Curiously In Love

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Chapter 2

Speaking of great opportunity I didn’t think it will come to me as soon as possible. It started last Wednesday; Phil called me in his office to discuss something.

“He wants a meeting” Phil said

“Who wants a meeting?” asked him with a joking tone.

“You know who, Mr. Davis” He replied

“I see so you will go right?” I asked

“Well about that I want you to go. “ Phil replied

I widen my eyes and looked at Phil furiously. How could this happen to me again.

“You piece of shit Phil” I said to him

“Don’t get mad Katherine it just a meeting” He said

“If it is only a meeting why don’t you go?” I asked him

“Well as editor-in-chief and in-charge of this issue I thought it would be to let the best person come and meet him, and that is you.” Phil replied

God dammit it this man is making my blood boil to the core. How could he do this to me, first the featured article know this.

“Please Katherine I beg of you; please do this for me.” He beg

God how much more begging abilities does this man have; he is really putting me on the edge.

“I need more vacation leave after this.” I said to him

“Yes! After all of this you can have a month of vacation leave.” He said without hesitation.

“Fine do I have a choice?” I said to him.

“Oh! Thank you so much Katherine you are the best.” Phil utter non-stop.

That is how I wind up going here at Davis House. I came out of the elevator on the 12th floor. I head to the receptionist.

“Good morning, I am Katherine Scott of perspective business magazine. I am here for my 10:00 am meeting.” I said to her.

“Ah! Yes Mr. Davis is waiting for you. Right this way.” She directed me to the CEO’s office.

When the door opened, he was there Mr. Christopher Davis in the flesh. He was wearing a black suit with a gray necktie. He was sitting on his chair reading through some letters.

“Here is your 10:00 am meeting sir.” The receptionist said.

He then stood from his chair and approaches me. “You must be Ms. Scott” he said.

I looked at him intensely as the man that everybody was talking about is in front of me. I averted my eyes and make myself come back to reality.

“Yes! Katherine Scott editor-in-chief of perspective business” I replied to him and shook his hand. The receptionist then left us; he led me to his table. I gather myself to talk to him.

“I heard you have some question about the draft interview we send you last Monday.” I said to him. He sat on his chair and scans the file.

“Yes! I have some questions about the flow of the interview.” He replied.

I sat on the sofa pulled my notebook and pencil. “So what is it?” I asked.

“First of all questions; I was expecting to see them here in the draft.” He asked.

“Well you see we haven’t yet submitted you the questions for we are still under research on what to focus in interviewing you.” I replied.

“But you are a business magazine so supposedly you could only ask question about my business.” He said with tension.

I held back for a moment and swallowed through my throat. “It is true but for our 50th anniversary issue we want it to be special.” I replied to him.

“Special?In what way?” He asked.

He looked at me with seriousness and tension; this is very intense he is a business man after all. I understand that there are some things they do not want to disclose with other people.

“We want to feature you as a man more involved in your craft, people now a day’s thought of businessman and woman a superficial being in the society. Where in they could not reach other people. But by this featured article we want people to view man like you as a being of high stature but approachable.” I explained to him.

“And you think you could do that Ms. Scott?” He asked me.

I looked at him with confidence, “Yes!” I said to him out straight.

He then flashes a smile on his face, Hmm! I could bear this. Of all people in the world he is one person I could not read at all. He is very uptight o rather to high to be read.

“What else would you like to clarify?” I asked

“Who will be conducting the interview?” He asked

“I am, I will do the entire interview and other aspect of the article.” I replied to him.

“Hmm! That is interesting” He said.

Why did he say that is he mocking me or just that he is testing my abilities as a writer? The hell I could right about him, he doesn’t need to challenge me.

“You seem have something in your mind Ms. Scott” He said.

Shoot he notice my facial expression, God how could I undo this. “No there is none” I replied to him.

“Out of pretext Ms. Scott what do think of me?” He asked

I widen my eyes and surprised while looking at him. “What do you mean?” I asked

“Well you are not only a writer but also a reader and if you are given a chance to read an article about me, what do you think?” He asked

“Well you are a great businessman” I replied to him.

“What else, by looking at me what do you see?” He asked

What the hell is going on why is he asking me these questions? What care does he have on my opinion about him?

“I want your honest opinion Ms. Scott” He said and looked at me intensely again.

I looked at him more and I started to think what would I think of him? In my perspective what kind of man is Christopher Davis?

I opened my mouth, “You are intimidating.” I said out loud. “I think you are a type of man that wants control of all things.” I added.

He looked at me with all seriousness; at that moment I just realized that I was already spilling out my thoughts of him. What a crappy thing to do, of all man why do I have to let out my opinion so openly. Silence had been set between us, you screwed it up Katherine.

Before any of us could speak, the door opened and his secretary came. “Sir your 11:00 am meeting is here.” She replied.

Mr. Davis then stood straight, “Cancel it Amanda, Ms. Scott and I are not yet finish.” He replied.

