Curiously In Love

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Chapter 14

The worst scenario right now has come to fruition. Charlotte West is an odd occurrence in Christopher’s life. She is someone; Christopher wished he never met.

“Christopher, I missed you!”

Charlotte approached Christopher and tried to give him an embrace, but Christopher dodge and pushed her away.

“That was not nice!” Charlotte replied

“What are you even doing here?” Christopher asked

“I missed you!” Charlotte replied

Christopher is not amused and glared at Charlotte.

“Why so uptight Chris? Are you not happy I am back?” Charlotte replied

“No! I literally do not care if you come back” Christopher replied

“Why? Have you found a new playmate?” Charlotte asked

Christopher slammed the table out of anger.

“Stop! Get out of my office” Christopher said

“Fine! You will turn around eventually” Charlotte replied

She left Christopher’s office; just like that.

“Shit!” Christopher said

Christopher was really in the mood for anything at all.

Why did even Charlotte appear at this moment?

Kathrine of the state was already having a bad time.

“He did what?” Phil said on the other line of the call.

“He is here!” Katherine replied

“That asshole!” Phil said

Katherine didn’t plan to say anything to Phil, but she has no choice. Right now she also has questions about Phil’s actions.

“Phil, I need you, to be honest with me,” Katherine said

“ What?” Phil asked

“Is the magazine doing fine?” Katherine asked

Phil didn’t reply ahead to the question; Katherine knew Phil better than anyone.

“I understood!” Katherine said

“Look, Katherine!” Phil said

“Phil, I am loyal to the magazine, not to you. I just want you to remember that.” Kathrine said

“I know! I am sorry!” Phil replied

Kathrine at that point is so confused; the only thing she was thinking about was Christopher.

She missed him so much.

Evening, the time passed and Kathrine headed to her room. She looked at her phone and she felt worried. Christopher hasn’t messaged or called her.

“What is he doing?” Katherine said

Katherine fiddled on her phone; she wanted to call Christopher but did not want to sound desperate.

“No! I should call him! I need to talk to him” Kathrine said

Katherine pressed a call on her phone; it rang.

“Hello!” Christopher answered

“Why didn’t you call or message me?” Kathrine said

She is desperate; she wanted Christopher so badly.

“I am sorry my love. I was busy” Christopher replied

“On what?” Katherine asked

“I have a company to run,” Christopher replied

Katherine sounds more and more desperate. She wants to hold him, kiss him and make love to him.

“Are you alright, you sound unwell?” Christopher asked

“I am, I miss you so much” Katherine replied

Christopher was on the brink of losing his mind; the hell with Charlotte. Katherine wants her.

“Do not tempt me, Katherine” Christopher said

“What if I am!” Katherine said

Christopher was in a predicament; Kathrine’s words fueled his desire to go to her.

“You are playing a very dangerous game, Ms. Scott” Christopher replied

“I want you!” Katherine said

Christopher was losing his mind; every word Katherine said is making him mad right now.

“Take off your clothes!” Christopher said

Katherine followed Christopher’s instructions; she took all of her clothes.

“Place your two fingers inside your mouth, and with your other hands fondle your breast,” Christopher said

Katherine continued to follow his instruction like her body had a mind of her own. As she continues to play with her breast; her fingers are sock and lubricated. Katherine moans as she continues to fondle her breast; she pinches her nipples.

Christopher on the other line pulled his erection out and stroked it. He felt more enticed as Katherine continued to moan on the other line of the call.

“Now put your fingers inside your core,” Christopher said

Katherine was hesitant, but the moment she touched herself. Her body was filled with electricity. She slowly pushed her finger inside her.

“Christopher, I!”

Katherine continued to react as she pleasured herself.

“Turn your fingers around my love,” Christopher said

Katherine does as she is told; she continues to moan and feel her body burning.

Christopher on the other hand had continued to stroke his erection, He held the tip of his erection and he could just imagine; thrusting inside Katherine.

“Christopher! Please!” Katherine said as she continued to play with herself.

“Katherine!” Christopher replied

As the two continue to pleasure themselves.; both of them reach the peak of excitement.

“Katherine!” Christopher called

“Christopher!” Katherine said

Both of them were out of breath and were still in the height of ecstasy.

“Fuck! I want to see you right now!” Christopher said

“No! Please do not come here,” Katherine said

“Katherine, how can you say stuff like that?” Christopher replied with frustration.

“I know but we can just go away after I come back, right?” Katherine replied

“You know how to make bargains” Christopher replied

“Promise, I will not argue. You pick a location and date, we will have our vacation” Katherine replied

Christopher knew that he was too deep now. Letting go of Katherine will be bad for him. Both physically, emotionally, and mentally.

“Okay! I will take your word for that” Christopher replied

“See you soon!” Katherine said

“Yeah!” Christopher replied

The two of them got off the call. Christopher was not satisfied with the situation, but he needed to compromise or else.

Katherine also felt empty; she wanted Christopher so badly.

They longed for each other!

The next day; Katherine woke up earlier. She felt refreshed but she knew that it would be a difficult day.

