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Curiously In Love

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"I can do this! I need to interview Mr. Christopher Davis; this is the highlight of my career." Katherine Scott has been the best editor-in-chief and she will mark the highlight of her career once she meet Mr. Christopher Davis; a successful, charismatic business man.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

I immediately push the down button of the elevator, anticipating that it will go faster. I looked at my wrist watch and it was already 8:45 am in the morning. I need to hurry; but unfortunately the elevator is not on my side right now. When the door open on board was the old lady Georgina from the 7th floor. She just smiled at me; I pressed the ground floor button.

“Are you going to work?” She asked,

“Yes!” I replied with a smile on my lips.

“It is a nice weather outside; I do hope it will stay that way.” She replied.

I just observed her and based on her attire looks like she will be taking a walk somewhere maybe the park or to the church. I envy her; I practically can’t do that. I have to go to work in a freaking tight schedule. At that moment the elevator door opened and I rapidly went out.

“Have a nice day!” I said to Mrs. Georgina.

I got out of the apartment building and right there a taxi was waiting for me.

“Please take me to the 23rd street” I said to the driver

“Right on it ma’am” He replied and started to drive.

I have been almost 5 years since I started to work for perspective magazine, after I graduated at Columbia University. I landed a job at Seattle for a business magazine. Within only 3 years of service I have been promoted to editor-in-chief.

I step out of the taxi and pay the driver; I hurriedly walked to the building and into the elevator; luckily it was fully functional. As the elevator moved upward to the 21st floor, I fix my hair. When the door opened I was surprise to see my colleagues running frantically all over the room.

“At last you have arrived” Jeremy approaches me. He is one of my writers.

“What is happening?” I asked him

“Phil has been shouting all day long inside his office and everyone is practically in a panic.” He replied to me.

“What is Phil’s reason for shouting like that?” I asked while pulling my coat.

“Well the new template for the magazine was a disaster and he has been so upset for none of our creative artist has created a back-up template.” Jeremy explained

“That is a bummer, isn’t Patrick in charge of the templates?” I asked.

When suddenly “Katherine!” a shout coming from Phil’s office echoed. He was looking at me.

“Coming” I replied and given an eye contact sign to Jeremy.

I entered Phil’s office; he was sitting on his chair with his frowned face all over.

“Please tell me the template for the next issue is good?” He let out a deep sigh.

“Yes! I already asked Patrick to do revision on it and if in case it will not work we could just use our original template to run the issue next week.” I replied to him.

“Goddamit; why does this keep happening to me when I plan to release a good issue?” Phil uttered then he stood on his chair and gazed on his window. “I hate it when things hit the fan at a time like this.” He said angrily.

“Come on Sir it is not your fault I mean all good magazine have this kinds of flaws and the only solution to this is to learn from our mistake.” I replied to him with confidence. I mean this is not the first time hell hits the fan in our magazine, I mean we have encountered couple of problems and we resolve it.

“I don’t know what I will do without you Katherine.” Phil turned around and said it to me.

“Thank you, but compliments don’t work on me Phil you know this.” I replied to him.

“It is true! After all you have been this company’s greatest asset.” He replied to me with a smile.

“Well it that being said and done; I will go back now to my office.” I said

“Wait a moment Katharine” He said and then I stopped from standing up from my chair.

“You see our magazine will be issuing its 50th issue and we --- I mean the board members and I have decided to interview a man.” Phil then looked at me seriously.

“Okay! Who is this man?” I asked out of curiosity.

“It will be Mr. Christopher Davis” He replied to me.

I just start to process my thoughts with what he said. “Christopher Davis; you mean the president of Davis Industry.” I asked to him.

“Yes! He gladly accepted our offer of interview and to be featured in our magazine.” Phil said to me.

“Well that is big news, I am glad he graces us with his presence. When will be the interview?” I asked seemingly from Phil.

“It will start next week, and then the 50th issue of our magazine will be out next month.” He replied to my question.

“That is great, I think we need to schedule and prepare the writers to cover his interview.” I replied to Phil. But at that moment he just stood silent and from that moment I knew something is up. “Phil, what is it you want to tell me?” I asked.

Phil let out a short sigh then sat on the chair beside me. “Well I chose you to do the interview.” He utter.

I slowly started to process what he said, he want me to interview Christopher Davis. One of the most eligible bachelors in Seattle. And it will all start next week up until June. Then it hit me June I will be my sister’s wedding and I need to go back to Georgia for that.

“Oh! No!” I replied to Phil

“I know you have already filled a leave for next week but I need you t do this Katherine.” He said to me.

“God damit Phil you knew I need to be there at the wedding and yet you still give me works.” I frustratedly replied to him.

“I know you could call me an asshole, a dick bag or a shit but please do this interview for me.” He is practically begging at this moment.

“Sigh! Even if I refuse you will still insist this on me.” I asked of him.

“Yes! Please Katherine after the interview I will do all the rest of the article.” He said to me with a bargaining end point.

“Fine! freaking jerk” I replied to Phil.

Phil then kneels and kissed my hands. “Oh! Thank you Katherine you are a savior no a goddess.” He said dramatically.

How could refuse an opportunity; I mean interviewing the man that everybody talks about. It will be a opportunity of a life time. But first I need to make emends; I mean I could miss my sister’s wedding because of this. I need an option for this and fast.

I could not remember the time I have went home to Georgia; I mean yes I do there for occasions but really stay there was out of the question. Mom and Dad happy with what happen to me and to my sister but I think the favor my sister more for she stayed there and become a good daughter. I am a good daughter it is just that I have ambitions; ambitions I think I will not find in Georgia.

