Curiously In Love

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Chapter 04

It was already morning; I woke up in an unfamiliar place. I sat down on the messy bed and looked around; Christopher is nowhere to be found. I slowly realize what I have stupidly done.

“Fuck!” I said to myself

“Well that is one way to greet in the morning.” Christopher was leaning on the door and I haven’t notice him.

“No! I am not saying it to you, it is just that…” I just could not continue for how could I speak or looked at him in this situation.

He came towards me and sat near me. “Good morning, is your body alright?” He asked

“My body is alright, I think.” I replied to him

“That is good know get up, we need to eat some breakfast.” He said

We both head to the kitchen, to my surprise there was toast, eggs and bacon on my plate with some orange juice and a cup of coffee.

“Impressive you knew how to cook” I said to him with full complement

“Well I am living alone and feeding myself should be common with me, now eat” He said

“I am really not a breakfast person” I said to him. He then raises one of his eyebrows and with the look I knew I said something wrong.

“With what we did last night I think eating is best for you” He said

It made my cheeks flush, I just dig myself in the food in front of me. He sat beside me and also started eating. I looked at him.

“My I ask a question?” I said to him

“Sure” He replied

“You and I really did that…” I asked him

He just smiled at me “If you are talking about the sex, yes we did have sex in my bed maybe three times. You did a lot of moaning and…” before he could continue I put the palm of my hand on his lips.

“I am just confirming what we did I didn’t told you to narrate to be one by one.” I said to him with my face full of redness and fluster.

He then holds my hands and put it away from his mouth; he then kissed my wrist with red marks of his tie from last night.

“I am sorry; I could not contain myself that I tied you.” He said

“You should be, what is it with you men about bondage?” I said to him and pulled my hands away.

He looked at me seriously, “Men and bondage, so you had experience with them?” He asked.

I just let out a sigh, “well no! I just watch too much porn that is all.” I said to him. Then he laugh with my comment to him, it made me irritated and hit his shoulder.

“Do not freaking laugh at me; I mean I have experience with men but not so much.” I said to him to defend myself.

“Really so you have dated men?” He asked way curiously.

“Of course, I have dated several guys in my lifetime.” I answered confidently.

He suddenly frown “well that is quite disappointing” he said

I looked at him “why did you think I was a virgin writer who doesn’t have experience with men, sex or playing with them. I am sorry to disappoint you but that is what I am.” I said to him.

I knew from the start that any men will think of me as naïve or simple minded for I only devote myself to work but I have my fare share on dating, sex and other thing related to that. Most of them didn’t go well for me and I end up leaving them or they leave me.

“I am disappointed not because of that but because you still lack so much in the area of sex.” Christopher said. I widen my eyes with what he said.

“Really, then sorry about that good thing this will never happen again.” I said to him.

He just makes a devious smile “I highly doubt that, sooner or later you will come to me for sex darling.” He said with full confidence.

“As if the hell” I replied to him angrily.

This man is really unbelievable, he is a control freak, intimidating and he is freaking enjoying his time in making me furious; but with this what will come out of this? I mean we had sex but what does it mean? Should I expect more or just let it slip by.

Christopher was nice enough to take me home, he also going to hi work. Inside his car I let loose the seatbelt.

“I will go now” When I tried to open the door it won’t budge, I look at him and he was seriously looking at me.

“Why do I feel if I let out in my car you will never come back?” He said to me

“Well for starters this is not my car and why would I come back?” I asked

He moved closer to me “You need to come back” he said

“Why?” I asked

He just kept silent, I am not waiting for an answer but if ever he did give me one. How should I react on it? Suddenly he opened the car door.

“See you later then” He said

“Yeah!” I replied to him then went out.

He rode the car away, come on Katherine what are you expecting from him? He could not be that serious to feel something about you. You let out your stupidity for letting him take you in the first place. Just focus on what is at hand and finish the job as soon as possible.

I took my time and went to the office late noon, seems like everything was alright.

I walk in my office and saw this bouquet of roses on my table.

“Why is it?” I pick up the card and widen my eyes with the message on it.

To: Katherine Scott,

Hope you have a wonderful day, see you later.

From: Christopher Davis,

“This guy is really something” I said to myself.

“OH MY GOD! Flowers?” Jeremy said walking in my office

“Yes! Jeremy they are flowers” I replied to him.

“Who send them?” He asked

“Look for yourself” I said to him.

Jeremy took the card and read it. “Hope you have a wonderful day, see you later; Christopher Davis. Is this for real?” He said

I shrug my shoulder “well it depends on what you read” I replied to him.

