Curiously In Love

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Chapter 18

Katherine was determined to end all things that is making her suffer. She didn't get enough sleep, thinking of so many things, from Phil to Christopher of it.

She was on her way to Perspective when her phone was ringing; it was Christopher. She didn't want to deal with him just now; what she wanted is to deal with and finish Phil.

Katherine was in the office; everyone was dead looking straight at her as she entered Phil's office.

"Katherine" Phil greeted

Katherine gave Phil a letter and smiled.

"I am resigning, effective immediately," Katherine said

"What!" Phil reacted

Katherine walked out of the office and headed to her table. She started to pack her things.

"Katherine, what's going on?" Jeremy asked

"Pack your thing, we are out of here," Katherine said

"Why?" Jeremy asked

"Katherine Scott!" Phil shouted

Everyone was shocked when Phil was on a rampage.

"I have nothing to say to you Phil, I resign" Katherine replied

Everyone was watching and are in a panic as they learned Katherine was resigning.

"You can't do this to me," Phil said

"Yes I can, I already contacted Mr. Williams and agreed to his terms. I hope he can help with the company's concern" Katherine replied

"Don't do this Katherine, We do not need his help. We can find a way to fix the company's problem" Phil said

Katherine glared at Phil; the last thing she wanted was to make a scene but from the looks of it it will be difficult for her.

"Listen to me Phil, you need help but not the kind of help you are thinking. I cannot provide that." Katherine said

"Katherine, please," Phil said

"Come on, Jeremy," Katherine said and walked away.

"Go! I do not need you; with or without you this company will strive. You are just like them." Phil shouted.

Everyone was conflicted but at the same time worried. Most of them are working for Katherine; for she galvanizes the company. Now she is gone what would happen.

"Katherine what the hell is going on," Jeremy said

"Just trust me, Jeremy, for the meantime does not answer or help Phil. I will get back to you once I had the details" Katherine said

"You are scaring me, Katherine," Jeremy said

While heading out of the company, Katherine receives a message from Mr. Lawrence. He is in Seattle and is ready to talk to her. Katherine thought to herself, that she was doing the right thing.

Once she is done with this, she will settle Christopher once and for all.

Ending everything in Seattle and starting in New York is her new life.

At a restaurant not far from the hotel Lawrence was staying, he awaits Katherine.

"Mr. Williams" Katherine arrived.

"Hello!" Lawrence said

"It is done, so please do your part of the bargain," Katherine said

"Yes! My team is already preparing to go to Perspective and help Phil. Hopefully, he will not resist." Lawrence said

"Listen to me, no matter how Phil resists you need to help perspective. The people in that company have families, they need to feed. Do not break your promise." Katherine said

"Yes! For the end of your bargain. I already book a flight for you and your assistant" Lawrence said

"I will go to you, on my own terms. Let me finish something first" Katherine said

"Is it about Mr. Davis?" Lawrence said

Katherine didn't reply; the last thing she needs is another nosy person to meddle with her love life.

"Look, I am working for you. You do not need to deal with or be involved in my life. Just do your part as my new boss and everything will be alright." Katherine said

"From its looks, the boss in this situation is you and not me. Well, that is what I like about you. So prepare to work Ms. Scott" Lawrence said.

"I will contact you soon," Katherine said

"Yes! I will wait for you Katherine" Lawrence said

Set with a determined mind, Katherine needs to take control of her life again. If going to New York is what she needs to do so be it.

Christopher is in despair; he contacted his team to locate Katherine but from the looks of it they could not find her at all. He needs to make things straight.

"Ms. Scott" Jeffrey exclaimed

Christopher was in a panic, for he didn't expect Katherine to come to him.

"Katherine!" He said

"I am just here to pick up my things," Katherine said

"Please let us talk," Christopher said

Katherine ignores him and heads to the bedroom. Christopher followed. As Katherine entered the room, her head is filled with bad thoughts. Just imagining what had transpired in here, and with that woman.

"Katherine, about Charlotte," Christopher said

"I do not care, Chris, it is your business, not mine" Katherine replied while packing her things.

"Please let me explain, I know you met her last night," Christopher said

Katherine stop what, she was doing and faced Christopher.

"What happened?" Katherine asked

Christopher was too stunned to speak as he knew what Katherine is implying.

"It is not what you think" Christopher replied

Katherine frowned out of dismay, for she heard that line many times before. She turned away from Christopher and continued packing.

"Katherine please, do not do this. It was a mistake, Charlotte tricked me" Christopher said

Katherine took a deep breath and face Christopher again.

"Look here! I tolerated at this point the difference in our lives. I tried my best to fit in the life you wanted. I become someone I am not because I love you. But from the looks of it, I am the only one loving in our relationship" Katherine replied

"How dares you, make that type of assessment? You haven't listened to my explanation" Christopher replied

"Okay, then explained I am all ears here," Katherine said

Again Christopher was placed in a situation he cannot control. At this point what does he even going to say?

That Charlotte forced him; no one will believe that.

Katherine took her belongings and walked out of the bedroom. Christopher followed her, he reach the door and stopped her.

"Katherine stop! What is happening?" Christopher asked

"If it is not clear, I am leaving you, Christopher," Katherine said

"Leaving?" Christopher said

"Yes! It is better if we go our separate ways" Katherine replied

"No! I do not agree" Christopher said

"Do you really have the nerve to stop me? Katherine said

"Nothing happened between me and Charlotte" Christopher replied

"Nothing, after everything I have said about my current situation you have the nerve to say that nothing happened. Then tell me why are you together? Why did you even meet?" Katherine replied

"Just like you, I want to bury the hatchet with Charlotte. I trusted you with Jake; so return the favor and trust me with Charlotte" Christopher said

"Trust? I met her yesterday have naked and you are nowhere to be found. Your burying the hatchet with her is obviously different from mine" Katherine said

"You are overreacting Katherine," Christopher said

"Good to know that you think that, goodbye Mr. Davis" Katherine replied

Christopher was so frustrated with the situation. Katherine head out the door and was crying as she was in the elevator.

Everything is in chaos, everything is now gone and ended.

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