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In this series I am going to tweak the cliched tale to give you a new story. Don't want to say much... just it's a story if an arranged marriage goes totally wrong where the groom jilts the bride at the altar ... then.....well....well.. Well... and you thought she'd take it lying down?....naaaaah! Catch Corbin Carrington and Linnet Erishman wage a full feldged media battle over the the jilt..and the jilted bride gives as good as she gets. Lies and truth mix together to create complete chaos...the Linnet Chaos. To save himself from this chaos, Corbin desperately needs to talk to Linnet and know the truth but she disappears completely from the face if the world... Corbin needs to find her and get her back.

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1. It all began with a kiss

That was the worst date one could have. It was worse than the worst nightmare and what was even more worse was that next day it was out in the newspapers ... first page anchor story. Linnet Erisman did not know where to hide her face because the newspaper painted her like a slutty vamp... okay fine she had forcibly kissed Corbin Carrington and no, she did not know who he was nor was she introduced to him. Even if she was introduced it wouldn't have made a difference because Corbin's girlfriend superhot page 3 diva Priscilla Dragner kissed Linnet's boyfriend Oliver Gibbs and to get even with her Linnet had kissed hers. But damn....What happened after that was very messy and a complete public spectacle...and no...this was not kindergarten childen in action. Linnet was 21 for heaven's sake.

Anyways all this would have been fine...Linnet could take the shit as nobody really knew she was an Erisman but the newspapers mistook her more prominent, socialite sister Lillete Erisman to be her and that deepened the scandal because Lillete had a fiance, Reyson Howard. He was the scion of the famed Howard group and Reyson did not take this kindly at all. Presently he is so angry that he is not taking her calls. Lillete was clueless how her name was dragged into it and was crying rivers wetting everyone's heart and soul in the house. So, then Linnet, lil Lin to everyone at home had to own up.

" Okay, fine...it was me not her?" She confessed.

" WHAT!" Was her unified exclamation," YOU?"

"It was not my fault...ummm..well not entirely."

" What do you mean it was not your fault. You kissed someone else's boyfriend," told her mother angrily.

"And not just any boyfriend...you kissed THE Corbin Carrington," said Lillete.

" What is so THE about him? I did not even find him attractive."

Lillete narrowed her eyes and looked at Linnet. " No one finds Corbin Carrington unattractive."

" okay fine...he was hot. But then I was not really attracted towards him...I mean... ewww...no..and anyway, I did not know he was THE Corbin Carringtion. "

" Don't diss him like that. He was voted the hottest guy on earth by the hottest newspaper." Said Lillete and then looked at her wide eyed and said," and you kissed him and everyone thinks it was me... even Reyson," fresh batch of tears rolled out from her cheeks.

" Chill...chill...chill sis...I'll tell you what happened."

She told Lillete what exactly happened. In spite of being very different Lillete and Linnet were very close. Lillete heard everything and hugged her and cried some more. Then in between her tears she sobbed, "Linnet I feel so sorry for you. Who could have thought your boyfriend Oliver Gibbs is such an asshole and a complete jerk. We did not know you were dating him."

Linnet's eyes welled up. She thought he loved her. But wgat a fool she was. But now more importantly she had to save her sister.

" Now what am I going to do about Reyson. Reyson thinks it was me and thinks I have cheated on him. He is not even prepared to talk to me. How could he believe this when we have been together for give years now. He said, I couldn't resist Corbin... can you imagine?"

Linnet bit her lips as she eyed her sister. Lillete was three years older to her and a socialite and had a reputation to keep. Linnet was media shy...hated going to parties....she did not socialise. No, one in the upper echelon social circuit knew she existed. Perhaps that was the reason for the mix up. But be couldn't let her sister's reputation go like this. She called up Reyson first. Reyson did not have her number so, he pivjed up her phone after the third ring.

" Reyson Howard? You idiot! How could you think your girlfriend of five years could cheat on you?"

" Who is this?"

" Linnet "

" Linnet, if Lillete has put you on this. Let me tell you I am not interested. I can't believe she went on a date with someone like Oliver Gibbs."

" She didn't "

" And kiss Corbin."

" She didn't. I did."
" I feel so wron...what !"

" Yes. She did not go on a date with Oliver.I did. I was seeing him...i thought we were together abd it was me who kissed Cobin Carrington. The media mistook her for me."

" What!...oh my god...what have I done...how is she? "

" She has been crying all morning."

" I am coming over."

" Come with chocolates. It will help."

"Yes... help you to grow fat because you are going to polish them off. But Linny I can't believe you of all people kissing Corbin. You never looked like a desperate, throwing oneself on men type. "

"It's a long story. I'll tell you when you come and bring sone extra chocolates and snackies it is help me spill the tea."

" Really. Okay I am coming. But how was it to kiss Corbin Carrington."

" How would it be to kiss someone who does not kiss you back? Besides it was clinical."

" Ouch! He didn't kiss you back?"

" Yeah! First time he didn't. "

" What! You kissed him twice!"
" No. Second time he kissed. It seemed like lips would fall off. I think he was trying to teach me a lesson for trying to kiss him."

" Geez..Thank god..there was no third time."

Linnet did not answer. Of course there was a third time which Linnet did not want to talk about. That kiss made her realise Cobin Carrington was a good kisser .... really good....kind of mind blowing. But then.....

Her silence totally stunned Reyson. " What! there was? You were in kissing spree, were you?"

" I need to go," said Linnet and the line went dead.

Reydon shook his head. He knew Lillete would be angry and he would have to do a lot to turn her around. Damn.. he shouldn't have believed the papers. But he was also intrigued by what Linnet had to say.

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