Curiously In Love

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Chapter 05

I woke up in my apartment earlier than the alarm I set it; how dare I sleep with happen to me. I was been almost 3 days since that encounter with Christopher, I mean it shocked me to death that the only thing I could reply to him was I will think of it. How stupid of me.

Suddenly my phone rang.

“Hello!” I greeted

“Kate, what the hell are you doing I need you here.” Jaime shouted into my ears.

“I know I am sorry I will be flying there tomorrow.” I said to her.

“You make sure you do, or I will not forgive you.” She added

“Yes!” I replied and hanged the phone.

I walk straight to bathroom and took a bath, I need to go to work. The last thing I need in my mind is this fiasco of questions that needs answer.

I walk right into the office, and as I open the door the sounds of poppers and claps are around me.

“Oh my God!” I surprised said

“Congratulation the 50th anniversary was a success” Phil greeted me

“Thank you” I said to them

“No! Thank you Katherine you have been a great contributor to this magazine and I can’t imagine it without you.” Phil replied

I smiled at all of them as they slowly go back to their desk and resume work.

“Tonight people we are having a party, my treat” Phil replied

“Yeah!” everyone happily agreed.

“Could I talk to you Phil?” I asked Phil

“Sure come to my office.” He replied to me

As I enter Phil’s office, I saw on his table the 50th issue of our magazine and in it was the picture of Christopher.

“What is it you want to talk about Katherine?”

“Well the anniversary issue had already ended and I want to resume my leave.” I asked him.

“Yes! About that you will be attending your sister’s wedding right?” He asked

“Yes! It will only be 5 days; I plan to leave by tomorrow.” I hesitantly asked.

“Sure no worries; I mean that is a part of our deal.” He replied

“Thank you so much Phil I promise to return on time.” I replied to him with excite.

“Just come to the party later okay!” Phil reminded me

“Sure! I will” I replied to him with full of confidence.

I headed to my own office, and started to do some last minute paper works. As I plan the whole week for the rest of the staff to follow in my absence. I receive an email.


From: Christopher Davis

Subject: We need to talk

Date: June, 5 2015 10:47 am

To: Katherine Scott

We need to talk.

Christopher Davis

CEO, Davis House Inc.

I just let out a deep sigh; this has been a serious matter to begin with. I didn’t expect it to turn like this. I mean it was a wonderful one night stand and some what a date but for this to reach like this is very much concerning. We both have are shares in relationship and I took in mind his aspiration with regards to relationship; what should I do with this.


From: Katherine Scott

Subject: Thank you!

Date: June 5, 2015 10:55 am

To: Christopher Davis

Thank you for your cooperation Mr. Davis the release of the magazine was a success and a lot of people had given it a good review. Please dully note that our previous interaction where mere part of the magazine interview and can’t be continue in the future; I wish all the best and may your life aspirations succeed.

Katherine Scott.

Editor-in-Chief, Perspective Magazine


When I click the send button, I am fully aware that I have terminated any concerning mattes with Christopher. I need to make it professional; this man is not as the same league as I am and I am most certainly not gonna level because of some mishap encounters with him. I stepped out of the office to head back to my apartment, I need to pack my things and be ready for my flight to Seattle to Georgia.

It was already 9:00 pm and Jeremy texted me the bar Phil hired for the party. I don’t want to go but I knew that Phil will butcher me if I will not participate. So I took a quick shower and wore nothing fancy. I headed down my apartment and called a taxi.

Seemingly, the driver stop at the 5th Avenue the name of the bar was Night gale Bar. I step out of the bar and saw Jeremy outside taking a smoke.

“You are late” He approached me

“Sorry! I pack my things for tomorrow’s flight” I replied

“Come on we are already having a blast” He happily replied

When we went inside, all of the staff, writers, editors and other company members are dancing on the dance floor. Jeremy led me to the bar.