I came late in my apartment, I walk inside my flat and went to the kitchen. I have a leftover chicken casserole in the fridge. I just took it out and put it in the microwave. I got my hand with a half bottle of white wine. I help myself with it. At that moment my phone rang; when I looked at the caller ID it was Jamie my sister.

“Hello!” I answered

“At last you answer your phone; I have been trying to contact you for ages.” Jaime was furious over the phone.

“Sorry! We have an emergency at work.” I replied to her.

“I hope you are ready for next week you need to drive here at Georgia a week earlier for my wedding.” She reminded me again about this.

I just kept my silent over the line; thinking of what to tell her. I know this is important but my work is important too.

“Well, Mom is dying to see you.” She replied to me

“You see, there has been a slight change with my schedule.” I said to her.

“What? Please don’t tell me you are not planning to boycott my wedding Kate.” She angrily replied.

“No! I just need to finish some work here and my plan to there will be delay a little day off that’s all.” I panic and replied to her.

“You better come here Katherine or I swear to God I will go to Seattle and pull you down here.” Jaime was practically threatening me.

“Yes! Do not worry I will come just set your mind on the preparation and I will go home as soon it is finish.” I assured her in that sense; I mean this is my sister’s wedding for Pete sake.

“Glad to hear that; see you in a couple of days.” Jaime said then hangs up the phone.

At the moment I want to disappear at the place I am standing; how could I pull this off an interview on the right hand and a wedding on my left hand? I don’t want to choose both of these are important to me.

My sister will only get married once in her life, Jamie is engaged to Brent for more than 7 years and I think that it is already time for them to walk down the aisle. I have seen the good and the bad side of their relationship and if your will ask me they do suit each other. Brent is a respectable accountant in Georgia, while Jaime runs our family business.

On the other hand I am torn to do the interview; this will be the highlight of my career. I mean doing a featured interview with Mr. Christopher Davis is an honor and at the same time a privilege. Everybody will be surprise to hear that I have this kind of opportunity.

God! What should I do in this situation?

How could I make this work?

Should I choose?

The next day, our monthly issue has been release right on time. After all the crazy fiasco about the content and the template at last it is printed and now out. One thing we need now is to boost up sales. I walked straight right to my office and started to work on my computer. I need to do some research on Mr. Christopher Davis, I mean we will be going a feature on him but of course I could not ask to much private question about his life. We are a business magazine after all and not a tabloid.

Suddenly a knock came about my door and to my surprise it was Patrick.

“Good morning Katherine” He greeted me.

“Good morning, it is rare for you to visit me in my office Patrick.” I replied to him.

“Well I would like to say thank you for helping me with the whole template issue; you are a real savior.” He said to me.

“Don’t worry; I am just doing my job.” I replied to him then smiled.

Patrick is a great guy; he is good in computer and template design. Even if sometime he could be a major clutz, he could do the job well.

“If it is alright with you, would you like to have a drink with me tonight as thanks?” He asked.

I looked at him and paused for a moment, I mean that would be a great idea but I am reluctant. The last time I was out on a drinking spree was when my ex-boyfriend broke up with me for some woman. I don’t’ want to reject Patrick but I do not have a choice. I should settle for the next best thing.

“A drink would be nice, but I have worked to do.” I replied to him. He made a disappointed face. “But if it is free lunch I would not say no to that.” I said to him in consolation.

He smiled at me “that would be nice, so see you later?” He said.

“Yeah! See you later.” I replied.

He then walked out of my office; I suddenly felt a worrisome taught in my head. I remember my ex-boyfriend. That asshole was already made me in a bad mood. I could not say I am not good in relationship, but I have my fair share of experiences with men. I dated some and they all come and go in my life.

Jack is one of the many; I loved him there is no argue with that but I love my job more. We dated for the last 8 months and it was nice. Until he decided to go on a work in New York, who am I to stop him. So we have a long distance relationship, when I decide to follow him in New York to my surprise. He was sleeping with another woman.

That asshole! If I ever see him again I swear to God I will freaking kill him.

In the afternoon; Me, Phil and the other rest of the staff had a brain storming meeting in the conference room. Phil introduces the idea of making a featured interview on Mr. Davis and everybody like it.

“What will be our opening phrase for Mr. Davis?” Phil asked everybody.

Everyone got caught and pull a silent move on Phil. Well it is hard to formulate a phrase for him. I could feel that staff doesn’t want to make a mistake in this one.

“How about Curiously Mr. Davis” I said to them.

“And why that?” Phil asked me.

I swallowed then stood on my chair then wrote on the white board Christopher Davis.

“Christopher Davis is one of the most successful men in the business world. His company owns the several varieties of selling commodities in the market. Transport, communication, structure and more. Name it he has it; so we need to build the tension between him and the people who are dying to know him in person.” I replied to them. “If we put up this title we give our readers the gratification of asking what is it really that they want to know about Mr. Davis.” I added.

Phil clapped his hands “great idea Katherine! You never fail to amaze me.” He complimented me.

“I want everybody to do their research about him, anything that we could use to highlight Mr. Davis business and at the same time his personal characteristic out of the business.” I said to them. “We need to make him more irresistible to our readers; is that clear?” I asked.

They all nod their heads. “Meeting adjourns” I said to them.

I need to make this issue in the top of our most selling issues. By all means necessary I will make sure that we will get the deepest aspect of Mr. Christopher Davis.

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