Curiously In Love

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Chapter 06

The more I think about it I feel more confuse with my own feelings. It was already 8:00 am at home. Jaime and I went to the church for the final wedding rehearsal. I know I said to him that I will never be interested in seeing him but I kept looking at my phone if he will call be or text me.

“What has gone into me?” I asked myself

“Mr. Davis is a good man right?” Jaime said while preparing for the rehearsal.

“God! you knew him for a day Jaime how could you say he is a good man.” I replied to her.

“Well; he was a gentleman and he has already establish an empire of his own what could .you ask for?” Jaime replied

“You might be right but believe me that man is not as good as you think” I replied and looked again at my phone.

“You like him don’t you?” Jaime asked

“NO!” I replied harshly

“Oh my God! You do like him, I never see you flustered like this since Jake confess to you. You do like him?” Jaime insisted

“Whatever! I do not like him. The last thing I want is to have a relationship with that guy.” I replied to her.

Suddenly my phone rang and on the caller ID was Christopher’s name. This man does have a great timing.

“Answer it” Jaime said

“Just a moment” I step out the room and answer the call.

“Good morning” He greeted

“Why did you call?” I asked

“Why is it you didn’t greet properly?” He asked

“Come on Christopher I am not in the mood for joke right now.” I said

“Someone is in a bad mood” He teasingly said

“I will hung up” I said

“Wait!” He said “I know you are stressed with the wedding, why don’t we meet now” He said

“Do not be impulsive, you said you are going to pick me up at 7 pm not now” I said

“So you have decided to go with me after all” He asked

Shit! He caught me, this man does now how to show off his cards under his sleeves. I paused for moment and collect my thoughts.

“What I mean is…” I said but

“I will be at your house in an hour, see you” he said and hang up

I let out a deep sigh and run inside the room.

“Who called?” Jaime asked

“Nothing important, hey Jaime could I just excuse myself for an hour or two. I mean you don’t need me here right.” I said while collecting my bag

“Where are you going?” She asked

“At home I forgot to fix the things I decide to bring with me in Seattle. So I better go now” I said while reaching the door.

“You are not a good liar Kate” Jaime said while smiling deviously.

“I know right, see you in a bit.” I said

“Good luck!” Jaime said

I hurriedly walk along the street corner; I decide to go on a short cut to go home faster. I could feel my heart pumping blood hurriedly in my whole body. I felt excited and awkward at the same time; I mean I have decided to end everything with Christopher but he kept pulling me back.

At our house I could see his car, he was already there. I looked through the car window but he was not there.

“Where on earth is this guy?” I asked

Then I heard a laugh in our garage. I hear dad laugh, which is rare for my dad never laugh at anything unless it is related to something he likes. I went to the garage and saw dad and Christopher talking.

“Oh! Kate” dad greeted me

“Dad? & Christopher? You are together” I said

“Did you know that this man knows how to hunt?” Dad said happily

“Really” I exclaimed happily

“Yeah! we have a vacation house at South Carolina and we usually hunt deer there.” Christopher said

“Who knew” I said

This guy, in a matter of time he got my father’s attention; dad never show interest with guys I present I mean Jake was a decent man but dad never really tried to get to know him. But Christopher is different.

“Next time we will go there would you like to join us Mr. Scott?” Christopher asked

“Maybe some other time I mean my daughters don’t like me hunting” dad said while looking at me.

“If you are worried I will tell; I will not” I said

“You are the best Kate; I hope you mean it Christopher?” Dad asked

“Oh! Yes very much sir” Christopher replied

“Okay! Enough of that Christopher and I need to go now that” I said while pulling Christopher.

“You take care, the both of you” dad said.

We went inside Christopher’s car and drove away.

“You have a won my dad’s favor.” I said

“If you think it is true then I will think of it as a complement” Christopher boastfully said

“You are one interesting man Mr. Davis” I said

“Too interesting for you to ignore?” He asked

I looked away and pretend to look out the car window; I knew that my face was blushing with embarrassment with what I said. God! To what degree this man making feel more weak and conscious.

