Curiously In Love

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Chapter 07

The plane landed on scheduled, I gathered my thing and head to the arriving area. Before I left from Georgia I send Christopher a message; I told him we need to talk. He replied that he will fetch me. I was so excited to meet him.

“Miss Scott” a man in a chauffeur suit approaches me.

“Yes! I am her” I replied

“Mr. Davis asked me to drive you to his office” he said

“Okay!” I replied

I entered the car and he drove, in a matter of hour we have reach Davis House Inc.

“Where is Christopher?” I asked

“Mr. Davis is in an interview right now, he instructed me to bring you to the conference room” he said

“Okay thank you” I replied

I was brought to the conference room; I sat and tried to collect my thoughts on how to begin my speech. It is not that I will confess it is just that; I need to know what are we to begin with? What sort of relationship do we have?

Hours already passed, I know he is a busy man but I really need to see him now.

“Ms. Scott” the secretary called

“Yes?” I replied

“Mr. Davis, asked me to tell you that we wants to meet you later at 6:00 pm” she replied

My mind is so confuse right now, is he just leading me on. Am I a paranoid jerk that needs his attention so much that I need to wait like a fucking dog to have his attention? How pathetic is this setup; but wait this might be a sign, a sign that I need to hold back.

Do I really want to be with him?

Do I really want him?

Does he want me for he loves or he wants my body?

These questions made me scared enough to tell him what I feel. I felt my knees are shaking.

“No! Tell Mr. Davis I am leaving and he could meet himself alone” I replied and walked out

“Wait! Ms. Scott” the woman tried to stop me but I got in the elevator.

Bullshit! I held back, I’m not ready; I think this is for the better. I am the real freak control here; I need to rethink my action if I told him everything there is no turning back.

I need to submit to him

I need to give up everything to him

I am I ready for that?

I took a cab and went straight to my apartment, the sump all my things on my bed and took a shower.

My phone was ringing nonstop; it was Christopher. I can’t talk to him right now. I need space to think; I took my phone and shut it off.

I sat on my bed and look around me, what a pathetic loser I am. I let this pain given to me by Jake eat away the last hope I had with love. I mean, will there ever be a difference if Christopher and I be together?

If that is what he want he wanted me, I mean I will admit we are physically compatible in many ways; but with regards to status, life and many more. We don’t have any clue with each other. If he would knew what kind of real person I am will he accept me?

Everything that had happened to us is all mess up to begin with. It is my entire fault, I let him worm inside my body and my heart. To the point I could not leave him alone. Even if I understood Jaime’s advice to me, I am still scared that everything will end up the same.

Somebody will get hurt in the end.

Somebody needs to leave.

And I think it will all be me.


Suddenly my landline phone rang, out of impulse I pick it up.

“Katherine Scott where are you?” it was Jeremy’s voice

“I am at home” I told him

“You were supposed to drop by the office today” He exclaimed

“Sorry! I forgot, promise I will come early tomorrow” I replied

“What is the matter? Are you well?” he asked

“Yeah! I am fine, I mean the flight was too much for me” I replied

“Should I check on you?” Jeremy said


The doorbell suddenly rang….

“No! I am fine, someone is as the door Jeremy” I said

I carried the phone with me and answered the door, when I opened the door. Christopher was right there.

“Good evening Katherine” he said and let himself into my apartment.

“Ah! I’ll call you back Jeremy” I said then hung up the phone

Fuck! What is he doing here?

“Why are you here Christopher?” I asked

He sat on the sofa and stared at me.

“You tell me” he replied

“I do not have time for fun and games, leave now please” I said

“Why would I leave, we need to talk right” he replied

I stopped my mouth to say another word. I reach for the door and opened it.

“Leave now!” I insist madly

He stood and came closer to me; he pulled me away from the door and closed it.

“No! We will talk right here, right now” he said

I felt a suddenly electricity following through my body, his hand slowly stroke across my back. I breathe heavily, I could smell his cologne the pheromone and the excitement. He then slowly brushes my hair at the back of my ears and caresses my cheeks.

“Why are you so uptight?” he asked

“You know why, you jerk” I replied

He smiled and touches my lips with his fingers.

“Do I really know, or you’re still hiding something from me?” he asked

“What would I hide? I mean before everything else, you have seen more than what you need to see of me, Mr. Davis” I teasingly replied

He them came closer and whispered in my ears.

“I want you right now” he said

“No you can’t” I replied

He then looked at me with a confused face. I just looked away and pushed him away.

“This makes things complicated. If we have sex a lot of things got bottled up. If we talk a lot of frustrating thing will be brought up. You are not a relationship person and I am not good with relationship. So what are we exactly?” I said

He just stood there and looked away from me.

“I don’t know anything about you to begin with; we haven’t yet scratched the surface of each other’s life, before we even meet. Do you have any idea what kind of woman really am; or what kind of man you really are?” I asked

He just stood there, with silence. This is fucking frustrating I know the moment I open my mouth this will happen.

“Before things get too serious, please leave! Enough of this freaking nonsense!” I opened the door again. “Leave, please” I said again.

