Curiously In Love

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Chapter 10

That was an expected matter, Christopher and I had our first date and we happen to meet his mother on the same day.

“So who this lovely woman?” she asked and looked at me.

I smiled and stood “Hello! Ma’am” I greeted her and reach for her hands.

“Yes! Hello, Christopher how rude of you please let us introduce each other” She said

“Well! Katherine this is Mrs. Kristina Davis my mother” He introduce

“Nice to meet you Mrs. Davis” I said

“Mother this is Katherine Scott my girlfriend”

I widen my eyes when Christopher tell her mother such a thing, but I realize that what better to call me that. I mean technically Christopher and I are in such relationship.

“Oh my! My son finally introduce a lady” Mrs. Davis said

“Mother please do not say that” Christopher said to his mother.

“Please to meet you Katherine, please do call me Kristina rather than Mrs. Davis” She said

“I think that is inappropriate ma’am” I said

“No! it is not as my son girlfriend you are already family” she said

“Mother please do not pressure Katherine” Christopher said

Christopher was panicking and it was fun to watch, he really does try to make things under his control.

“If you insist then I will not be shy Mrs. Kristina” I said to her

She let out a smile to me, “what a lovely lady you are” she replied

“Mother I do think people are waiting for you” Christopher replied

“Oh! Yes! I better be going, we should meet again Katherine” Mrs. Davis said

“Sure, I would love that” I replied

“See you soon” She replied and moved along.

I looked at Christopher and grin at him.

“Do not smile at me like that Katherine” He said to me

“I am not smiling” I replied

“We better leave” He said

“Why?” I asked

“My mother is a very persistent woman, and getting involved with her is not a good idea” He replied

“Hmm, well you announced to her I am your girlfriend so you should expect that” I replied

He looked at me intently and said “That is the truth isn’t it?”

I looked at him and smiled.

I do not want to further know why I felt happiness with what he said. I mean me are dating for sure and with benefits but putting a label to it is very different in many ways.

I went to work with that in mind; even though Christopher told me not to think about so much about his mother. It still lingered in my mind. I mean he introduces me to her and should I expect something more out of it.


When I looked back it was Jake behind my tails.

“Yes, anything I could do for you Mr. Reed?” I asked him

“I have here the photo” He said

“Thank you then, I will review the photos” I said to him without looking.

Before I could reach my hand to the flash drive, Jake moved his hands and averted it.

“Mr. Reed” I said with a serious tone

“Tell me that you are not serious with him” He said

“With whom?” I asked

“With Christopher Davis” Jake said

“It is not your concern Mr. Reed, my relationship with Mr. Davis is confidential” I said

I snatch the flash drive from his hand and looked away.

I do not what to tell Jake anything relating to me with Christopher. Mixing my past and my present is something I should not trifled with. A much as possible Jake meeting with Christopher should never happen.

The day at work ended with a breeze, I was planning to spend some time alone at home. I went out of the building.


A woman voice called me and when I turned my head, I widen my eyes when I say Mrs. Katrina Davis.

“Ah! Mrs. Davis” I said

“So you really work here” She said

“What are you doing here? I mean” I said

“Well, you are my son’s girlfriend and I want to know you more” She said

I felt nervousness in my heart, I felt worried for I am getting pulled right now to a situation I do not like right now.

Mrs. Katrina Davis persuaded me to come with her. She instructed her driver to bring us to an Italian restaurant.

“What would like to order madam?” The waiter asked

“What would you like Katherine?” She said

“Anything would be fine” I replied

“Then how about two lasagna and some herbs ice tea” She said

“Nice choice madam” The waiter said and left.

When the waiter left, I could feel the awkwardness between the two of us. Well this is not the first time I mean the parents of the man I date; but this time it felt different for this woman in front of me is not an ordinary one.