“Two cosmopolitan” Jeremy ordered to the bartender

“Sigh! Phil sure knows how to throw a party” I said

“Yeah! And he spend a lot for this” Jeremy replied

“Are there any important people here in the party?” I asked him

“Only one” Jeremy replied

“Who?” I asked

Suddenly out of nowhere…

“Katherine!” A familiar voice came towards our direction and I am not mistaking it was Christopher.

“No way!” I whispered

“Phil invited Mr. Davis and he agrees to join the party” Jeremy whispered back at me.

“Finally I saw you” Christopher said

“Yeah!” I replied to him

The last thing I want is to see him in this place and of all things to happen it came true. God! How will I escape this?

“I better go to Phil now” Jeremy said and he scoots away

“No! Jeremy” I said.

And just like that Christopher and I are left alone at the bar.

“Here is your Cosmo” the bartender said

“Thank you” I replied and drank it all up.

“I send you an email” Christopher said

“Yeah! I replied” I said to him without looking at him

“I didn’t expect to be replied in that manner” He replied

“Well I am just being polite after all the magazine is already publish.” I replied

“So! It was really all for the magazine?” He asked

I bravely looked at him “If I say yes would you stop?” I replied

He paused for a moment and looked at me.

“If I say no, what are the chances you would reconsider?” He asked

“Please Christopher this is not fun and games, I got what I need and so as you so we need to end this business.” I replied

“Business? Everything that happened to us was a business?” He asked

“Well is it not? I mean I need a story and you needed publicity. Done deal” I replied harshly.

This is the last thing I want, is t brush him off roughly. Come to think of it there is not future between us. Yes! In bed we are compatible but other aspect we are not; and sooner or later if we get more engaged deeper than this we could end up hurting each other or one of us will get hurt.

“I want you” Christopher said

I felt a fluttering sensation in my heart, as if I was a teenager experiencing confession for the first time. Why am I so weak in front of him?

“You want my body is that it?” I sarcastically replied

“No! I want all of you” he said and lean closer, “I want not only your body but also your mind and heart.” He replied

I pause for a sudden chill in my skin pass through. I could feel is breath and heat of the air he exhale; it was like I was the one who want his body. Why do I feel like this with him?

“Katherine & Mr. Davis” Phil shouted and came forward to us

Thank you Phil you are a freaking life saver, I could not stand this feeling.

“Thank you for coming Mr. Davis” Phil said

“The pleasure is all mines” Christopher replied

“Katherine did a great job in the interview” Phil complemented me

“Yeah! She is good with her craft” Christopher agrees

“Come on Phil it was not all me, the whole team helped” I humbly replied

“If you say so but I truly think it was you. That is why you need a vacation” Phil said

“Vacation?” Christopher query at that moment

“Yes! Katherine will be taking a long vacation in Georgia” Phil replied

“Really?” Christopher looked at me with confusion

I just looked at him with more confusion on why he is interested.

“Yes! My sister is getting married next week and I need to go back home for it” I replied

“I see” Christopher smiled charmingly

“Tell Jaime I wish her happiness” Phil said and walked away from us.

“So Georgia” Christopher said

“Please it is a family affair” I replied to him

“Then enjoy your vacation and when you come back our conversation is not over” He replied eagerly.

“It is over Christopher I mean it” I replied

“We will see, after all I am a man of courage Katherine and believe me I do get what I want.” He replied with a confident smile.

What the hell is he implying; I will not allow this man crawl is way in my life. I said my piece and I am ending this. The thing between me and Christopher is history and I need to move on.

The party last night ended in a blast, even if I am experiencing hangover I still went to the airport and went to Georgia. In that long flight; I could only think of Christopher. I mean I need to forget him but the more I try the more I fail; I really need this vacation.

I finally reach Georgia; it has been many years since I came home. I know I haven’t pay proper attention to my folks and sister but what could they expect I decide to live alone and be independent.

“Kate” a woman approaches me in the airport

“Mom!” I replied happily

My mother didn’t change a bit; she is still as cheerful and lively as ever. Even though she aged she is still the woman I remember.

