Curiously In Love

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Chapter 11

I took a sip of a beer I am holding. I looked at my phone which has been ringing for a quite a while now.

“Please stop drinking so much” Jeremy said

“I need some of this” I replied to him

“If it is about New York, I could go instead of you” Jeremy said

“No! It is alright it is just that I do not like the person I am with” I replied

“Jake is a very nice guy” Jeremy said

I let out a smirk “sure he is” I exclaimed and drunk again

“Please stop” He said again pulling the glass.

“Just let me be” I replied

“Give your phone” He asked

“Here! So leave me alone” I said and gave my phone

I take another drink of my glass, I am sober. I will admit I am still affected with Jake’s presence. I mean I clearly told him to back off but he is so persistent.

“Stop drinking” a familiar voice came to me and pulled my glass.

“You piece of shit” I said and I was surprised to see Jake

“Drinking alone is very uncommon for you” Jake said

“I am not alone I am with Jeremy” I said

“Stop drinking” He said

“Leave me alone” I said

He pulled me from my chair “Let me go” I said

“I will take you home” Jake said

“Let me go! I can go home by myself” I said to him and pulled my arm away from him.

“Katherine” Jeremy came running to me

“I will go home now Jeremy” I said

“But! Katherine” He exclaimed

I was caught surprised when Jake pulled me and carried me like a sack.

“Put me down you freaking bastard” I shouted

Jake brought me out of the bar and put me inside the cab

“I will take it from here Jeremy” Jake said

“Okay! Take good care of her” Jeremy said and gave Jake my phone

Jake came in and closed the cab door.

“Where are you taking me?” I asked Jake

“Home” He said

“How the freaking hell you know my house?” I asked

“I just know” He replied

I hate the fact that he came to get me but at the same time; I could not call Christopher I know this will be a mess.

We reach my apartment; Jake helped me get to my flat.

“You are really drank” Jake said

“I am not, just a dips” I replied

“Do really hate me that much, to let yourself get drank?” Jake said

“Rather than hate you, I just don’t want to be with you” I replied

“You could ask Phil to change his mind” He said

“I already done that, and he said no” I replied

Jake sat beside me, “can’t you see Katherine”

I looked at him and let a smirk out, “the more I look at you the more I could recall all the bullshit we have.” I replied

“Is that all the thing you could remember from us?” Jake asked

“Us? Jake you freaking left me and had an affair in New York” I angrily replied

“Which I deeply regret, I am sorry Katherine” He replied

“Sorry will not cover up anything” I replied

“Then tell me what I need to do to have your forgiveness?” Jake asked

“Then just leave her alone!”

My drunkenness just disappears when I heard Christopher’s voice.

“Christopher” I stood and replied

Christopher approaches me and holds my shoulder.

“Jeremy called and told me that you are drinking” Christopher said

“Yeah! Just a little” I replied

“This not little” Christopher replied

“Katherine” Jake called

“I think you better leave” Christopher said

Both of them looked at each other, in an immense amount of prideful time.

“Stop! Jake please leave, we will just talk tomorrow. Okay!” I asked

“Sure!” Jake replied and turned his back and left

Christopher carried me to my room.

“You are a drunken woman” Christopher said

“Yes! I am” I replied

“I can tolerate this but you being with that guy is just what I don’t like” Christopher replied

“Jake just helped me home.” I replied

Christopher arced one of his eyebrow and crossed his arms.

“Really! Then why is he asking for forgiveness?” He asked

I averted my eyes; I know for a fact that Christopher knew about my past relationship and it was not a good one.

“Jake and I had closure so you don’t need to worry.” I replied

“I know that, but as long as that man is hovering around you I will not be at ease.” He replied

I smiled at him.

“Are you jealous?” I asked

Christopher looked me with dismay.

“I could never be jealous of that man!” He angrily replied

I looked at his angered face and it made my heart skip a million miles. The man who told me that he is always in control is now showing his other side. I stood and came closer to him; I turned my hands around him and gave him a kissed on the lips.

“Katherine?” Christopher said

“I am with you now, and no man or Jake for that matter can change that” I replied

Christopher pulled me and gave me a kiss, it was a passionate one.

