Curiously In Love

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Chapter 12

That evening, Christopher and I drove to Grand Hyatt Hotel. As expected people of importance an richest personnel are there.

“Let’s go my love” Christopher whispered

“I’m nervous” I said

“Don’t be! I am here with you” He replied

We entered the charity ball. It is a fund raising program and it was grand. I am having cold feet from the overwhelming situation.

“Hold on to me, my love” Christopher hold my hands and put it on his arms.

We walked in the hotel.

“Chris! Katherine!” Madeline waving and running towards us.

“Hey! Where is mom and dad?” Christopher asked

“They are over at the table. Let’s go they are waiting” Madeline said

Madeline walked in front of us.

“So! Your family is here?” I whispered

“Yes! This fund raising program is for her foundation” Christopher replied

“Let me guess another one of your surprises?” I asked

“Are you still surprised by my action?” He teasingly asked

I arced one of my eyebrow.

“We need to talk after this” I said

“Hmmm! I like that!” He said

We reach table number 8, which is sitting really in the middle of floor. Surrounded by all the important people.

“Katherine” Katrina happily approach me and give me a peak on the cheeks

“Hello! Thank you for inviting me here” I said

“Oh no! Christopher wants to bring you so who am I to say no” She replied

I smiled and looked at Christopher; who had an amusing reaction on his face.

“Oh! Here is my future daughter-in-law” Christophe approach me and also gave me a peak on the cheeks.

“Hello! Mr. Davis” I replied

“Come on dear, do not be a stranger, after all, Chris here brings, you in as one of the family .” He jokingly replied

“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the fund-raising gala. Let’s hear a wonderful speech from the man who made this happen. Mr. Christophe Davis.”

Everybody applaud as Mr. Davis walked towards the stage.

“Thank! First and foremost I would like to give my gratitude to you lovely people who never fail to be a part of this venture. This fundraising event will help St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. As everybody knows my family has been a victim of cancer and I stand to fight this illness that takes away our loved ones. Please make it worthwhile and enjoy the evening. Thank you!” Mr. Davis said

Everybody applaud and Mr. Davis got down from the stage.

“Who had cancer?” I whispered to Christopher

“My grandparents are both cancer patients” Christopher replied

“Oh! I see” I replied

“So let’s start with the bidding.” The MC said

Everybody was excited and started to raise their cards as different items and expensive services and travel are being auctioned.

“Do you like something, from the auction?” Christopher asked

“Nothing, in particular, I am just amazed how many influential people are here” I replied

Christopher hold my chin and pulled it in his direction.

“Do not even dare, Katherine. You are my date remember that” He said

I swat his hands away from my chin.

“Seriously! I should be the one saying that” I replied

“Huh! I will never” He replied

“Sure!” I replied

“Wow! You can come Chris panic” Madeline said, she was staring at us

“Panic?” I asked

“It has been years since I saw Chris panic as this” Madeline said

“Really? So he panics over a girl before” I replied

Christopher glared at Madeline who was weary as she thinks if she will reply to my question?

“I remember, you said something about an incident before Madeline?” I asked

“Incident? What incident?” Madeline in a panic replied and drank her wine.

I glared at Christopher and he just smiled at me.

I know this man has many secrets; I do not care about that it is just that. It sometimes gets into my nerve when he knows so much about me but I only knew a few.

The auction ended; Christopher is busy entertaining some businessmen. I just escaped and go to the bar.

“What will you have miss?” The bartender asked

“Whiskey please!” I said

“Make it two please!”

I looked for the voice who said that and a man was beside me.

“Two whiskeys,” the bartender said

“I didn’t know you were a whiskey person,” The man said

“Excuse me? Do I know you?” I asked

“Oh! So Phil didn’t spill the bean yet” He said

I drank my whiskey and let out a deep exhale.

“I am so sorry, Mr. CEO” I replied

“Mr. CEO is too formal Lawrence Williams is much better” He replied

I shook his hands and I smiled.

“Are you just excited to take Perspective Magazine that you flew all the way here from New York?” I asked

“You can say that! I am more interested in fund-raising” He replied

“Really!” I replied

He drank his whiskey and looked in the direction of Christopher.

“So! You are the girlfriend of Mr. Christopher Davis” Mr. Williams said

“Something like that” I replied

He smiled and signal the bartender again.