“Good Morning!” Jake said

“Good Morning!” Katherine replied

Jake followed Katherine to the lobby.

“Why are you following me?” Katherine asked

“I am just worried that he will ambush you again,” Jake asked

“Who?” Katherine asked

Jake stared at Katherine.

“You do like to attract weird people,” Jake said

“If you are referring to Mr. Williams. He is our boss” Katherine said

“Boss? Right!” Jake replied

Katherine glared at Jake and continued to walk.

“Did you ever think that Mr. Williams might be interested in you?” Jake said

“What are you implying?” Katherine asked

“What does he want from you?” Jake replied

“Believe me! I do not know,” Katherine said

The two of them attended the conference; Katherine was hyper-aware of her surroundings. Mr. Lawrence might appear out of nowhere.

“Let’s have dinner!” Jake said

“You eat on your own” Katherine replied

“You need to be conscious!” Jake said

“With whom? You?” Katherine replied

“Katherine! Please, just come with me!” Jake replied

“Leave me alone, Jake” Katherine shouted

Katherine ignored Jake and she just walked away from him. It is very important to Katherine that she will not associate anymore with Jake. She finds herself alone in the lobby and finally escapes.

“Ms. Scott!”

She was surprised to see Mr. Williams approaching her.

“What part of do not talk to me you do not understand, Mr. Williams,” Katherine said

“We need to talk!” Lawrence said

“With all due respect sir, I am busy,” Katherine replied

“Do you not want to know how Phil single-handedly destroys; Perspective?” Lawrence asked

Katherine stopped for a moment. She is curious about what is happening. She wants to know more, but if she does. She is betraying Phil.

“Look, Mr. Lawrence, Phil is a dear friend of mine. He will never betray me or the company.” Katherine replied

“That is what you think,” Lawrence replied

“You do not know, Phil!” Katherine replied

Lawrence approaches her and hands her a folder.

“Take this!” He said

“No!” Katherine replied

“Please just read this. If you will not find this disturbing or confusing. I will back off.” Lawrence replied

Katherine took the folder.

“But if you want to, come to me. I will clarify everything.” Lawrence replied.

Katherine is really in a pickle; she is not ready to know what Phil has been hiding from her. She also doesn’t know what she will do when she finds out.

On the other side of the world; Christopher is also in a difficult situation of his own.

“Hello!” Charlotte said

Charlotte West is inside his office, waiting for him.

“What are you doing here?” Christopher asked

“I am here for an official business” Charlotte replied

“Really?” Christopher asked in an irritated tone.

Charlotte approached the chair and sat.

“Come on Chris, let us do business” Charlotte replied

Christopher is not happy with his situation. Charlotte’s appearances do bother him.

“Here!” Charlotte gave Charlotte an envelope.

“What is this?” Christopher asked

“It is from dad, he wants to make business” Charlotte replied

Christopher opened the envelope and as Charlotte said it is legit.

“Tell uncle Steve, I will contact him soon,” Christopher said

“Oh come of Christopher, let’s play,” Charlotte said

“I am busy, Charlotte” Christopher replied

Charlotte glared at Christopher.

“How can you be so cold Chris?” Charlotte replied

Christopher looked at Charlotte with irritation.

“Charlotte, should I refresh your memory of what happened last time?” Christopher replied

“Come on Christopher, that was a mishap,” Charlotte replied

Christopher slammed the table and glared at Charlotte.

“Mishap? You run off with another man at our engagement party.” Christopher said

Charlotte didn’t reply and looked away from Christopher. She knew what she did; she understood what happened, and she knew the consequences.

“I was wrong to do that? I got cold feet” Charlotte replied

“Cold feet? I thought we understood our situation; I thought we were working things out.” Christopher replied

“I know, that is why I came back. I want you, Christopher.” Charlotte replied

Christopher was amazed at her audacity of Charlotte.

“I changed Charlotte, I will not come back to you,” Christopher replied

“Christopher!” Charlotte said

“I will never come back to you,” Christopher said

Charlotte was baffled as Christopher rejected him. At that moment, Christopher’s phone rang, and on the caller id, it was Katherine.

Charlotte saw the caller id and knew from that moment that Christoper did find someone.

Her replacement.

“Leave now, Charlotte,” Christopher said

“Fine, I will leave, but mark my words, Christopher. This is not over.” Charlotte replied

Charlotte walked out of Christopher’s office. She was frustrated and felt humiliated; how dare Christopher say that to her.

She pulled her phone out to make a call.

“Hello! We need to talk!” Charlotte said

Every moment Christopher and Katherine are apart more and more unideal situations occur.

Katherine cannot reach Christopher; she already called him more than five times but he was not answering. She is so confused at the moment; she is not yet done reading the files Mr. Williams gave him. She cannot understand how Phil was able to do all of those things.

Knock! Knock!


To her surprise, Katherine and Jake was knocking on her door.

“I know you are there, I just want to apologize for invading your space. I know we talked about this already. But I am worried about you” Jake said

Katherine knew that Jake meant no harm. He would be the last person she will be confined to, but she needs to talk to someone right now. She opened the door and Jake was surprised.