“You are teasing me” He said

“Can I really be a tease?” I asked

“You little fiend” He replied

He then started to undress me and also himself; he mounted me as I lay back on the bed. He touches my body and started to kiss my bosom.

“Christopher, I need to tell you something” I said

“We could discuss that later” Christopher said as he started to press his body on me.

“But! This is important” I replied

“More important than this?” He replied

He pressed his erection inside my core and all I could do is hold him further. I could feel is rhythm on me and as he pushed in me his erection. All I could do is moan out of excitement.

The next day! I woke up on Christopher is on my bed; which not something new. I pulled out one of shirt from the drawer, wore it and walked out of the room. When I reach the living room, Christopher is on his phone.

I walked towards the kitchen; luckily the coffee machine is on and I grab myself a cup of coffee.

“Good morning!” Christopher greeted

“Good morning to you!” I replied

He came forward and gave me a kiss on the lips.

“Are you hungry?” He asked

“I am but! But we need to talk” I said

“About what?” He asked

I am not sure where to begin; but I need to tell him about New York. It is now or never.

“I will be going to New York, three weeks from now” I said

“Good! Is it a conference?” Christopher asked

“Yeah! I will be going with Jake” I replied

Christopher, just stood there and stared at me.

“Please say something!” I looked at him

“What do you want to hear?” Christopher asked

“Are you mad?” I asked

“I am but, I know you re more frustrated than me” Christopher said

“I am! I do not want to go with him” I said

“Then don’t go!” Christopher said

“But! I will miss the conference” I replied

Christopher pulled and hugged me.

“No matter what you decide I will be right here.” He replied

“What should I do?” I asked

“I can go to New York with you” He replied

I looked at Christopher and arc my eyebrow at him.

“Stop kidding! I will take shower now” I said

“I will take one with you” Christopher replied

Christopher held my hands and we walked to my room again. I think something is wrong with me. I think I am drunk in love with him.

After a long steamy bath, Christopher brought me to work. I got off the car and he lowered the car window.

“I do not want to leave you” Christopher said

“You better go, for people are staring at me.” I replied

“Let then stare” Christopher said

“Go to work, Mr. Davis” I said

“I’m going to pick-up!” He said

“Okay! It’s a date” I replied

It is the same in the office; people are busier for the New York Conference.

“Mr. Davis took you to work” Jeremy said

“Hmmm! Yes! That what boyfriends do” I replied

“How did you manage to get a hot-millioner boyfriend?” Jeremy asked

“It is called talent my friend” I replied

“Does he know about Jake and New York?” He asked

“Yes! I told him!” I replied

“So no reaction?” Jeremy asked

I smiled at Jeremy and move closer to him.

“We sorted it out” I replied

“Oh! I got you girl!” Jeremy replied

“Katherine!” Phil shouted from his office.

I stood and go to his office.

“Look at this?” Phil showed me a piece of paper.

“What is this?” I said

I looked at the paper and I was surprise on what I have read.

“This is really happening” I asked

“The head office in New York, is serious about this!” Phil replied

“What do want to do next?” I asked

Phil let out deep sigh and sat on his chair.

“After you leave for New York, I will tell everybody and you just talk to that asshole” Phil replied

“Do not call him that, he owns Perspective Magazine now.” I replied

“I will rip to piece that man if I could” Phil angrily said

I looked at the paper and let out a deep sigh.

“Sigh! I hate meeting new bosses” I replied

“It makes the two of us” Phil replied

In the beginning Perspective Magazine is not doing well; besides it is a company literary part of a larger picture, getting a new owner is nothing new. It is just that the new owner is someone close to Phil and he hates the most.

Two weeks more and I will be leaving for New York. I have been practically living with Christopher. I know it sounds unreal but thinking we will be apart for three weeks; it is really weird.

“Stop!” I said as he keep on kissing my neck, while we are on the sofa and watching movie.

“I like watching you more, than the film” He whispers in my ears.

“Really now!” I said

I pinned him to the sofa and mount him, then gave him a kissed. His hands slowly moved and got underneath my shirt; he fondled my breast as I kissed his neck and grind him.