“Hey! Where are you taking me?” I asked

“Somewhere fun” Christopher grinds

“For the love of God! Are you planning to kidnap me again?” I asked

“If this is what it looks like then yes” He replied

“I will jump out of this car” I said to threaten him

“If you jump; I will jump with you” He said

I just shut my mouth up and looked at the car window; before I knew it I doze off and slept although out the drive.

I suddenly felt a cool breeze through my face, and when I open my eyes I saw this beautiful lake view scenery.

“Good you’re awake” Christopher greeted me

“Where are we?” I asked then went out of the car to stretch

“We are in lake Burton” He said

“We are all the way at Rabun County?” I asked

“Yes!” He said

“Christopher, this place is at least more than hour away from my home” I said

“I know, that is why I brought you here so no one could bother us” He said

And I felt again this sudden thump in my heart, I felt nervous and excited of the thought we are together. We decide to walk along the shore, it was past noon and sooner or later the sun will set.

“The view is magnificent here” He exclaimed

“Yeah! No wonder” I added

We looked at the view with peace and quiet; I felt in my heart a sudden contentment to just be here with him. I never felt like this before, what could this mean.

“Wow!” He suddenly said

“Why did you say that?” I asked

“This is the first time I ever felt happy being alone with somebody” He explained

My heart started to thump harder, all I could think was him holding me, touching me and feeling me. I wonder myself if I have severe illness or what. I just what him right there and there.

Christopher looked at me with his blue eyes, he touch my face and my lips. I know that he could feel the way I breath, it was hot and an intense feeling. When he started to lean towards me for a kiss.

Dibble dibble…Dopp dopp…

It started to rain; we started to run through a shed nearby the rest station.

“It rained” I said

“Yeah! It was sudden” He said

“We better get to the car now and go home” I said to him

He looked at me “yeah! I think so too” he replied with a disappointment tone

What else could I say I mean; I think it was a blessing that the rain came to stop us. I mean what could it there be. I and he is a big no to begin with we are just to aware of each other. And if ever we go to a relationship it is a doom from the beginning.

While fetching an umbrella at the rest station, we started to head back the car. Christopher suddenly holds my hands.

“We better go faster” He said

I blush at that moment when we hold my hands. I was like a high school girl falling in love for the first time. It felt sweet.

When we reach the car and went in.

“Looks like the rain will persist” He said

“Weather here in Georgia is weird” I said to him

“Let’s wait for a while; maybe it will stop” He said

“Maybe” I said

“So what will we do?” He asked in a teasing tone

“Stop it Christopher! Flirting with me is not gonna work” I said

“How sure are you; earlier you where about to accept my kiss.” He said

I suddenly felt the rush of blood running through my face; it was an embarrassing moment for me. Before I could look away Christopher suddenly pulled me and kissed my lips. It felt so deep and desirable; how did I become like this? When did I hunger for one man alone?

I was out of breath when our lips parted. I looked at him and his eyes were speaking to me. He wants more… more than this.

“Huh! Please the lasting I want is to have sex in a car.” I told Christopher

He laughed at what I have said and move away from me.

“What is funny?” I asked

“I was thinking of that, but you killed the mood my telling me that.” He said

I felt another fluster on my face, how there he suggests sex in the car. That is freaking hard considering either he rides me or I ride him. No! That will never happen.

“Let’s go home; I think the rain subsided.” He said

Christopher started the engine and grove back to the mainland.

We reach my home past 8:00 pm, it was a good thing the rain stopped mid-way. He pulled his car in front of my parents’ house.

“Thank you!” I said to him as he walked me through the door step

“Thank you for what?” He asked

I looked at him sincerely “thank you for bring me to that wonderful place, it was nice” I said to him

He smiled at me “it was my pleasure, but I am still disappointed”

I looked at him with confusion, “disappointed of what?” I asked

“Well we supposed to have a wonderful make out in the car but you spoiled it” he teasingly said

My face was flustered with what he said, out of consciousness I hit his arm.