“You have sex with him?” Jeremy asked with full confirmation.

“That is none of your business sir” I said to him.

“Come on Katherine I know he likes you” He said

“What? No way” I replied to him.

“Yes! When I went there in your behalf he kept on asking me if you will still go to his office or not; and the best part is he asked about your well-being.” He said to me with a teasing tone.

“Please, he is a subject for our magazine.” I replied to him.

“Even so; for him to write this it means only one thing he finds you interesting” He said

I looked at Jeremy, I could not bring myself to hope that it is true I mean we have done it and to think it was a one night stand is out of the questions. We have to see more each other in the near future and it will be practically what we did is what it means.

“You better get to work Jeremy” I said to him

“Hmm! you are a very crude woman Katherine” Jeremy said then left

I thought of e-mailing him to say thanks.


From: Katherine Scott

Subject: Thank you

Date: May 30, 2015 3:00 pm

To: Christopher Davis

Thank you for the roses they are beautiful.

Katherine Scott

Editor-in-Chief, Perspective Business.


I send the email to him and then proceed to my work. Instantly he replied with a speed.

From: Christopher Davis

Subject: You’re welcome

Date: May 30, 2015 3:08 pm

To: Katherine Scott

You’re welcome, I am happy you like it but it would be better with extra service.

Christopher Davis

CEO, Davis House Inc.


I was confused with his message and e-mail him ahead of time.

From: Katherine Scott

Subject: Why?

Date: May 30, 2015 3:14 pm

To: Christopher Davis

What extra service? And why do you think I will be interest with it?

Katherine Scott

Editor-in-Chief, Perspective Business.

From: Christopher Davis

Subject: Interested

Date: May 30, 2015 3:20 pm

To: Katherine Scott

If you are not interested then why would you reply to this message?

Would you like to have dinner tonight? You pick the food

Christopher Davis

CEO, Davis House Inc.


I am hesitant to reply at this point, I mean there are still unclear portion about happening to us. Flirting and having a one night stand is very normal at this point but repeating it is just begging for more serious talk. I don’t want that, the least I want is to have sex with him again and ending up in a muddle.

From: Katherine Scott

Subject: Next Time

Date: May 30, 2015 3:30 pm

To: Christopher Davis

Sorry but I have work overnight today, may be next times.

Katherine Scott

Editor-in-Chief, Perspective Business.


I am anticipating a reply from him and I know that it will not end well at this point. I am nervous and it is just me being paranoid at this point.

From: Christopher Davis

Subject: Alright

Date: May 30, 2015 3:33 pm

To: Katherine Scott

Alright! Maybe next time we could have it, I don’t want to interrupt in your work.

Christopher Davis

CEO, Davis House Inc.


I felt an ease yet slight disturbance in my heart, I mean I was anticipating he would insist or make it more complicate but it was different; maybe I am only over thinking things and are just only in a fling. Our one night stand is really a one night stand; no more no less.

It was already the June 1st and the interview will be finish in a week. Christopher and I haven’t talked for ages. After our e-mail with each other last time, it was never followed and it kept me wonder about it.

“Katherine… Katherine?” Phil said

“Hmm! Sorry what is it again?” I replied to Phil

“The article about Mr. Davis is it finish?” He said

“Ah! Yeah, all set for publishing here is a draft” I said to him and give him the draft. Phil read the draft carefully.

“Hmm! It is good but” He said

“But what?” I asked

“How could we sell curiously Mr. Davis is what people curious about him is not here. No offense but I have no doubt about the article it just it lacks the figure.” He replied

I suddenly thought about it and he is right; first I was the one who thought of the title and I brought up the idea of making the article interesting by showing sides of Christopher that is unknown to others. It is more obvious that I stray from my original plan.

“I will revise the draft” I said to Phil

“But Katherine, the printing” Phil said with full of worries

“I am in charge of this, all you have to worry is lying to the printers” I said to him.

I need to have another interview with Christopher, this time I need to focus. My credibility as an editor is on the line. After my meeting with Phil, I automatically emailed Christopher to meet me at the Ber Mount Hotel to have the second set of interview.

“Did you call me Katherine?” Jeremy asked

“Yes! Pack your things you are coming with me.” I said to him.

“Why?” He asked

“Just come with me” I said to him.

I carry my things and head to the door. I drove us to Ber Mount Hotel, it was already past 6:00 and luckily Christopher was already there; waiting for us. I saw him in the dining area; he was wearing a black suit with gray necktie. God! It looked so good on him.