Ring… Ring…

Suddenly his phone rang.

I stopped! “You should take that” I said

“Not right now!”

He pulled me and kissed me again, as his hands fondled by breast and the other hand travelled down my core, and I could fill his finger playing with my clitoris.

The phone kept ringing, I pushed him away and glared at him.

“Take the call!” I sternly said

Christopher pulled his hands away from my body and answered the call.

“Hello!” He said

I got off him and I tried to listen to him and the person calling him.

“Meeting? Right now!” Christopher said

I looked at him, for it looked like an emergency. He let out a disappointed sigh.

“Could it not be done on another time” He said

Christopher argues with the person on the other side of the call. I know he is a busy man, he runs an empire for God sake. Sometimes I wonder if he is just an ordinary man, like Jake what our relationship will look like. I mean all of this is nice. He has penthouse, cars and more.

I just sometimes wonder what life he had before meeting me.

How many women did he bring here with him or how many girls did he had sex with.

I suddenly left my stomach aching from thinking does thoughts. I stood up and head to the kitchen. Christopher kept on talking to the phone. I took a tub of ice cream from the freezer and stab it with a spoon.

“What am I even thinking?” I utter to myself.

When did I have these worrisome thoughts?

How pathetic of me.


I got out of my daze and looked at Christopher who is approaching me.

“Sorry about that!” He said

“It is alright, you are a busy man” I utter

“But when I am with you, I should not be” He replied

“This is normal! I love that about you” I replied

Christopher, carried me and sat me on the kitchen counter.

“Say that again?” He asked

“Which one?” I teasingly asked

“You know what” He asked

I scooped an ice cream and eat it, I pulled his head towards me and kissed him. The ice cream melt as our tongue intertwined. His hot breath left like I was intoxicated. I pulled away and whipped my lips with my finger. He stared at me.

I hugged him.

“Can we go to your bed now!” I said

Christopher carried me and he walked us to his room.

“You better not complain about your body tomorrow.” He said

I smiled and bites his ears.

“I asked for it!”

I should not have these thoughts right.

I am the present!

The one with him, I matter!


The next week, I requested a 3 consecutive day-off. Phil was very not on board with my request; but he doesn’t have a choice. I threatened him about New York so he just gave in. With that being said I packed some of my stuff and totally camped in Christopher’s penthouse.

“What are you doing?” Christopher asked while I was busy in the kitchen.

“I am cooking” I replied

“We can order take-out you know” Christopher said

I glared at him! “You better get our ass here and help me” I said

He walked towards me and kissed my shoulder.

“Cut this please!” I gave him the bell peppers.

“So! New York it is by next week” Christopher said

I know what he is asking from me; but I can’t actually tell him the situation of our company.

“Yeah! I am excited!” I replied

“Excited for what?” He asked while angrily chopped the peppers

“You know! I get to see my old friends” I replied

“Oh! And rekindled your romance with Jake” He said

I stopped chopping and looked at him with a confusing and frustrated look.

“The hell, that will happen” I replied

“Well! He is with you there!” Christopher said

I know that this man loves to exercise control; but right now he is spilling his entire thoughts on the table. I don’t know if this is romantic or possessive.

I smiled and kissed his lips.

“You are my boyfriend right! So I prefer to rekindled with you the three week the sex, I will not be having.” I replied

Christopher smiled and continue chopping the peppers.

“How about you! Any rekindling plan, when I am gone” I utter

Christopher put the knife down and walked towards me.


I turned off the stove and pulled me towards him; he then carried me like a sack of rice.

“Hey! Put me down” I shouted

He put me down the couch pinned me down.

“When I meet you, I never imagine another woman in my life. So take responsibility for this and do not asked for stupid questions” He replied

He pulled my shorts and underwear down and then moved his head towards my core and I could feel is tongue entering me. All I could do is moan as he do that. I put my hands on his head, and the feeling gets more intense as his tongue reach to the different parts of my core.

“Chris…” I could not even call him for the feeling linger all over my body.

His hands started to move inside my shirt and he fondled my breast.

