Curiously In Love

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Chapter 13

Tomorrow is the day Katherine will be living in New York and it is nerve-wracking. First of all, Phil is all over the place, Mr. Williams kept on sending me emails and Jake is hovering over his business.

“Did you and Mr. Davis make up?” Jeremy asked

“First of all, we didn’t break up so there is no such thing as ’we made up, and secondly why are they so invested in us?” Katherine asked

“Well, this is the first time you look genuinely happy,” Jeremy said

Katherine smiled and held Jeremy’s hand.

“I am happy, do not worry” Katherine replied

The office has never been this busy; since the buzz about a new CEO is out.

“Phil is not happy!” Jeremy whispered

“Well, Sir Lawrence is not a good person in his book” Katherine replied

“What do you think will happen?” Jeremy asked

“The worse situation is Perspective Magazine will be close” Katherine replied

“Is that an option?” Jeremy asked

“Yes! Better ready your resume” Katherine said


Phil shouted and called Katherine to his office.

“Yes?” Katherine entered

“I hate him!” Phil said

Katherine closed the door and sat on the sofa.

“Sigh! What happen?” She asked

“He will be attending the conference in New York; my stupid uncle will introduce him as the new CEO,” Phil said

“So you will go to New York as well?” Katherine asked

Phil glared at Katherine and obviously, he is in dismay.

“Look; for once just settle the score with Mr. Williams and moved on” Katherine replied

“That is easier said than done,” Phil said

“Look, Phil! Nothing will be resolved if you kept on resisting meeting Mr. William he is your cousin after.” Katherine replied

Phil sat beside Katherine.

“I hate my life” Phil replied

“No! You hate this situation,” Katherine replied

“I do not want to talk to him,” Phil said

“Sigh! How long are you going to keep up this childish act” Katherine said

Phil then looked at Katherine and hold her arms.

“Promise me, that your loyalty is with me Katherine,” Phil said

“What? Phil!” Katherine said

“Please! I want to assure that asshole will not get my people” Phil said

“Fine! I promise” Katherine replied

Katherine knew that she matter to Phil. They are friends for goodness sake. More than just your average employer and employee relationship. But to think Phil still feels insecure; Katherine can only hope that the debacle between him and Mr. Williams will end.

Katherine is still staying at Christopher’s penthouse and she is busy packing her bag for New York.

“Stop packing!” Christopher said

“Why?” Katherine asked

“Can you not go!” Christopher asked

Katherine smiled and looked at Christopher who was sitting on the bed.

“I could recall me talking about this” Katherine said

“Why do I feel, you will be going to some far place and leaving me for good?” Christopher said

“Why are you so worried?” Katherine asked

“Well; you got a bug that is going with you in New York” Christopher replied

Katherine knows what Christopher is referring to too. She approaches him and hugs Christopher.

“You know I am with you?” Katherine said

“I know, but I always worried that some creep will take you away from me,” Christopher said

Katherine kissed Christopher on the lips. Christopher replied and pulled her onto the bed and mount her.

“I need to pack,” Katherine said

“You can do that later,” Christopher said

Christopher continues to kiss Katherine and his hands touch her body underneath her clothes. Katherine could feel as if her body is burning as Christopher continue to touch him. Katherine knew that Christopher is just worried, and she as well. Leaving your better half is not something to take the light off.

“I need to wake up early,” Katherine said

Christopher glared at Katherine and hold her face.

“You are killing the mood, my love” Christopher said

“That is my plan,” Katherine said

Christopher smiled and took his shirt off. Katherine stared at his body, and she knew at that point she cannot resist him. Christopher boldly hold to Katherine’s legs and pulled her towards him.

“Christopher! I!” Kathrine exclaimed

Christopher made his way through her body; his hands touch her core and place his fingers inside. Katherine can only moan; as Christopher touches her. He then bites her nipples, and Katherine moans loudly with pleasure.

“Stop!” Kathrine said

“Is that what you want?” Christopher asked

Katherine knew what she want; she could not dare answer Christopher’s question. She then proceeds on embracing him. Christopher took advantage of her and place his erection inside her. Katherine gasp as she felt Christopher’s erection inside her; it was sudden but never painful.

Christopher, slowly moved as Katherine was underneath him and holding on to his neck. He proceeds to touch her breast and caress it. He looked at Katherine; her face says it all. She could feel him. The heat is too much to bear; thinking that they will be away from each other.

It is too much!

The next morning; Katherine and Jake are at the airport. Phil and Jeremy were there to say goodbye to them.

“Be safe!” Jeremy said

“It is a conference; what would happen?” Kathrine asked

“I know, but he is with you!” Jeremy looked at Jake

Katherine looked at Jake and she just smiled.