“Certainly Sir!” She replied.

I could not bear this, I am done for I have offended this man so much I could not face him. Before he leaves, I stood up from my chair.

“Wait, I think that meeting is more important than this.” I replied to him.

He made an annoyed face. “No it is not, let’s continue Ms. Scott.” He replied with a force on his voice. I was trembling inside when he said that; I need to get out of here.

“It is alright Mr. Davis, beside I need to go back to the office I have an important matter to attend too.” I quickly replied. I pull of my stuff and headed to the door.

“Ms. Scott” He called; but I did not stop I immediately walk out of the door to avoid him. I walk straight to the elevator and pushed the ground floor button.

“You are freaking stupid Katherine.” I utter to myself. Why the hell did I say that? Even if he asked me to say honestly he is still the man we need to make the magazine a success. Oh! God what have I done? How stupid of me to do that?

Later in the afternoon, rather than going back to the office I head home. I submerge myself to my bed facing directly my face to the mattress. I am really done for, if Phil finds this out I am surely in trouble. I made my career reputable at this point but now because of one stupid opinion it is al ruined.

I then stood from my bed; “I need to resign.” I said to myself. “Right I could go to California or Canada and be a writer there; no biggy I have survive for 5 years in this industry what is the matter if I start fresh.” I utter more to myself.

At that moment my cell phone rang, it is Phil on the caller ID. Oh my God! I am really ruined; I have to answer this no matter what. Man up Katherine.

I answered the phone, “Hello!” I said.

“You are really a divine person Katherine” Phil shouted on the phone.

“What are you talking about?” I asked

“I got a call from Mr. Davis and he agrees to have the interview as soon as possible.” He said to me.

What? Is this really happening?

How in the world that those happen?

“Hello! Katherine are you there?” Phil asked

“Yes! That is great” I replied

“He wants to do the interview as soon as possible.” He said

I gather my breath “Phil could please just assign another writer to do the interview, I mean I will guide them just let others do it.” I said to him.

“That is impossible Katherine, Mr. Davis insist that you do the interview and if not he will decline if we give it to another writer.” Phil said loud and clear.

That is a pile of horse crap, why would he still want to meet me after that. Is the world really turning mad?

“You need to meet him at his office again; tomorrow 10:00 am. You got that?” Phil asked

“Yeah! I got that” I replied to him.

“I don’t know what you did, but keep it up Katherine.” He said then he hanged up.

I sat down on the floor of my apartment. “GOD DAMIT!” I shouted. What will I do? Is this really my fate?

I didn’t sleep well last night, I tried my best to analyze the situation but the best logical solution I could think of is, Mr. Davis would like to inflict a punishment on me after saying those nasty words at him. Why?

I came on time at Davis House, I am actually hesitant to go inside the elevator. I am very nervous. I am so scared on what to think will happen to me. When the door on the 21th floor. I held a little back for right in front on the open elevator door was Mr. Davis himself. He smiled and got on the elevator.

“Good morning Ms. Scott” He greeted.

I averted my eyes and greet him, “Good Morning” in a very soft manner.

Before the elevator door closed, her secretary just came and stopped it.

“Sir, what about your 1:00 meeting?” She asked.

“Cancel all my meeting starting this time and onwards, reschedule everything.” He ordered.

“Yes sir!” She replied.

Then the elevator door closed on us. Mr. Davis pushed the ground floor button. My heart was beating like a train because of nervousness. He has standing right next to me, I looked at him from head to toe and he was amazing. He is wearing a dark blue suit with a chocolate brown necktie. His hair was arranged neatly. Before I have notice we are already at the ground floor.

“Well come on Ms. Scott” He said

I snap out of my gazing “where are we going Mr. Davis?” I asked

He just pulled my arm out of the elevator, “just come with me” he said firmly.

Outside the building a black Audi was waiting for us, he put me inside and them he followed.

“Where to Mr. Davis?” The driver asked politely.

“Drive us to the Shilshole Bay” He replied.

I widen my eyes with what he said, what on earth are we going to do at Shilshole Bay? The car started to drive on the street. I could not contain myself and muster my courage.

“Mr. Davis, my I ask why are you taking me at ShilsholeBay?” I asked.

He looked at me intensely, “rather than asking that Ms. Scott I think you have a pretty good idea why would I take you there.” He replied.

My nervousness suddenly got up into my head, Oh! No he is really gonna do something bad to me. Is this really my end? We finally reach the Shilshole Bay, at the bay there was this yacht. I mean his yacht, we got on board and it started to move.

“Mr. Davis please I am really sorry about the words I have said to you. I will never speak out my opinion again so please do not hurt me.” I said to him with my eyes starting to from tears.

Before I knew it, he was laugh out his heart at me. I felt confuse about it.

“Hahahahahaha! Sorry I didn’t mean to pry but I brought you here so we could do the interview privately.” He said “I don’t have an ill intention with you Ms. Scott.” He added.