He started to moved forward the door, he is leaving I said to myself.

The he slap the door shut, pulled and carried my life a sack of rice.

“Christopher! What the hell” I said

He took me to the bedroom and throws me to bed.

“Hey! Christopher…” Before I could say a thing, he started to strip and mount on top of me.

“Christopher, are you even listening to what I say?” I angrily said to him

“Yes! Complicated? We are complicated people Katherine, if you at contemplating on things like your feelings for me. Do not worry I do the same. So shut up and I will make love to you.” He replied and kissed me forcefully.

I could not stop him, how could I?

Even if he is forceful, sweet, cunning or daring. I could refuse him.

Anything he does to me is too sweet to bear. If I asked him to stop, the one that will have a big problem here is me?

The one becomes more needy is me.

I need his heat

I need his touch

I need his body

I need his heart

I love him…

Christopher had touched me all over; I just let him take me over and over again. He makes my body crave for more, more pleasure, more excitement and more pain.

The next morning, I woke up on my bed looking at the sleeping Christopher by my side. It was already 6:45 am, God! We didn’t establish a thing and just went to having sex, same as always.

I get out of bed and pulled a t-shirt from my closet to wear. I quitely went out and head to the kitchen. I need to make breakfast, I am not a breakfast person but he is so. I need to make something. I started to make a pancake batter and open the stove and place a pan. I know how to make pancake at least.

“I thought you are not a breakfast person” Christopher stood at my back and looked at me.

“I was hungry so it is only natural to make something to eat” I replied

“Your right! How could I help?” He asked

I looked at him “just sit and let me do it okay” I replied

I prepared the plates and pancakes.

“Looks delicious” he said

“Eat!” I said

“You are one domineering woman, Katherine” he teased me

“If I am domineering you are a jerk, Christopher” I replied

He arced one of his eyebrow and looked at me.

“I think the jerk you are referring to is your one and only love” he replied

“One and only, what are we lovers?” I asked

I looked at him and he just looked at me intensely, as if he is talking to me with his eyes.

“Lovers, that is not a bad idea” he replied

“Christopher, don’t joke about that the lasting you want is a lover like me” I replied

He touched my face and faced it to his direction.

“Should I write it in your forehead to make you not forget that you and I are lovers?” he


I shoved his hands “as if, you better prepare yourself in the world of hate Mr. Davis, I am not your typical lover” I replied

“I know, and I think the warning should come from me for I am not the type of man to dealt with Ms. Scott.” He said

“If we are going to be lovers, we need rules” I replied

“Rules?” he exclaimed

“Yes! You are dating a hard working woman Mr. Davis, I need work space you know” I replied

“I understand that, I know the nature of your work and its undying dangers but I am sure I can handle it.” he replied

“Danger? What do you mean by that? I asked

He came closer to me, “What I mean, is your ability to seduce man like me Ms. Scott” he replied

I widen my eyes with surprise with what he said, what the hell is he saying? I seduce him? For God sake he was the one who lead me on.

“Huh! Me seduce man, in what on earth’s ability do I have to seduce man is consider a dangerous act?” I asked

“You are, I better warn you Katherine I am a man who gets jealous easily, so do not test me” he replied seriously.

I could not understand the pacing process of this man.



In what way I could do that?

It was already 8:00 am when we finish eating and cleaning up.

“You better go” I said to him

“Asking me to leave again Katherine?” He teased

“You know what I mean” I replied

He came closer and brushes my hair and caresses my face and lips.

“I don’t want to leave, if I were to ask I want to stay here and mess you up some more.” he said.

“You would not dare do that” I replied

“I know” he said

He came closer for a kiss but…

“Katherine Scott” Jeremy burst into my door

“Nice timing Jeremy” I replied

“Oh! I’m so sorry” Jeremy utter

“It’s alright, I better go now” Christopher replied and head for the door.

He left…

“Oh my God! You and Mr. Davis are…” Jeremy started to utter

“Quite! it is not your business and please do not tell anyone what you saw here” I said to him.

“You know he is Mr. Christopher Davis right, a multi-millioner hotty” Jeremy exclaimed

“I know what I am doing and again it is none of your business” I replied

I know what I am going into, having a relationship with Christopher is on hell of a moment but I want to savor it at least. I need to know and see if what we have is something worth.

I have returned my normal working life, the magazine has never been better than this. After our successful issue about Christopher; numbers of sales got up and everyone is happy.

I was busy with my work as always, I mean magazine life never stops after a wonderful issue.

From: Christian Davis

Subject: How are you?

Date: June 27, 2015 10:47 am

To: Katherine Scott

Dear: Katherine

How are you? I have been thinking about you all day.

Christopher Davis

CEO, Davis House Inc.

I can’t stop smiling with what I have read; is he sure he is not into relationship or he is just playing with me again.

From: Katherine Scott

Subject: I am fine

Date: June 27, 2015 10:52 am

To: Christopher Davis

I am fine Mr. Davis, I am in the middle of work and I suggest you do your job as well.