“I am here for you Ms. Katherine Scott” He replied

“Me? And why is that?” I asked

“Well! Phil would not shut up about you so I became curious” He replied

“Hmm! Is that the only thing?” I asked

The bartender gave us another glass of whiskey.

“Unfortunately not! I am here to make an offer” He said

“Offer?” I asked

“If you have time do you want to hear it?” He replied

“Katherine!” The two of us looked in the direction of the voice and it was Christopher marching towards the bar.


Katherine was surprised when Christopher pulled her arms and glared at Lawrence.

“I do hope you know what this means,” Christopher said

“I do not mean anything Mr. Davis, I am just saying hello to my Ms. Scott,” Lawrence said

“She doesn’t need to know you,” Christopher said

Katherine pulled her arms away from Christopher and walked towards Lawrence.

“Mr. Davis, this is Mr. Lawrence Williams, the new president of Perspective Magazine,” Katherine said and glared at Christopher.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Davis,” Lawrence said and reach out his hands for a handshake.

Christopher shook his hands but it was the most unpleasant moment.

“I apologize but I will not talk business with you, Mr. Williams. I am here as Mr. Davis date and not for work” Katherine said

“Understood! My bad, I will contact you soon” Lawrence said

“Sure!” Katherine said

Lawrence then walked away; at that point Katherine was frustrated; she glared at Christopher and walked away from him.

“Katherine!” Christopher followed.

Katherine, reach the lobby and hit the elevator button.

“Katherine Scott! Stop right there!” Christopher said

“No! I will go home now” Katherine said

“You will not, we need to talk,” Christopher said

Katherine didn’t listen to Christopher and went into the elevator, which Christopher followed.

“Katherine!” Christopher called

“Do you know, who much conscious and infuriating I am right now?” Katherine said

“I didn’t do anything wrong,” Christopher said

“That is what you think,” Katherine said

Katherine lean towards the elevator glass and took a deep breath.

“Katherine, what is wrong?” Christopher asked

Katherine has this feeling of unsureness and curiosity; she felt as if he knew Christopher but only to some extend. She is not mad about what he did with Lawrence but she is rather conflicted that Christopher acted that way before with some girl; before her.

“Who is she?” Katherine asked

“Who?” Christopher asked

Katherine looked at Christopher.

“The woman Madeline has been referring unsureness; the same woman your family has been referring to when I visit your state. The woman you keep on not letting me know” Katherine said

“That was ages ago!” Christopher said

Katherine glared at Christopher; looked away.

“Why are you like this?” Christopher asked

“I am, like this for, I do not know anything about you,” Katherine said

“Yes, you do! You know more than any other woman” Christopher said

“Sure! You choose the thing I need to know about you” Katherine replied

Christopher shook his head.

“No man, wants their dirt to be exposed on the person they love” Christopher replied

Katherine was in shock as she heard those words from Christopher. She was manipulated all this time. The elevator reach the ground floor and Katherine got out.

“Katherine!” Christopher called

Katherine stopped walking and turn towards Christopher.

“Let me tell you, no woman is dumb enough to fall in love with a man who has only seen the good side of things; and let you know mine,” Katherine replied and walked away.

Christopher cannot muster the courage to follow Katherine for she is right. All this time we as so fixated on showing her only the best things he is and anything about his bad sides has been hidden.

Katherine took a cab and went home.

She doesn’t want to admit but he feels deeply in love with Christopher that she was blinded by everything. To the point that she turned to an irrational personal; she forgot to think or analyze her situation she just went in let her feeling take a drive of her life.

Katherine was so disappointed in herself.

The next morning; Katherine went to work just like nothing happen.

“Delivery for Ms. Scott?”

The delivery man arrived with a bouquet.

“Wow! How sweet” Jeremy said

Katherine approach the bouquet and took the card.

“Please let’s talk! I miss you!” Christopher Davis

Katherine shrugs and throws the card in the trash can; she looked at the flower and lets out a deep sigh.

“Can someone please place this in the conference room? Thank you!” She said

“Wait why?” Jeremy asked

“I do not want to talk about it” Katherine replied

“What happens? Did you break up with him?” Jeremy asked

Katherine looked at Jeremy and glared.

Broke up; that word is very common to Katherine. But this is the first time she heard that word and she is genuinely unsure. It is not like her relationship with Jake is the same as Christopher’s.