“Stop! Please!” I said as my eyes start to tear up.

He stopped and looked at me.

“Are you sure about that?” He asked

I placed my hands on his lips.

“I prefer yours that your tongue” I said.

Christopher then raise from his position and pulled his trousers off; as expected he is hard. He then pulled me towards his erection and entered me.

At this point resisting is not a good thing; my body reacts so much to his. I never felt such ecstasy before.He is the only person who can do this to me.

After that situation we continue cooking and proceed to dinner.

“I forgot to too tell you!” Christopher said

“What?” I asked

“Tomorrow! I will be attending a charity ball and you are coming with me” He said

“What?! I didn’t bring any dress” I answered our of shock and frustration

“Do not worry, I already got that covered” He replied

I gave him a glare.

“You planned all of this?” I asked

“Something like that” He replied

“Please next time tell me, I need to know this things” I said

“Sure! I just want to see that surprise reaction on your face” He teasingly said

I stab the steak with a fork and placed it on his lips. He eat it then kissed me on the lips.

“Do not worry! I am with you!” Christopher said

“I know! I better wear a beautiful dress!” I said to him

“As you wish my love” Christopher said

The next day! Christopher woke me up early and we head to a salon.

“Hey! Are you sure about this?” I asked as I looked at the salon

“Yes! I already made a reservation” Christopher pulled me.

“Christopher! Darling” A woman came towards us.

She gave Christopher a kissed on the cheek and looked at me.

“Is this her?” She asked

“Yes! My girlfriend” Christopher said

Everyone in the salon; stared at us.

“Hello dear! I am Pamela” She introduce herself

“Katherine, nice to meet you” I replied

“Your mother would not stop talking about her, so I got curious” Pamela replied

“You know my mother, she knows how to explode a news” Christopher replied

I looked around and the women in the salon was staring at us. I know that I am dating the hottest bachelor in town, but why do I feel like I do not belong.

“Katherine” Christopher called

“Hmm! Sorry I was thinking of something” I replied

Christopher smiled and put his hand at the back of my waist.

“It better me you are thinking about” He said

I glared at him and put his hands away.

“Shall we begin?” I asked Pamela

“This way!” She said

I know that Christopher can give me the world; but I sometimes ask myself if I cam ready for that. I mean he is very intimidating.

Everything he does is scary; I mean he moved people and I am worried that I am getting carried too much away.

After a three hours pampering session.

“You looks beautiful my dear” Pamela said

“Thank you!” I replied

I walked out of the beauty booth and Christopher was staring at me.

“Isn’t she beautiful” Pamela said

Everybody on the salon, stared at Christopher waiting for his next move. I smiled and approach him.

“Do like what you see?” I asked

Christopher smiled and hold my hands.

“Very much!” He replied and looked at Pamela. “Thank you!” He said

“No problem!” Pamela replied

We went out the salon and head to a boutique. I never imagined to enter those places for number one it is very expensive and two only rich people come here.

“Mr. Davis!” A man approach us

“Hello! Is it all ready?” Christopher asked

“Yes! This way please” He said

Christopher pulled me and we entered a private lounge part of the boutique.

“Put those on” Christopher said while pointing on the clothes.

“Are you serious?” I asked

“Yes! Then chose you want to wear for tonight” He said

I just followed what he said and tried all of the clothes. Once again people in the boutique are staring at us. I mean, should I be accustom to this?

I got out of the dressing room.

“I like this!” I said

I was wearing a body-hugging long rose-peach clothes.

“Okay! Let’s go then!” He said

I hold on to Christopher’s hand to stop him from leaving.

“Are you serious about this?” I asked

“Yes! I want my girlfriend to be by my side” He replied

“I know that, but buying me new dress and going to the salon. Isn’t it to much?” I asked

Christopher smiled and gave me a kiss on the forehead.

“Nothing is too much for you! Let’s go!” He said

I have miscalculated a lot of things about this relationship; should I just accept that this is my future with him?

Do I even dare think of a future with Christopher?

I mean! I dream of future with Jake and look what happen at the end. Should I even dive into the idea of a future with Christopher?

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