Curiously In Love

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Chapter 09

The office is as busy as hell, everybody is cramming and everything is very complicated.

“Katherine, here is the template for the next issue.” Patrick gave me

“Okay, I will now approve to this just make sure the printing department produce this properly.” I said

“Alright!” Patrick replied and left

I hold my nape and massage it, this work is very demanding and tiring but I love it. I am good with my job; as a matter of fact this is the only thing I am good at. I looked at my email.

From: Christopher Davis

Subject: Hello!

Date: August 1, 2015 9:57 am

To: Katherine Scott

Dear: Katherine

I hope you are well, are you ready for our date tomorrow?

Christopher Davis

CEO, Davis House Inc.


I looked at my calendar and as he have mentioned tomorrow is Saturday, our set date tomorrow.

From: Katherine Scott

Subject: Yes!

Date: August 1, 2015 10:03 am

To: Christopher Davis

I am excited actually but curious, are you cut out for mode dating Mr. Davis?

Katherine Scott

Editor-in-Chief, Perspective Business

I send the email and smiled, I knew that he would be pissed about my tease but what can I do I like it when he shows me his irritating side.

From: Christopher Davis

Subject: Hey!

Date: August 1, 2015 9:57 am

To: Katherine Scott

Dear: Katherine

Hey! Do not challenge me Ms. Scott; I have knowledge about dating and I can show it to you tomorrow.

Christopher Davis

CEO, Davis House Inc.


I smiled, I know he is a capable man to begin with but of course I want to see another side of him.

“Katherine” Jake called

“Yes! Mr. Reeds?” I replied and place my computer on the desktop screen

“Phil said you and I need to go to Bright Hotel for the model’s photo-shoot” He said

“Oh! right, please tell Jeremy to prepare the company car and let’s meet at the parking lot at five” I said

“Yes! Ma’am” he replied

I think I have said it clearly told Jake about how I think and feel about him. I mean if we are working together; a steady distance is needed.

Jeremy, Jake and I drove to Bright Hotel to take a photo shoot of Ms. Angelique Avela a well renowned furniture apparel designer.

“Thank you for letting us take an original photo Ms. Avela” I said

“It is my pleasure, I have fun with the course of this interview” Ms. Avela said

“Now please post a smile on the camera ma’am” Jake said

Jeremy came closer to me, “so you and Mr. Davis” he said

“Shhh! Please be quite” I said

“Ah! are you not gonna tell me anything? I am your best friend Katherine” He said

“What would I say to you, I mean you saw everything you understand” I said

“You bitch! I hate you” he replied

“If I tell you everything would you shut up” I asked

“Hell yeah!” Jeremy happily exclaimed

The photo shoot easily ended with a breeze, this was a piece of cake.

“After we pack up we better get back to the office” I said

“But Katherine I am hungry” Jeremy complained

“No! We can eat at the office” I said

“But!” Jeremy still complaining

“Why don’t we grab something on the way just to fill up our stomachs?” Jake suggested

“Good idea” Jeremy agreed

“You people we are very busy and you still think of food” I said

“Ms. Scott”

Then from a distance I heard a voice calling me; and to my surprise it was Christopher.

“Chris…. I mean Mr. Davis what a pleasant surprise to see you here” I said

“I have a business meeting here” he said

“We too” I replied

Seeing his face makes my heart jump out of joy and when he called my name I felt such excitement. I miss him so much.

“Ahem! Katherine” Jeremy said

“Ah! Mr. Davis you remember my associate Jeremy” I said

“Yes! Nice to see you again” Christopher said

“Like wise Mr. Davis and you are handsome as always” Jeremy remarked

“And this is…” I didn’t be able to introduce Jake to Christopher for Jake approach him.

“Jake Reeds nice to meet you Mr. Christopher Davis” Jake introduce

“Christopher Davis nice to finally meet you Mr. Reeds” Christopher replied

I felt such disturbing aura between this two, as if they my past suddenly collide with my present; like a meteor hitting earth for the first time.

“We better leave” I said and pulled Jake away from Christopher

“But Katherine” Jeremy complained

“It is nice bumping in to you Mr. Davis, see you next time” I said

“Sure Ms. Scott” He said with a weird smile on his face

It is not that I didn’t like it when I saw him; but the matter of him seeing Jake for the first time bothers me so much; what might he be thinking with this situation. I am nervous as hell. We make it into the parking lot.