“Nothing will happen; Jake is a person in my past” Katherine said

“Okay, if you say so!” Jeremy said

Katherine looked away and was hoping for Christopher to say goodbye, but he is nowhere to be found.

“Will Mr. Davis come to see you off?” Jeremy asked

“No! He is busy,” Katherine said

Katherine knew that Christopher will not bother; after all, they talked about it. Christopher will only stop her if he came to the airport.

“Let’s go!” Jake said

“Sure!” Katherine replied

“Katherine, you know what to do,” Phil said

Katherine nodded and with Jake, they flew to New York.

“Did she leave?” Christopher asked

“Yes! They flew at the exact time.”Jeffrey replied

“Make sure that we have surveillance on her” Christopher said

“Yes! I have sent my men as her incognito security.” Jeffrey said

Christopher let out a deep sigh and looked at Jeffrey.

“Do you think I am pathetic?” Christopher asked

“No sir! We all have different ways to express our love” Jeffrey replied

“Love? I think mine is an obsession” Christopher replied

Jefferey smiled and looked at Christopher. Regardless of love is defined as obsession or truth. Love is love, right?


Katherine reaches the hotel; it is near as well in the conference.

“Here I am!” Jake said

“Okay!” Katherine said

Jake and Katherine had a separate room but were close to each other. Katherine entered her room and didn’t turn back; she locked the door, dropped her things, and lay on the bed.

The flight is short but tiring. She looked at the phone and was waiting for Christoper to call him or message but none.

Katherine didn’t want to go but her work is more important to her. She knew that Christopher understood her.


Katherine got up from bed and took a shower. She knew that the only thing she could do was to wait for Christopher. She took a long shower; she didn’t even notice her phone was ringing after she left it on the bed.

The phone kept buzzing as Katherine was taking a shower. After an hour; Katherine got out of the shower and saw her phone buzzing. As she picked it up, Christopher had been calling her and there were more than 20 missed calls now. Katherine panicked, and when her phone rang again she immediately answered it.

“I was in the shower, I left my phone on the bed” Katherine in a panic said

For a minute, nobody answered on the other line.

“Are you mad?” Katherine asked

“No! I was wondering why would you take a very long shower” Christopher replied

“Stop doubting me, I am alone in the room,” Katherine said

Christopher on the other line didn’t reply.

“I wish you were here!” Katherine said

“Do not tempt me Katherine” Christopher replied

“Are you still mad?” Katherine asked

“No! How can I get mad at you,” Christopher said

Katherine smiled; she proceeded to get ready.

“What are you doing?” Katherine asked

“Working!” Christopher asked

“Will you not ask me, what am I doing?” Katherine said

“You said you just got out of a shower right, you are naked for sure,” Christopher said

Katherine then sat on the bed.

“When will the convention start?” Christopher asked

“Tomorrow! I will be meeting Mr. Williams as well” Katherine said

“I see! Let me guess Jake’s room across yours?” Christopher said

Katherine was unable to reply, for it is true.

“I locked my door, do not worry,” Katherine said

“That is comforting to know” Christopher replied

“Hey! I am with you so you do not need to worry” Katherine said

Christopher let out a deep sigh; he wanted so badly to go to New York and be with Katherine, but he didn’t want to invade her. If he holds her so much, she will for sure resist and fly away.

“When I come back maybe, we can go on a vacation,” Katherine said

“Sure! I love that” Christopher replied

“Maybe we can go to the Caribbean or somewhere,” Katherine said

“Do you want to take you away?” Christopher asked

Katherine didn’t reply.

What does she even want? She keeps on being swayed by Christopher at this point; he will rule over her. Is that even a good thing?

“I think you should rest now!” Christopher said

“Okay! When will you call me?” Katherine asked

“Maybe tomorrow morning” Christopher replied

“Okay!” Kathrine replied

“I love you!”

Before the two of them place the call down; they both say three amazing words. If they could just be with each other, this moment would be amazing.

The next morning, Katherine heads to the hotel’s dining area.

“A cup of coffee please,” Katherine said to the waiter.

At that moment Jake approached her and pulled a chair. Katherine just ignores him.

“Did you sleep well?” Jake asked

“That is none of your business Mr. Reeds” Katherine replied

“Look Katherine, I know it is awkward that I am here,” Jake said

Katherine glared at Jake.

“It is not awkward; I am just being myself. We are here for work not to get together” Katherine said

“Katherine, let us be professional about this” Jake asked

“I am professional Jake, and I think you are the one crossing so many lines here. Do your job and I will do mine.” Katherine said

Jake knows what he is crossing; he is not asking for a reconciliation, he knows that cheating on Katherine is wrong and he was a dumbass for doing that. But he wanted to close this chapter of his life properly and Katherine is not cooperating.