Katherine Scott.

Editor-in-Chief, Perspective Magazine

I replied accordingly to his email, I mean it is romantic but let’s be honest. Focusing on work is more important above all else.

From: Christian Davis

Subject: Distracted

Date: June 27, 2015 10:57 am

To: Katherine Scott

Dear: Katherine

I am working right now, but I am still distracted.

Christopher Davis

CEO, Davis House Inc.

Distracted? Is he referring to me or to himself; he is the one distracting me. I shook my head and send him a reply.

From: Katherine Scott

Subject: Focus

Date: June 27, 2015 11:01 am

To: Christopher Davis

Distracted? Are you referring to yourself or to the fact you are using me so you could escape doing your work. Please go to work.

Katherine Scott

Editor-in-chief, Perspective Magazine

From: Christian Davis

Subject: I am working

Date: June 27, 2015 11:10 am

To: Katherine Scott

Dear: Katherine

I am working; I am attending a boring meeting right now. So I thought it would be interesting to send you a message and see how fast you write a reply?

Christopher Davis

CEO, Davis House Inc.


This man is really fucking frustrating; seriously out of context he would do these useless things to irritate me.

From: Katherine Scott

Subject: Leave me alone

Date: June 27, 2015 11:01 am

To: Christopher Davis

This would be the last email I will send you, goodbye Mr. Davis.

Katherine Scott

Editor-in-chief, Perspective Magazine


I turn off my email account and focus on my article. The more I think of it the more I imagine the more I have this ill feeling of me being made fun of by that jerk.


I answered my cellular phone out of unconsciousness, without looking at the caller ID

“Really goodbye?”

On the other line it was Christopher calling me, I was surprise with that.

“Good day! Mr. Davis how may I help you?” I asked politely

“Katherine, do you seriously cut me off in your email?” He asked

“Well you are distracting me while doing work; I think it is only natural to do that” I replied

“You really know how to tick me” he said

“Tick you? You tease me first it is only fair to do the same” I replied

“Let’s have lunch together” He said

“Right now? I am busy” I replied

“I will be there in forty-five minutes” He replied and hanged up

This man is impossible, I need to calm down. I need to see this in a better angle. I need to take control of the situation, if we are really embarking on a relationship. It has to be both ways on someone’s control.

I went down the building and saw Christopher waiting outside.

“You are persistent” I approach him.

“Hello!” he replied

“Where are we going?” I asked

“Somewhere near to eat come on” he said

He holds my hands and leads me to his car. He drove it of the avenue. He brought me to a French restaurant.

“Let’s eat” he said

“Tell me one thing; did you really have a meeting while emailing me?” I curiously asked

“Yes! I was bored and thought of you” he replied

“Why did you do that? Aren’t supposed meeting important to a business man like you” I replied

“Yes! But nothing in those meeting matter unless they are profitable” he confidently replied

“Is there anything else more irresistible than money with you Mr. Davis? I jokingly asked

“There is… you, beside from money I desire you” he replied

His replied held me back, God this man as no sense of shame in speaking his thoughts especially with me.

“I didn’t know you are quite a talker Mr. Davis” I replied

“I only talk to people who matter to me, people I really cared about” he said

“And in what category do I belong Mr. Davis?” I asked

He put down his silverware and looked at me “You are my lover so you matter most to me, you can say my top priority” he replied

I got tongue-tied with what he said; nobody in this world nor my ex-Jake said those words to me. Could I really trust this man’s words?

“I think a reward is in order Katherine” he said

“Reward? For what?” I asked

“I have been a dependable and patient man with you Katherine, should I be rewarded” he said

“In your dreams Mr. Davis, could we please just flow a normal pattern of going out” I said to him

“Pattern? What do you mean?” he asked

“Ever since I meet you, I have notice; that you defy the logic of physics Mr. Davis. You deliberately do what you want and get what you want.” I said

He just looked at me intensely, I am waiting for his answer but he didn’t give me anything. Our lunch out was over and he took me back to my office.

“Thank you for the free lunch, see you later” I said

“Katherine” he went out of his car and approaches me.

“Yes?” I asked

“Would you like to go out with me on a date?” He asked

I looked at him with confusion, did I hear him correctly?

“You are asking on a date?” I asked

“Yes! I know it might be too late; but I think you are right a natural order of courtship is needed to establish our relationship. I should show you more of me Katherine and you should too.” He said

I looked at him and I could feel he is sincere. I need to be optimistic with this; I need to look at it in his perspective. He might be right; I need to show him another side of me.

“Okay! How about Saturday 10:00 am let’s meet up” I replied

“I will pick you up in your apartment” he said

“Then on Saturday it is” I confirm

“Yes! See you soon” he replied and head to his car.

This is very unusual to me, as if this is my first time dating a man. I am not a teenager but I can’t help feel delighted with this situation. I could feel my heart skipping inside my chest, this is new to me. I never left it with Jake before; but with Christopher it is a different case.

Is this love?

Did I really fell in love for real?

How much more do I need to know with this?

I love him…

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