“But I thought” I replied with more confusion written all over my face.

“If you thought that I will do something because of what you said yesterday, you really thought low of me Ms. Scott.” He said then walks towards the bottle of wine.

I though badly of what I have been formulating in my head, I mean he could not blame me.

“I am sorry for thinking like that, it is just that I don’t know how would not be mad at me after I said that.” I replied to him.

“Well the truth is I am mad.” He said “but not at you but because you said the exact words I see myself.” He added. He poured a glass of red wine in the glass and gives it to me. “The funny part is we only just met and yet you know me already.” He said.

Thank God! My heart started to beat normally; I fell still a little uneasy but it much better than before. I think I could do this.

While his yacht is sailing on the Shilshole Bay, we sat on the chair across each other. I pulled my notebook, pencil and recorder.

“Shall we start?” I asked him.

“Fire away Ms. Scott” He said.

“Okay! Question number 1, what is your major inspiration in building our multi-million company Mr. Davis? I asked.

“Please call me Christopher.” He said with a serious face.

“Okay! Christopher” I said

He let out a deep sigh; “Hmm! My inspiration well I believe in one policy Ms. Scott and it is money change life. When I was young my father had a bad habit of gambling all our money, so to save up I tried my very best to hide some money from him so me and my mother could survive. It was a rough time but after my father past away; my mother and I carry the burden of paying his debts and at that time I swore to myself I will be successful and change my life with the money I own.” He replied to me clearly.

“That is a much unexpected story.” I said to him “and please call me Katherine” I added.

“Okay!” He smiled at me.

“Number 2 questions, why do you try so hard to capture all aspect of business? When you are already successful? I asked.

“Well it rather a fruitful investment I would say. Even if people might think I am greedy with regards to making more investment I think of it as an opportunity to earn more for my employees. The larger my investment the larger the compensation I give to the people whom work hard for me.” He replied.

“I didn’t know you have a kind approach to your people Christopher.” I said to him.

“Why don’t you ask me your question Katherine?” He said.

I made a confuse face “these are the questions.” I said to him.

“But why do I feel like you are asking me question people already knew about me, go on ask me question that make me more involved in my craft.” He said.

As if this man is challenging me to ask him personal questions, I mean I want to ask but I don’t want another fiasco about my opinionated questions. I let out a deep sigh and closed my notebook.

“Did you really choose to be a businessman?” I asked. He didn’t answer right away, he sip his wine more and then.

“How about you Katherine did you choose to be a writer?” He asked.

What the hell, he throws back at me the question I asked first. Is he making fun of me?

“Well to tell you frankly Christopher I am good at my job that is why I am a editor right now.” I replied to him confidently.

He flashes a smile at me, “we are the same, and I am just good at doing business that is why I am a businessman that is all.” He replied.

“Touché Mr. Davis” I said to him.

“What else would you like to ask from me Katherine?” He said.

“How do you handle stress?” I asked.

“I do not feel stressed at all.” He replied quickly.

“That is a lie” I said to him “what kind of a person don’t feel stress, are you some kind of robot?” I said spastically.

“That is how it is; I don’t see my life as a stress.” He replied

I made a frowning face “you are a liar, even in personal matter you don’t feel stressed at all. How about other interest?” I asked.

He just smiled at me “I don’t really feel stressed.” He just answered again in a cunning tone.

God dammit is this man a robot or a God? I am having a hard time to read him. He is really difficult. It was already past noon; the yacht came to the port. I enjoyed it at least after all I don’t get to ride on a private yacht like this in a lifetime.

“I will take you home.” Christopher said and opened the car door.

“No! Thank you I need to go back to the office I have a lot of paper works to do and I don’t want to bother you more.” I replied to him.

“It is not a bother; please let me take you there.” He insisted more.

“No! Thankyou; let’s just see each other on the next scheduled interview. Bye!” I replied to him.

As I walk away from him, he then pulled my arms, which totally surprised me. What on earth is he doing?

“Christopher?” I utter

“I know what makes me stress ---- you.” He said.

I pulled my arms away from his hand; I looked at him with confusion. What is he trying to say?

“First you decide to leave my office when I already decide to cancel all my meeting yesterday and now you refuse my kind offer of taking you home or to work. Are you making fun of me?” He asked.

“I am not making fun of you; I am only doing what is proper. You are my interviewee and I could not ask for more favor from you, after all the trouble my boss had given you.” I replied with an irritation on my part. What is he implying?

Silence surrounded us at that moment. He just looked at me intensely; I averted my eyes and hold on to my bag firmly.

“I will go ahead! Good bye Christopher.” I said to him.

“Katherine” He utter then looked away from me.

I felt a sudden confusion in my mind, what on earth possess him to do that? I mean I don’t want to offend him but I could not do that. The more I get to know him the more offending things get between us. I need to keep in track, this is a job.

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