Curiously In Love

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Chapter 15

On the other side of the situation. Charlotte is waiting for his father, she is not ecstatic that Christopher continues to ignore her. She needs to resort to his father’s help.


Charlotte West is the sole heiress of West Enterprise; her father Peter West is a multi-millionaire CEO. West Enterprise holds one of the largest textile industries in the U.S.

“Daddy!” Charlotte greeted

“Darling, it is rare to see you here?” Peter replied

“I missed you, and I need something,” Charlotte said

Peter looked at her daughter and shook his head. He knows that Charlotte is up to no good.

“So, Chris didn’t bother to talk to you,” Peter said

“Yes! I do not understand” Charlotte replied

“Sweetie, do you think the moment you broke up with him has something to do with that?” Peter replied

Charlotte looked at her father.

“I just taught that, if I go with Justin life will be more interesting,” Charlotte replied

“Darling, you have a future with Christopher, do you still want that?” Peter asked

“Maybe! I am not sure. The only thing I know is that I am not happy that Christopher is seeing another girl” Charlotte replied

“Oh! Chris had a girlfriend” Peter replied

“Yes! I think this is serious” Charlotte replied

"Looks like Chris really did move on," Peter said

Charlotte approach his father and acted cutely. Peter knew that his daughter is acting unreasonably.

"No! Stop pestering Chris!" Peter said

"But father, I want Chris to notice me," Charlotte said

Peter faced his daughter and hold her shoulders.

"My dear! This time around I thinks you need to find other ways to make Chris interested in you." Peter said

Charlotte will stop at nothing to get what she wants and she wants Christopher. No matter the cause.

Christopher is having a difficult time. Katherine has not contacted him since yesterday and it is getting on his nerves.

"As expected the new building in New York will be completed this year."

Christopher keeps on looking at his phone. He just wants a message from Katherine; is that too much to ask?


As Christopher was thinking about Katherine; he received a message from her.

"Meeting is adjourned," Christopher said

"But sir, we still have!"

They were unable to say anything for Christopher stormed out of the conference room and headed to his office. He then proceeds to make a call.

"Christopher!" Katherine greeted

"You better have a good explanation for ignoring me for more than 24 hours, Ms. Scott," Christopher said

Katherine was taken aback at this point Christopher is mad at her.

"Let me explain," Katherine said

"You better, I wanted so badly to go to New York right now and take you. Do you have any idea?" Christopher said

"I know, I am sorry. A lot of things happen and I am not alright" Katherine said

Christopher let out a deep sigh, hearing Katherine's voice makes him calm down. He sat on this seat and pulled his necktie loose.

"Okay! What happened?" Christopher asked

"Do not get mad okay?" Katherine said

"I am already frustrated woman, so better talk," Christopher said

Katherine tried her best to be calm and told Christopher everything.

"That is what happened," Katherine said

"So what do you plan to do? I mean literary you have a choice to make" Christopher said

"No! I will not choose, Phil will never lie to me" Katherine said

"I understand my dear, but in this situation is your loyalty really compensated? Is Phil really worth your loyalty?" Christopher said

Katherine didn't reply, Christopher will not say those words lightly. He has a point, but Phil is his friend.

"I do not want to add more pressure to you my love; maybe the best thing to do is go to Phil and talked to him," Christopher said

"I guess, the best option for me is to go home," Katherine said

"Yes! I am dying here" Christopher said

"What? No, you are not!" Katherine said

"I am Katherine, I miss you so much," Christopher said

Katherine feels the same way; she missed him so much. To the point that she wanted to jump into his arms. She wanted so badly to be ravished by Christopher.

"I will sort things out and we can have that vacation," Katherine said

"Good to know that the vacation is still a go," Christopher said

"Yes! So be prepared" Katherine replied

"I should be the one saying that," Christopher said

"I love you! Christopher!" Katherine said

"I love you too!" Christopher said

That moment is one of the most genuine moments for both Katherine and Christopher. There is no turning back, in terms of their relationship.