“Better make sure the equipment are arrange” I said

“Yes! Ma’am” Jake said

“Are you being sarcastic or funny?” I asked

“Both” he replied

“Well it is not funny” I replied

Jake came closer to me “well for me it is; seeing your troubled face is very exciting Kath” He said

I pushed him away “stop that! And please do not call me Kath” I said

“What every unappealing of you say Kath” he replied and went in to the car.

This jerk making fun of me. What an asshole. Calm down Katherine this is nothing. Just ignore him.

It was already past noon when we have returned to the office. Slowly works have started too accomplished.

“I need to leave early” I said

“Where are you going?” Jeremy asked

“Nothing in particular” I replied

“You better be telling me the juice details of your Christopher Escapade” Jeremy said

“Yes… Yes! Just be patient I will tell it to you” I replied

I gather my things and wave goodbye to Jeremy…

Ring… Ring…

“Hello!” I answered the call

“Should I be glad or mad?” Christopher started to ask

“Hmm! What do you mean?” I asked

“We meet but you instead introduce me to your ex-boyfriend” he replied

I paused and became nervous of my situation, How should I answer?

“Where are you?” Christopher asked

“Leaving the office why?” I asked

“Good! Wait for me at the lobby” he said and hung up

I got super nervous, what might Christopher thinking. I don’t want to make this complicated between us.

“Katherine” Jake walks towards me

“Ah! Jake” I replied

“Are you going home now?” Jake asked

“Yeah! But I am waiting for someone” I replied

Jake looked at me “Is it Mr. Davis?” he asked

I looked at him with a serious face “yes! So please move along” I replied

Jake came closer to me “you sure are making things complicated for you Katherine?”

He came closer to me and holds my arms, before I knew it someone pulled me away.

“I think you are making her uncomfortable” Christopher said

“Ah! Christopher” I was surprised

“Good evening Mr. Davis” Jake said

“Good evening Mr. Reeds, I hope you have finish your business with Katherine?” Christopher said

“Yes! I think you need to talk to each other” Jake said and left

“Ah! Christopher” I said

He looked at me with a serious face and pulled me out of the building. He took me inside the car.

“Christopher I want to…” I said but Christopher looked at me.

“I suggest Katherine you keep quiet until we reach my apartment” He said looking at me with prejudice.

I shut the hell up and looked outside the window of the car, I know he is mad and I will get him more frustrated if I explain myself but I need to clear things. Jake is nothing to me anymore. Christopher is the one that I want.

We arrive at his apartment, Christopher head straight to the kitchen.

“Want some wine?” he asked

“No! Thank you” I replied

I sat down on the sofa and panicked more, what will he do with me. I don’t want things get weird with us.

“Christopher listened to me, Jake and I”

I was not be able to continue, Christopher pulled me and gave me a forceful kiss, he pushed down the sofa and kissed me more. His lips were soft, his tongue forcefully played with mine.

“Christopher please” I said

“You seriously let him come close to you” He said

I looked away “we are just talking” I explained myself

“Seriously talking?” He sarcastically said

“Yes! Do you not trust me?” I asked

“I trust you but not that man” He said

I averted my eyes; who should really be upset here? Me or him? I mean he is not the one making length to avoid Jake if he knew I Jake confess to me I think Christopher will be infuriated.

“Christopher please, Jake is nothing to me. He just a simple co-worker no more no less” I straight said it to his face.

He still looked at me with his cold blue eyes, as if he is still in disbelieve about my statement. I pushed him away from me.

“If you’re going to looked at me like that I will just leave”

When I stood up to leave; he pulled me and carried me like a sack of rice on his back.

“Christopher put me down!” I demanded

He put me down on his bed and pin down.

“The more I think that you see each other every day make me want to lock you up here with me” He said

“That is not a funny joke Christopher” I exclaimed

He then looked at me and smiled with a very devious look. I pushed him away from me.

“What are you really pissed about; I already told you Jake is just a co-worker. Why are you acting like that? Are you perhaps?”

Before I could continue Christopher pulled my hands and looked at me.

“If you are referring that I am being jealous, over that punk I am not!” he angrily said

I looked at him and smiled; Christopher Davis a man with pure control is expressing his jealousy over Jake my ex-boyfriend that I do not care for. I hold his face and give him a kiss on the lips; what could I do he was so charming.

