Curiously In Love

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Chapter 17

Katherine arrived at Seattle airport; she took a cab.

"Where to miss?" The driver asked

"Take me to this address please," Katherine said

The cab driver looked at the address and nodded. Unannounced to no one, Katherine arrives in Seattle without anybody's knowledge.

Katherine looked at her phone and checked on Christopher's messages. No sign of him at all. She is worried, the lasting thing they talked about was her worries and troubles.

What if Christopher got fed up with her?

She pushed the call button to reach him. On the other end, it just rang until it reach the message box.

What is happening?

Christopher got home; Charlotte took him to his penthouse.

"What happened to Mr. Davis?" Jeffery asked

"It is alright Jeffrey, he drank too many," Charlotte replied.

The two of them helped Christopher to bed. Charlotte proceeds to remove Christopher's shoes.

"What are you doing Ms. West?" Jeffrey asked

"Do not worry Jeffrey, Christopher asked me to take care of him. You can excuse yourself." Charlotte said

Jeffrey hesitated to move, but Charlotte was insistent and asked him to leave.

At that point Christopher was helpless. Charlotte proceeds to unbutton his shirt without his knowledge.

"You are mine, Chris! Just admit it you missed me" Charlotte said

Charlotte reaches for Christopher's pocket. There she saw a ring box.

"Are you serious about that girl?" Charlotte asked

Charlotte also noticed Christopher's phone was ringing. She gives out a devious smile and proceeds to touch Christopher.

Katherine on the other hand is in front of the Perspective Office. From the looks of it, Phil is still in the office. She took a deep breath to muster the courage.

She entered the office and saw Phil in his office.

"Katherine? What are you doing here?"

"We need to talk," Katherine said

"The conference is not yet done?" Phil said

Katherine handed him the envelope.

"What is this?" Phil asked

"I should be the one, asking that" Katherine

Phil read the content of the envelope, and he was stunned to speak.

"I just want an answer with you, Phil, Is that true?" Katherine asked

"Where did you get this? Did Lawrence give you this?" Phil asked

"Phil, please tell me the truth," Katherine said

"That son of a b*tch, how dare he!" Phil madly shouted

Katherine pulled Phil and hold him in his arms.

"Phil, I deserve the truth. As your friend" Katherine replied

Phil was unable to reply or looked at Katherine.

"Let me explain, Katherine," Phil said

"Okay I am all ears," Katherine said

Phil was in panic and didn't know where to start.

"Perspective was doing well until last year, but the insurance and debts started to pile up," Phil said

"So you think it was a good idea to borrow more money?" Katherine said

"Katherine it was not my intention to," Phil said

"You should have said something Phil, you should have asked for help," Katherine said

"Who? Ask for help from Lawrence! No!" Phil answered with conviction.

"Do you think your pride will save the company, we might lose everything here Phil" Katherine said

"I will lose everything Katherine, If I ask for help do you think it will gain me anything at all. They will just make my life a living hell." Phil said

Katherine was already in tears as he heard those words from Phil.

"So you would rather, sacrifice everybody's welfare?" Katherine asked

Phil didn't reply and turned his back on Katherine. Katherine didn't expect to hear that from Phil, his boss, and friend. A person all this time she was defending.

"I will go now," Katherine said

"Katherine, please I need you," Phil said

"I do not know what to think, Phil it's what you said earlier who am I really to you at this point" Katherine replied

Katherine then walked out of the situation. She was crying, her entire being was shaking to the core. All of her hard work might be thrown out of what had happened.

Katherine reach out to her phone and tried to call Christopher again.

"Please pick up!" Katherine said

The phone just rang until it ended. Katherine wanted Christopher to save her. She wanted to be with him.

Katherine went to the street and got a cab. If Christopher is not coming, she decides to go to him.

Charlotte pulled the covers, lay on the bed, and looked at Christopher. It was all worth it; now Christopher just needs to just wake up and see her. She was wondering what would be his reaction.

She already made the scenario in her head; suddenly the doorbell rang.

"Who the hell?" She said

She hurriedly got out of bed, the sound of the doorbell might wake Christopher and destroy her plans. When she reach the door and opened it. To her surprise, a woman is standing there.

Katherine was in shock; she thought Christopher will answer the door. But it was a woman. Who is she?

"Can I help you?" She asked

"I am looking for Christopher" Katherine answered.

"He is asleep" She answered

"Asleep?" Katherine said and looked at the woman from head to toe.

Charlotte knew that this woman is the new girl Christopher is seeing. Based on her reaction, this is getting interesting.

"Would you like to come in and see for yourself?" Charlotte said

Katherine felt her heart was stabbed; she might be overthinking the state of the woman in front of her. What else should she think?

"Not thank you! I better leave" Katherine said

"I was first!" Charlotte said

Katherine stopped leaving and turned to look at Charlotte.

"I think you know who I am right?" Charlotte added

"Yes! I understand" Katherine replied and walked away

"Nice meeting you" Charlotte replied

Katherine was in the elevator, her tears started falling. How can the world be so cruel to her; her job and now her heart. Is this punishment?

Katherine cried that entire night.

The next morning, Christopher woke up, with a headache.

"What the hell?" He said

He looked around, he was wondering how he got home and why is he undress. He pulled a rob and put it on.

He then got out of his room and heard a noise in the kitchen. As he check he was surprised to see Charlotte.

"What the hell!" He said

"Oh! Good morning! I was trying to make breakfast" Charlotte said

"What are you doing here?" He asked

"What do you mean? You invited me here." Charlotte replied

Christopher was so confused about the situation. He looked around and found his phone on the counter. He immediately get his phone and checked.

Charlotte observed Christopher's reaction. While checking his phone; Christopher felt a cold strike on his heart. Katherine has been sending him messages and calling her since yesterday.

He immediately pushed the call button to contact Katherine.

"Please pick up." He said

"Come on Christopher, let's have breakfast," Charlotte said

Christopher end the call and glared at Charlotte.

"What are you doing Charlotte?" He said

"What do mean? Don't tell me you forgot what happened last night?" Charlotte said

"Cut to the chase woman, what do you want? What happened?" Christopher asked

Charlotte let out a sigh.

"You were drunk last night, I help you get in your car but you want me to go with you. We end up in your penthouse. Then you kissed me." Charlotte said

Christopher was trying to remember but, everything was a blackout to him. At this moment he is worried for we ignored Katherine the whole day.

"Oh! Somebody came by last night" Charlotte said

"Who?" Christopher asked

"A woman, she was looking for you," Charlotte said

Christopher was in a panic, thinking who might it be? He had a gut feeling that it was Katherine.

"Come on Chris, do not be mad at me," Charlotte said

Christopher pushed Charlotte away from him.

"Listen to me woman, you and I are done. I do not want anything to do with you. I already found the love of my life and I will spend my life with her." Christopher said

"Do you think that is easy Chris, I am a big part of your life. You can't just erase me" Charlotte said

"Yes, I can! And I already have." Christopher said

Christopher got to the door and opened it.

"Leave, and never go near me ever again," Christopher said

Charlotte felt a pain in her chest. She picks up her things and approaches Christopher. Before leaving, she slapped him and got out.

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