Curiously In Love

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Chapter 08

I came to the office early as expected, I need to finish up some article needed to be edited and check before printing. There are a few early goers in the office, busy making life worthwhile.


I looked my phone and receive a text message from Jaime; she said that she and Darren are in their honeymoon in Hawaii and asking me what I want as a souvenir. Seriously, I think going to the Hawaii is great but they need to focus on each other than buying souvenir.

I ignore the text and proceed to my computer, I check emails and others and to my surprise I receive an unfamiliar email.

From: Jake Reeds

Subject: Hello

Date: June 27, 2015 10:32 pm

To: Katherine Scott

Dear: Katherine

How have you been? I know you are still mad at me about everything, but I just want you to know that I will be coming back to Seattle this week and I was hoping to patch up things with you.

See you soon….

Jake Reeds

Photo Agent


Holy Crap! Jake, he contacted me? Why? I mean it has been a year when we last meet. We have separated ways after his cheating situation in New York and now he is contacting me? For what possible reason? Clam down Katherine, this is happening to fast. Another thing you need is another distraction. One with the likes of Christopher is enough.

The day proceeds well, and I think I am in the right track. Even in the back of my mind Jake is still buzzing, I had to focus on work.

From: Christopher Davis

Subject: What do you want?

Date: June 28, 2015 9:09 am

To: Katherine Scott

Dear: Katherine

I was wondering where I would take you this Saturday.

Christopher Davis

CEO, Davis House Inc.


I instantly smiled when I read the email Christopher sends me, I felt the sign of relieve that he was right there with me.

From: Katherine Scott

Subject: Where would you like

Date: June 28, 2015 9:12 am

To: Katherine Scott

If you would ask me; the place doesn’t really matter as long as I could enjoy.

Katherine Scott

Editor-in-Chief, Perspective Business


I have a sneaking suspension that he would reply to me in every inconvenient way.

From: Christopher Davis

Subject: Enjoy!

Date: June 28, 2015 9:13 am

To: Katherine Scott

Dear: Katherine

So I take you to my bedroom and have the date there you would not complain.

Christopher Davis

CEO, Davis House Inc.


For the love of God, he is too honest to admit that he wants to have sex with me. Are we really lovers or sex buddies?

From: Katherine Scott

Subject: Tempting

Date: June 28, 2015 9:20 am

To: Christopher Davis

Tempting offer Mr. Davis but before we proceed to the foreplay and what not, I think I seaside view date is much better this time of year. What do you think?

Katherine Scott

Editor-in-Chief, Perspective Business

From: Christopher Davis

Subject: Perfect!

Date: June 28, 2015 9:25 am

To: Katherine Scott

Dear: Katherine

Nice choice Ms. Scott, I think a lovely walk in the seaside with you is very exciting and I do hope there will be foreplay after, considering the fact I have tempted you in a very nice way.

Christopher Davis

CEO, Davis House Inc.


I could not help but smile with his reply; I felt the sudden excitement of dating. The anticipation of seeing each other is just too unbearable. I want to meet him right now.

“Katherine, Phil is looking for you” Jeremy said

“Sure!” I reply

It had a good mood to me, flirting with Mr. Davis is not a bad idea. I went to Phil’s office. As I enter I saw a man sitting across him desk.

“Good you are here Katherine” Phil exclaimed

“You called for me?” I asked

“Yes! I want to meet, the newest member of the Visual department” Phil said

When the man faced to my direction, I was shocked to see it was Jake. Jake Reeds my ex-boyfriend. I stood there for a second.

“This is Jake Reeds, a well renowned photographer in New York he came here to give us a helping hand, while he is staying in Seattle.” Phil introduced

“Nice too meet you Mr. Reeds; I am Katherine Scott Editor-in-Chief” I said to him

What else could I say, even if me knew each other how could I let myself me indulge with him. He hurt me and that is it.

“Nice too meet you too Ms. Scott” he replied

“You will be working with each other hand in hand so better get along” Phil said

“I think we will” Jake replied

“I think so too” I agree

Shit! This piece of asshole has come back like a zombie into my life. I have already passed the stage of want to hurt him but at this moment I don’t want to have anything to do with him. Not now or in the near future.

After that meeting; I hurriedly step out of Phil’s office.

“Katherine” I heard Jake’s voice at my back

I tried to compose myself, and faced him with a smile.

“Yes! Mr. Reeds is there a problem?” I asked

“We need to talk” he seriously said

“If it is about work; I would gladly welcome any question but if it is about another thing I decline” I replied

“Katherine, please you need to listen to me” he said

I looked at him with hate and recent, “If you think coming and showing your faces here makes a difference on what I feel about you. It will not, so stop” I said to him and walked away.

Fucking Shit! I hate this day, I want to explode with all the mix emotions I feel right now but I could not. I need to release this feeling. I need to stop reliving these past emotions.

