips to his. This is how it’s been for the past week. Ever since the wedding, whenever we are in the same room, we can’t seem to keep our hands off each other. Whether that means, innocent arm strokes while watching T.V, stolen kisses while cooking dinner, or full-on love making in the pool.

I let out a moan as Damien nips at my bottom lip with his teeth. Draping my arms over his shoulders, I break the kiss and rest my forehead against his. “You married me.”

“Technically,” Damien whispered against my lips. “You married me.”

“And I’d do it again.” I brought my lips back to his as he hooked his arms underneath my legs. I wrapped the firmly around his torso as he ventured further into the rather large shower.

Pressing me gently against the nearest wall, Damien detached his lips from mine before placing them on my neck. My eyes flutter closed, my jaw dropping slightly as he sucks and nips at the skin there.

Reaching between us, Damien applies pressure to the bundle of nerves at the apex of my thighs. A loud gasp escapes my lips as a shock traveled up my spine. I bite down on my lip, biting back the loud moans threatening surface as I squirm under Damien’s touch.

“Come on, Love,” Damien says in my ear, applying more pressure and speeding up his movements as I grip onto his shoulder. My breathing turns into panting as the pleasure courses through my body. Soon, I start to feel my legs start to tremble.

“Damien,” I moan as my orgasm barrels into me. My back arches off the wall as a loud moan echoes off the shower walls. Damien hooks his arms under my legs once again, supporting my weight as my body falls limp against him.

I hear him chuckle in my ear as I pant, “Your turn.”

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