“So nice to see you” My mother said

“Yeah! I feel the same way” I replied

“Come they are waiting at home for you” She said

She drive us by an old pick up, we already hit the road.

“Mom how is the preparation for the wedding?” I asked

“It is good but not as better it would be” She replied

“Why?” I asked

“Well, Jaime has been panicking all in this wedding that she omits a lot of mistake; from entourage to gift away name it” Mom said

“It is a freaking disaster” I replied while smiling evilly.

“Good thing you are here to help her” She said

“Sure” I replied

We finally reach home; the house is still the same. Waiting for us at the front yard was my dad.

“Dad” I greet and went out to hug him

“My baby Kate” he said

“Come on inside you two” mother said

We went inside and mother immediately pulled some drinks from the kitchen to the living room.

“How was the flight?” Dad asked

“It was nice” I replied

“It is s good thing the weather is good” Mother said

“Yeah! I know” I replied

“Katherine Scott” suddenly Jaime came from the front door and shouted

“Jaime” I replied and hug her

“I am so glad you are here” She said

“Me too” I replied

“Jaime a little help please” a man called and it was Darren; Jaime’s fiancée and husband-to-be

After that whole fiasco; I went up my old room. Nothing has been touch and it was the same as I left it. My old poster, my sticker collection on the wall and my dainty closet is still there.

“We didn’t touch a single thing” Mother said

“I have notice” I replied

“I am so glad you came home” She said

“Me too and I mean it this time” I said

“Well you better rest” Mother said and closes the door behind her as she left.

I lie down on my bed and felt at ease; it has been a long time since I fully rest myself and I like it. As I started to close my eyes, my cell phone started to rang.

“Who the hell! Hello!” I answer the call

“You are grumpy” Christopher said

God! Why would he call me, I clearly pushed him of but he still bounce back.

“What do you want” I said harshly

“Don’t be like that Katherine I just want to know it you are alright” I said

“I am fine as ever, thank you for asking” I said calmly

“I do hope you find your home town lovely” He said

“Yes! This is a lovely town” I replied

His voice really rings into my ears; as he calls my name and speaks I could feel as if he is near me and could whisper all this is my ears.

“When you come back we should go out” Christopher said

“No! Christopher I said already we are through” I replied

“In your mind we are but we can never be through; unless both parties agree to end it I think this will be on going.” He said

“Sigh! No matter what you do; your plan will never happen” I replied

“Don’t be so sure darling, we’ll see you soon” He said then hung up the phone.

I want to sink into my bed right now; this is really bad how I will be able to forget about him if he keeps on coming back. Focus Katherine said already that everything that happen to you and Christopher is all a one way event no more no less.

I woke up early in the morning; Jaime set a very hectic schedule for us. First we went to the bakery to finalize the decor of the wedding cake, next we went to the tailor for my fitting and other details, next we went to the follower shop to reserve the followers to be used on the church and for her bouquet. We lastly went to the department store to buy chinaware for the reception.

“What do you think Kate?” Jaime asked while holding a white ceramic plate.

“Maybe the blue one” I replied

“So how was Seattle?” Jaime asked

“Fine” I replied

“Did you meet a guy?” She asked

“No! Jaime please I don’t need that right now” I replied

“Come on Katherine you have at least move on from Jack” She said

“Yes! I have but it doesn’t mean I will let out myself in the dating world” I replied

“And why not; you better get out there and be happy” She said

“I am busy, and right now the last thing I need is a man appearing in front of me.” I said

“Katherine” Suddenly I heard a call from a far and to my surprise it was Christopher approaching me.