I looked around and saw Jake approaching.

“I already have our tickets for the conference next week,” He said

“Thank you! I will form with Sheryl our hotel accommodation” I replied

“Okay!” Jake replied and left.

Sometimes Katherine wonders what might happen if Jake and she didn’t break up.

“Hey!” Jeremy shouted at me

“What?” I replied

“So it is true, Mr. Davis and you broke up?” He asked

I arced my eye brow at him.

“No! We are just taking a break” I replied

“Break? That is what break up means” Jeremy said

“Look! We just need a time out from each other” I replied

Suddenly my phone rang and speaking of the devil; it was Christopher.

“Answer it?”Jeremy said

“No!” I replied and declined the call.

The last thing I need right now is Christopher breathing down my neck. I want to focus on work; forget.

I head to my table; I check my email and see a very unusual email.


From: Lawrence Williams

Subject: Hello

Date: June 10, 2015, 11:30 am

To: Katherine Scott

I hope you are fine Ms. Scott; our meeting last time was short but I am very excited to meet you in New York.

Lawrence Williams

CEO, Crown, and Co.



These are the only words Katherine can say; she knew that Phil and Lawrence as beef with each other and it looks like she will be caught into it.

Katherine is torn between replying or not.

“Ms. Scott” Penny called her

“Yes?” She replied

“The art team is waiting for you,” Penny said

“Okay!” Katherine replied

The only thing Katherine wants is peace. Is that too much to ask.


Christopher also utters does words; as Katherine kept on declining his calls. He was so frustrated; he do not know what to do.

“Mr. Davis!”

His secretary approach him and handed him the schedule for today.

“Cancel them!” Christopher said

“Sir?” She asked

“I said cancel all my schedule today!” Christopher said

“But sir! The Japanese Investors will be here for 3 days” She said

Christopher glared at her and the secretary was in frozen mode.

“The next time you answer me like that, it will cost your job” Christopher replied

Christopher walked out of this office; he knew that venting out on other people is wrong, but given the situation, he is in right now. Who would not be mad; Katherine knows how to tick him.

“Jeffrey!” Christopher called

“Yes sir!” Jeffery replied

Jeffrey Longstein is the head of Davis private security; he is aware of every Davis Family situation.

“Bring me Katherine Scott,” Christopher said

“Yes sir!” He replied

This is going out of hand.

“Do not break up with him” Jeremy said

“We are not breaking up” Katherine replied

“You said that as well” Jeremy replied

Katherine let out a deep sigh.

“Listen to me Jeremy; what Chris and I have is nothing like what I had before my past relationship,” Katherine replied

“Hear that before” Jeremy replied

“Ms. Scott!”

The two of them; was surprised as a group of men approach them.

“What in the?” Katherine was surprised.

“Good evening, I am Jeffrey Longstein, head of Davis security” He introduces, himself

“Shoot!” Katherine replied

“Mr. Davis asked us to fetch you,” Jeffrey said


Jeremy was nervous about the situation; for it is very uncommon.

“Do I have a choice?” Katherine asked

Jeffrey smiled

Katherine knew that Christopher is pissed with the situation and if she refuse to come. Things will be messy.

“I better go Jeremy,” Katherine said

“Are you sure?” Jeremy asked

“Yes!” Katherine replied

“Let us go, Miss!” Jeffrey said

Katherine road the car; it was followed by two more cars. Which is obviously for security purposes.

“So he resorted to kidnapping,” Katherine said

“This is not kidnapping ma’am, only escorting” Jeffrey replied

“I am amazed at the loyalty people have with the Davis” Katherine replied

Jeffery stares at Katherine. From the looks of it; he knew that the lady is not like any other woman Mr. Davis dated.

They drove to Christopher’s penthouse as expected.

Katherine’s feet were like a heavy sandbag; she keep on dragging. She doesn’t want to see Christopher. They reach the penthouse.

“We brought her, sir!” Jeffery replied

Christopher was on the piano and drinking wine.

Katherine looked around and saw two bottles of wine open. From the looks of it, Christopher has been drinking.

“Katherine!” Christopher greeted

Katherine glared at Christopher and walked towards the sofa.

Jeffrey left the two of them.