“So how did you and Chris meet?” Mrs. Davis said

“We meet because of work; I mean I interviewed him for our magazine anniversary and from then on we got acquainted more than expected.” I replied

“Really well it is rare for Chris to be deeply acquainted with someone especially he is a genuine workaholic” Mrs. Davis said

“Mrs. Davis if I could ask…” I said

“Come now dear please do call me Katrina” She said

“I mean Katrina, why did you really seek me out?” I asked

“Well as I have told you earlier I want to know that woman who had capture my son” She replied

I just averted my eyes with what she said; I mean why she would go this length just to meet me. I felt intrigue and curious, did Christopher even consider his past relationship meet his parents.

“To tell you the truth dear, this is the first time Christopher introduces me to a woman and considers it a companion.” She said

I was surprised with Katrina’s statement, I mean so I am the first woman that Christopher considers as a real lover.


I looked at my phone and to my surprise it was Christopher.

“Is Chris calling you?” She asked

“Yes!” I replied hastily

“You better answer that it might be important” She said

“Excuse me” I replied and pick up the call

“Where are you” Christopher said over the phone

“Christopher actually I am…” I hesitated to tell him where I am

“Katherine Scott you better be somewhere I know” He angrily said

“I am here at a restaurant with someone” I replied

“With who?” He asked

I looked at Katrina and she just smiled “with your mother” I replied

Christopher didn’t reply ahead of time, I know he is already thinking of many ways to come here.

“We are just chatting so just call me later” I replied

“No! Tell me exactly where is this restaurant and I will go there” He replied

I don’t know what to think of this matter, I mean Christopher already insisted that his mother is a persistent woman and meddling with her will have certain effects but after she told me that I am the first woman Christopher ever introduces to her I felt more compel to introduce myself to her properly.

Time has passed and Christopher came has he said.

“Oh! Chris” Katrina greeted him

“Mother” he smiled and gave her a kiss on the forehead

He then looked at me and smiled; he pulled a chair and sat beside me.

“I hope you don’t mind I asked Katherine to accompany me” She said

“Mother, rather than accompanying I think you deliberately took her” Christopher said

“What should I do, I mean you didn’t come home more often and you didn’t introduce her to us” She replied

“I think it is partly my fault” I said “I am very busy with my work and same for Christopher so we didn’t have a time to come”

Christopher looked at me with surprise to my reply; I just averted my eyes from him.

“So I am expecting you would come home Chris together with Katherine this coming Sunday, remember it is your brother’s birthday” Katrina said

“I will look into it mother” Christopher said

I looked at him and pinch his legs.

“Ouch! Katherine” He said

“We do not mind ma’am we will be glad to come together” I replied

“That is great, everybody will be delighted” Katrina exclaimed

The more I think of it, I did reply to her hastily. Christopher ignores me all through the whole drive. We reach his apartment at noon.

“What something to drink” He said and went to the kitchen

“No! Thank you!” I replied

He just opened a bottle of wine and poured a glass.

“I should go home” I said and stood

Christopher pulled me “No! Why are you leaving?” He asked

“I think I did too many mistake today so before you get more upset with me I better leave.” I replied

Christopher smiled at me and embraced me.

“Who told you that you made a mistake?” He asked

“Well! I promised your mother we will go to your brother’s birthday without even asking you opinion so I thought.” I said and looked at him

“Well to tell you the truth I don’t want to go there with you” He said

I pushed him away and glared at him “what does that supposed to mean?” I asked

“My family is no ordinary people Katherine, I was worried that they might smoldered you to much that you will come to hate it” Christopher explained

“Well your mother is quite intimidating just like you” I replied

“She is my mother of course she will be like that” He replied

“I am sorry to decide like that, I just got so happy about what your mother told me that I replied like that” I said

Christopher arced one of his eyebrow and looked at me.

“What did my mother told you?” He asked

“That is a secret you do not need to know Mr. Davis” I replied teasingly

“Why you little fiend” He said and pulled me more closer to him

He brushed my hair and touched my face; he kissed me in the forehead, in the nose, cheek and lips. I embraced him and we shared a passionate kissed.

Christopher picked me up and brought me to his bed and mounts me. He took of his suit and tie. I helped him undress and when his body has exposed I touch his chest and abs.

