Curiously In Love

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Chapter 3

I woke up late this morning, I stared at the ceiling of my bedroom and thought of Christopher Davis. My goodness why did that happen; I mean I don’t want any ill thoughts between us. It is just that I only think properly and ethically about the matter. I mean he the subject for our next issue and it is only proper to avoid any malicious intent at that matter.

I rise up to my bed; it is my day off after all. I decide to make a day productive and don’t think of any work. I open my fridge and there was no single food inside it.

“What am I doing with my life?” I asked myself.

Suddenly my phone ring and at the caller ID it was Jaime. “Hello!” I answered.

“Kate, how are you?” She asked

“I am fine, how about you and the wedding preparations?” I asked her

“It is going well, when will go home?” She asked.

I breathe a deep one “Soon” I said to her. “I just need to wrap up things in my work and I am set for work.” I replied to her.

“Good to hear, call me if something came up okay” Jaime insisted

“Yeah! Bye” I said and then hanged up.

I looked around my house and thought it would be nice to go home to Georgia sometime. I decide to took a shower and go to the supermarket for I am freaking need some food in my body and in my fridge.

Luckily the supermarket is just around the corner, this market is known for its organic fruits and vegetable. I pulled a cart and walked along the aisle. I grab some canned soup and other microwaveable food. I came to the frozen section and looked at some pre-cut chickens.

“Ms. Scott” A heard a voice in front of me and to my surprise it was Christopher Davis. The man I don’t want to meet.

“Mr. Davis” to my surprise that is the only thing I said to him.

He then approaches me and looked at my cart. “Out for supplies?” He asked.

“Yes! I haven’t got anything inside my fridge and I need to fill it up.” I said.

He then flashes a smile on me, I looked at him and he was good looking as ever. He is good on casual clothes as I have thought.

“It is a funny coincidence; don’t you think?” He said

I smiled “quite funny indeed” I replied to him. I looked at his basket and it is filled with energy drinks and other protein snacks. “Are you planning to work out or you just like to buy energy drinks?” I asked.

He laughed with what I said “hahahahahah, well like you my fridge is empty and I need to refill it.” He replied.

I arc one of my eyebrows upward, “With energy drinks and protein bars?” I sarcastically replied.

He again flash a smile at me “I have other preferences with food.” He replied.

I just nod and then put the chicken I am holding, I started to push my cart forward and he followed.

“Day off?” He asked.

“Yes! This is one of those days I don’t get to work.” I replied.

“So you are free” He asked.

I looked at him confusingly “yeah! That is how day off works.” I replied to him.

He then cut my path by advancing forward and holds my cart. “So if I ask you out you would say yes?” He said.

I widen my eyes with what he said, “Are you asking me out Mr. Davis?” I obviously asked.

He smiled “if I say yes, would it increase my chances on convincing you on going out?” he asked another question.

Oh my God! Is this for real Mr. Christopher Davis is asking me out. But why?

I just averted my eyes, “If hypothetically I said yes, where we would go?” I asked.

“Well hypothetically I would ask you dine with me in this restaurant I know that serves good pasta or maybe ask you to go with me on the stroll in the park.” He replied.

I am super tempted to say yes, in this way I could know more about him write properly about him.

“Please don’t say no” He said with a serious face.

“Fine, yes!” I replied to him.

“That is great, shall we go?” He asked

“Sure” I replied

Katherine in what God’s name posses you to agree to go out with him. Keep calm this is just a normal out between two adults; no more, no less just keep calm. Christopher took me to this Italian restaurant at the 23rd street. The waiter gave us the menu.

“What you like to eat?” He asked

“Let’s see?” I replied “How about sea bass pasta with garlic bread and fritters.” I replied to him.

“Okay! I will have the ravioli pesto” He said

“Excellent choice sir and madam” The waiter then took our order and went to the kitchen.

“Well I am really surprise to see you” He said to me.

“So do I” I replied.

Again a silence come across our table, after what happen it is only normal to feel awkward.

“You see…” Both of us utter at the same time and smiled for that that moment we knew that we both have something to say.

“Ladies first” He said.