“Why did you do that?” He asked

“Why are you the only one allowed to kiss?” I asked

“Well I was the one in control of sex for the past meeting we have” He replied

I pushed down on the bed and mount him, “I think you should let me drive this one” I said

“Are you seducing me Ms. Scott?” he asked

“You just shut up and let me do my thing” I said

I lowered myself to his erection and took a hold of it; Christopher was shocked when I took it in my mouth.

“Ah! Katherine…”

He utters those words; I eagerly make my way to his erection. The smell of man is overpowering, I could feel in my mouth the he is slowly getting bigger and bigger. He then holds my head and pulled me away from his erection.

“I prefer you riding me my sweet” He said while gasping

I followed what he said and mount him, I kissed his neck and nipples like he always did for me. I looked at him and his expression was incredible; I wonder if I make the face when he touches me.

I slowly grind him and let my core open up for his erection, as I slowly lower myself; I could feel his getting bigger inside me and my core just clutch itself to it.

“How could you get tighter my love?” He asked

“Huh! Just shut up…. Ah!” I moan as I let him enter me

He then pulled me closer and kissed me, it has hard and moist. I could feel my own hot breath losing slowly.

“Move!” Christopher said

I obediently followed him and moved my hips while his erection was inside me; it was incredible the more I moved the more I could feel his following the rhythm of my movements.

“You are good with this” Christopher said while holding my body as I moved above him

“Ah! Shut the hell up” I replied

Before I knew it I came and land on top of him.

“Huh!Huh! I can’t take it” I replied to him

He brush of my hair and smiled at me; he then pulled a surprise on me when he pulled me on bed and moved on top of me.

“Hey! I am the one driving this” I said to him

“Not anymore” He replied

He then make his way to my body, he took a hold of my body and my heart. This is the first time I am like these.

When did I become so weak?

When did I hunger for this lust?

When did I want him like this?


I woke up on the bed in total mess, Christopher was not there anymore. I took the first shirt I could find and wore it. I went out of the room and came to the kitchen.

“Hungry?” Christopher asked while setting up the table

“Yeah!” I replied

I looked at him as he makes his way to the kitchen; I sat across the counter table.

“Didn’t I mention you before I am not a breakfast person?” I said to him

He looked at me and sarcastically smiled “you better eat after what you did last night” he replied

I felt the heat flustered my face and looked away, this man really knew how to make me embarrass. I mean; I am also quite shock with what I did but I think for that situation it was called for. I don’t him to always make it his terms, I mean I could make love too if I want it.

“I like bacon” I said when he reaches to me the plate with bacon and eggs.

“Me too! Eat!” He said and sat beside me.

I eat the food happily, I am actually super famished with all the vigorous activity that I did with Christopher.

“After we eat, you could use the shower and dress up” He said to me

“Why?” I asked

He lean forward to me and smiled “did you forget it is Saturday we have a date” he replied

I widen my eyes with amazement; he is still pursing that date thing. Even all the things we did in bed. How much more this man will impress me.

I get ready for our date; both of us got dress up and went to the parking lot. We rode of using his Audi and went to the Madison Beach.

“Ah! Beach?” I asked

“Yeah! I remember you said you want a stroll so here we are” Christopher said

“Okay! You are quite attentive” I replied

“Only to you” he replied

We walked along the shore while the wave is going back and forth on the sands.

“I like the sea the most” I compliment the view

“Is that so, then why won’t we take a cruise?” He suggested

“I would love that but maybe some other time” I replied

Christopher came closer to me and holds my hands. I could feel the heat of his hands. The feeling of secure and protected are what I feel when I am with him. As if I could in trust to him myself.

We took our time walking across the shore and we watch the sunsets. We decided to eat dinner at a seafood restaurant nearby.

“Are you ready to order madam and sir?” asked the waiter

“We would like a scallop pasta and lobster” Christopher ordered

“Okay sir” the waiter replied and left

“Thank you for the date” I said to him

“It was nothing my dear” Christopher said and holds my hands

“If this continues you will spoil me completely” I said

“Then it would be better, you have no more reason to escape from me” He teasingly said

I smiled at him….

“Well if isn’t Chris”

A woman’s voice called our attention; she approaches us and smiled.

“Christopher Davis long times no see” she said

I looked at Christopher’s reaction; he stood up and gave the lady a peck on the cheeks.

“Mother!” he greeted her.

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