“You like what you see my love?” He asked

“Yes! I do” I replied

“I think I want to see yours as well” He replied

He undresses me and slowly pulled my trousers, I am still in my undergarments and he kissed me again. His hand pulled the hook of my bra and fondled with my breast. I let him have his way to my body; I could feel his erection touching my tights. He slowly pulled my underwear.

“You better not regret meeting my family after everything Katherine” He said

“I will not” I replied

He put his erection in to my core, I could feel the heat of his erection penetrating inside me; and it the more he pushed deep inside I could feel it becomes bigger. I moan loudly as he rode my body. He pulled his erection in and out of my core. I gasp for air but I could only breath has the scent of his body as he claimed me more.

I could only do is submit

My body is his and he is all mine.

A rather forwarding event, Sunday came as fast as lightning. Christopher and I drive to Brooklyn at his parent’s house to attend his brother’s birthday. I was nervous to meet them.

“We are here” Christopher said

“Do I look alright?” I asked

“You are fine my love” Christopher said

We went out of his car and he holds my hand as we enter the door of their house.

“Chris!” A woman came running to Christopher as we enter the door and embrace him.

“Nice to see you too Madeline” He said

“Oh my God! It has been ages since you came here” She said

“I know, I would like you to meet Katherine Scott” Christopher said

“Hello! Katherine I am Madeline Davis his only sister” She said

“Hi! Nice to meet you” I replied

“Where is mom and dad?” Christopher asked

“At the garden minding the guest” Madeline replied

“We better go there” He replied and holds my hand

We went outside and it was really a different type of party. Many businessmen and other important people have gathered.

“Mother” Christopher greeted

“So glad you came Christopher and Katherine” She said and gave us a warm greet

“Your father is asking about you” Katrina said to Christopher

“Really! Then I better go there and introduce Katherine” Christopher replied

We walked pass the tables and reach the ice sculpture.

“Father” Christopher said

A man with several grey hair and a very masculine features looked at us and came forward.

“At last you decide to show up” He said

“Yes! Father I have” Christopher replied

The man glanced at me and looked at me from head to toe.

“So is she the girl your mother has been talking about?” He asked

“Yes! This is Katherine Scott my girlfriend” Christopher introduced

“Nice to meet you sir” I replied

The man came closer to me and smiled “rather than calling me sir; why don’t you call me dad instead” He said

“Ah! Excuse me?” I said in a panic

He laughed “It is only a joke, nice to meet you finally Katherine. I am Christophe Davis father of Christopher” he said

“Nice to also finally meet you sir” I replied

“So you really did persuade my son to come home.” He said

“Persuade, I think Christopher has already plans to come here and I just” I replied

“No! I came here because you said I should come” Christopher bluntly replied

I looked at Christopher and arced one of my eyebrow; he really is an incredible piece of work.

“CHRISTOPHER!” We all looked back as we heard a man voice calling Christopher

“Happy birthday” Christopher replied

“You piece of shit you are” He embraced Christopher

“I know” Christopher replied

The man in his early-twenties looked at me and smiled

“Is this girl right here your birthday present to me?” He asked

“The hell I will let my girlfriend be your birthday present” Christopher angrily replied

“My manners, I am Clark Davis nice to meet you” He said

“Katherine Scott nice to meet you also” I replied

“You really did find a girl” Clark said

“Shut up!” Christopher replied

I never knew that Christopher’s family will be this lively. It is very different from what I picture in my mind.

As time passed by, more visitors came to celebrate Clark’s birthday.

“So what is your work Katherine?” Madeline asked

“I worked at a business magazine” I replied

“What magazine?” Clark asked

“Perspective Business Magazine” I replied

“Oh! I have seen that magazine Chris was on that magazine” Madeline replied

“She is made that article, she is the editor-in-chief” Christopher replied

“Is your family here in Seattle?” Katrina asked

“No! They leave at Georgia together with my older sister” I replied

“What is your families work?” Christophe asked

“My dad is already retired and my mother owns restaurant” I replied

“How about your sister?” Katrina asked

“Well she is already married” I replied

“Really that is nice” Madeline replied

“So you live alone in Seattle?” Clark asked

“Yes!” I replied

“She is not alone she has me” Christopher replied

I looked at Christopher and smiled and hold his hand

“Thank you for persuading my son to come here” Katrina said

“You don’t need to thank me, I mean Christopher already planned to come here in the first place” I replied

“He rarely comes here” Clark replied

“He is to workaholic” Madeline teased

“Yeah! do not tease me in front of Katherine” Christopher said

I felt a warm presence in this family just like mine. I didn’t imagine Christopher would have a family like this.