“Look, Katherine, let us do our job and end this on a good note,” Jake said

Katherine looked at him.

“Seriously? Coming from you, but I agree” Katherine replied

“I am serious” Jake replied

“Okay! Good to know” Katherine said

The tension between Katherine and Jake is at its peak and it looks like war is brewing.

The convention has started and many familiar faces are there.


A group of people called Katherine.

“Long time no see guys!” Katherine replied

“Are you still in Perspective?” One person asked

“Yes!” Katherine replied

“You are too good for that company,” Another person said

“I know right!” Katherine jokingly replied

From afar Jake was watching Kathrine and it is not surprising how Katherine attracts people around her. She is very charming.

“Ms. Scott”

All of them turned around and Mr. Lawrnce, smiled at them.

“Mr. Williams, fancy see you here” Katherine greeted sarcastically.

Lawrence knew that Katherine was not in the mood to see him; but what can he do. He wanted to meet her so badly.

“Hello everyone, I am Lawrence Williams. Here is my calling card.” He greeted everyone

Katherine’s instincts are on point; the offer Mr. Williams mentioned last time might have something to do with the future of Perspective Magazine.

“If it is alright, can I talk to Ms. Scott,” Lawrence asked

Everybody looked at Katherine and waited for her to react.

“I’ll meet you guys inside the hall, save me a spot please” Katherine replied

Katherine followed Lawrence on the other end. Jake saw the two of them and followed them.

Katherine and Lawrence reach an empty lobby.

“Nice to finally talked to you” Lawrence replied

“Let us cut the formalities. What do you want?” Katherine asked

“Straight to the point!” Lawrence said and smiled

“Look, sir, I know you and Phil have issues with one another and I do not want to be part of it,” Katherine said

“A matter of fact, you are part of it” Lawrence replied

“How in the world?” Katherine replied

Lawrence smiled and leaned on the wall.

“I am here to make an offer, not to make enemies” Lawrence replied

“My loyalty is with Phil” Katherine replied

“Are you sure about that? Do you know Phil?” Lawrence asked

Katherine and Phil are like peas in a pod; they have done a lot of things to make Perspective Magazine strive. But at the very end of the day; Phil is her boss. For sure there are things she does not know.

“Look, I am working and I do not have time for you” Katherine replied

“Are you content with what you have right now?” Lawrence asked

Katherine didn’t reply.

How can she even answer that?

“Are you okay with doing all the work but you only get so little credit?” Lawrence asked

“What do you know about credit sir? You took everything from Phil.” Kathrine replied

“Did I really, Katherine?” Lawrence asked

“Stop!” Katherine replied

“Phil knew what he signed up for, you should ask him and not be mad at me. All I want is to offer you something better.” Lawrence replied

Katherine is getting disoriented; talking to Mr. Williams was a bad idea.

In a split second, Katherine was surprised when Jake pop out of nowhere and pulled her.

“Mr. Williams right?” Jake asked

“Mr. Reed, hello to you” Lawrence replied

Lawrence extended his hands for a handshake but Jake glared at him.

“Why do I feel like this is Deja vu?” Lawrence asked

Katherine pulled her hands away from Jake and glared at him.

“Why are you not in the hall?” Katherine asked

“I was looking for you and you are missing so, I tried to look for you” Jake replied

Katherine is already irritated with the situation and Jake is adding more fuel to the situation.

“You do have a knack for surrounding yourself with these types of men; Ms. Scott” Lawrence replied

Katherine glared at Lawrence.

“This conversation is done,” Kathrine said

“Sure, for now!” Lawrence replied and smiled

Katherine walked away from the situation and Jake followed him. Lawrence finds the situation very amusing.

On the part of the situation; Christopher is not happy with certain things.

“Lawrence Williams?” He asked

“Yes sir! Based on our surveillance, Mr. Williams is the CEO of Crown & Co.” Jeffrey replied

“What does he want from Kathrine?” Christopher asked

“We have done a background check on Mr. Williams. He is the CEO of Crown & Co. He and Mr. Phil are cousins.” Jeffrey said

“I see, make sure that all of your eyes are on Katherine. I do not want any unwanted situation” Christopher replied

“Understood!” Jeffrey replied and left.

Christopher felt dissatisfied; he knew that he could do anything much. If he tried to interfere with Katherine’s job, she would be mad at him.

“Relationship is difficult,” Christopher said

Christopher let out a deep sigh and looked at his phone.

“Mr. Davis!” one of his secretaries entered

“Yes?” Christopher asked

“Someone is here to see you,” She said

“Who? I do not have a meeting” Christopher replied with frustration

Suddenly a woman entered his office.

“Do I need an appointment to meet you?”

Christopher was surprised to see her again.

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