Charlotte had hatched a plan if her father will not help him. She will seek other means of assistance. She is in a restaurant waiting for a person.

"Charlotte!" Madeline Davis approached Charlotte

"It is so good to finally see you" Madeline greeted.

The two of them exchange greeting and sat to talk.

"When did you come back?" Madeline asked

"Three days ago, I broke up with Justin," Charlotte said

"Oh! But I thought you love him?" Madeline said

"Love is not enough, he just interested in me because of the money," Charlotte replied

"Well I hoped you moved on, Chris certainly did," Madeline said

As Charlotte expected; Madeline will be useful to her.

"Really, did he already have a girlfriend?" She asked

"Yes! She is in the Publishing industry" Madeline said

"Oh! Good for Chris, I didn't think he has it in him to move on" Charlotte replied

"I understand, I remember when the two of you almost got married" Madeline replied

"I know, Oh! I actually plan to open a new shop and I would like to invite you and the entire Davis Family" Charlotte replied

"That is so sweet of you, I will make sure we will go" Madeline replied

"Thank you, Madeline, you are the best!" Charlotte replied

Charlotte will do everything to ensure that Christopher Davis will look in her way again.

Katherine on the other hand was in the hotel bar and drinking.

"There you are!" Jake said

"Hello!" Katherine said

Jake pulled a seat and ask the bartender for a drink.

"How was the talk?" Jake asked

"Just like what you said, Mr. Williams is interested in me and wants to pirate me" Katherine replied

Jake took a sip of his drink.

"What do you plan to do?" Jake asked

"I need to confront Phil, to know my next move," Katherine said

"I see! I am going to Africa after this conference" Jake said

"What? Why?" Katherine asked

"I was hired by a famous documentary show to be their official photographer," Jake said

"Congratulation," Katherine said

Jake looked at Katherine; he knew that he cannot turn back time. They are already done, the relationship they have is just a memory.

"Katherine, I know I am shameless. But I want us to be friends" Jake said

"Jake!" Katherine said

"I know that I have hurt you too deeply, and I know apologizing for eternity is not enough. But I would just like to have something before I leave you." Jake said

Katherine never expected Jake to come back to her life. What happened to them is too painful. She doesn't want it, but she could not deny that Jake is part of her past. A literal lesson.

"I cannot fully give you what you want, but we can start as acquaintances," Katherine replied

Jake smiled.

"Better than nothing" Jake replied

"Perhaps you can email or call me once you got to Africa" Katherience replied

"Sure! I would love that" Jake said

Katherine raised her glass, "Cheers to you!"

"Cheers to us!" Jake said

Katherine knew that she needs to fully move on if she want a better relationship with Christopher. She needs to have a clean slate.

Christopher got to his apartment; he is more composed now knowing Katherine will return home.

Ring... Ring...

"Hello!" Christopher answered the call

"Hello, Chris!" Madeline said

"Yes my dear sister?" Christopher said

"Are you busy, tomorrow?" Madeline asked

"Why?" Christopher asked

"Well! I got an invitation for Charlotte's store opening party" Madeline said

"No! I am not interested" Christopher said

"Come on Chris, We are invited," Madeline said

"Let me remind you that woman, broke up our engagement and hurt me," Christopher said

"I know, but the West is our family friend and we have business with them. Anything that happened between you and Charlotte is in the past" Madeline said

"Are you seriously asking me something impossible, Madeline?" Christopher said

"Okay! Let us compromise, please attend this party with me and I will do anything you want" Madeline said

"Anything?" Christopher said

"Yes! So please attend!" Madeline said

Christopher knew that if he rejected Madeline; it will be complicated and avoiding Charlotte will only place him in a more complicated situation.

"Fine! I will attend, you better not let Charlotte come near me" Christopher said

"Yeah! I love you brother" Madeline said

The call ended; Christopher needs to comfort Charlotte. He needs a clean slate to have a serious relationship with Katherine.

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