It was already 9:00 pm; Jeremy asked me to drink in a bar; I came along.

“Katherine I think you should stop” Jeremy said

“Stop! Why?” I asked

“You are drank, he said” he said

“No! I’m not” I insist

“You have a problem? Is it your Mr. Davis?” Jeremy asked

I shook my head “if he is my problem; I could easily resolve it but this time my problem is the appearance of that jerk” I replied

“Jerk? Who?” He asked

“My ex-boyfriend, the bastard that broke my heart and give me turmoil” I replied

Jeremy took the glass of brandy in my hand; “stop already, I will go get us cab you sit here” he said and left.

I looked around me and left the suddenly loneliness, what a pathetic loser I turn out to be.

Move on!

Fall in love

Easy words to say but hard to do; I mean that prick has the nerve showing his face to me. Fuck!

I took out my cellular phone and press that last ID caller that called me.

“Good evening Katherine”

I heard Christopher voice on the other line. I smiled

“Good--- evening Mr. Davis --- I mean Christopher” I replied

“Katherine are you alright?” He asked

“Yes! I mean no! I am drank for a bullshit reason” I replied

“Where are you? I am doing to pick you up” He said

“No! I am fine; I am with Jeremy. I just want to hear your voice that is all” I said

“Katherine please go home it is not safe” he worriedly said

I smiled more with what he said “You know, life is freaking unfair; when I thought I could have a proper relationship with you. Things go flying out the pan.” I replied

“What do you mean?” He asked

“He came back…” I replied

“Who?” he asked

Before I knew it my eyes turned black and blank at that moment.

The buzzing sound in my head makes me get up and wake.

“Ah! my head” I said while holding my forehead. I looked around and I have notice that I was not sleeping in my own bed.

“Where am I?” I asked

“Good Morning!”

Came entering the door was Christopher, he was drenched in sweat.

“What the hell” I exclaimed

“Feeling better?” he asked

“No! my head hurts; I mean what am I doing here?” I asked confusingly

Christopher came closer “You don’t remember?” He asked

“What should I remember?” I asked

“Sigh! Katherine seriously after that night you forget” he said

My confusing mind made my head pounding more; I tried to recall last night but nothing is coming back.


Then he laugh at me “nothing happen I was just teasing you” Christopher replied

I pouted and angrily slap his shoulder “You piece of shit! Don’t make fun of me” I replied

“Sorry! It was just a small revenge after you made me carry a drank Katherine” he replied

“I am sorry about that, you should not have seen that” I said

He brushes my hair and caresses my cheeks; I felt the electricity of this hands flowing through my face all over my body.

“Now could you please tell me what or who is the reason of your drunken escapade” Christopher asked.

I averted my eyes ad looked away from him, how I could tell him about Jake.

“It was nothing” I replied

“Should I punish you Katherine for lying right through my face” he said with a straight face

“No! It is none of your business so…”

As I say does words, Christopher gave me more of a serious looked, I tried to look away but he pulled me closer to him and touch me more.

“Stop! My head hurts I could not do this right now” I said

“Then better talk or I skip the foreplay and break you right now” he said

“You would not do that” I said

“Do not challenge me Katherine, I could do it and you know that” he replied

I shut my mouth and looked away, I really don’t want to tell him or let him bother about it.

“Better prepare for the worst” he said

He then pressed me down on the bed and held my hands upward. He bites on the shirt I am wearing and went under it. He played with my nipples, as I moan. He took his towel and tied my hands with it. He slowly touches my body and my core. I could feel each of this fingers sliding in me.

“Christopher…” I called out

“I will not give you what you want my love, you have learn to answer when you are being asked so bear with it” he replied

This is torture, I want him. I what his whole being in me; but he refuse because of me not telling the reason of my drunken act. If this will not stop I will crave for him more than ever.

He didn’t let me have my way; he just stopped touching me and carried me to bath.

“Don’t be upset” Christopher said

“Why would I not be, you didn’t give me what I want” said to him angrily

He embraces me in the tub and let me lean on him.

“You better speak now or I will do much worse than that” he replied

I looked at him and at this moment he had the upper hand, I don’t have a choice on this one.

“He came back” I utter

“Who?” he asked

“Jake my ex-boyfriend” I replied

Christopher didn’t spoke at that moment; I let out a deep sigh.

“He is now working in the magazine as our official photographer” I added

He still didn’t say a damn thing.

“Please say something; you are making me nervous” I replied

“Should I be concern? Is he a threat to me or to us?” He asked

I paused and think of what Christopher said, he is right is Jake’s appearance a big threat to our relationship? Should I really need to be concern?