“For Godsake! How could I have sex with you in a car?” I asked

“Then if it is in bed it will be alright?” he teasingly asked

I could didn’t give my comment to that, I am still asking myself why do I allow this to happen. What we have is cannot be consider a relationship.

“I will be going back to Seattle tomorrow” he said

“Really, good then! I mean your work needs you” I replied

He hold my hands “after the wedding of your sister I will come fetch you” he replied

“Fetch me? Don’t be silly Christopher” I replied

Christopher had a serious face on him; he is too persistent for me to reject him.

“Christopher I…” before I could speak he pulled me and kissed my lips gently.

I let out a deep breath after the kiss; I looked into his blue eyes. It was so magical as if he was casting a spell on me to submit to not rectify him.

“When you come back, we really need to talk” he said

“Talking is not really our forte; don’t you think?” I said

He smiled at me “but this time we need to establish our relationship” he replied

“Relationship? If I remember correctly you do not go for relationship” I teasingly said

He looked at me seriously again and let me go “but this time it is for real; I want to have a relationship with you Katherine, a deeper relationship” he said

I looked away, I understand what he meant but am I ready for another relationship, another commitment. Christopher doesn’t have an idea how heartbroken I was with Jake and if it happens to me again I think my heart will die. The fear for giving myself is still too high.

I am afraid…

I am scared…

I am mortified…

I don’t want to fall in love with the wrong man…

Christopher moved closer and reaches his hand to my face and kissed my forehead. He smiled and then moved away.

“See you soon” he said them drove off with his car.

I have never been so confuse with my whole life; I want to take this opportunity and be happy with it but the fear is still too great.

Just like that, Christopher did go back to Seattle. He sends me a mail through my phone. Why do I have this anticipation? This feeling of pleasure that he is gone, and at the same time uneasy that he is not around.

Jaime and Darren had proceeded to their wedding as planned. It was magical; I saw the happiness in Jaime’s eyes. She was happy with Darren. All the guest and family members have gathered in the Summit Garden for the reception.

“And now a speech from the brides maid-of-honor” the emcee had called

I stood up brought my champagne and hold the microphone.

“Ahem! Mic test! It works, Hi! I am Katherine the bride’s maid-of-honor and only sister. I will not make a very long speech but here is what I am going to say. Jaime and I have been partners in crime for many years, she was always there for me as a sister and now she is with Darren. I have notice one thing even if we lived far across from each other we didn’t really grow apart from each other. What I am really trying to say is, Darren don’t you dare hurt my sister or you will see the wrath of Katherine Scott.” I said

Everyone laughed!

“But on a serious note; congratulation and may your marriage be a blessing” I said

Everyone clapped their hands and proceed to the program. Everyone was having a fun time; except for me. I was sitting alone in the table looking at everyone. I have been thinking what should I do next? What should I do with Christopher?

“Hey! Kate” Jaime said

“Hey!” I replied

“What is the problem?” she asked

“Nothing? Where is Darren?” I asked

“Mom is with him and they are dancing” she replied

“Really” I replied unenthusiastic

“Are you thinking of him?” Jaime asked

I shook my head “Who? Jake no” I replied

“Not Jake, Mr. Davis” she said

I hold back my tongue to reply, I knew if I reply it will all return to me.

“Come on Kate; you like him” Jaime insist

“I do not” I replied

“The more you deny it the more it will worm deep in your heart” she said

I just bowed my head on the table “what am I going to do Jaime? I like him he is just too much to resist” I replied

“That is my girl, Kate it is the right time for you go out there find love. Fall in love again. Jake might hurt you but you have overcome it already.” Jaime said

“Do you think I can have a serious relationship with that man? I asked

“Why not! Kate life is like a target shot it is full of chances even if you miss as long as you have bullets just keep trying” She said

“Thank you Jaime” I said sincerely

“You better date him or I will” Jaime jokingly said

“You crazy woman” I said

She is right! Why do need to be complying with my past relationship. Christopher and Jake are different. Loving them is also different. I need to talk to Christopher; I need to tell him how I feel.

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