“I need to show you something,” Katherine said

“Okay!” Jake said

Jake went inside Katherine’s room.

Jake knew that Katherine was not herself. She is very agitated.

“What happened?” Jake asked

Katherine pulled the documents and gave them to Jake.

“What is this?” Jake asked

“Read! Unfortunately, Phil has been lying to me and the entire company.” Katherine replied

Jake opened and started to read the documents; just like Katherine, it was very surprising.

“Where did you get all of this?” Jake asked

“Mr. Lawrence gave that to me,” Katherine replied

Jake continues to scan all of the documents; Katherine on the other hand pours a glass of wine.

“Do you believe any of this?” Jake asked

“I do not know, what to believe anymore” Katherine replied

“I understand what you feel, but we cannot confirm anything unless you ask Phil,” Jake said

“I know! The problem is, that Mr. Williams will not gain anything from doing this. I do not understand his angle.” Katherine replied

Jake stopped reading and seriously looked at Katherine.

“You!” Jake said

“Excuse me? What do you mean ‘me’?” Katherine asked

“He wants you, Katherine” Jake replied

Katherine has become more and more confused with the situation. She needs to find out the truth.

She needs to talk to Mr. Williams.

Christopher on the other side of everything; got home. He looked at his phone, he plans to call Katherine.

“Mr. Davis” Jeffrey called

“What is it?” Christopher asked

“Ms. Scott was approached by Mr. Williams today,” Jeffrey reported

“Really?” Christopher becomes more irritated.

The lasting Christopher needs is bad news relating to Katherine. Charlotte is already posing a headache for him, and now those bastards roaming around Katherine infuriates him.

“We have learned that Mr. Williams has given Ms. Scott documents relating to the status of Perspective Magazine” Jeffrey replied

“Hmm! Investigate that as well, I do not want to see Katherine getting involved in dangerous matters.” Christopher said

“Understood! Also, sir, Mr. Reed is with her right now” Jeffrey said

Christopher is in rage, he knew that he should trust Katherine but he cannot stop feeling jealous.

“Thank you Jeffrey you can go now.” He said

“Yes sir!” Jeffrey said

As Jeffrey left, Christopher pour himself a glass of whiskey. He drank it straight and glare at it. Out of rage, he threw the glass on the floor. He wanted to go badly to Katherine and take her away. Place her in a cage or hide her on an isolated island, but he knew that if he does that Katherine will be furious at him.

He just needs to be patient. Just a little more and this long-distance thing will be over.

That is what he hoped for.

The next day, Katherine was in a restaurant; just like that, she set a meet-up with Mr. Lawrence Williams. She wanted to know everything.

“Ms. Scott!”

Mr. Williams approached Katherine who was sitting patiently at the reserved table.

“You win, we really need to talk” Katherine replied

“Good to know you had a change of heart,” Lawrence replied

“No! I am still loyal to Phil” Katherine replied

Lawrence pulled the chair and sat across the table.

“Here!” Katherine handed the envelope

“Have you read it?” Lawrence asked

“Yes!” Katherine said

“Should I explain some details to you?” Lawrence asked

Katherine seriously glared at Lawrence.

“What do you want?” Katherine asked

“Going right straight to the point,” Lawrence said

“Perspective Magazine is the only thing Phil had, and if you plan to take it from him you are not playing fair” Katherine replied

“I do not want Perspective, Phil can keep that place” Lawrence replied

Katherine took a sip of her drink.

“Then what do you want?” Katherine asked

“You!” Lawrence replied with conviction

Katherine was unable to react, for just like Jake said Mr. Williams is indeed interested in her.

“Me? What do want from me?” Katherine asked

“Work for me, Ms. Scott” Lawrence replied

“Work? You want me to leave Phil?” Katherine asked

“Yes! I will save Perspective Magazine from being bankrupt but in exchange, you work for me here in Crown.” Lawrence said

Katherine cannot stomach the audacity of the situation. How can she react to that?

“Phil is a stubborn man, he will not ask help from us. But think about it, the people who are learning and making a decent living at Perspective. If the investment issue comes about the reality is the company needs to lay off employees. Are you okay with that? Lawrence asked

Katherine’s heart was racing, she could not imagine a situation like that.

“Why me? What can I do for you at Crown?” Katherine asked

“You are a very attended individual, Ms. Scott, I am surprised that Phil got lucky and found a competent person like you. But in my opinion, you are wasting your time as editor-in-chief of that magazine. If you choose Crown, I will make you the project head, the vice-president, or even the president of the company.” Lawrence replied

Katherine glared at Lawrence.

“Do not put me in a position I do not want” Katherine replied

“Right, I think you need more time to think about it,” Lawrence replied

“I will not betray Phil” Katherine replied with conviction

Lawrence smiled.

“You will change your mind” Lawrence replied

He stood from his seat and left Katherine.

Katherine is flustered, she doesn’t know what to do or feel in the situation. But she doesn’t want all her hard work with Perspective to disappear.

What is she going to do!

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