“Good evening!” He greeted us.

“Good evening!” I greeted him, “I assume you remember Mr. Slate my associate.” I added.

“Yes! Nice to see you again Jeremy” Christopher greeted.

“Nice to see you too” Jeremy replied

“Shall we take our seat” I said

I could feel Christopher was not delighted to see Jeremy here; he looked at me seriously as he takes his seat. What else could I do if I didn’t bring Jeremy I will be wooed by him again and I will forget my initial goal.

“I am so sorry for the sudden call, we need to do another set of interview with you to finalize the issue” I said to him

He smiled at me “no problem, so let’s start.” He immediately replied.

“What other business future venture you want to explore Mr. Davis” asked Jeremy

“Well I was planning to see the potential in Journalism or fine dining” He replied to Jeremy

“Journalism? And why is that?” Jeremy asked

“Well you see I could see the potential of people who could bring life to their craft in writing and I want to invest on that, maybe build my own magazine and hire some respected writers and editors.” Christopher replied while looking at me intensely.

What the hell is he saying, Journalism yeah right! As if he really does find it interesting. He is clearly teasing me for his own amusement.

“How about family Mr. Davis?” I asked “Did you ever see yourself as a father or dreamt of having a family?” I added

He just kept silent for a moment’ like he was thinking of what next to say.

“Well I do plan to have a family, I mean a lonely man like me can’t stay lonely forever; and leaving my company without an heir is horrible. May be sooner I will find myself a partner.” He replied

Bullshit! What about the how idea “I am not into relationship” he said to me. This man really upsets me, to think I let him hold me and say to me those words. He wanted me, which is what he said; not in a relationship format but just a fling. God! I am really frustrated right now.

“May I excuse myself; I need to use the washroom” I said to them, I stood up and went to the comfort room.

I went inside the comfort room and it was luckily empty. I looked at myself in the mirror.

“You are stupid Katherine Scott, how did you end you end up screwing your job for a little pleasure?” I utter to myself as I looked in the mirror. “God! That man is just your ticket for the success of this anniversary issue, do not get emotionally involved.” I said to more to myself.

As I open the faucet and wash up my hand.

“Why are you talking to yourself?” I heard Christopher’s voice; he was at my back inside the women comfort room.

“Are you insane this is the women’s comfort room you can’t be in here.” I said to him

“I locked the door behind me” He said with confidence.

“I am going out now” I said to him

He then pulled me closer to him and looked at me with his blue eyes. My heart started to pump harder from nervousness. This is the last thing I want to be alone with him; he will make me loss my focus again. I should control myself; I can’t be wooed by him anymore.

“Let me go” I said to him firmly

“Why are you avoiding me?” He asked

“Avoiding you, what makes you say that?” I asked

“After we have sex you have turned down my offer of meeting again, and now here I thought we will be alone but you brought your colleague with you.” He said to me

“Didn’t you read my email, I said we will be conducting another interview, this is not a date Mr. Davis and believe me what happen to us will never happen again.” I said to him firmly.

He let go of me, he just kept his silence. I was over there is no turning back I need to end this infatuation before it becomes worst than it is already. I reach my hand for the door.

“To hell with this” He said

He then pulled me again and kissed me, it was forceful. He hold my hands and pulled it upward and pressed my against the wall. I tried to resist but my body says another thing. My tongue replied to his kisses as he put his tongue in my mouth. I started to feel out of breath but he kept kissing me. I ended up biting his lips to stop him, he them let go of me.

“You bite me” he said

“Stop kissing me so casually, I am not a toy for your fucking amusement” I said to him

“When did I say you are a toy?” He angrily replied

“You know what I mean from the start up until now; you have been messing with me. I ended up making more and more mistake with my work. I even screw up thing interview by having sex with you and now you ask me why I am avoiding you. You know that already.” Angrily said to him.

I didn’t plan to lash all my frustration with him, I mean it is bad enough I could not get a hold of myself that I ended up screwing my job on my own. I know it was not his fault but I still blame it all to him.

“If you think you are the only one being messed here, you are wrong I am in a total mess too.” He replied

“Stop! Please this not what I want. What we have is something more complex than it looks so I suggest we stop it already.” I said to him

“I don’t want to stop, I admit you have been a good amusement to me for the past week and you are the only thing I could think off. I know this is weird and it will be messy but I want to see where it leads to.” He replied to me.

“What do you mean?” I asked

“Do you want to try having a relationship with me Katherine?” Christopher asked.

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