“Katherine, please!” Christopher called

“Seriously, Chris! Using your security to get me. I can seriously file a case on you do you know that” Katherine replied

“You keep on ignoring me; you didn’t come back here, you ignore my calls and I think you even throw the flowers I gave you” Christopher replied

Katherine cannot argue that she has done all of that, but it infuriates her that Christopher can get away with anything.

“Please say something,” Christopher said

“I just want space, for now, Christopher! I need to think” Katherine replied

Christopher sat beside her and continue to drink the bottle of wine.

“I felt miserable and angry; because you are ignoring me” Christopher replied

“Do you think this is easy for me?” Katherine replied

“Let’s just make up,” Christopher said

Katherine glared at Christopher.

“Listen; unless you be honest with me; this whole situation we have will keep on happening and you are not playing fair” Katherine replied

“I never play fair” Christopher replied

“We need to change that” Katherine replied

“I agree!” Christopher replied

Katherine still feels uneasy; she knew that Christopher is very different from the men she dated or had a relationship with. This is the first time, Katherine felt so defeated. Is this what love should even feel like.

Christopher suddenly put the bottle down the table and head on making Katherine’s lap his pillow.

“What am I going to do with you?” Katherine asked

“Love me!” Christopher replied

“Not playing fair,” Katherine said

“Ask me anything I will answer you,” Christopher said

Katherine let out a deep sigh; right now Christopher Davis is in a very venerable state; this might only happen once in a lifetime.

“Who is she?” Katherine asked

Christopher didn’t reply and turned his head to look at Katherine.

“Charlotte West!” He replied

“Charlotte? What a pretty name” Katherine replied

“We are childhood friends and after we grow up we had a pretty fucked up relationship” Christopher replied

“How fucked up, are we talking about?” Katherine asked

“On and off, sometimes serious, sometimes a fuck buddy,” Christopher said

“Wow! You lived a crazy life” Kathrine replied

Christopher rose from Katherine’s lap and stare at her intently.

“That is in the past, Charlotte and I are through. She is in London and engaged with some douche bag” Christopher said

“Then why is everybody so surprised that you are dating me?” Katherine asked

“Because my family thought that I love Charlotte and I cannot get over her” Christopher replied

Katherine cannot shake the feeling that Christopher’s family might be true! She wants to know, who is this Charlotte person.

“Do you still remember her?” Katherine asked

Christopher looked at her intently.

“I mean, you like me but maybe sometimes you remember her and which I was her” Katherine replied

Christopher didn’t reply.

“Just forget I asked!” Katherine said and stood from the sofa.

Before she could move an inch away; Christopher pulled her and embrace her.

“Christopher!” Katherine called

“I love you! Only you!” Christopher said

Katherine could feel Christopher’s heartbeat; it was so fast. Maybe it was because of the alcohol.

“Stop asking me if I remember her, I do not care about her. All I care about is you!” Christopher replied

“I know, but please stop making me more insecure than I am. I have opened so much to you and if our relationship will just end up falling apart, I do not think I can survive” Katherine said

Pandora’s box has been lifted; Katherine knew that being with Christopher is the best thing for her and this might be also the worse situation for her.

She loved him so much!

Christopher lean towards Katherine and kissed her lips; just like that Katherine replied to his kisses.

“Are we good now?” Christopher asked

Katherine smiled, for Christopher was acting so cutely. Katherine pulled him and kissed him more.

The next morning, Christopher and Katherine are still in bed.

“Hey stop!” Katherine said

“I just want to touch you,” Christopher said

“Touch? You pervert” Katherine replied

The two of them kissed and Katherine was on top of Christopher.

“What am I going to do, I will miss you,” Katherine said

“Do not leave for New York then” Christopher said

“Okay! What reason should I say?” Katherine asked

“Tell them, that your boyfriend is a psychopath and if you leave him alone he will go on a rampage” Christopher replied

“They will not be freaking buy that!” Katherine said

“Just try,” Christopher said

Katherine pulled the cover over her and Christopher continued to caress her.

“When I come back you better go on dates,” Katherine said

“Sure! We can go to Paris, London or the Bahamas” Christopher

“I said dates, not escape real life,” Katherine replied

“But I want to escape this moment, with you” Christoper replied

“I will come back to you do not worry” Katherine replied

“Of course! If you will not, I will personally fetch you in New York” Christopher replied

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