Curiously In Love

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Chapter 16

Katherine booked a one-way ticket flight from New York to Seattle. Her goal is to get to the bottom of things and make sure that Phil will answer all of her questions.

"Are you ready Katherine?" Jake called her

"Yes! Did you contact Jeremy?" Katherine asked

"I got a hold of him, and from the looks of it Mr. William's attorney did come and talked to Phil," Jake said

"I see! Let's go!" Katherine said

Katherine is determined. All her career and time were invested in Perspective Maganize. For goodness sake, she practically builds the company from ground zero to up. She will not let anyone destroy her hard work. Neither Phil nor Mr. Lawrence will do that.

Christopher was busy on the other hand; Madeline had to drag him to a store to buy a gift for Charlotte.

"What do you think, we should buy her?" Madeline asked

"I do not know!" Christopher said

"Come on Chris, show some enthusiasm on this" Charlotte said

'How can I, when you deliberately cause the reason why Charlotte and I are going to meet." Christopher said

"Look, I am doing this out of concern, I mean Charlotte is our childhood friend. Things got complicated when the two of you decided to be something out of nothing." Charlotte said

Christopher ignored Madeline and proceed to enter Tiffany & Co.

"Good day sir!" The sales lady said

Christopher took a look at the jewelry and saw a magnificent ring.

"Can I take a look at that?" He said

"Sure sir" The sales lady proceed to take the ring and hand it to Christopher.

Christopher stared at the ring; it will look good on Katherine he said to himself.

"Are you planning to propose to Katherine?" Madeline asked

"I think! I mean I love her" Christopher said

"She is a good woman. So I do not object" Madeline replied

Christopher wanted to spend his life with Katherine. He knew that they might be moving too fast, but can anyone blame him. After everything that happened with Charlotte; it was the first time in a long time he found solace with someone.

"I will get this." He said

"Sure sir, let me wrap that for you," The sales lady said.

Maybe meeting Charlotte is not a bad thing, maybe meeting her is the only way for him to realize that Katherine is the one. He will need to finally let go of his past and move on.

"Let so Chris, the party will start soon," Madeline said

"Alright!" Christopher said

Katherine and Jake are both in the airport and waiting for the time.

"Does Phil know anything?" Jake asked

"Not really, the only thing he knew is that Mr. William is trying to have contact with me," Katherine said

"What if Phil admits to everything?" Jake asked

"To be honest with you Jake, I do not know what to do or expect at this point. I do not rust Mr. William or Phil at this point." Katherine said

"So your plan is just to confront Phil, and let the dice roll on its own?" Jake said

Katherine took a sip of her coffee; all she wanted is to go home to Christopher. Seeing him will make his heart and mind at peace.

Madeline and Christopher arrived at Charlotte's shop. It was a soft opening party.

"Charlotte" Madeline called

Charlotte waved at them, and happily approach them. Christopher is not really interested, but for the sake of moving on and his sister. Why not!

"Thank you for coming," Charlotte said

"It is our pleasure," Madeline said

"Chris!" Charlotte greeted

"Congrats on your new shop," Christopher said

"Thank you, please enjoy everything okay. I will be back" Charlotte said

"Sure!" Madeline replied

After Charlotte left them, Madeline hold on to Christopher.

"See, that was not hard," Madeline said

"I want to leave," Christopher said

"Please, no just enjoy okay," Madeline said

Christopher could not care less; he head to the minibar.

"One whiskey please," He said

"Coming up sir!" The bartender said

Unannounced to Christopher, Charlotte pulled a seat beside him.

"Thank you for coming," Charlotte said

Christopher saw Charlotte and he just ignores her.

"Come on, Chris I just want to talk," Charlotte said

"About what?" he asked

"I want to apologize for what happened between us," She said

"Apologies, I think you are too late for that" Christopher said

"Do not say that, we have history. Do those moments mean nothing?" Charlotte said

Christopher drank his whiskey.

"Look Charlotte, I already have a person I care about. Truly and deeply, I do not need this" Christopher said

"Christopher please," Charlotte said

"Why did you come back?" Christopher asked

"I want to apologize, I finally realized that I hurt you deeply. I just want to have a clean my record." Charlotte replied

"That is hard to believe Charlotte" Christopher replied

"Please, I am not doing this to rekindle anything. I just want to start moving on with my life." Charlotte replied

Christopher knew Charlotte too well, but she has a point. Who is he to judge a person's disposition. Christopher also didn't see the change coming to him. Katherine did really make him move forward.

"I could not fully forgive you Charlotte. But what I can do is act civil to you. After all, our families are friends and business partners." Christopher replied

Charlotte smiled and hugged Christopher out of excitement.

"Thank you, you are the best Chris!" Charlotte replied

Unknowing Christopher, Charlotte is already doing her thing to ensure that Christopher will be hers again.

Katherine and Jake are going to their respective flights.

"Be careful!" Jake said

"I should be the one saying that," Katherine said

"Thank you very much, Kath, you really are the best girl," Jake said

Katherine approaches Jake and gave him a hug, Jake hugged him back. The warmth of their embrace made them recall those moments that have as a couple. A very fond memory, a memory they will cherish forever.

"Let us meet again okay?" Katherine said

"Yes! Let's do that!" Jake said

Jake let go of Katherine and he entered the dates, he looked back to Katherine; he smiled and wave. Katherine did the same thing; as Jake entered moved forward, and Katherine was unable to see her. At that moment they both knew that everything that bad happened to them has ended. It will all be just a memory.

A memory that allowed them to learn, how important every waking moment is. How there life and fate are connected, yet it was never meant to be.

At last they freed each other.

Christopher on the other hand continuously drink alone, as he wants to go home.

"Can we leave now Madeline?" He asked

"If you want to go home, go for it. I will not stop you" Madeline said

Christopher smiled, before leaving he head to the bar for one last drink.

"Another glass of whiskey" He said

"Coming up!" The bartender replied.

Unknowing to Christopher as The bartender was making his drink. Charlotte called the bartender.

"What can I do for you ma'am?' He asked

"Did that man, (points at Christopher) ordered another drink?" She asked

"Yes! A glass of whiskey" He said

"Can you be a dear and put this drug in his drink?" Charlotte asked

"But ma'am, that is illegal" He replied

"Oh come on, no one will know. If you this favor for me I will ensure to recommend you to all my friends and other events. What do you say?" Charlotte replied

The bartender, was conflicted but just like that he took the drug and put it in Christopher's drink. Whi is he to say no to free publicity.

"Here sir!" The bartender said

"Thank you!" Christopher replied and drank his whiskey.

Charlotte will have Christopher that is her goal no more no less. Christopher headed out the event and to the parking lot. He suddenly left heavy and dizzy.

"What the hell?" He said

Before he was about to drop, someone caught him and as he looked it was Charlotte.

"Oh! Chris, what happened? Are you alright?" She said

"Let me go, I need to go home" He replied

"Go home? Your drunk, let me help you" Charlotte said

"I am not drunk" He said

Charlotte took Christopher's car keys and helped him in. At that point Christopher was partially knockout.

"My planned worked" Charlotte said.

She get to the driver seat and drove the car away.

At this point nobody know what will happened next.

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