“I am sorry for offending you twice in our meeting, on a personal note I don’t usually do casual meetings with the people I work with if you know what I mean?” I said to him.

“I have the same sentiments; I would like to apologize for doing that to you it is just that…” He paused on that part.

“What?” I asked

“You intrigue me Katherine.” He said to me straight.

I am quite speechless with what he said, interested in what way? What did he mean by intrigue? I am not plotting anything out of the suspicious. I kept my silence for a moment.

“Please do not get offended Katherine, it is just that I don’t really have interest in relationship.” He replied

“Relationship? What do you mean?” I asked.

He let out a sigh; “well as a businessman many women are only after my wealth and to frankly put it they only get into a relationship with me is because they need money or fame.” He replied.

“And you think I fall under the same category as them?” I asked him.

This man is starting to frustrate me, what does he think of himself. I don’t need this kind of talk, especially from him.

“You’re angry” He stated.

I shook my head, “no! Why did you think of that?” I asked him.

“Well for starters you frown and your eyebrow had extended upward.” He replied to me.

I look away then touch my eyebrow to feel if it is true. When I looked at him he was smiling so much; is he really making fun of me?

“I don’t put you in that same category, you are different.” He said.

“Why do I feel uncomfortable with what you said?” I asked

“Do I make you uncomfortable?” He asked.

“You are so intimidating.” I said to him.

He just let out a smile; I don’t know what to make of this conversation. We hardly knew each other; I don’t know why I feel uncomfortable around him. We finish our food, and he insisted to take me home to my apartment.

“I am here!” I said to him.

“Yeah! That was fast.” He said with a disappointed face.

“So I will go in now.” I said to him.

Before I could move another step upward, he pulled my arms closer to him. I was surprise he was so close to me.

“What are you?” I asked, but before I could say another word he caress my face and moved his index fingers through my lips. I could feel the electricity flowing from his hands through my lips and going through my body. Oh! God what is he doing to me.

“Stop!” I said to him.

“Why?” He asked.

“Please, I don’t feel comfortable with this.” I replied to him.

He touch my lips more arching down my neck, then back to my lips again he slightly pushed his finger into my lips trying to make a small opening into it.

“I want to know more about you.” He said in a husky tone.

In an instant I pushed him away from my and felt mortified with the way he touch me.

“I better get in” I hurriedly went in my apartment and close the door.

What are you doing Katherine; he is a subject and not a fling partner. Even if he is intrigue with you it doesn’t mean he find you interesting so stop the hell and do your work. The last thing you need in to your career is a distraction.

The next day, I went to the office and let Jeremy continue the interview with Christopher. I just coop up inside my office and do some pre-article with the previous interview I had with him. I need to stay clear of him; I need to focus on my work.

“Hmm! what is Jeremy doing?” I utter to myself.

Suddenly my e-mail notification came up on the monitor. What surprise me when I open the mail it was from Christopher Davis?

“What on earth?” I said to myself

From: Christian Davis

Subject: Why?

Date: May 25, 2015 10:15

To: Katherine Scott

Dear: Katherine

Thank you for letting Mr. Slate come in your place, I heard from him you are busy back in the office. I think we need to talk.

Christopher Davis

CEO, Davis House Inc.


What the hell, I told Jeremy to make a more reputable excuse but he just makes things worse for me and Christopher. I need to reply.

From: Katherine Scott

Subject: You’re Welcome

Date: May 25, 2015 10:30

To: Christopher Davis

I am glad Jeremy had kept you company, Yes! I am very busy with writing a pre-article about you. Maybe next time we could talk.

Katherine Scott

Editor-in-Chief, Perspective Business.


As I push the send button, I told myself not to expect any reply but surprisingly he answered a head of time. I click on the e-mail.


From: Christopher Davis

Subject: I need to see you

Date: May 25, 2015 10:40

To: Katherine Scott

I will come there at 6:00 to pick you up. I really need to see you.

Christopher Davis

CEO, Davis House Inc.


I just froze on what I have read, he is way too demanding. Regardless of my refusal to meet him, he just went his way and decides to come here and pick me up. What should I do about this; I need to calmly think of a solution for this.