“You went out drinking because of him” Christopher said

“I know I am pathetic but; that man was already dead to me then in just a moment he is like a zombie rose from the dead” I replied

Christopher smiled at me and pulled me closer “I know you were shock; that is a normal reaction but if he is already a dead man to you his arrival should not matter right” he said

“I know but having that man with me in the office; my main concern is my ability to abstain not to hurt him.” I replied

“Then if you had the urge to hurt or kill him; just contact me” he replied

“What good would it do for me?” I asked

“Well if you call me and I remind you about us, the higher the possibility you forget him” he explained

I could not argue with that logic, he might be right. I need to think of the present not the past. Jake is just a glimpse of the past; a reminder of the wrongdoings I have.

Christopher drove me home; it was a good thing that it was my day off.

“I am here” I said to him while stepping in the apartment

“Are you sure you are alright?” He asked

“Yes! I am fine” I replied diligently

He came closer and smiled “I can help you come in to your apartment and be with you for a while” He said

“Tempting but I have to refuse; I mean we have been together almost half of the day and I think you have work to attend to” I said

“I could not attend work and just attend to you” He teasingly replied

“Stop we will see each other on Saturday is not that enough already” I asked

“Well with the flow of the situation I think you need more of me” He said

“As if; please go now I don’t want to hold your time more than this” I said

Before he leaves he came near and gives me a gentle kiss on my lips.

“Make sure you leave you phone line open; I will call you later” he demanded

“Yes! Mr. Davis” I replied and wave goodbye

I went in my apartment and let out a deep sigh; I took off my jacket and sat on the couch. I need more rest but work is waiting for me. I opened my laptop and checked my emails. One particular email caught my attention.

From: Jake Reeds

Subject: Just a moment

Date: June 29, 2015 5:09 pm

To: Katherine Scott

Katherine; please let me just have a minute of talk with you. I just want to patch up things with you for the last time.

Jake Reeds

Photo Agent


I could not shake this urge to meet Jake and all this crap; I mean I do deserve an explanation all this time. He cheated on me and I could not forgive him just like that. I need to clear this thorn stuck in my heart.

From: Katherine Scott

Subject: Five minutes

Date: June 29, 2015 5:13 pm

Five minutes; I am giving you that time to tell me everything you need to tell me. Meet me at a diner near my apartment.

Katherine Scott

Editor-in-Chief, Perspective Business


It was 6:10 pm, I was sitting at a diner waiting for Jake. I looked at my phone and Christopher has been sending me text messages but I just ignore it. I perfectly understand what he wants to say but Jake is still a part of my life; myself that I want to bury and make a new one with Christopher.

“Katherine!” Jake greeted and came to the table

“Hey!” I replied

“Sorry for being late” he explained

“No it is alright, I mean let’s start talking” I seriously said

Jake looked at me with his eyes affixed to my movements; I just sip on the tea I have ordered.

“I am sorry Katherine; I know I have hurt you” He said

“Hurt? That word is so convenient to use Jake” I replied

“I could not imagine the pain I have given you; I want to explain myself at least” he said

I looked at him “Jake, you better not make a fucking excuse; I saw you having your way with that woman at your place.” I said

“I know, you see we are away from one another and I felt lonely” I explained

“Cut the crap Jake! Lonely my ass, why are you the only one that felt alone? I told to myself that we are separated for work for our future and you all throw it away to just fell accompanied. Bullshit!” I angrily replied

Jake reach and hold my hands “please Katherine give me one more chance, I need you; I could not leave without you.” He said

I looked at him, this man wants me back. Is he out of his mind?

Suddenly my phone rang and it was Christopher, I shove Jake’s hand and ended the call.

“Are you meeting someone?” Jake asked

“Yeah!” I replied

“Is it serious?” He asked

“If I told you it is will you forget; you asked for a second chance with me?” I asked

Jake looked at me “you are mine to begin with Katherine; and that man is nothing with what we have” Jake proudly replied

This asshole is very impossible, I want to shove a punch or two in his face and make a whole in this smirking fucked face.

“Just leave me alone Jake, you and I are thru and nothing will change that” I replied

I stood up and left him there, I walked out of the diner and hold my chest with my heart beating like hell.

I am not nervous but I could feel this rapid beating of my heart wanting to explode with anticipation. That at last I have let out this thorn in my heart for the past year.

Now I think I could do it, feel free to engage with Christopher. I am now free to think of him and have desire to be with him.


I answered my phone and it was Christopher.

“Katherine, are you making me mad?” He asked

“Yes!” I replied

“Where are you?” he asked

“Eat out in a diner a moment a go, I can’t cook I am too lazy” I replied

“I see, hope you are alone” he said

“Yes! I was, you know I am a loner Mr. Davis” I replied

“Loner? really I have a hard time believing that” he teasingly replied

I stopped walking “I just…” I could not continue what I want to say.

“I miss you already Katherine” He said

“Me too” I replied

This man is so cunning and unfair; he knows what to say at the right time and moment.

I want him so badly.

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