“Oh My God!” I utter

“What a coincidence” He said

“Sure it was” I replied sarcastically

“Oh! Hi there” greet Jaime

“Ah! Jaime this is Christopher Davis” I introduce “Christopher this is Jaime Scott my sister” I said

“Nice to meet you” He greeted

“Same as here, so you knew Kate” Jaime said

“Yes! We have been acquainted for sometime” He said while looking at me

“What are you doing here in Georgia?” Jaime asked

“I was wondering myself” I said while looking confuse to Christopher

“Well! I have been building an Industrial Company here in Georgia and I came for inspection” He replied

“Really that is nice” Jaime said

Inspection? Why am I having a hard time believing him? For some reason he is here makes me more nervous and I thought of what he said to me last night. NO! Focus Katherine you can’t be sway by him again.

“Really, you might be very busy” Jaime said

“I have finish purchasing furniture for my office here so I am done; I guess” Christopher replied

“Really! Then you could join us” Jaime asked

“Jaime” I said while looking at Jaime

“Come on Kate it will be fun” Jaime said in a teasing tone

“Sure but if only Kate allow it; I mean I don’t want to pry” Christopher said

God! Really he would through me that line of crap. He intentionally throws me that question to make me feel obligated to say yes. I hate this man.

“Sure Jaime asked so why not” I replied

“Great you should have dinner with us also” Jaime said

“Thank you” Christopher replied

God dammit! This is really could not be the fate had in store for me. I need to stay calm what is the worst thing that could happen?

Later that same day, Jaime insisted to have Christopher have dinner with us at home. I could only stay quiet and observe; I mean he is not the first man that I brought home. The last guy I let my family met was my asshole ex-boyfriend.

“So where do you live Mr. Davis?” Mother asked

“Please call me Christopher, in Seattle” Christopher replied

“What do you do for a living?” Jaime asked

“Well I own a company and currently we are trying to expand.” He said

“Just like the ones on the highlands, the industrial company” Father said

“Dad, he owns that industrial company. He is Christopher Davis the CEO of Davis House Inc.” I said

Everybody at the dining table makes a quick silence and looked at me.

“So you own a big company” Mother break the ice

“You could say that” Christopher said

“So how did you meet our Kate?” Jaime asked

“Well Katherine and I were in a business partnership not so long ago and we became acquainted with one another.” He said

“Well it was more like I interviewed him for our magazine that is all” I said

“You must be a busy man Christopher” Mother said

“Yes! Mrs. Scott but I never forget to cherish what is important to me” Christopher said and looked at me.

I am frankly uncomfortable with this setup; I want to know his agenda for I think he is really getting in my nerves

We all finish the dinner, my family asked or I rather call interrogated Christopher more. When it was already past 10:00.

“Thank you for the lovely meal Mrs. Scott” Christopher said

“Oh! Come on call me Martha” Mother said

“Mom” I said surprisingly.

“Well good night and see you soon” Christopher”

“Yeah!” Jamie said

“Nice too meet you Mr. Scott” Christopher said to my dad

“Same to you young man” He replied

“Why don’t I lead out Christopher” I said

“Sure!” He smiled

I immediately lead him out and into his car.

“Your family is nice” Christopher said

“You have a good alibi” I said

“Alibi? What do you mean by that?” He asked

“Seriously, an inspection here in Georgia” I sarcastically said

“Yes! It is the truth” He said firmly

“So you want me to believe you came here for work and not the fact you knew I was here and decide to see me” I bravely said

He leans closer to me and whispered.

“If I say I come here for you would you be mine now?” He said with a husky tone

I felt a suddenly rush of electricity in my body; my heart was pounding as if it has a life of its own. I brush him away.

“No! Please don’t make me feel uncomfortable” I said to him, I knew that I was flustered but what could I do?

He just smiled “Are you free tomorrow?” He asked

“I am not sure, I mean I have to help Jaime in her wedding” I replied

“Make sure to make your 7 pm free” He ordered

“Why would I do that?” I asked

“Because you and I will do a proper date” He said

“What in the world you think I will agree to that?” I asked

“I think you will agree for you are still interested with me” Christopher confidently said

“That is the hellish thing you said Mr. Davis” I said

“Better keep your phone on I will pick you up here” He said and went in his car

“I will not go with you” I said

He smiled “good night Katherine” He said and drive off.

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