It was already pass 6:00 and I haven’t went home, I thought of he really did come I rather avoid him by letting him wait for nothing. So it was already 5 minutes before 7:00. I collect my things and head to the elevator. When I reach the ground floor; I saw outside our building was Christopher outside his car looking at everybody going out. I slowly creep at the back of the building to go out there, but I was too late.

“Good evening Katherine” Christopher said while progressively going towards me.

“Good evening” I replied to him while trying to hide the shame I felt.

He then pulled my hands and started to walk going to the car. “Where are you taking me Christopher?” I asked.

“To a place you won’t dare avoid or hide from me.” He replied

We went inside the car and it started to move to the busy street.

“Christopher I” before I could say another word he pulled me and take my lips with a kiss.

The kiss at first was gentle but it slowly got forceful, he bites my lips softly and he put his tongue in my mouth. I could feel the hot sensation of his lips. When he release me.

“What the hell are you?” I said to him.

He smiled at me “that is a nice reaction” he replied

I felt frustrated and violated at the same time; why did he do that? I want to leave now. I want to get out of the car rather than being made fun of. I averted my eyes and tears started to form in my eyes.

“Katherine” He said my name.

I moved slowly away from him, this man sees me as a fucking amusement. I hate him, he deliberately made me weak.

“Sorry! I didn’t mean to kiss you like that, it is just that I have been thinking of you all day and I thought I will see you but you ditch me and let someone came in your place.” He explained

“Please let me off this car Christopher, I don’t want to go with you.” I replied to him.

“I can’t let you do that, I want you Katherine.” He replied

I looked at him with surprise and confusion on my face; I just looked at him in blank expression. He just looked away from me and the silence covers us all through the ride. I didn’t expect that to happen, is he seriously suggesting that he like or it is just an expression to begin with. How could he tell me that he wants me even if we are not in a relationship? This had turn into major madness and I don’t like it.

We have arrived to a building and we went straight to the elevator. From the looks of it we are definitely in his place, he has been living in a penthouse and when the elevator door opened. There this was huge space and it was amazing. He walks straight inside; and I just walk slowly and looked everywhere. I have to admit this was crazy amazing.

“Would like something to eat or drink?” He asked

“A bottle of beer please.” I replied to him

“I will open up a wine.” He replied

I took of my coat and sat on the black sofa, he approaches me holding two wine glasses.

“Here!” He said and reaches the wine glass to me.

I took a sip of the wine and after that place it in the center table, I looked at him and he was drinking his wine.

“So you kiss me and kidnapped me by talking me into your house, what do you plan to do with me?” I asked

He smiled “well I was planning on seducing you and persuade you to have sex with me in my bed.” He replied

My body froze in what he said, what did he said? I am not deaf but I heard that he want to have sex with me. What the hell is he trying to say?

“That is highly impossible Mr. Davis” I firmly said to him.

“Oh! Really why do I feel that your body tells a different answer” He said

“No it is not” I replied angrily at him

Before I could even react more; he moved forward and kissed me again. This time it was forceful, he immediately put his tongue in my mouth and played with it. I tried to pushed him but he pulled me more and hold my hands firmly, my body slowly felt weak and at that state I became powerless. When he release me from the kiss, I could feel the fluster of my face.

“Please no more you are making me weird” I said to him.

“Fuck this I will take you to my bed.” Christopher said then picks me like I am a sack of rice and put me on his bed on the second floor.

“Christopher wait” I protest but he just put me to bed and kissed me again.

He pulled his necktie and ties it to my hand, he ended the kiss and suddenly unbuttons his suit and as well mine; he one by one unbutton my blouse; before I knew it my underwear are all expose to him. He kissed me again softly and started to kiss me on my neck going down to my body. I could feel the electricity of his hand and lips touching my body.

“Christopher… I…” I could only say those words for my voice slowly turn into moans that I didn’t think I have in me.

He started to touch me below and reach my core, my body started to react to his touches. He started to take off his pants and before I knew it his cock was inside my core. It was pleasurable at the height of ecstasy.

I never had felt this before.

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