Christopher was busy talking to his brother Clark, when Madeline called me and asked me to walk with her.

“I am happy that Chris introduces you to us” Madeline said

“I feel the same way” I replied

“My brother is a real control freak and over-workaholic so it was incredible for us to see you with him” She said

“Well he really made an impression that is why I notice him” I replied

“I do hope you and Chris would end up together, I mean he has not been a relationship after that incident” Madeline said

“What incident?” I asked curiously, I never heard such a thing from Christopher

“Didn’t he told you about…” before Madeline could continue, Christopher came and hold my waist.

“My I borrow her for a moment Madeline?” Christopher asked

“Sure” Madeline smiled

“Come on, I have something to show you” Christopher said

“Okay!” I replied

What could Madeline be talking about, I mean I am fully aware that I am the first woman Christopher ever let his family meet; but it doesn’t mean he didn’t have a fair share of relationship. Even if he inform his family or not. I am now curious.

Christopher leads me to a room inside the house.

“Is this your?” I asked

“Yup! This is my old room” Christopher replied

“Wow! this is quite spacious” I replied and sat on the bed

“Well! I really like my place” He teasingly said

I looked around and saw a lot of male stuff, but it was quite different for it was organize and neat not like other male room I have come too.

“You really are a control freak” I replied

“Is that a compliment or an insult?” He asked

“Well this room is too neat” I replied

“Well I like things in order” He replied

“I have notice” I replied

He came to me and embraced me from behind.

“Thank you” He said

“For what?” I asked

“Well for not thinking my family is weird” He said

“Seriously, did I need to remind you that your worm into my family without my consent and I am just doing the same” I replied

“So are we finally even now?” He asked

“Maybe” I replied

Christopher turned me to his direction and kissed me in the lips.

“Sigh! Should I asked how many girls did you have sex in this bed?” I asked

“Well none at the moment” He replied

“None, I like that” I replied

And we kissed again; we ended up on his bed.

“Should we try?” Christopher asked

“No! Please the lasting I want is to ruin your family party” I said and pushed him away

“I don’t think so, they like you” He said

“Liking is one thing but ever different from accepting” I replied

“What are you worried about?” He asked

I came closer to Christopher and looked him in the eyes.

“More than worried, I am concern that you plan all of this to trap me” I replied

Christopher smiled at me “is it working?” He asked

“Asked that yourself” I replied

It went really good, the party and me being introduced to his family. I felt at some worth with it, I mean Christopher and I have a relationship and it is working.

The month of July is a very bust week. There will be an upcoming business summit in New York and it is a one hell of a job.

“So I want us to participate in the upcoming business summit” Phil said “I am planning to assign someone to go there to attend and interview businessmen icons.” He added

Everyone kept quiet with the idea of going to New York. It is fairly far away.

“Katherine, I want you to go there” Phil said

“Sure” I replied

Everyone had a relived façade when they heard I will be going.

“You and Mr. Reed will go there” Phil; added

“What?” I said with a widening eye.

“Yes! Mr. Reed will be your partner” Phil said “so meeting adjourn”

I followed Phil to his office.

“Why can’t Jeremy be with me instead?” I asked

“Well he is the only one capable of doing your work here, while you are at New York” Phil said

“Then why is it had to be Jake?” I asked

“Well, Mr. Reed has been to New York and we need somebody inside the summit” Phil explained

I looked away and calm my nerves.

“Is there a problem Katherine?” Phil asked

“Should you really ask?” I said

“I know you and him had a past but this is work” Phil replied

“From the moment he step back here, it was never been work Phil” I replied

“But it is different now, it ended right” Phil asked

“It ended alright” I replied

“Then you do not need to worry” Phil said

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